How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 123 Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Chapter 123

The "Queen" script was sent to Ji Ge early in the morning, and he has been modified for a long time, showing that the quality is very secure. Xiao Jiashu didn't look at the specific content at all. He pointed to Li Xianzhi in the list of characters. He decided to say, "Master Shu, I took this role."

"That line, I went out to say something to your mother." Xiu Chang was trying to leave, but was dragged by Xiao Jiashu and said with a sullen face. "Don't fix your uncle, then sit down for a while."

"What do you want to do?" Slim can't help but smile.

"What do I want to do, you still don't know, you will be the perfect person and me." Xiao Jiashu took the phone from the mattress and sent a video invitation to Ji Ge.

The slender and sloppy channel, "You and Ji Ji are the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. I am the bridge that prompts you to meet each other. Beware of being discovered by your mother, and tearing down my bridge."

"I won't let my mom discover, Xiu Shu, how do you say that my mother is so fierce?" The video was quickly connected, and Xiao Jiashu, who had a face that was still wrinkled for a second, had waved his hand at the camera.

The gentle voice of Ji Ji came from the microphone. "Baby, I am going to run, and I will take you around. Let's go to the artificial lake that passed the last time to feed the ducks?"

"Well, you can buy a little millet and bring the ducks over."

"Then you remember to wear headphones, the sound of a group of ducks is a bit noisy, beware of being heard by Xue Yu." Ji Yan opened the shoe cabinet and chuckled, "The baby helped me pick a pair of sneakers."

"Wear the pair of blue, look good!" Xiao Jiashu did not hesitate to choose Ji Ge's favorite.

"No, I want to wear this pair. This is the first pair of shoes you bought for me." Ji Yan picked a pair of black sneakers, sat down on the threshold and carefully explained, "Xue Yu over there. Don't argue with her, or you are sad, she is also sad, not good for everyone. You don't want to hunger strike, what threatens her, I said before, you should eat, sleep, put all the problems I will give it to me. I am afraid that you will be angry with Xue Yu and hurt your body, so that Xiu Shu will send you breakfast. I haven’t seen you washing your face yet, you should have no food, you should repair it. Uncle will help you get in the heat, okay?"

"Good." Xiao Jiashu nodded, then looked at the slenderness.

Xiu Changyu originally wanted to unscrew the bottle and drink two drinks. I heard that their conversation was completely unintentional. These two people are also too fun to play. Ji Yan screamed at a baby. If it is clearly explained, there is always a sentence of "good or bad" at the end. It seems that he is consulting Xiao Jiashu's opinion, and the tone sounds like a child.

If you don’t know it, Xiu Changyu absolutely can’t imagine that Ji Yan would be like a person, like treating his own little lover and treating his own child. He seems to give all the love to the other person.

Xiao Jiashu didn't feel uncomfortable at all, but he was especially obedient. The sticky head and his cool handsome appearance really didn't match. The so-called pot with what cover, like Ji Ji, this kind of control is particularly strong, it should be with Xiao Jiashu, such a heartless and sticky little wolf dog, these two people are a natural pair!The slender cursing is amazing, but it can't resist the pitiful eyes of the little wolf dog. He has to wave his hand. "I will help you with breakfast. You will hide your mobile phone so that your mother will not find it."

"Baby, I am sitting here, waiting for the uncle to bring the breakfast in. I will go out again." Ji Yan came with a smile.

Xiao Jiashu was relieved. He carefully pushed the phone into the bed and rubbed his eyes and nose until they were all red and swollen. "You can go to the uncle, I am ready." The voice has been mixed with crying, as if by the great grievances.

Xiu Changyu was so stunned at his acting skills that you didn’t cry when you were alone. Is that how you lie to your mother?

The slender stalked for a long time before he sighed. "Small tree, you are so fast because there is no reason. Just because of the crying scene when you got up in the morning, Oscar owes you a little golden man."

"Thank you for repairing Shu." Xiao Jiashu whimpered.

Xiu Chang Yu was completely convinced, and opened the door with a smile, but turned into a worrying expression in the moment of turning. As the CEO of the entertainment company, who is not going to act?

"How is the little tree?" Xue Yu had already finished breakfast and was holding the script absently.

"He agreed to film, but he only wanted to play the role of Li Xianzhi."

"Li Xianzhi?" Think of Li Xianzhi's person design and ending, Xue Yu felt uncomfortable in his heart, sneered, "He wants to map what, I am a female overlord, want to force him to die? I would like to see if there is no Ji Yan. Will it die?"

"Hey, you can't force him any more, let him slow down. I put the porridge and buns hot and let him go in, so I advise him to eat a little." Xiu Changyu put the breakfast in the microwave and heated it, then used The trays are packed one by one.

Looking at his busy back, Xue Yan's chilly expression was gradually replaced by embarrassment and emotion. The so-called thing is not the case. She had thought that Xiao Qijie was the one she had been pursuing, but she never found the shining point she had imagined in him. In the end, she realized that she fell in love with a beautiful dream. But one day, she saw the shadow of the family in another man, but this person is a slender man who never takes his feelings as one thing.

Sure enough, this is another illusion. Xue Yu soon returned to God and confessed, "Get another dish of vinegar. Xiaoshu likes to drink the soup and put the thin skin in the vinegar."

"Good." Xiu Changyu immediately took out a small dish from the cupboard and poured a little vinegar.

Seeing that he had everything done, Xue Yu opened the door for him, but he saw his son sitting in bed and staring, his eyes and nose were still red, he should have just cried, found himself looking over, and immediately turned his face To one side, the stiff back is full of resistance.

Xue Yu’s heart sighed, but his face was more chilly, and he said slowly, “Don’t think that you will feel bad when you play a little temper. If you don’t care for your body, I can send you to the nursing home for someone to take care of. When you don’t I have to eat too, I have to sleep without sleep, and I am closed 24 hours a day. I see how long you can talk to me.""Well, well, don't say it, the little tree is still small, it is inevitable to make mistakes, you can teach him well." Xiu Changyu quickly acted as a peacemaker.

"I am right, you don't have to teach!" Xiao Jiashu shouted at the neck.

"Whatever you think, wait for me to correct you, you will thank me one day sooner or later." Xue Yu sneered and left. She was also uncomfortable when she saw her son’s sad appearance.

Xiu Changyu quickly put the tray down, locked the door, and looked back. He found that Xiao Jiashu had turned his phone out of his ass, although his eyes and nose were still very red, his expression was smiling, this acting! I remembered that Ming Mingming was sad and sad, but he still pretended to be chilly. He shook his head. "Children are debts, your mother has broken your heart for you, but you don't care at all."

The smile on Xiao Jiashu’s face disappeared. He said, “Master Shu, the children are independent individuals, not debts, not parents’ accessories. In order to make my mom happy, I broke up with Ji Ge and then found a woman to marry. The three of us will suffer for a lifetime. What is the meaning of my life? Is it fun to be amused by my entertainment facilities? I love my mother very much, and I will be filial to her for the rest of my life, but I can’t sacrifice my happiness for her. ""

Xiu Changyu did not speak. He actually understood that both the mother and the child were right, but the world view and values ​​were different.

The calm voice of Ji Ji came from the microphone. "I am sorry to make Xue Xi sad, but I can't agree with her. She has her world view and values, but she can't impose these on another person. Even if this person is her son. Xiaoshu is an independent individual, not a sacrifice for his parents."

"I have done it, don't say it, I understand everything. I just think it is not easy." Xiu Changyu said that the tray said, "Come on, or it will be cold later."

"Thank you for repairing Shu." Xiao Jiashu took two porridge and sipped his face. He was bitter and sad. "Jie Ge, my mom is so stubborn, can she understand us? I am worried about where she will send me to lock up, just like I used to Send it to the United States."

What kind of temper is Xue Yu, Ji Ji has also known beforehand, so he knows that Xiaoshu’s worry is not only worried, but also likely to become a reality.

"She will, she loves you very much." Ji Yan decided. "Don't think about it, eat it, I will go out and show it to you."

"Well, I want to see the ducks flying." Xiao Jiashu soon cheered up, as long as Ji Ge is always by his side, he is not afraid of anything.

Ji Yan chuckled, "Well, I have all the feed on the roadside stalls, let the ducks eat a full meal." He took the phone all the way to shoot all the way, where the flowers bloomed, where the leaves are red I pointed out one by one to let the lover see. When I ran to the lake, I bought a lot of millet, and sprinkled a lot of them on the ducks, letting them flap their wings and rushing over to compete.Xiaoshu especially likes to watch this kind of scene. When the duck screams, he will also laugh and fly. If a passerby sees this scene, he will definitely give him a big fool's stamp, but Ji Xian understands that he just thinks that it is more fun. He likes everything that is full of vitality, just like himself.

Seeing Xiaoshu grinning on the phone, Ji Yan also smiled, his eyes full of tenderness.

Xiu Changyu also served these two people. They can still play together and play so happy. It is also rare. The female overlord’s sickle is still hanging around her neck. Can you both feel a little crisis?

In the afternoon, Ji Xin’s news of feeding ducks in the park was on the hot search. I don’t know which unscrupulous paparazzi was smashing his image. He even stood on the shore and sprinkled millet, a group of ducks splashing in the mud pool by the lake. Photographed, the title is "Day Da Yingdi retired behind the scenes is actually to contract the lotus pond to raise ducks? In the end, I described in detail how Ji Ji wraps the millet of the lakeside vendor; how to distribute it to the surrounding children and let them help to feed together; how to stand on the shore and sprinkle rice, and the mouth is squeaky and squeaky. sound. It is said that compared with some old-fashioned movie emperors, Ji Daying is still not high enough. People are bored and fly to Paris to feed pigeons. He even went to the lake to feed the ducks. How is the gap between people and people?

When the hot search came out, Ji Li’s image of Gao Leng was once again hit hard, but the fans did not feel idols at all. Instead, he thought that he was more and more life-like, feeling like an old neighbor of his own, especially kind! Many passers-by have also turned the powder, saying that he is very professional in feeding the ducks, especially the sound of the ducks, squeaky, not too fun!

Seeing these pictures and videos of sneak shots, Fang Kun is almost collapsing. I wanted to find a relationship to press the news down, but I didn’t expect the reaction of the masses to be very enthusiastic. The popularity of Ji Xian’s long-term rise has also risen slightly. .

[In order to make Xiaoxiao happy, you are also very hard! 】 Know the inside. The curtain's slender Yu Momo sent this message.


To be honest, Xiao Jiashu did not feel that he was saddened by the house arrest. He can't get out, and Ji Ge will drive him to go anywhere, which is more interesting than when he was together. The barriers of distance have not only alienated them, but have brought their hearts closer.

Three days later, "The Queen" started shooting. Xue Yu invited eight assistants to stare at his son this time. He was not allowed to use electronic items such as mobile phones or tablets, and he was not allowed to stay alone in the room. He had to follow someone wherever he went. .

This time, Xiao Jiashu couldn't stand it. He could only take the phone out when he went to the toilet and make a silent video call with Ji Ge, or chat with words.

"Two less, are you still inside?" It took only five minutes for the assistant to start urging.

Xiao Jiashu quickly hid his mobile phone in the inner pocket of the jacket and turned a huge white eye. "Where, I am constipated!"

“Need me to help?” The assistant continued to ask.

"I am constipated, can you help me, help me pull?""I can help you out, cut the soap into a strip of three centimeters long and five millimeters wide and feed it into the anus. The door is lubricated for five minutes and can be pulled out without side effects. If you need less, I will buy soap. And plastic gloves," the assistant said in a serious way.

Xiao Jiashu simply took this person and opened the door with a slam, carefully observing each other. Unexpectedly, wow, this guy has a big eyebrow and a thick face, so it is so difficult to deal with the role, Zhou Liangliang, they are all taken away by him, this person is still standing at the door, it is too dedicated.

"What is your name, what did you do before?" The hearty anger was extinguished somehow, and Xiao Jiashu chatted with the man while walking outside.

"My name is Zhang Quan, I just retired."

"You are a soldier? No wonder..." Xiao Jiashu has no temper at all. "When you retired, you have to issue a placement card. Why don't you go to a formal institution to work?"

"My hometown is rural. I have to go back to the rural areas to make resettlement cards. If I want to stay in the city, I have to have a unit to receive it. I don't care, the road can't get through. Secondly, you can rest assured that I have entered the special forces to protect you completely. No problem." Zhang Quan has thought that he is now an assistant and bodyguard to Shaw II.

Xiao Jiashu smiled and finally curiously asked, "If I am really constipated, can you really help me out?"

"Yes, I used to have a comrade-in-arms who was habitual constipation. I couldn't pull it out. I couldn't even train. We all took turns to help him..." Zhang Quan is still a serious look, Xiao Jiashu can't listen anymore. Quickly waved and shouted. He now finally understands why he has driven away Zhou Liangliang, but his mother said that there is no more. Just one Zhang is enough to show him that he is dead. It is harder to open this person than to go to heaven.

"Two less you sit, I will give you a drink, what do you want to drink?" After walking to the studio, Zhang Quan immediately moved to a recliner and wiped it off with a paper towel.

"Don't be busy, I am hungry and thirsty. I can do it. The chair doesn't need you to move. You just sit here and play with yourself." Xiao Jiashu waved his hand.

"My task is to take care of you, can't play during working hours." Zhang Quan looked serious.

Xiao Jiashu scratched his head and felt a little funny. He admired it a bit. "Do you have a mobile phone, let us play with you?" His eyes turned and he counted his heart. "My mom won't let me take the phone, then you Holding a mobile phone, let me see the movie, so that doesn't violate the rules?"

Zhang Quan did not know why Xue Yu was not allowed to call Xiao Xiao, but he would not explore. He thought about it and said, "Oh, I will give you a mobile phone, you can only look at it."

"Well, you sit down, you stand too high, my neck is tired!" Xiao Jiashu pointed at a low stool.

Zhang Quan did not refuse this time. After sitting down, he opened the playing platform. "What movie do you want to watch?"

"I want to watch the variety show, "Wild Adventurer", do you know?"

"I know that this show has been very red recently." Zhang Quan clicked on the latest show.

“Hey? It’s already in the third episode!” Xiao Jiashu sighed. “I only saw the first episode. Let’s look at the second episode?”"Good." Zhang Quan immediately changed the second episode. After the advertisement and the title of the film, the netizen’s barrage covered almost the entire screen. The most prominent and obvious entries are like this: [I am looking at the canopy CP, the canopy CP high! 】

But then, when the host told the guests Xiao Jiashu could not attend this program due to work reasons, the Internet rang a complaint: [I am rushing to the crown of the CP sweet daily, I still have a fart without them! 】

At this moment, the ratings of the program suddenly dropped, and the score was also 0.2 points lower than the first episode. This shows the appeal of the canopy CP. VJ took a close-up of Ji Ji. Although his mouth was laughing and laughing, his eyes were hidden and melancholy. Anyone could notice that his mood was low.

Seeing his performance, the audience that originally intended to leave left behind, and said with a bad taste: [What will happen to the teacher who has no saplings? I am very curious hahaha...]

Then Ji Ji told them that the teacher who had no saplings was a big demon. Every task would require the players to complete within the prescribed time, only to talk about the outcome, not to talk about feelings. In a treasure hunt competition, Huang Yingxue really couldn't move. He lay down on the ground and mourned. "I can't do it for the captain. I have blisters on my feet!"

"Take off the shoes," Ji Yu pointed to Yu Baixiu, "Let him help you."

The netizen was amused by his big gasp and laughed. [Hey, I thought that Teacher Ji would say, "Take the shoes off for me to show you." I didn't expect Yu Baixiu to be called. Teacher Ji, are you so abandoning Huang Yingxue? 】

[Not abandon, it is for small saplings to keep like jade! The saplings are not there, we can still eat sugar, so happy! 】

[Fast brains make up, people's quarters are just to avoid suspicion! Don't be hard to tie the seasons and Xiao Jiashu together, maybe the season is already annoying! 】 Some pure powder starts to cyan.

CP powder did not argue with them and quietly retreated. They are arrogant and do not hinder anyone, so as not to break up the CP.

Seeing here, Xiao Jiashu sneered two times with his mouth open, and his heart was full of emotion and pride. Ji Ge was not with him at that time, but he already had him in his heart, so he will pay more attention to his words and deeds.

Huang Yingxue didn't think too much. After taking off his shoes, he looked at it and found that there was no blisters on the bottom of his foot. He suddenly stunned. "But my feet are really painful. I can't walk in one step." She simply lay down on the floor. Play a rogue.

Ji Yan said seriously. "Get up, we only have ten minutes."

"I can't get up!" Huang Yingxue licked his leg.

"Give her shoes and help her up." Ji Yule ordered Yu Baixiu, Yu Baixiu did not dare to scream, picked up the shoes and wanted to put on Huang Yingxue, and was afraid of abruptly arguing her, she could only persuade her, she couldn’t say pity. . Huang Yingxue had a soft heart and had to put on his shoes. He asked the indignation and geology. "Captain, if the person who can't move today is Xiao Jiashu, would you let him rest?"

Ji Yan hesitated for a few seconds, "No."

Although he got the answer he wanted, Huang Yingxue was not happy at all. He accused, "The captain, you paused for five seconds, you must be lying to me!""I didn't lie to you, I won't let him rest." Ji Yan turned and walked forward, his voice falling, his back alone.

Seeing this scene, netizens are laughing and dying, and they have been screaming: [Hey, the teacher has hesitated for so long to give the answer. It is to comfort Huang Yingxue! 】

[Come here, I will translate it to Mr. Ji. What he wants to say is actually: I didn’t lie to you, I won’t let him rest, I will carry him away! 】

[Ha ha ha, sister paper, you know the teacher of the season, completely said his heart! 】

At this moment, the barrage is so scary, pure powder and only love the powder can not control the field, can only watch, but also at this moment, the ratings will go up at once, can be seen alone and The lonely teacher of the season is the biggest highlight of this program. After the program ended, netizens strongly urged the producers to bring Xiao Jiashu back in the next issue, otherwise the red team could not live.

“It seems that you are very popular.” Zhang Quanjing said after the video was played.

"No, just the light of Ji Ge, just look at the next episode. Hey, I said, how long is your ad, for sixty seconds!"

"I am not a VIP, I can't block ads."

"Yes, I will give you a VIP, and it will be an employee's welfare." Xiao Jiashu waved his hand generously.

After the filming, Xue Yu came over and looked at the screen of the mobile phone. Her face immediately became very gloomy, but under the public, she couldn’t force her son to look at the mobile phone. It would be very abnormal and could only be paralyzed. Zhang Quan glanced.

Zhang Quan looked innocent, Xiao Jiashu shook his head proudly: Are you not allowed to touch the phone privately? Well, I will meet in public, see what excuse you use to control my personal freedom!

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