How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 130 Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Chapter 130

Xiao Qijie's face is unfamiliar to most people, but Xiao Dingbang's popularity is no worse than that of a male actor. He is tall, handsome, and temperamental. He appears on the cover of various financial magazines all the year round. Wherever it is, it is the focus of attention.

When he and Xiao Qijie stepped into the studio, the director stunned for a while before welcoming him. He said, "Mr. Xiao, are you looking at Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu? Their lounge is over there, I bring You are past."

Not far from there, there are a few actors who are looking at the camera and looking at them. From time to time, they open the phone and read it, then whisper. Obviously, they have discovered the scandal of Xue Yu, who is madly on the Internet. They think that Xiao Qijie and Xiao Dingbang are here for this matter. The expressions of both of them are very dignified, and the whole body still haunts a gloomy atmosphere. At first glance, it is anger and anger. It can be seen that those rumors are ten or eight. Nine is true.

This time Xue Yu can be miserable, the road to come back has not been red, it has been pasted, and the future will be sad! There is also Xiao Jiashu, and then I want to get the top resources and I am afraid that it is impossible. Xiao Qijie and Xiao Dingbang are too big to accommodate a wild species that is unknown to the father.

The arrival of Xiao's father and son made the brains a lot. Some people want to watch the fun, some people want to listen to gossip, and others secretly gloat. If the two people's fields are too strong and their faces are very ugly, I am afraid they will be onlookers.

The director trembled toward Xue Yu’s lounge and kept playing drums. If the news on the Internet is true, he may not be able to shoot this movie. To enable a ridiculous artist to be prepared for the film to be resisted by the audience, but the producer is not a fool, who is willing to bear this risk in vain?

The main event is almost finished before the angle is changed. What is this called? The more the director thinks, the more he feels a headache. He is trying to find a courage to explore the voice of Xiao’s father and son. However, he sees Liu Wei striding over and smiles. “Xiao Shushu, Xiao Brother, how come you?”

His face was full of surprises and ignorance, as if he really didn't know why the two came.

Xiao Dingbang rushed his head slightly and his attitude was cold. Xiao Qijie had a hard smile and a smile. "Xiao Xiao, is it still used to the crew? I will have time to have a meal together."

How did Liu Wei know Xiao and his son? And it seems that the relationship is still very close? The director’s eyes on Liu Wei have completely changed.

Liu Wei did not feel, smiled. "Okay, I haven't seen Xiao Shushu for a long time, I miss you. Are you looking at Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu?"

Xiao Qijie's gentle expression immediately chilled down, forbearing and forbearing to hold the fire, nodded, "Yes, we still have things, go first, and then contact you later."

"Okay, Xiao Shushu is slow, Xiao Xiao is slow." Liu Wei looked at the two to leave, turned his face and turned it up.


Xiao Jiashu did not expect that the news had just erupted. My father and my eldest brother arrived, and suddenly they were frightened. He greeted the door with a pale face. He just greeted him. Before he could talk, Xiao Qijie slammed his face and was held by Ji Yan in time.The two looked at each other and the atmosphere was very stiff. Xiao Dingbang said, "Let's go in and say, don't let outsiders see jokes."

The director's back was cold, and he quickly slid away from his neck, but his heart was more convinced of the rumor. If Xiao Jiashu is really the son of Xiao Qijie, can the other party start to beat people? After twenty years of the tortoise, Wang Ba, itself is such a person with a head and face, who has received this suffocation!

Seeing that the director came out of the lounge, someone immediately encircled to inquire about the gossip. The director neither denied nor admitted, but only put his hands on the people, but the silent attitude has already explained everything. It’s a mess, Xue Yu and Xiao Jiashu seem to be really confused.

"Mr. Xiao, have a good talk, don't start it." Ji Yan said with no humbleness.

"I have nothing to talk to you," Xiao Qijie took back his hand and glared at his son. "Do not shoot this movie. You immediately pack up and go home with me. I have already told your mom that there are not many good things in the entertainment industry." How long have you been in the circle, even with the man, my face is almost lost by you..."

I found that my father did not come for those scandals, but for my own sexual orientation. Xiao Jiashu was even more nervous. I wanted to hide behind Ji Ge and saw that they could not wait to eat the expression of Ji Ge, and quickly stopped in front of him and took courage. Tooth decay, like a little lion defending his territory.

Today, anyone wants to take him away, and can't bully Ji Ge! Whoever dares to touch Ji Ge a hair, he will fight with them!

The seasoning, which was slightly dignified, suddenly coughed and coughed, and almost laughed out loud. He grabbed the small tree from behind, and the light was incredibly gentle.

Xiao Qijie and Xiao Dingbang's face is even more ugly. They want to separate the two, but see Xue Yu walked out of the compartment with a paper bag, and a cold smile on his lips. "You are here? Sit down." She daggers It is indicated that two fingers are raised after sitting down.

Xiu Changyu immediately took out a cigarette, lit it and put it between her fingers. Xue Yu did not speak, and coveted two cigarettes, his expression was very calm. Not having a strong heart is really hard to mix in the entertainment industry. She has been popular for so many years, and she has never seen a cow or a ghost. She really wants Xiao Qijie to cry and shout, and she will not look down on herself.

She took off the ash and spoke slowly. "Why are you coming from? The scandal on the Internet is the relationship between Xiaoshu and Jiyu?"

"What scandals on the Internet?" Xiao Dingbang said.

"It seems to be for the small tree." Xue Yu smiled softly, and the bright red lips licked the bright yellow cigarette holder. The lazy and careless gesture was very charming. Xiao Qijie looked at her almost greedily, and then took out the mobile phone and flipped through the news. The ugly face turned paler and paler."When I first fell in love, there was always someone pointing at me behind me, yelling at me, not letting me die. You took me home, your family never accepted me, I thought it was me who destroyed you. The marriage with Hong Ying, I also hurt her to die early, let me explain why I don’t listen. I thought that it was their deep misunderstanding of the people in the entertainment circle that they always had a prejudice against me. I performed well and kept the book. There is no such thing as an old saying called 'Don't see people's hearts'? What kind of people are Xue Yu? Now they don't understand. It's natural to know when they grow up. But I worked hard for 20 years. Except for Dingbang, no one has changed a little bit about me. I always thought it was because your Xiao family was too hard, but it was not."

Xue Yan took out his mobile phone and clicked on a website that broke the news media. He pointed to the old photos and asked, "Can you tell me who is the woman in this photo?" The photo is in front of a skyscraper. The film was very famous in China, but it was burned in 20XX because of the fire. That year was Hong Ying, the year before Xiao Dingbang’s mother died.

Xiao Qijie did not speak for a long time, Xiao Dingbang suddenly turned his head and looked at him, Shen Sheng, "This woman is not Xue Yan?" From the figure and wearing, he always thought that it was Xue Yu.

Xiao Jiashu looked around and looked awkward. What is this with? Is this photo not made by the media? Why does the mother keep asking her father?

Ji Yan’s lover’s head, whispered, “Would you like to go out first and let your dad talk to your mom alone?”

"Yes, Xiaoshu, you first go out, Dingbang, Changyu, you all go out." Xiao Qijie's voice was just thawed after freezing, showing a stiff feeling.

"I don't go out, I have the right to know these things." Xiao Jiashu slowly shook his head. He has a hunch that this may or may not be, and may have caused great harm to his mother, so he must stay to support his mother.

Xue Yan looked at his son and his heart was dull. She regretted her choice, but because of her son's existence, she felt that all the harm was no big deal.

Even Xiao Jiashu is not willing to go out, let alone Xiao Dingbang? He stared at the photo for a while and continued to ask, "Dad, who is this woman?" He must figure this out today.

Xiao Qijie licked his lips and looked at Xue Yu’s eyes with prayers.

Xue Yu sneered, "Who is the news of Xiaoshu and Ji Yan who are in love with you? Is it Chen Tian?" She looked at Xiao Dingbang and said with a sigh of relief. "I don't know if you decide the state. The woman in the photo is Chen Manni. , your father's derailed object of the year." And Chen Tian is Chen Mengni's younger brother, Xiao Qijie reused the special assistant for many years.

Chen Manni is a famous pianist in China and the wife of Liu Guang, a friend of Xiao Qijie. Due to the failure of investment, Liu Guang was unable to bear huge debts and committed suicide by jumping off the building. Xiao Qijie has been taking good care of the mother and son for many years. This is something that everyone knows, and I don't think about it elsewhere. After all, the two people's exchanges are bright and fair, and public places never see you.Even when Xiao Dingbang was stunned by Xiao Qijie, he must take care of Liu Wei. They are not easy to be orphaned. Liu Wei can be mixed into the status of today, and can also pay off the huge debt owed by Liu Guang, and ultimately the care of Xiao Dingbang. He always thought that this person was the son of Shi Shu, but it turned out to be...

Xiao Dingbang stared at his father and said, "Dad, is Xue Yu saying that it is true?"

Xiao Qijie shook his head and was about to deny it. Xue Yu had already dumped the information in the file bag. The photos were scattered all over the place. They were all intimate photos of Xiao Qijie and Chen Manni. They had vacations overseas and there were nights at the hotel. Zhang Zhang Clear and legible. The two were still very young at the time, and the appearance was also right. If the uninformed people saw it, they thought they were a loving couple.

But at that time, Xiao Dingbang’s mother was still suffering from serious illness, and she once again prayed for her husband to change his mind. Just give her a little hope, she can live. But she can't wait for her husband, but she still gave up.

Xiao Qijie stared at the photos with a stiff face, and his head was blank. The secret that has been lingering for so many years has finally been discovered, and his current feelings are no different from the death penalty prisoners. He looked up and looked at Xue Yu with a red eye. He had a thousand words to say, but he was stuck in his throat and couldn’t tell.

Xiao Jiashu picked up a photo and looked at it carefully. His face was unbelievable. Ji Yan gently patted him into his arms, and a sigh overflowed between his lips.

Xue Yu’s heart has completely died, and he even has two cigarettes at his leisure. She licked the ash, and slowly said, "Dingbang, the woman who derailed with your father has always been Chen Manni, not me. I am so damn, I thought everyone misunderstood me, as long as I am a good wife of your Xiao family, good. Be your mother, one day, one day, I can get everyone's understanding. Xiao Qi's outstanding track is clear to the whole family? But he is very good, you never know who that person is, then he has a hot head and married me. So, I took it for granted by Chen Manni. I kept telling you that I was not a third party. You probably despised me in my heart? I thought I was a sly. I gave myself a legislature? I am damn It’s awkward. Son, can I have it today? When my son was kidnapped, Xiao Qijie was listening to Chen Manni’s concert, and the phone was muted. I couldn’t reach people for hours! My son’s high fever abroad. Xiao Qijie is having a birthday with Liu Wei. How happy is the family of three?

She smashed the burning cigarette butt in one of the photos. Xiao Qijie in the photo glared at Liu Wei and Chen Manni, and smiled softly. On the table in front of them was a beautiful birthday cake with a 14-year-old candle on it, and Liu Wei’s birthday was on September 21. On that day, Xiao Jiashu, who was only ten years old, had just arrived in the United States and could not adapt to the environment. After three days of high fever, Xue Yu went to the United States to visit his son after a dozen-hour flight. Before he left, he asked Xiao Qijie not to go. He said that the company had Important things cannot be separated.She cried for a long time in front of her son's bed, and the memory was so deep that she could not forget it in this life. She thought that she was not doing well enough, her husband would be so indifferent, and the stepchild would be so ruthless. But in the end, she was only carrying sins for others. The only thing she did wrong was two things: one, looked away; Second, marry the wrong person.

The cigarette butts sizzled the photo, as if pressing a soldering iron directly in Xiao Qijie's heart. He adjusted his breathing hard and explained, "Hey, I really don't know that the tree is so sick. I asked Chen Tian, ​​he said that there is nothing big, just a little cough. I..."

Seeing his son's stunned eyes, he suddenly couldn't say anything. Yes, Chen Tian is Chen Manni’s younger brother. How could he take care of Xiaoshu?

"Hey, I fell in love with you at first sight, and immediately broke up with Chen Manni. With you, my private life has been very clean, you have to believe me!" Xiao Qijie saw a picture of a full table, twenty years ago, There are also recent ones, and they are gradually disappearing. This said that even he himself could not believe it, let alone others?

But he really loves Xue Yu, and he loves everything. If I don't worry about Chen Manni telling Xue Yu about what they are doing, telling her to resent or even stay away from him, he won't take care of Chen Manni's mother and son for so many years. He also does this in order to protect his family.

But now, when I saw my ex-wife and my two sons who were shocked and disappointed, he suddenly realized what kind of mistake he had made. When he learned that his son and a man had engaged in it, he was furious at first, and then wondered if he could seize this opportunity and reconcile with him. As long as he handles his son's affairs well, he will forgive him, and he will certainly stay at home for his son's education problems and will not be involved in the entertainment industry.

However, he never imagined that the media’s breaking news could have involved the secrets that he had spent over twenty years. Let him fall into such an embarrassing and desperate situation. He is only too fond of Xue Yu, so he will be subject to Chen Manni, but he is not a fool, and will soon be able to understand who these black materials are sent to the media.

"Oh, sorry!" In addition to this sentence, Xiao Qijie did not know what else he could say.

"The person you are most sorry is not me and Xiaoshu, it is Hong Ying and Dingbang." Xue Yu looked at Xiao Dingbang and finally smiled gently. "Dingbang, under the premise that I misunderstood my mother, you still I can bury my hatchet with me, and I can take good care of Xiaoshu. Auntie should thank you. You have always been a good brother."

Xiao Dingbang waved his hand and his eyes were dull. He is still digesting these things, and his heart is full of mischief. If it wasn’t for the small tree because he was kidnapped, he would still hate Xue Wei now, but Xue Yi has always been innocent, and Xiao Shu has suffered so many years of cold violence. In Xiaojia, no one can understand their mother and son, and his foreigner Hongjia is murderous when they mention them. If he had been stopped, Hong’s family had already shot them.On the other hand, Chen Manni and Liu Wei got the best care. They even used the connections of Xiao Jia and Hong Jia to pay off hundreds of millions of arrears. They also mixed up in the art world and entertainment circles... Think of Xiao Dingbang here. I really want to hold on Xiao Qijie’s collar and ask him if he still has a heart.

Xue Wei didn't mind at all, smirked. "Fortunately, I have a foresight, and I am divorced from you, or I am still in the dark. Xiao Qijie, I am unlucky to meet you, anyway, we are married." I will follow the path of each other. The matter of Xiaoshu and Jixi is for my consent. You are not qualified to manage it. You have to manage Chen Manni and Liu Wei. If this is what they do, I will Let them fall apart, and you quickly go back and find someone to help them with public relations, or else it will be too late."

Xiao Qijie still cares about Liu Wei and her mother and son, and I can’t wait to give Xue Xi down. He would rather Xue Yi hate him than let her make a look that doesn't care. He was preparing to go to Rachel’s hand, but he was dragged to the compartment by the slender squatting tie and slammed.

Xiao Jiashu took a tearful picture of his father and Chen Manni's mother and son, and his heart was very sad. For the father, is he and the mother an outsider? That home, he never wants to go back.

Ji Yan continued to wipe his tears, softly, "Don't be sad, if you are sad, Mom will only be more upset, she needs your comfort now."

Thinking of her mother, Xiao Jiashu immediately became strong, wiped away tears, and took Xue Yu into his arms and patted him. "Mom, nothing, you still have me. I will take care of you in the future. I will buy a house for Ji Ge." Big villa, our family moved to live together, raise a group of cats and a group of dogs, you are busy filming during the day, go home at night and walk the dog to suck the cat, the days are too rich to know. You are not old at all, and later You can find a handsome uncle to marry. You are not asking me to disagree with you. I agree that as long as that person loves you like me, I agree with both hands and feet."

Xue Yu was so cried and laughed by his son's words. He said, "Why don't you buy a big villa for me to live, let me buy it? You really are a little wife?"

Xiao Jiashu suddenly became dumb. He really didn't think about this question. Ji Ge is his lover. Does he rely on him for granted?

Ji Yan whispered, if the occasion is not right, I really want to hold the small tree into my arms and kiss enough.

Seeing the warmth of the three people, Xiao Dingbang felt like he was the extra one, and he couldn't insert it anyway. However, it was his family. Even if he didn't say anything, he had already accepted Xue Yu and Xiao Shu. If it wasn’t for Xiaoqi’s kidnapping, and Xue Yu had never blamed him since the beginning, he’s afraid he still hates them now? What did the father think? Why should they let them carry it all?

The huge guilty feeling stuck in my heart made him breathless. He originally came home with a small tree, and he was also prepared to order him to break up with Ji Ji, but now he seems to have lost his qualification to discipline Xiaoshu. No, it should be said that the entire Xiao family, including the father, has no right to ask Xue Yu and Xiao Shu.When I think of him, he walks to the cubicle and faintly said, "Master Shu, don't fight, we have to catch the plane at three o'clock." If it is not because of filial piety, he also wants to punch his father for his mother.

"I have never seen you more than a shameless person, Xiao Qijie. You will not be allowed to approach you and the tree in the future, otherwise I will see you once and hit you once!"

Xiao Qijie put together a messy suit jacket, dumb voice, "Small tree is my son, why don't you let me see him?"

"Over the years, have you taken care of the small tree? Are you afraid of Liu Wei’s efforts more than Xiaoshu? You also let Chen Manni’s younger brother take care of the little tree instead of you. What do you think of your brain? The tree is not It’s a blessing to kill them! Yes, did you carefully investigate the kidnapping case that year? Shouldn’t Chen Tian and Chen Manni have to do it together?” Xiu Yuyu just said casually, Xiao Qijie was stiff.

Xiao Dingbang had a sigh of relief at the bottom of his eyes, but he did not say anything. He urged him, "Father, it is time to go." In the past, he was called Dad, but this time he could not be called.

Xiao Qijie went out to the outside and saw Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan, and immediately said, "You give me a breakup!"

"Father, are you still qualified to manage the small tree now?" Xiao Dingbang's voice was slightly cold.

Xue Yu directly bombed, "Xiao Qijie, you fucking and rushing to get me out of the way, don't come to the small tree in front of you to be the prestige of the wind, you do not deserve! Let's go on, believe it or not, I will sever the relationship between you and Xiaoshu's father and son? ”

Xiao Qijie knows that Xue Yu is not the kind of person who can't say that she can't do it. If she picks it up, she can be as hard as iron. So he was so scared that she knew about herself and Chen Manni, but after all, she couldn’t hold the paper. The family that he thought was easy to recover was lost forever.

Suddenly there were a lot of tears in his eyes, praying to see Xue Yu, and looked at the small tree, but they saw a cold look back, a head to avoid, and did not want to take care of him again.

"I am gone," he said. He was a lot older and humbled. "Hey, the little tree is always my son, you will always be my wife. I really love you, really, I am just too scared. Losing you will be wrong again."

"Go, don't talk nonsense." Xue Yu raised two fingers, and Chang Yu immediately handed a cigarette. She coveted some cigarettes and looked indifferent.

In the face of her cold, Xiao Qijie did not know what to say. He wanted to reach out and touch his son's head, but he was hiding. He could only smile and shake his head.

The father and son also rushed to and hurriedly, leaving only a piece of information and photos. Xue Yan stepped on one of the photos, cold road, "Clarify the microblogging, this pot is not back."

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