How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 122 Chapter 120

Chapter 122 Chapter 120

Waiting until 11:30 in the evening, Ji Yan felt almost the same, so he was ready to go out. Xiu Chang Yu sighed, "You give me some caution, don't let you find it, or we will die!"

"So late, Xue Yu should have slept." Ji Yan bent over to wear shoes.

"She usually sleeps at half past ten, but today is a special situation, maybe I am still angry now. I will send her a text message to try." Xiu Changyu took out his mobile phone.

The two drove to Xue Yu’s apartment. She never returned information along the way, either she didn’t want to take care of the slenderness or she had already slept. Xiu Chang, who has rarely received a response, feels particularly sad today, staring at the phone for a long time.

Waiting is one of the most difficult things in the world. You don't know when you can wait for the results you want, or even know if the results will come in the rest of your life. In a sense, waiting is another kind of despair.

Ji Yan looked at him and comforted him. "Master Shu, sincerely, the stone is open, and one day you will do it."

The slender smiles and shakes his head. "Some things depend on fate, not persistence. If you persist, you will succeed. You will also get Xiao Qijie. Then, how are you going to exhort, you can let her go to filming to move her to the scene? If you are playing this idea, I advise you to find another way, it won't work! Your heart is made of stone. Once you know what it is, ten cows will not come back. You are soft with her. She is hard with you, you are hard with her, she will come with you, anyway, she will always be better than you. Do you know what I call her when I was young?"

"Female fighter, you told me before." Ji Yan lightly steering the wheel.

"Yes, she is a female overlord who always wants to direct others. I said to her at that time: Hey, if you get married in the future, your husband and son will have a hard time. But she I can confuse all temper for Xiao Qijie, and I have been a good wife and mother for more than 20 years, but I can't change it a little bit for others, even my own son. The only person she has ever loved in this life, even who still loves, is probably only Xiao Qijie. "The slender Yu wants to feel more uncomfortable, and I can't help but take a small bottle of spirits from the inside of the suit and put a few mouthfuls."

When he was young, he was smeared with nothing, but he was not good at wine. He changed everything when he was old, but he became addicted to alcohol. People always have to be attached to someone or something in their lives, otherwise it would be boring to live.

"She loves Xiaoshu, but she just doesn't have to use it." Ji Yan said slowly, "I won't try to touch her, let alone Xiaoshu fight for her for our future. She can figure it out."

The slender Yu Yu smiled. "Hey, can you understand? You are daydreaming!"

"If she loves Xiaoshu, she can understand, you look good." Ji Yan slowed down the speed and urged, "Don't drink, take out your community pass." If it is not for this card, Can he accompany Changyu for so long? I have been to the small tree downstairs.

The slender Yu Yu issued a pass to the security guards. The man often saw him coming in and out, and soon opened the door.It is midnight, the community is very quiet, only a few street lights are dotted on both sides of the ramp, it seems very empty. Xiu Changyu kept on the navigation for Ji Ji, and at the end pointed to a residential building in front of him. "Hey, the apartment on the west side of the seventh floor is the family. The balcony on the outermost side is not seen? It is the bedroom of the small tree. At this time, the lights are still on, and I shouldn't sleep." If it wasn't for the value of this use, Xiu Changyu believed that Ji Ji had already thrown him away. He is also a bitter person. What kind of people are in this life? One is better than one.

Ji Yan carefully observed for a while, and determined the position to control the drone to fly up.

"Come on, it is very dangerous to play drones in the community. The security guards passing by have to be confiscated." Xiu Chang looked up at the sky.

Ji Yan did not pay attention to him, control the drone to fly to the balcony, and then turn on the signal light.

Xiao Jiashu, who was under house arrest, was lying in bed and sulking. He found a few small lights faintly outside the window and quickly climbed up to check. He subconsciously thought: This must be the season brother, and Ji Ge will never leave himself alone. He opened the floor-to-ceiling window and looked down. It turned out that Ji Ge was standing downstairs and beckoning himself. Although it was far apart, the light was not enough, but he could imagine his gentle smile.

Seeing Ji Ge made a gesture of retreat, Xiao Jiashu quickly opened the floor-to-ceiling window, let the small drone fly in, carrying a box on it, opened a new mobile phone and a bag of chocolate beans.

When Xiao Jiashu got the best, he immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a video invitation to the only stored contact.

"Small tree, are you okay?" Ji Yan's gentle voice followed.

"Not good!" Xiao Jiashu grievously opened his mouth, and his eyes shed two tears. He seemed to feel very embarrassed, and quickly turned his head and wiped his eyes with his sleeves, which looked very pitiful.

Ji Yan leaned against the door and sighed. "Don't cry, I feel bad when you cry."

Xiao Jiashu wiped his tears and sucked his nose again. Then he turned his head back and looked at the camera. "I don't cry. What should we do with Ji Ge? My mother is too stubborn, and no one can persuade her. I am trying to follow She makes sense, she doesn't listen, and it locks me up now!"

"Don't worry about these things, everything has me. You should eat, sleep, don't quarrel with your mother. In a few days, she might go to Datong Studios to film, and you go with her, choose Li Xianzhi. Role, remember?"

"Remember." Xiao Jiashu nodded again and again.

Ji Yan saw his cute and cute look through the screen of the mobile phone, and couldn't help but smile softly. "Why don't you ask me why I told you to go to the field to shoot at this time?"

"Don't ask, I believe in you." Xiao Jiashu rushed downstairs and waved his mobile phone. The tone was no longer so wronged. "I can feel at ease when I can contact you at any time. Ji Ge, will you come over to film? We can Meet in the crew?"

"Yes, I will definitely accompany you." Ji Yan looked upstairs for a while, and looked at the phone for a while, his expression was not flustered. In this case, he had long imagined that there would naturally be a response.

Seeing that Ji Ge has been so calm, Xiao Jiashu finally feels relieved, and this shows a little smile."Go back to the house, it's cold outside." Ji Yan rushed at him.

"Oh," Xiao Jiashu returned to the house, his hands always holding the phone and dare not let go. "Jie Ge, I can't sleep without you."

"I will accompany you to video chat." The figure of the lover has disappeared into the balcony, and Ji Yan still stood outside the car and looked at that direction.

"You can also go back to the car, and it’s cold outside." Xiao Jiashu said in a low voice. "I don't need you to chat with me. I am afraid that I will fall asleep when I chat. I forgot to hide my mobile phone. My mom has my room." The key, she will open the door for surprise inspection at any time." For Xiao Jiashu, this mobile phone is the only connection between him and Ji Ge, is the lifeline, and must not be broken.

"Then I will hang up when you want to sleep." Ji Wei controlled the drone to fly back.

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu put the phone on the pillow and constantly adjusted the angle to make sure his face looked handsome and squeaky. He leaned over and looked at the camera with his eyes. "Jie Ge, you drive me to take a ride."

"Where do you want to go?" Ji Yan really started the engine, and he did not forget to explain the slenderness of the squad. "You can help me with a mobile phone when you are uncle, and don't forget to take pictures of the window when you shoot me."

The slender man was holding his mobile phone in the black line, feeling that he was really used by Ji Ji.

"Hey, Xiu Shu is also there?" Xiao Jiashu blushes red and immediately says, "Hello, uncle."

"Small tree, you and Ji Yan want to say 啥 啥, when I don't exist, ah!" Slender yoghurt laughed.

Xiao Jiashu did not dare to say anything about his stomach, and he could only pitifully scream at Ji Ge.

"I can't get in without a pass. I don't know where you live when I come in." Ji Yan simply explained, and at the end he smiled low. "I will send him back."

"Crossing the river to remove the bridge, unloading and killing, you are this!" Xiu Changyu complained indignantly, but also laughed. He can see that these two people are really in love, and love is deep and deep, and they are already inseparable from each other. If he is the father of Xiaoshu, he will bless them. As long as you don't hurt others, anyone has the right to choose the life they want.

After sending off the slender man, Ji Yan put the phone on the bracket in front of the windshield, and wandered around the city with the small tree. The small tree will remind him from time to time not to stare at the screen of the phone, to see the road. The two talked to each other while enjoying the night scene, and even at such a difficult time, they did not feel the slightest repression or pessimism.

After more than an hour, Xiao Jiashu whispered, "Jie Ge, if the person I fell in love with is not you, it must be very difficult now." No one like Ji Ge, when the matter just broke out, quickly made for their future Ready. Ji Ge is like a sky, can shelter him from the wind and rain, can also spread the sun and rain dew for him, and he really does not have to worry about it, it seems that as long as the pace of the season brother will be able to go to the other side of happiness.

Ji Yan knows what Xiaoshu wants to say, and the smile is gentler. "This sentence is what I want to tell you."

Xiao Jiashu rolled his pillow and smiled for two laps, then picked up his mouth and kissed the camera. "Jie Ge, I don't worry about it now, I believe you will have a way."When ordinary people encounter this kind of situation, they will either fight fiercely, or they will worry that their lover will retreat, and then they will start to be suspicious and suffer from loss. Their own hearts are chaotic, and the will is disintegrated step by step by the persecution and persuasion of their families. Few people can stick to the end, they are either depressed, or compromise with the world, just find a woman to marry.

In the end, their family is happy, but what about themselves? What about the women who marry them?

Ji Yan never understood what this kind of stubborn family wanted. Said to be good for children, but is the child really good? The result is that they have peace of mind, but the child has also harmed an innocent woman, even the next generation. This kind of injury is the end of life, and it is a continuation. It spreads from one person to a group of people. The figure is just the word "following the vulgar". How sad is this?

Ji Yan suddenly felt very fortunate because his little tree had never suspected him, and he had never wavered. He accepted his arrangement as a matter of course, and even if he missed it, he didn't even have any extra doubts. If you switch to another person, what is the current situation that can be compared to the end of the world?

I thought that I couldn’t help but smile, and I promised, "Yes, I will have a way. You just have to take a good shot. Xiaoshu, I used to say something very confusing. I want to take it back now. I like you. I have no heart and no lungs. I hope that under my protection, you will be able to live without my heart for a lifetime. Nothing to worry about."

Xiao Jiashu’s eyes were red again, and he didn’t speak for a long time.

"Well, let's go to sleep, beware of Xue Yu coming in to check." Ji Wei can probably guess the thoughts of Xiao Shu, he is moving now, afraid that he will cry out and lose face.

"Well, good night, Ji Ge." Xiao Jiashu's voice was a bit awkward.

The two looked at each other, and no one could bear to hang up. If it was not the living room, it seemed that his mother had gotten up, and Xiao Jiashu would use up the rest of the two grids. This night was supposed to be the most difficult, but the two people forced to separate did not have insomnia, because they knew that their hearts were still tightly fitted together, and no one could shake it.


On the following day, the slender man took a pack of breakfast at 7:30, and Xue Yan, who came to Yingmen, had two dark circles and looked very embarrassed.

"I didn't sleep well last night? What about the little tree?"

"When this happens, which mother can sleep well? The small tree is still in the room, I called him a lot of voices, he should not be angry with me." Xue Yu took out the key to open the door of his son. But seeing him quickly pick up the quilt to cover himself, as if hiding something.

"What are you doing?" Xue Yu's temper broke out immediately, and he slammed the quilt and yelled. "How are you..." The unexamined scoldings were all blocked by his son's tearful face. He held it tightly. I cried silently, my eyes and nose were red and swollen, and it looked helpless.

Such expression Xue Yu only saw it three times on his son's face, one time after he was kidnapped and returned home; once at He Yi's funeral; once again is now.Xue Yu has even thought for a moment - why should he make his son so sad? Is it really okay to force him? But she soon hardened her heart and kept telling herself: You just want to let Xiaoshu go on the right path. When he is married, has a perfect marriage and life, and then gives birth to his own children, he will thank you.

"You a big man crying and crying, no season, you will die? How did I give birth to your unpromising son! Hurry up, don't let Shushu uncle see a joke!" Xue Yu is facing his son's ass 啪啪After taking a few shots, I saw him darting into the quilt and arching his head to death. He only showed a pair of feet. It looked very pitiful, but it made people laugh and cry.

"Uncle Shu brought you breakfast, get up soon!" Xue Yu cleared his throat, which pretended to be fiercely urged.

"I don't eat!" Xiao Jiashu muffled.

"Well, you want to go with me for a hunger strike?" Xue Yu raised his eyebrows. "If you don't eat, I will make you hungry. If you are hungry, you will be sent to the hospital. The upper stomach tube will give you a flow of food, neither let you starve to death nor let you forcefully resist, I see how long you can live with me!"

Xiao Jiashu was completely silent. Xue Yu did not care about him. He slammed the door and went straight to breakfast.

Xiu Changyu stood on the sidelines and looked amazed. Twenty years have passed, and my temper is still so cold. I don’t leave any room for others, even my own son. If the little tree dares to hunger strike, she dares to put a pipe in him to raise it like a pig; if the tree dares to commit suicide, she can immediately send him to the mental hospital and tie it with the belt for 24 hours. Small white house.

The combat power is so strong that it is hard to believe that Ji Yan can convince her. But in any case, he must help this busy. He does not think that Ji Xian and Xiao Shu are wrong, and do not think that they can be freed from all of them. That is just the beginning of a tragedy.

"Children are always not the way to do this," said Shuu Changyu. "If you take him to the filming, if you are busy, you will have no time to think about anything else. Have you finished the script that I gave you? What do you think?" ”

"The little trees are like this, I don't have the mind to film." Xue Yu shook his head.

"You always shut him, and carefully shut him out of mental illness. Have you forgotten that he used to collapse at any time? You can't go to extremes, then kill the child. You take him out and take a walk. It’s far from the season, and it’s better to have two or three months to go. Let’s say that once people are busy, they don’t have time to think about anything else, and it’s a cure.”

Xue Yu was said to have been moved this time, and he thought for a long time. "I can take the little tree away, and the season will not catch up?"

"What about chasing it? The crew of the crew are all living in a hotel. They are still full of paparazzi. He dares to provoke a small tree. People are more likely to be alone in keeping their children alone."

Xue Yu picked up the script and turned it over. She finally nodded. "Take it, I will take a few assistants to look at the little tree."

"Well, I will call the director immediately." Xiu Chang is preparing to pick up the phone, and Xue Yu has opened his mouth again. "Wait, will Ji Yan not come to the crew to film?""He came when he came. You are still afraid that he will take the small tree away from the public?" Xiu Changyu deliberately stimulated Xue Yu.

Xue Yu was really excited, and sneered without speaking.

Xiu Changyu gave her a bowl of porridge and watched carefully. "You eat first, I go to see the little tree. He needs to talk to a male elder now."

Xue Yu nodded, and his eyes were full of worries. She is so worried, after all, it is also good for the little tree.

After repairing the door, he went to the bed and pulled the quilt to see that the tree had fallen asleep. His face was stuffy and red, and there was a smile in his mouth. Where is it poor? Xue Yu is a hundred times more than him.

"The little tree is getting up, I will bring you the script. You will take a good look. The day after tomorrow, we will enter the group to film." His voice just fell, and Xiao Jiashu, who was asleep, opened his eyes and confused. "What to shoot, what to shoot." Yes? Oh, Ji Ge asked me not to think about anything yesterday. Let’s take a picture and show me the script.” As he said, he pulled out a mobile phone from the crack of the bed and sent a message to Ji Ji: Ji Ge I am getting up, good morning!

Good morning, I let Shuu bring you seafood porridge and crab yellow bag, you must eat more. Seasons are back in seconds. If they live together, they have already opened their eyes at this time, but there is no problem with separation. They can sense each other's existence.

Ok, I will take care of myself, and you are the same. What do you have for breakfast, send me a picture. Xiao Jiashu focused on the screen of the phone.

Ji Yan quickly sent a photo and sent a video of his breakfast for a few seconds. Xiao Jiashu repeatedly opened the video, it seems that the total is not enough. After four or five minutes, I took a video of myself, and clicked to send.

This time, Ji Yan also replied after four or five minutes: staring at your waist for a long time, want to kiss, your hair is very cute.

The two of them chatted and flew together. Xiao Jiashu took a photo for a while, took a video for a while, and then smiled sillyly with his mobile phone. Xiu Changyu waited patiently at the beginning, and then went to the balcony and went to drink. After separation, the two men still have a way to get hot.

"Small tree, are you both finished? Your mom will knock on the door later." After about fifteen minutes, Xiu Changyu had to open his mouth.

"Don't talk." Xiao Jiashu put the mute mobile phone under the mattress, curious, "Master Shu, what script?"

""The Queen", I will help you get it." Xiu Yu Yu pushed the door out, and after a while came back with a script. It is not strange that Xue Yu only persuaded his son to persuade him for a long time.

"Hey, I saw this script in Ji Ge. He has been modifying it recently." Xiao Jiashu immediately flipped through the story. This script describes the life course of the only empress in the history of the Chinese nation. She worked hard and was overbearing. From a small palace girl, she finally stood on the top of the imperial power. She defeated the palace, defeated the courtier, and defeated the emperor, and sacrificed everything for the supreme position, even including her own children.To be honest, when I saw this script, the image of the Queen who appeared in Xiao Jiashu’s mind turned out to be her mother. They are equally strong and overbearing, and they can go forward for the sake of their minds.

"I feel that this script seems to be tailor-made for my mother." Xiao Jiashu whispered.

"Yes, no one can be more suitable for the role of the Queen than the 淼淼." Slim sighs.

Xiao Jiashu opened the list of characters and checked the settings of Li Xianzhi. Li Xianzhi is the only surviving son of the Queen. He is well protected by his father and mother. His temper is very pure and he is a stranger in the court of intrigue. Originally, he had been approved by his father. He could move out of the palace to be a happy king, but he was encircled by his mother's ambition and had to be involved in the power struggle between you and me. In the end, he was pushed by the mother to the supreme throne, but it was so depressed.

He has been a mother's jealousy all his life and has never been free for a moment.

"Li Xianzhi in history does not seem to die like this, and the ending is even worse." Xiao Jiashu's expression is a bit gloomy, because this character is very similar to his situation.

"The script will be changed again. Let your mother agree to take over the game and say it again." Xiu Changyu patted the head of Xiaoshu and comforted him. "Don't worry, there will be a way for Ji Ji. I haven't seen it since I met him that day." I have seen him when he has a miscalculation."

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