How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 128 Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Chapter 128

After listening to the mother's words, Xiao Jiashu not only smiled happily, but fell out two lines of tears. He knows what kind of mood his mother is now. She raises him to adulthood, spends so much on his love for him, and thinks about everything for him. Naturally, he will be afraid to let go and let him fly. The mothers in the whole world are actually the same. When the children are young, they will worry that they will go unsteady and wrestle. The children are too big to worry that they can't go back to the wrong way. For the children, they can dedicate their lives.

"Mom, thank you," he hugged Xue Yu, choked. "I love you."

"I love you too," Xue Yu patted him on the back. "You and Ji Ji must be good."

"Mom, don't worry, we are good. Ji Ge is good to me, really!" Xiao Jiashu repeatedly promised, "We will definitely live well."

Xue Yu nodded and didn't speak. The mood was not good, but it was not bad. It was just a little lost. It was a bit embarrassing. She knew that her son would always leave when he grew up, but he didn't expect him to go with a man. This is the most unexpected thing for her. But if this person can always treat him with one heart and one mind, it doesn't matter.

She can play the Queen, but she is not the real Queen after all, and her son will always be the heart of her heart. How can she bear to push him to desperation?

Xue Yu reluctantly let go of his son and smashed the season. "Today, let us drink with us for a few rounds."

"Of course," Ji Yan raised his glass. "Mom, this wine is for me and Xiaoshu, thank you for your understanding and blessing."

Xiuchang Yu’s sip of wine was almost sprayed out, and then I couldn’t tell the gaze that I couldn’t see when I was in the season. Can't see it, Ji Wei usually has a gentle and elegant look. I didn't expect the face to be so thick. I didn't have to ask for permission to change it directly. It is very powerful and admire!

Xue Yan’s expression was distorted for a moment, but he quickly laughed. “No thanks, you have to wait for the little tree. I only have such a son. When I was a baby, I felt like a baby. I might spoil him. You let him more. a little."

Ji Jin is the main point, Xiao Jiashu is anxious to be authentic, "Mom, Ji Ge is very letting me. Besides, two people living together, must be tolerant of each other, mutual understanding can go on, how can always be alone Let another person?"

Xue Yan shot the glass on the table, not very airy. "Yes, you know everything, you are a marriage expert. I said so much to Ji Yu, isn't it worrying about you? I really doubt the doctor when you were born." Is it wrong to report your gender, how is a big man more extroverted than a girl? Raising you, I am better off raising a big pork!"

Xiao Jiashu shook his neck and did not dare to scream, and his expression was somewhat wronged.

Ji Yan pulled him into his arms and took a shot, and messed up his dark hair. He laughed and said, "Mom, don't be angry, I will give you a cup on behalf of Xiao Shu. The days are all out of the way. Only we know it. Xiaoshu understands me, I am very happy. Similarly, I will take good care of him and prevent him from being wronged."Xue Yu just lifted the glass and drank it, and swept the slender one. Xiu Changyu immediately returned to God and gave the season a glass of wine. It seems that today, I am ready to let the seasons come in and out. Also, he turned his son away without saying a word, and wrote a fucking script to let the girl play. She was not angry and blamed.

Ji Yan naturally knows the plan of the mother-in-law, but it is not broken, and toasted in a cup.

"Don't drink, Ji Ge, I have to shoot a movie early in the morning!" Xiao Jiashu took his glass and said with distress, "I will drink for you."

Ji Yan gently grasped his wrist, pulled the cup over to the lips, softly said, "I am drinking a lot, can't get drunk. You have more plays than me tomorrow, you need to rest well." The two held together A wine glass, slowly drinking, the attitude can not be intimate.

Xue Yu is still a scene that is not accustomed to the intimacy of two big men, can only squat at the beginning, to see the long Yu. The slender Yu was shocked and quickly stopped the wine glasses to interrupt the two. It’s terrible, and dare to show love in the face of sly, not afraid to be beaten again by the bar. However, Ji Ji’s medicine for this time is too fierce, and it may become the shadow of her life. I am afraid that it will be a long time to get rid of the fear of losing my son, and how dare to obstruct it?

In the face of such a son-in-law, I don’t know if it’s fortunate or unfortunate. I thought that I couldn’t help but shake my head.

Xiu Changyu is also a thousand children who are not drunk, and Xue Yu, who has a large amount of alcohol, is a bit difficult to eat at this season, but it is also very sweet. If you can bring Xiaoshu home, don't let him get drunk, even if he let his stomach bleeding, there is no way.

At 9:30 in the evening, the meal was finally over. Looking at his eyes closed, his brows were slightly wrinkled, Xiao Jiashu said, "That, Mom, I won’t go back to the hotel this evening. I will send Ji Ge to him. The hotel." Because the time of Ji Jijin group is a bit late, the hotel arranged by the film side has already been full, and he can only find another hotel nearby to live with.

"He doesn't have a personal assistant?" Xue Yu's pretty good face immediately gloomy.

Xiao Jiashu shrank his shoulders. "It’s been so late, my personal assistant has already got off work, or I am coming."

The star's personal assistants are usually on call for 24 hours. How can Xue Yu know? She could see her son’s expression of timidity, and she was soft again. “Go and go, it’s too big to be a mother.”

"Thank you mom." Xiao Jiashu grinned, and with the help of Xiu Shu, Ji Ge was on the bus and hurried away.

Xue Yu stared at the taillights that were far away, and his expression was complicated. Xiu Changyu was suspicious for a long time before he cautiously asked, "Hey, you just said that you want to marry me?"

"Oh, I am just making an analogy." Xue Yan's long hair, inadvertently said, "I will never step into the grave of marriage in my life. But Lao Yu, you should settle down, People who are in their forties, haven’t they played enough?”The courage of the slenderness is so easy to dry up, the voice is full of decadence and self-deprecation. "When did I play? Hey, is there any woman around me who doesn't know, don't you know? Since you got married, I am I have been waiting, I have been waiting for twenty years, not so bad. Hey, can you give me another chance? I can be a good husband, a good father. You see, Xiaoshu just did not agree. Are we doing something?"

Xue Yu just looked out the window and didn't talk.

The slenderness of the sorrowful heart can not help but try to find out, "Hey, are you still in love with Xiao Qijie?"

Xue Yu suddenly turned his head and his voice was awkward. "Don't mention him, we are divorced!"

The response is so big, the answer is self-evident. Suddenly, Yu suddenly felt desperate and couldn’t understand what he was waiting for for so many years. But if he doesn't wait, he doesn't know how to live the next day. The word "Xue Wei" has been turned into a brand, and it will be engraved in his heart forever. If you want to erase the brand, it is equivalent to dig his heart, so he can't do it, then how painful and desperate, I can't do it without loving her.

"Hey, try to look ahead, you are divorced." In the end, he could only sigh and say that this sentence is helpless, and it is useless to the extreme.


On behalf of the driver, the car was parked and left. Xiao Jiashu was trying to carry the sleeping quarter brother back to his body. The other party opened his eyes first, and his mouth was filled with a light and gentle smile. "I am not drunk."

"Hey, Ji Ge, are you loaded?" Xiao Jiashu stunned.

"If I don't get drunk, how do you find an excuse to come back with me? Baby, separated for so many days, I miss you very much." Ji Wei was lying in the back seat, his posture was very lazy. He just opened his arms, and the lover who thought about it thought smirked into his arms and nudged him back and forth a few times. "I also wanted to die for you." Although I can see you every day while filming, But I can't hold you to kiss you, I am broken! Quickly compensate me!"

Ji Yan laughed softly and kissed his lover softly. He opened his lips, put the tongue full of wine, and slowly licked his tongue, and the intoxicating expression seemed to taste the most luscious slurry in the world.

Xiao Jiashu curled up in his arms, and when he kissed back, he made a small smashing 吟. He looked very cute. He didn't think anything in his head, only a lot of fragrant flowers bloomed in a blink of an eye, and he turned into a fluffy fireworks. His reaction to love was so straightforward, kissing him was like spying on a kaleidoscope, as if swimming in a fantasy dream, not only the body was satisfied, but the mind was completely fascinated.

Ji Yan's hands slowly moved to the back of his head, while rubbing his smooth hair, gently pressing his lips against himself, deepening the kiss.

After about a few minutes, the two were finally satisfied, slightly separated by a distance, looking at each other with a fascinating look, and then sighed with a long and satisfying sigh. The hot breath was sprayed on each other's face at the same time, making them laugh.

Ji Yan held Xiao Jiashu's face, Xiao Jiashu also held his face, the two quietly stared at each other, and spent a few minutes in the car.In the end, Xiao Jiashu couldn’t hold it anymore. He quickly kissed Ji’s forehead and smirked. “Let’s go home?”

"Okay, go home." Hearing this sentence, the heart that has been empty for a long time is filled up. Although they are in the field, they have to live in a hotel, but with a small tree, it can be considered a home. . He was about to get up, but he was shackled by the small tree and pulled hard on his back. He couldn't help but laugh. "I am not drunk, what are you doing with me?"

Xiao Jiashu turned back. "What if you are drunk later? I will practice it today."

Love to play, love to play, find such a high-sounding reason to do? I know that the urinary season of the lover is more helpless and soft, "Okay, you can try it first. If you can't move it, I will come down."

"Good." Xiao Jiashu put Ji Ge on his back and walked step by step toward the elevator in the underground parking lot. Although he can't hold the season, he still has no problem. The light illuminates them and casts a long, merging silhouette. He walks on this shadow and feels a little tired. For him, Ji Ge is not a burden, but a driving force for moving forward.

Ji Yan looked at him over the side, his eyes could not be said to be gentle.

After walking about twenty meters, the season hoarse voice, "Okay, it's my turn to carry you back."

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu did not feel guilty. After he laid down his brother, he jumped on his back and walked all the way, shaking his legs.

Ji Yan gently patted his pretty buttocks, and this whispered. They are like two children who have not grown up, and they are tired of playing the game "You carry me, I am carrying you", but I don't feel that I am stupid. Being with your loved ones will be fun.

In the short 100-meter road, they walked for ten minutes and returned to the room to hug each other. They couldn't wait for a second, but they pressed it on the doorboard a few times. When they got up the next day, they found that there was a pair of underwear on the door handle, which was swayed by the wind.


On the night of the night, Liu Wei also couldn't sleep, and used a mobile phone to check back and watch a video.

"Hey, isn't that the two scenes taken this afternoon? Where did you get it?" the assistant was surprised.

"The director didn't pay attention to my sneak shot with my mobile phone." Liu Wei pointed at the two people lying in the coffin and twisted his eyebrows. "Look, are their hands tied together?" It was because of this discovery. He will take the video and sneak a shot at the risk of being fired by the director.

This video is not directly copied, but is photographed by a monitor. The quality of the video is not clear, but it can be found that the Xiaojia Shu and Ji Wei, who have completed the drama, are lying in the coffin. The gesture is very close. When Xiao Jiashu leaned over to see the season, the other smiled softly and reached out to beat Xiao Jiashu's shoulder. It seemed to comfort him.

It’s a bit strange that the two big men do this, but if the relationship is good enough, it’s okay. The assistant stared at the phone for a long time, not quite sure. "The sleeves are too wide, I really can't see it."

Liu Wei no longer tangled this point and continued to ask, "Do you think that their mode of getting along is a bit embarrassing?"The assistant was shocked. "Liu Ge, you should not doubt that they are gay?" But that is the Grand Slam movie singer and the popular fried chicken Xiao Jiashu. If the news is true, the entertainment circle will definitely blow up!

Liu Wei waved, "I just doubt, there is no evidence, let's take a look." Today, Xiao Jiashu's acting made him feel a strong threat. His existence is like a thorn, and he is stuck in his heart, and One tie is twenty years. He thought that one day, one day, he had to personally put this thorn on it.

"Liu Ge, you shouldn't want to blast?" The assistant followed him for many years and guessed his heart. The so-called explosion-proof is a star or star fans use public opinion to suppress the vague newcomers, in case they suddenly burst into the limelight or resources.

However, although Xiao Jiashu only debuted for one year, the degree of redness is not a newcomer, and his background is very hard. Does Liu Ge really do not get into trouble? I thought that the assistants here quickly dissuaded, "Liu Ge, you still don't care about them, these two are hard ideas, we can't afford it."

"I can't afford it, there is always someone who can't get it." Liu Wei shook his head in disapproval. "This thing doesn't have to worry about you, I will do it. Right, today is the day of the week?"

"Today, Liu Ge, what do you want to do?" The assistant's tone was slightly unsettling.

"Don't ask, go back to the room and go to sleep." Liu Wei opened the player and chuckled. "It's a coincidence that today is the fourth episode of "Wild Adventurer". The first two episodes of Xiao Jiashu did not come. The audience strongly urged the producers to invite him?"

"Yeah, the audience also said that if the program group can't afford the pay, they will raise the crowd to Xiao Jiashu. He only went to the first issue, how popular is it? The audience is really not sure about this kind of thing, some people are desperately trying to work hard. For several years, it is still in the 18th line. Some people will burst red when they debut. If they want to suppress it, they will not be able to suppress it. Is this life?" The assistant whispered enviously.

"It is indeed a life, there is a good origin than anything." Liu Wei looked gloomy at the computer screen.

After the filming of the title song, Ji Yan and others appeared on the island. This time is the ultimate survival mode. The director only prepared three tools for the guests. Two of them are dispensable, and the rest are necessary. Going to find it yourself, you can win in three days, but you can kill a guest in three days, and the survival mechanism is cruel.

The audience have made a curtain to play CALL for their own idols, but the most barrage is asking if Xiao Jiashu can come, showing that others are high.

"They left the two episodes and the audience still remembered him. This charm is too big?" The assistant wanted to go back to the room to sleep, but he sat down unconsciously. He actually likes to watch "The Wilderness Adventurer", but he just doesn't dare to talk to Liu Wei.

"Because Ji Ji always remembers Xiao Jiashu, and Ji Ji is the soul of this reality show, the audience will also remember Xiao Jiashu. He can mix today, in addition to good family, good background, there is no lack of strong support from Ji Ji. I have never seen Ji Jin so sought after a person." Liu Wei calmly analyzed.“Ji Yan was rated as the most influential person in the Huaguo entertainment circle by foreign media. Whoever he wants to hold, who can be red. You look at some of his artists, which one is not a big red, even Lin Leyang Those who have no special features are now second-tier stars." The assistant said without envy.

Liu Wei just smiled and didn't speak.

The reality show is still going on. Ji Yan is particularly anxious today. He is more energetic with a piece of wood. He has been drilling there for a long time, and he has a blue vein in his head. Later, the little brother added a fire to his head, and he also painted a thick # character number on his forehead. The effect was quite funny, but it was also very appropriate.

The unscrupulous audience is not only distressed at all, but also sends a bullet to the channel: [Xiao Jiashu still did not come, Ji teacher is still taking the big devil route. 】

However, when the season was quickly collapsed by this piece of wood, Xiao Jiashu came. He stood on the yacht and laughed and jumped, like a ray of sunshine, suddenly falling into the darkness. Ji Yan’s eyes were instantly lit up, and his heart was filled with anger and anxiety, and he was replaced by surprise. He even jumped into the sea and took the initiative to swim towards Xiao Jiashu, his face full of eagerness to wait.

The audience's barrage instantly covered the entire screen, all excited "ah" sound. When Xiao Jiashu came, Ji Yan’s style of painting was completely restored to normal, and the wood that had been tortured to near collapse had become cute, and the mechanical drilling work became a pleasure.

He and Xiao Jiashu met to find out how to get the fire, and the eyebrows were full of smiles. The two of you drilled for a while and I drilled for a while, even if the Mars burned and destroyed, as if deliberately against them, they can always maintain a relaxed and happy attitude.

[When Xiao Jiashu came, Teacher Ji was completely restored. 】

[I finally know what the resurrection of blood is like, that is, Teacher Ji, hahaha...]

[Hey, they are easy to play with, the fire is actually born! Xiao Jiashu is the lucky star of Ji teacher! 】

Liu Wei looked at the barrage for a while, and observed the state of Jiu Yu and Xiao Jiashu at the same time. The smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more strange. The two people stayed together very well, as if it was difficult to hit them. A man who is so mature and stable in the season, he will also tease Xiao Jiashu, and he will carry his swaying in the woods. Not only does he feel tired, but his smile is still so bright.

The audience is quite right. As long as they stay with Xiao Jiashu, the style of Ji Yan has completely changed. When Xiao Jiashu was absent, he was alienated; when Xiao Jiashu came, he could immediately integrate into the surrounding people and environment. When he looked at others, his eyes were mild but indifferent. Looking at Xiao Jiashu, he immediately became warm.

In the evening rainstorm, he and Xiao Jiashu can hold a piece of banana leaf, listen to the sound of rain and watch the rain scene with interest, what kind of state is this? If the person who is not the most loved is around, who can bear this kind of cold and hungry and nowhere to sleep?Should they be in love? Just thinking of it, Liu Wei found a viewer who made such a curtain: [I feel that this program should be called "We Love", not "Wild Adventurer". When Xiao Jiashu came, Teacher Ji kept making sugar, and I was not afraid of us! 】

Ji Yan’s fans soon came out to control the scene, saying that the two were just brothers, please don’t think about it, but Liu Wei whispered. Brotherhood, how is this possible? He took out his cell phone and made a phone call, not paying attention to the assistant's sharp eyes.


On the following day, Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan came to the film to report, and they did not forget to buy breakfast for everyone. Xue Yan stared at his son for a while, and sighed coldly. "Don't make a print next time. The crowd on the set is mixed and may be passed away."

Xiao Jiashu quickly grabbed the neckline and promised red.

Xue Yu looked at Ji Wei again and ordered, "If you are together, I will not say anything, lest you get bored. But there is one thing you have to promise me, and you are not allowed to disclose this relationship within five years. When the small tree just entered the circle and it was just right, if you came out, he would bear the most pressure."

Xiao Jiashu is preparing to speak, but he is interrupted by Ji Yan. "I understand that I will not let anyone hurt the tree, including myself."

Xue Yu was relieved, and he took a look at his son. I did not expect that she could understand the feeling of marrying her daughter in this life. It is a rumor!

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