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Chapter 126 Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Chapter 126

On the second day, Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan's plays were officially started. Because they were originally lovers, the performance was naturally full of emotions, and many of the opponents had been played over and over again, which made the director very worry-free. When the season comes to play, the camera will be filled with young actors, some to watch the fun; some to observe acting; others do not admit defeat, want to secretly compare the gap between themselves and the film.

But soon they found out that Mo said that compared with the season, even Xiao Jiashu's acting skills exceeded them too much.

"k, this is over!" After a filming, the director rushed Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan to wave. "The following scene is about the beginning of Li Xianzhi's princehood, holding a ceremony. He slowly climbed the steps to the Hall of Supreme Harmony." Accepting the seal, the steps are full of courtiers, and he looks up and looks up at the palace of the scorpion. There is no lofty ambition in his heart, only he is at a loss. Although he is weak, his mind is very intelligent, knowing that he can’t resist the mother’s power and The courtier’s coercion, and his father’s serious illness, can’t protect him for so long, so he is very scared. But he is now a prince, representing the face of the Tang Dynasty, naturally can’t be exposed, Xiao Jiashu, you must pay attention here. When you step on the steps, you must be strong and calm, and you must show your inner fear. When you are handsome, be careful, understand?"

What is both calm and fearful, both graceful and cautious, so many words of opposite meaning are piled up in the same role, in the same scene, how to perform? The young actors around all listened, and Xiao Jiashu nodded frequently, and his face was fixed. "I understand, I know what to do."

The director looked at him carefully and found that he really understood. Then he continued to talk. "When Li Xianzhi went halfway, he finally found his friend Wei Wuzhen in the courtiers. His heart was settled immediately and he looked at the other side. At a glance, seeing the other side also looked up slightly and looked at it again. This time, he continued to go up. From this time on, his pace became firm and relaxed. This change of mood must also be expressed through the body. Do you understand? ?"

"Understand." Xiao Jiashu continued to nod.

“Very good,” the director looked at Ji Wei. “There is nothing to say about your play. Let’s go with the extras. When Xiao Jiashu walks to the stage where you are, he will look at him and his eyes will be restrained.”

"Good director." Ji Yan gently smiled.

"That's good, everyone is here, we are ready to shoot!" The director gave a command, and the group performance immediately ran to his position and stood still, only waiting for Xiao Jiashu to go down.

Xue Yu stood by the thermos cup, his expression was a bit tired and he was somewhat chilly. Ji Yan and his son took a series of seven or eight days of drama, which is enough to let her discover how deep their feelings are and how tacit. But the more she sees, the more she will be determined to separate them, because if they let them develop, their sons will no longer be able to return to normal.But at the same time, she is also proud of her son's increasingly sophisticated acting skills. She can say without hesitation that her son is definitely the best among his peers. If he can get on the right track, his future achievements will definitely not be lower than the season. So she can't let Ji Ji ruin him.

On the other hand, Xiao Jiashu has already set up in the shooting area. On the spot, he has a good board and he immediately steps forward to climb the steps. He walked slowly slowly step by step. The gorgeous and heavy robe was blown by the wind, and it seemed to fly, but his heel was shaking, as if he had crushed a heavy burden on his body and would collapse at any time. After walking a certain step, he looked up and looked at it. The palace of the hustle and bustle radiated the light under the sunlight, but the whiteness of his face became more and more.

He had some sweat in his forehead, and the sweat was very thin. He couldn’t find it when he was not close, but he still felt that he was out of order, and the scorpion that was full of confusion was more and more flickering. His body shook a little, and then he continued to move forward, step by step, and the speed gradually slowed down. When he reached the middle stage, he finally found Wei Wuzhen in the crowd. They looked at each other and looked away. But at this moment, the strength that had been lost was exhausted again.

Xiao Jiashu's pale cheeks quickly dyed a layer of redness. He wanted to smile, but he held back. The eyes that were full of confusion were quiet like a blue sky. He continued to climb up, this time the heel no longer trembled, but pressed hard on the ground to support the weight of the entire body. The speed of his walking is still very slow, but his back is quite straight. The wide robe is swayed by the wind, and he faintly brings out some monarchy.

Starting today, he is the successor of this big country.

"Card!" Waiting for Xiao Jiashu to finish the remaining steps, the director has raised his hand with satisfaction. "This is over, take a close-up shot of several feet and faces. Xiao Jiashu, you are going very well. It is this rhythm that is this speed."

Xiao Jiashu smiled slyly and did not reveal the slightest color.

There are many young actors around the monitor. Everyone is a peer, and they are mixed in a circle. Naturally, they will inevitably compare. At first, some people felt that they were not convinced. They thought that Xiao Jiashu could get such an important role as Li Xianzhi. It relied entirely on his mother-child relationship with Xue Yu, but now they don’t think so. Xiao Jiashu's acting skills are too superb, and the psychological quality is stronger than any of them. Even with the big-name movie actor who is like Ji Ji and He Jiming, it has never been exposed, and even shows more exciting acting.

He is the kind of actor who is strong and strong, and this talent is not available to anyone. In the scene just now, he simply took every detail into consideration. Observing through different cameras will only be shocked by his ubiquitous acting skills. There are plays in his body movements, there are plays in his eyes, and even clothes and shoes have a play. In the moment when the game was played, he was not Xiao Jiashu, but Li Xianzhi, who was uneasy.This scene is really one. The next scene is that Li Xianzhi couldn’t wait to summon Wei Wuzhen after attending the ceremony. He told him how to be afraid in the process of boarding the Hall of Supreme Harmony, but how to be safe after seeing each other. Come down. Unexpectedly, after listening to these words, Wei Wuzhen gave him a dagger and decided to go to the army. I don’t know what year and month to come back. Li Xianzhi was holding a dagger and crying, like a child abandoned.

Crying is not the most difficult to shoot. It is difficult to cry out and cry out what the director wants. But Xiao Jiashu still did it, and it did a good job. His handsome and compelling face seemed so childish and pitiful when he was crying. Anyone who saw it would not help but cry with him.

The little boy who played the eunuch was brought into the play, and he snorted and persuaded him at his feet: "Your Highness, don't cry, beware of the Queen's Empress, and see him. Your Highness, Wei Daren will definitely come back."

The director who has been staring at the monitor is all comfortable, well, this scene is so good! The sad teenager stood alone in the gorgeous palace, crying, as if in addition to the palm of the dagger, can no longer have more things. The wind blew his horns and let the wide robe put on his slender body, making him look so thin and thin. The little eunuch who was kneeling at his feet was also weak and pitiful, crying his nose red.

The dark characters and the gorgeous palace formed a huge contrast, and the deep sadness rendered the whole picture.

"Card!" the director said with a smile, "Xiao Jiashu, Xiao Liao, you don't cry, this is over!"

The boy who played the little eunuch immediately wiped away his tears and showed a happy expression. Xiao Jiashu was still slow, holding the dagger and standing for a long time, tears and strings.

Xue Yu sighed, "You still can't come down after the show?" The crowd on the set was mixed, and she worried that others would discover her son's sexuality.

"Small tree into the play is too deep, Xue Yu you let him slow." Ji Yan Wen Sheng explained.

The onlookers of the young actors listened to the words and suddenly showed a complex expression. It’s too far away for them to enter the show. If you can’t fully integrate yourself into the role, who can reach this level? Recently, the media always praised Xiao Jiashu, who said that he is dedicated and good at acting. They always think that it is a manuscript written by Xiao Jiashu and asked him to write a movie until he knows how serious he is to treat the actor. .

Some people can rely on the backstage, and the backstage will not be played; some people can rely on the appearance of youth, and youth will not let people go to tea; but those who rely on strength, even if they reach middle age, play the road Still broad, fans are still loyal. They sleep better than others, and don't worry about waking up the next day.

"Hey, people can't compare with people!" An actor shook his head and walked away. Liu Wei has always stared at the monitor, and his expression is unpredictable. He looked at Xue Yu and found that the other person's expression was very cold. It was not like worrying about Xiao Jiashu, but forbearing anger, it was a bit strange.When he was about to look at his eyes again, Xue Yu was called away by the director, so he looked at the field and found that Xiao Jiashu was still standing in tears. Ji Yan cried and wiped his paper towel to help him wipe his eyes and blow his nose. very natural. The two began to discuss the scene just now, carefully analyzing the mentality of Li Xianzhi and Wei Wuzhen, and two workaholics.

Liu Wei felt uninterested after listening for a while and walked away silently.

"Ji Ge, why did Wei Wuzhen have to go? Li Xianzhi was just booked as a prince, and it was the time when he was most needed." Xiao Jiashu felt aggrieved for Li Xianzhi.

"If Li Xianzhi did not call him after the ceremonial ceremony, and told him how to settle down in his heart when he saw him standing in the courtiers, he probably would not leave so early." Ji Yan said slowly, "only get more power." He can stand closer to the monarch. He looks farther than Li Xianzhi and understands what he should do. He lives only for two words in his life, that is, 'guardian'. The earlier departure is For better guardianship, this is his silent silence."

Xiao Jiashu’s fresh-eyed eyes began to wet again. He felt sad for the two who had already passed away, and he was grateful that he and Ji Ge could live in this age. The mother’s obstruction seems to have become insignificant. Even if he and Ji Ge are far away from each other, they can meet each other with a plane, and no one has the right to imprison any of them.

Thank God for letting us in this good age, thank God for letting us meet in the vast sea of ​​people. Xiao Jiashu worshipped the gods and gods in his heart, and the face that had been crying for a second had already laughed.

Ji Yan was amused by his lover, and couldn't help but lick his head. When it comes to sentimentality, no one can compare with Xiaoshu; when it comes to optimism and cheerfulness, he is also a leader. He can be touched very quickly, and then he will cry with tears, and he can think of bad things as far as possible. His inner world is so colorful and interesting.

Every minute and every second with him is a pleasure for Ji Ji.

"Small tree, I will also protect you." He whispered after a heavy smile.

Xiao Jiashu’s smile was immediately replaced by deep emotions. He looked up at Ji Ge, and the tears in his eyes began to drip, as if he would fall at any time.

The pre-prepared season 盖 put two sheets of paper towels on his face and smiled and left. Xiao Jiashu slammed his nose and smothered his ass. Xue Yu, who was talking to the director, turned back and saw that he had no appearance, and his heart was called an anger.

The next scene said that the empress had confiscated Li Xianzhi's dagger, making him seriously ill. The Queen came to visit and asked if he had an affair with Wei Wuzhen. After getting a positive answer, he slammed him and tried to slap. Wake him up, and ordered the doctor and the maid to open his mouth and harden the medicine. Under the intimidation of the Queen, Li Xianzhi did not have the right to die. A large amount of precious herbs were poured into the throat every day, and he gradually healed.Xue Yu had already smashed his stomach, and when he filmed the scene, he just vented it. He slaps his son's face red. Looking at the son who was struggling to survive in the bed by the eunuch, she said in a cold tone, "If you don't have that man, you can't live, then the palace will kill him! Then the palace will see you." It won't die! The so-called love is just the most useless thing in the world. Who can't live without anyone?"

Her eyes narrowed and she was blind, and she seemed to think of a lot of past events, and seemed to have nothing to think about.

The mother and son of this show are all true characters. Naturally, they are also one. The director is very satisfied with their performance. He raised the big horn and said: "An old play bone, a small play bone, acting is really awesome! Today's drama is all The main event, I thought that I couldn’t finish shooting all day and night. I didn’t expect this to be noon. I’ve already finished three games in six major events, and everyone is working hard to get ahead of work!”

The staff applauded and applauded. Only Xiao Jiashu glared at the red face and his expression was wronged.

"Is there a pain? I was emotionally upset and didn't hold back." After the son was finished, Xue Yu immediately regretted it.

"Pain. Mom, do you really hate me so much?" Xiao Jiashu had no heart and no lungs and was a little sad. He didn't understand what he had committed in the first place, and he could make his mother so unwilling.

"If you change, Mom will love you as before." Xue Yu said hard.

Xiao Jiashu looked at her seriously, did not speak, just squinted and walked away. He is getting tired of his mother's strength, and he is getting more and more disappointed. If you can't really soften her, it's better to leave.

Ji Yan has already prepared a cool and swollen ointment. When Xiao Shu and Xue Yu finished speaking, they pulled the person over and carefully applied it. He also gradually lost patience with Xue Yu, and some regret that she should not let her film this film. The perfect solution to the problem is good, but if Xiaoshu suffers wrongs and even blames, then he would rather take the tree away from the beginning.

What age is this now? I really thought that parents can still control the freedom and life and death of their children like the ancient feudal lords. No matter where Xue Yu hides the little tree, he has the confidence to find and bring people back in the shortest possible time.

The reason why he is so tolerant of Xue Yu is not because there is no way to take her, but just do not want to destroy the mother-child relationship between her and Xiaoshu. But if she doesn't know how to cherish, he can not care about her feelings.

"Is it still hurting?" After the medicine was finished, Ji Yan gently pinched the nose of his lover.

"It doesn't hurt. Ji Ge, I want to run away with you like this." Xiao Jiashu whispered.

Ji Yan smiled lowly. "If you take this attitude after the next two shows, we will run away."

Xiao Jiashu opened his mouth, and the face that was originally crying and mourning was now awkward and carefree. "Then we are looking for a tropical island to settle down. There are only two of us on the island. We can take off our clothes and swim in the sun on the beach. How free?" "Xingzhi is coming, he can still come to Jige on the spot, it must be very cool."Of course, this kind of unharmonious thoughts will not be said to be exported. Does it seem that he is not romantic and not pure? I think that his hot earlobe is very much looking forward to that life.

Ji Shuguang was dumb for a moment, dumb. "Exactly, I bought a private island in the Bahamas. We can go there. How about we going to film this movie?" As for Xue Yitong, this question He has not considered it.

"Well, I still have eight plays to shoot," Xiao Jiashu counted with his fingers and his expression was very excited. "If the state is good, I will be able to kill it in a week. Ji Ge, your play is also finished." ?"

"Almost, it may be finished before you."

"Then we can book a ticket now." Xiao Jiashu asked Zhang Quan to take his backpack and touched the new mobile phone that Ji Ge had configured for him from the inside mezzanine.

Xue Yu always pays attention to his son and sees that this scene is almost insane. Well, this kid is actually preparing a mobile phone in private, which means that he and Ji Ji have not broken contact before. This is really a countermeasure under the policy!

Xue Yu really wants to go and take the phone and slam it on the ground, but it is because people around him are afraid to show up. She didn't want to understand until now that she was pitted by the damn old things. Under the broad public, Ji Yan really can't be too close to his son, but the relationship between them is just right, and it won't be strange to talk together and talk to others. In the same way, she can't rush to separate them, or it will be too eye-catching!

Zhang Quan stared at the phone and looked at him. He didn't dare to say anything. He thinks that Ms. Xue spends so much money every month and asks herself to monitor the two. It’s really a white one. The two don’t care what the people around me think about his relationship with Ji Ji. This is not, he began to rebel, and the well-knowing mobile phone is now dare to come out with great brilliance. This is the heart of Ms. Xue.

"You are not afraid that your mother has also collected this mobile phone?" Ji Yan could not help.

"Not afraid, she doesn't love me anymore, I can break the jar and break." Xiao Jiashu drummed the drumsticks.

Ji Yan extended a finger to poke his gangster down and chuckled. "Reassured, she will love you forever. She is your mother after all."

Xiao Jiashu didn't talk, and the speed of booking a ticket was faster.

After resting for more than ten minutes, the director called the mother and son who were not in harmony with each other and said to the play. "The following two plays are the highlights of the main event. You must play well. If you don't play well, I will always be stuck. Don't shout. tired."

Xiao Jiashu and Xue Yu each agreed, and their expressions were very serious."The first scene said that Wei Wuzhen was sent to the capital after being killed. Li Xianzhi heard the news and rushed to Weifu to bury him. Li Xianzhi found a volume in the shackles of Wei Wuzhen who ordered his suicide to be sinned. Only then did he realize that the other party was not defeated, but died in a conspiracy, and at the same time he wanted to understand who the behind-the-scenes planner was. He was called a sorrow at that time, as if the heart had been dug away, and it collapsed on the spot. Why did it collapse? Because Wei Wuzhen died, he thought that Li Xianzhi was the murderer. He thought that he was too aggressive and endangered by the emperor. He was rejected by Li Xianzhi. In fact, Li Xianzhi always trusted him and even admired him secretly. The two people came to an end but died because of some misunderstandings. You said that this ending is not terrible?" The director looked at Xiao Jiashu with a burning gaze.

Xiao Jiashu hasn't started to show his eyes, nod his head, "Tragic!"

"If you met this kind of thing, you are never desperate?" The director continued to ask.

"Desperate!" Xiao Jiashu licked his eyes.

"k, your emotions are coming up, this is very good. Remember this feeling of despair, you must show it when you are playing, use all your acting skills to render, break out, shout! The most beloved People are dying, you want to go with him, you must let the audience understand this, and tears for your experience, can you do it?" The director patted Xiao Jiashu's shoulder, "You are a very good Actor, I believe you can."

"I will give it a try." Xiao Jiashu did not dare to recall the story, because the story inside is terrible.

"Well, I will give you another five minutes. You will brew your emotions first." The director looked at Xue Yu and continued. "You led a group of garrison troops into Weifu, but found that it burned here, your only The son is still inside, you were going to save, but when you came to the head, you remembered the supreme position, so you hesitated. You nailed your death and death, watching all the burnt ashes. Your eyes are full of Pain, but also full of ambition, your heart is torn into two halves, half of the pain does not want to live, half is extremely calm. You think about what kind of feeling this is, can you show it?"

When Xue Yu was watching the script, she always subconsciously avoided the text, but at this moment, she had to work hard to recall every detail, and the heart began to ache.

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