How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 127 Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Chapter 127

The next two plays are extremely important for the whole movie. The first is the death of Li Xianzhi. The second is that the Queen abandoned the only son. She also gave up the last warmth of her heart and stepped forward to the supremacy. s position.

The director is very valued for these two plays, so the previous four episodes will be concentrated on the same day, because their emotional tone is coherent. If the first four games are taken, the actors will naturally accumulate enough. Emotions go into the shooting of the following two scenes.

"Xiao Jiashu, are you ready?" The director looked at his watch and asked in a loud voice.

"I am ready." Xiao Jiashu wiped his face.

"Then start shooting. Season, you give me a lay in the coffin."

The face that was painted pale was given a pleasing eye to the lover, and he was lying in a huge stone sarcophagus. Xue Yu’s heart was a little uneasy, but his face was not revealed. The other actors were all behind the director, staring at the monitor.

"a!" The director gave a command, Xiao Jiashu walked into the hall and saw the stone shovel placed in the middle, and the eyes were red. He suddenly stopped and looked awkward, as if he could not believe that everything he saw was true.

An old Wei servant who followed him, sarcastically said, "Why, why do you want to behave, the general can have today, isn’t it just for you?"

Xiao Jiashu’s mind was blank, and he turned his face to see the old servant, as if he didn’t understand what he was saying. The old servant stepped forward and took out Wei Juan’s handful of koi in his hand. He screamed: "If the sergeant does not allow the Chongzhou Guardian to reinforce, how can the general be defeated? Poor generals use the flesh and blood to protect the territory, but you use A cup of alcohol to treat him! The general is really blind, and the old man is blind! Without the general, just look at the dragon chair and you can sit down for a while!"

The old servant threw the koi on the face of Xiao Jiashu.

Xiao Jiashu seems to have been woken up, picking up the Koi and slowly unfolding, carefully identifying the above text. That is indeed his handwriting, but he has never made such an order. Hearing that Wei Wuzhen was defeated, he never thought about blaming him. The first thing he worried about was whether he was injured or not and when he could return to Beijing. He thought that he had won so many times. What happened to this defeat? Just come back and repair it for a while, so that he can see him a lot, but he did not expect to receive his drink and fear of suicide. Message.

What crime does he have? He opened up the soil for Datang. He went to the battlefield for the monarch. He had so much blood and suffered so many injuries. What crimes did he have? But it turns out that all this is fake, it is the tricks set by others!

Xiao Jiashu wanted to understand everything in an instant. He took this scroll of imperial edicts like a red iron soldering iron, which burned his palms. His eyes were completely red, his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, his hands were whitish, his muscles were whitish, and he was still shaking, but he could not let go because he had to punish himself.He took this step by step, and walked extremely slowly to the side of the side, coveting Wei Wei, who looked at the face. He couldn't imagine what kind of mood he was holding to drink the glass of alcohol, would he hate it, would he regret it? However, this is his most beloved person! How can he be willing to kill him?

"He..." Xiao Jiashu only spit out a word, and the voice was completely dumb. The lips opened and closed for a long while before they trembled and asked the words behind. "Can you leave a last word?" He held his hands on the stone, his shoulders completely collapsed, his body. Swinging invisibly, as if it would be planted at any time.

He was on the verge of collapse, and the candlelight around him illuminated his face, but he did not light his dark eyes. Something was running out of his body in a hurry, letting him dry down quickly. He stood in the swaying lights, as if he had become a shadow that would disappear at any time.

The old servant bit his teeth and wanted to turn around. He could see the pale face of the general. He was unwilling to say the truth. "He only left one sentence - this life is dead and regretless, and I hope that the next life will meet with His Majesty."

There is no regret in death, no regrets in death... This sentence became the last straw to crush the camel, which made Xiao Jiashu collapse in an instant. He was so depressed and bitterly waiting that he had never received a response to his love, but he had already belonged to him.

It’s just that he found it too late and everything is too late! Why is this happening? Why is God so cruel to us? Xiao Jiashu lowered his head, and the hot tears fell down one by one, constantly dripping on Wei’s pale forehead, cheeks, lips...

But he will never blink, no longer smile and restraine and say to him: "Your Majesty, wait for the minister to come back."

Xiao Jiashu squatted down and grabbed the sacred decree with his hands. He wanted to scream in the sky, but opened his mouth but only broke the sound. He wants to break out and wants to scream, but he doesn't know. When a person mourns to the extreme, he has no strength at all. Only the desperate group is shrouded in him, and his heart is gray.

He looked up and swallowed, like a beast that was dying. After a while, he bowed his head and looked at the imperial edict in his hand. He laughed wildly, laughing and tearing, shaking his head while laughing, then accumulating. The most powerful force to tear the shrine.

The director stared at the monitor and the whole heart was picked up. He originally thought that such a drama that needed explosive power, Xiao Jiashu had to go at least a dozen times, but he did not expect to enter the theater for a moment, he entered the play. He is Li Xianzhi, who is crazy about love, and finally collapses in the face of death.

He laughed and shed tears, and he was as shocking and influential as the shredded koi, so that the onlookers were all moved. The old servant who played for him was red-eyed, and the soldiers who were outside the hall were red-eyed. Even the directors and videographers who were outside the theater were frowning and depressed.But the strongest feelings besides lying in the hustle and bustle of the season, there is Xue Yu who stands outside the crowd. She knows her son too well, so she knew early on that her son’s character was so similar to Li Xianzhi. Because they are too naive and pure, their feelings will be like a fire, burning others while burning themselves. If no one is obstructed, the flame will only be buried deep under their seemingly gentle and lovely appearance, slowly baked and quenched, but never extinguished.

But if they are rushed, this fire will spurt out like lava and destroy everything. They are sometimes very strong, sometimes very fragile, and they must be carefully cared for in love, otherwise it will cause a lifetime of harm.

Therefore, Xue Yu will be so worried that he loves the wrong person, so he will try his best to separate him from Ji Ji. But now, when she saw her son turned into a flame and burned herself, she suddenly became afraid...

"Card!" The director shouted at her, "Xiao Jiashu, you are so good! This scene should be played like this! Although you have not broken out, you have not shouted, but your powerlessness and hopelessness are even more impressed than shouting." People! Look at my eyes, they are all red, this is the first time I was touched by my actors on the set!"

Xiao Jiashu did not look at him, just throwing away the remaining pieces of the sacred sacred, squatting on the sarcophagus and staring at Ji Ge. The play almost exhausted all his power. If the same tragedy happened to him and Ji Ge, he would certainly go crazy.

"Jie Ge, are you still alive?" he choked.

Ji Yan opened his eyes to see him, his voice was very hoarse, "Small tree, this is acting, of course I am still alive. We still have a lifetime to go."

"Really?" Xiao Jiashu had a teardrop in his eyes and looked very pitiful.

Ji Xin’s heart was like a knife, but he couldn’t hold him in his arms and kissed him. He had to whisper comfort: “Really, we are not Li Xianzhi and Wei Wuzhen, we are Xiao Jiashu and Ji Wei.”

Xiao Jiashu nodded, but the grief in his heart did not decrease. But Ji Yan knows that his current state is the best, so he can only press and hold the urge to comfort him.

Xue Yan stood in the same place and looked at his son, and his heart was very uncomfortable. She thought about it and thought it was a few steps forward. She wanted to hug him, but she was stopped by the director. "Xue Wei, don't bother him, he has to keep this state."

Xue Yu had to stop and the heart was faint. She also worried that she would force her son to let his emotions collapse, but with the luck of his sorrow: Xiaoshu can even get rid of the shadows of kidnapping, and the small things of lovelorn can certainly recover quickly. But now, she is not sure.

She had to admit that she was scared by her son's desperate appearance.

“Are you ready? If we are ready, we will take one.” The director did not dare to give too much rest time, because he worried that Xiao Jiashu’s full emotion would be lost.The staff raised their hands and said that they had already k, and Xue Yu also slammed. There are more and more actors standing around watching each other. Everyone has a complex expression. The so-called "immersive" is probably this feeling? Xiao Jiashu is really very powerful, not blowing, nor holding it, but actually doing this with his own acting skills.

"a!" The director gave an order, and Ji Yan immediately closed his eyes, and Xiao Jiashu also recovered his madness. He walked to the door, took out the sword of the soldier's waist, cut off all the candles in the hall, and choked. "Would you like to come to life? You don't need you to wait on the bridge, I will come to see you!" ”

The old servant was around him and persuaded him. He just didn't listen. He waved the sword and drove him out.

The flame slowly climbed into the day and burned everything. At this moment, the Queen led the Guards to rush, but found that the mourning hall had burned up, and the two doors were swallowed by the flames and crumbling. And her only son is standing in the raging fire, untied his clothes and crown, burned it in the fire, and then dressed in a white coat and climbed into a huge stone sarcophagus. Before he lay down, he finally looked at the Queen, and there was no fear or envy in the darkness of the mandarin. He finally got rid of...

Xue Yu was stunned by his son's heart, and stood still for a long time. The guards who followed her to Weifu were naturally her confidants, and they had already prepared for her support, and she did not rescue them.

Xue Yan’s expression was stunned, but in the eyes, she slid down two lines of tears. Her soul split into two halves, half is a grief-stricken mother, and half is a ruthless emperor. When the two doors collapsed, she finally stepped forward and screamed, "Qi Child, you give me out Qi! No..."

The head of the banned army stopped her and calmly said, "The festival is mourning, kneel down."

This incoherent "陛下" finally evokes Xue's intellect, her back is slowly straightened, and the expression of collapse and despair is replaced by chill. Her useless son is finally dead, and not dead in her hands, what better ending is better than this?

Yes, she did, and the smoke blew on her face, but only brought her cold bones...

Hey... The director stood up and applauded, his expression both excited and sighing. Absolutely, the feeling of this mother and son playing in the same stage is absolutely perfect!

The onlookers returned from the shackles and clapped the director. It is said that the art cells are genetic, and this is true. After twenty years, Xue Yu’s acting is still superb, and Xiao Jiashu’s acting skills are not inferior. This opponent's play of the mother and the child will definitely become the most classic scene of this movie.

Xue Yu is like waking up from a dream, yelling and yelling, "Go fire! Fast!"

"Sister Xue, don't worry, we used a lot of fireproof materials, and only two of them were burned. The people inside are sure to be fine." The props teacher quickly comforted, and the security personnel had already rushed up with a fire extinguisher.Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan are lying in huge stone slabs covered with fireproof materials and hand in hand. Everyone is busy fighting the fire, no one pays attention to them.

"Jie Ge, I am so uncomfortable. I haven't wanted to play again for such a long time." He leaned over and said with tears.

Ji Yan gently patted his shoulder. "Okay, don't play. After we finished this movie, we went on a trip and changed our mood. We went to the Bahamas to sunbathe and went to Finland to visit Santa Claus."

Xiao Jiashu’s heart is soothing, and it’s soothing. “Well, where do you go, wherever you go, I like it anyway. Ji Ge, is my mom shouting outside? She seems to be in a hurry.”

"Go out and see." Ji Yan climbed out of the stone sarcophagus, and carefully took the lover out. Xue Yu ran across the burnt threshold and ran into the hall. He found his son intact and suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and his head was dizzy. Fortunately, this is just a filming. Fortunately, nothing happened, or she will really collapse.

"Oh, Xiao Jiashu, your robe is burnt. You didn't find it yourself?" A security officer came over to check the situation of the two, but found that Xiao Jiashu's sleeve was burned through a few holes by candlelight. Fortunately, the costumes of this play are made of fireproof materials. The flames splashed on the fabric will soon be extinguished by themselves, otherwise it will be a big deal!

Ji Yan stared at these blackened holes, filled with fear and uneasiness, and said, "You must take protective measures. Whenever the actor's safety is always the first."

"Okay, okay, we understand." The security personnel nodded and nodded, but they were squeezed aside by Xue Yu. "Is the sleeves burnt? You don't feel it? Let me take a look!" She pulled her son up and down. I checked it again and found that there was no problem, and it was a big sigh of relief.

The tears on her face have not dried up, and the forehead is covered with a lot of cold sweat, which is very embarrassing.

Seeing her like this, Xiao Jiashu suddenly felt soft, grabbed her shoulder and shook it gently, and comforted. "Mom, I am really fine, don't be nervous."

How can Xue Yu not be nervous? Watching the son burn himself, which mother is suffering? Although she knew that it was acting, she also understood that if she forced her son like a queen, he would fall into despair as soon as Li Xianzhi. Their character is too similar, maybe they will go on the same road, what about those who are still alive? Carrying remorse and blaming yourself for a lifetime?

At that end, Xue Yu didn't dare to think about it. He slammed his son into his arms and patted him twice, his eyes wet.

Ji Yan stood by and looked at them, not disturbing.

After a while, Xue Yucai let go of his son and ordered him to "go out to wash his face and change the thick clothes. I have something to talk to Ji Ji."

"Mom..." Xiao Jiashu showed a worried look.

Ji Yan rushed to smile and comforted him. "Nothing, you should first add clothes, so as not to freeze, our conversation will be very friendly, right? Xue Yu?"

Xue Yu had to nod.

Xiao Jiashu went out three times. Ji Yan took Xue Yu to a secluded corner and said slowly, "Xue Wei, Xiao Jia should have no throne to inherit from the small tree?"It’s not so good to satirize your boyfriend’s mother with such a spicy word. Xue Yu was very angry and her cheeks were red. It is said that care is chaotic, she cares too much about the small tree, so it will produce such a fierce reaction. Fortunately, the story of this film coincides with reality, and she suddenly realizes that if she goes on her own way, it will only be the most tragic ending.

Ji Yan took a deep look at her and continued. "Xue Wei, do you think that the happiness of Xiaoshu is more important than your wishes? Which one is more important? If you feel that your will is more important, you can force him to separate from me. But can he really live the way you want it? He is barely less than you, and no less than Li Xianzhi."

"Don't say it!" Xue Yu screamed. "I won't force you to separate, but you must assure me that you will love the little tree in your life. If you can't do it, I will let you pay." The price!" She doesn't want to hear the word "Li Xianzhi" at all.

"I don't care what you say, Xue Yan, you won't be upset. It's better to look at us." Ji Yan turned his head and saw the small tree hiding in the corner of the wall and looking at it, and smiled softly.

Xue Yu also turned his head and looked at his son, waving his hand helplessly.

Xiao Jiashu, who had a tangled face, retracted, and the thief’s head was quite funny and cute. Ji Yan was a low smile, and stepped toward the lover. It seemed to inadvertently drop a bomb. "Xue Wei, there is one thing I have forgotten to tell you that I and Xiaoshu have already married in California. It is."

"What do you say?" Xue Yu's voice suddenly became sharp, and he was found to be constantly looking around and had to suppress his anger. But after thinking about it, she was relieved. What is most worried about her is that Ji Ji is not responsible for hurting Xiaoshu? If they are married, it is much better than the current unclear situation, at least the small tree will be more secure.

What kind of virtue is his son? Xue Yu knows better than anyone else. Don't look at his usual sorrow and heartlessness, but his feelings are particularly delicate and sensitive. If he likes a person, he can't wait to stick to each other all the time. A love must aim at getting married, and the brain doesn't turn.

If you change someone, who would like to confirm the relationship with you? Not afraid of getting into trouble in the future? But Ji Yan can do nothing to consider, first of all to satisfy his son's wishes.

These two people are really inseparable... Thinking of this, Xue Yu can only shake his head and smile.

Xiu Changyu knows that the two most important scenes are to be filmed today. When he finishes the work at hand, he rushes over to explore the class, only to find that the crew is ready to go to work, and the efficiency is high and scary. The director and an actor named Liu Wei were sitting in front of the monitor to watch the replay; Xiao Jiashu was under the eaves and worried; Ji Yan and Xue Yu were standing in the corner not far away, and the expression was not very good looking.

“They negotiated?” asked Yu Xiaoyu.

"Yeah." Xiao Jiashu nodded in a slap in the face.

"Your mom has a bad temper recently, and texts me every day." Xiu Changyu felt that he was bungee. He was kind and kind, and in the end he turned his back on the two men."She still beat me!" Xiao Jiashu touched his cheek, his expression was more tangled.

"Well, you haven't played any more." He has never seen anyone who can persuade him, and Xiao Qijie is the same. However, his voice just fell, and Ji Yan came over, and the two men who stretched their necks made a gesture of k. Xue Yan shouted with a scorpion, and seemed to be angry, but soon calmed down. She held her forehead and smiled, like helplessness, and like relief.

Xiu Changyu was stunned and shocked. "Ji Yan, how do you convince?"

"You know when you go to the director to watch the replay. I said, but if Xue Yu loves Xiaoshu, she can understand."

Xiu Changyu immediately went to the director to watch the replay, and the expression became clear from doubts, and finally settled as a sigh. It's no wonder that it took several months for the season to modify the script. The story was deleted and reduced many times until it was completely satisfactory. After getting the script from the big change, the original authors all cried, and they often told him that it was a pity that the teacher did not go to the screenwriter.

This story is almost mapping the relationship between the three people, so the Queen, Ji Wei is Wei Wuzhen, Xiao Shu is Li Xianzhi, if you are always unwilling to give in, the ending will only be like this. Ji Yan does not have to say any words at all, only let 淼淼 experience this extremely painful process in person.

You are a bastard in the season, and you are really embarrassed! Xiu Changyu secretly sighed, and then he smiled again. How can he feel a little cool when he sees you eating?

The crew stopped working, and Xue Yu was very difficult to calmly call Ji Ji and asked him to have dinner together. During the dinner, she looked at her son and asked, "Small tree, if I want to get married, what do you think?"

The hand of the slender man was slightly smashed.

"If you love each other and the other person loves you, of course I will agree." Xiao Jiashu nodded.

"If that person is your uncle?"

The slender Yu Yu slammed the bottle and slammed it in a hurry, staring at Xiao Jiashu.

"If Xiu Shu is so good to you like Ji Ge to me, I will not object. Mom, your happiness is the most important." Xiao Jiashu took his mother's hand.

Xue Yu was completely relieved. He sighed his son's head and sighed: "I will live well with Ji Yan in the future. As you said, your happiness is the most important thing."

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