How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 121 Chapter 120

Chapter 121 Chapter 120

After Ji Jin returned to the hotel, he handed the gift box that the fans sent to the bodyguard for inspection. Can't blame him for being too careful. When he was just popular, he was sent a blade by black powder. There are many stars who have similar experiences, being poisoned, tracked, threatened, etc., and the means are endless.

Now that he is no longer a person, he is naturally more valued in terms of security. With care, people who are free and easy will become cautious because they can't make any accidents. This is not for themselves, but to keep the loved ones alone in the world.

"Is the inspection result coming out?" Xiao Jia was lying on the lap of the season, and Ji Yan was sitting on the sofa to modify the script.

"It should be faster. After receiving the parcel sent by the fans, you must hand it over to the security check and then open it." Ji Yan licked his lover's smooth hair.

"I know, I can't afford to die now." Xiao Jiashu shook his head gently.

"Why can't you die, the reputation is too big?" Ji Yan smiled low.

"What do you do if I am dead?" Xiao Jiashu frowned, as if thinking about the most difficult things in the world. He hopes that he can die one night later than Ji Ge, so he can send him away and bury himself. He wants to buy a double cemetery and set up the tombstone first. Even if he goes to another world, he will continue to be with Ji Ge. He is only twenty years old. It is reasonable to say that he should not prematurely imagine the aftermath of death, but he has to do that. He and Ji Ge are destined to only have each other. They will go from youth to aging and then to death. It seems to be a blink of an eye. It’s been a lifetime.

Happy times will always fade away, but he believes it will only disappear in the grave, not in the heart of himself and Ji Ge.

When he thought about getting into the gods, Ji Yan had put down the work at hand, and the five fingers were inserted into his hair, and his hair was stroking his face. The expression became more and more gentle and more and more indulgent. In the end, he lowered his head and kissed the lover's pink lips, and the sigh of the throat overflowed.

The bodyguard brought in the checked gift box and shook his head. "It's not a dangerous item, just a knit hat."

"Thank you, hard work." Ji Yan handed the box to a lover who climbed up, and pouted, "Okay, now you can tear down your gift."

Xiao Jiashu slowly untied the ribbon, thinking that if the hat is an expensive luxury, he will send it back to the fans. If they personally weave it, he will accept it. As a result, after the box was opened, the hat inside was really hand-woven by the fans. There was no tag or trademark. The shape was very strange. The cap was brown. The top of the cap was stitched with small leaves woven with wool. The color was green and oily. Going up a bit ugly, but wearing it is a bit cute.

"You can see it." Xiao Jiashu shook his head and left his head after wearing a hat. He laughed and said, "The fans actually sent me a green hat."

Ji Yan immediately took a picture of him and then took him into his arms and kissed him. Wearing a hat with a cartoon shape, the tree looks more lovely.

"Take a photo with my mobile phone, I will send Weibo." Xiao Jiashu handed over his mobile phone, and when he shook his head, the small blades would follow, and it was like a small tree.Ji Yan smiled and looked at him for a while, and he took a few photos from different angles.

Xiao Jiashu made the photo into a nine-square grid and wrote it: [Today I received a gift, a hat with a small tree shape, thank you dear little seed! If you want to live a good life, you have to wear some green on your head, no problem! 】

The little seeds saw the microblogs all laughing and squirting: God is oh! Wearing a small tree-shaped hat on Xiao Jiashu’s head is really cute and cute!

Ji Wei praised this Weibo and said with a smile: "I don't think you are going to fight for three days. You can't wear a green hat."

"Then you hit me!" Xiao Jiashu jumped onto the sofa, grabbed Ji Ge from behind, licked his cheek with his cheeks, and looked a little sulky. "Use that to beat me."

"Which?" Ji Yan turned to look at him, and the scorpion was dark.

"That's that." Xiao Jiashu was a bit awkward, and a little excited. He made three words in the ear of Ji Ge. The voice was almost inaudible, but the breath was extremely hot.

Season crown slowly tear tie, dumb channel, "I see you're not spanking, is due to speak." Then down a lover will be picking up, he went into the bedroom. The night was mad and debauchery. They tried several different postures, constantly developing each other's bodies, and almost missed the flight because of snooze the next day.

When the two arrived in Beijing, it was already more than 12 o'clock in the evening. Just out of the passage, they found that Xue Yu was standing in the distance not far from them, and his expression was condensed. The slender squatting behind her behind the jaws and pulling the neck, suggesting that they are in a bad situation.

"Mom, how come you?" Xiao Jiashu stunned for a while before he stepped forward and said hello. The tone was slightly flustered. He still didn't think how to confess, the mother seems to have discovered his relationship with Ji Ge, what should I do?

"Hand over the baggage to Xiao Zhou, go to the car and wait for me, I will come soon." Xue Yu did not give his son a chance to open the season, "We will talk about it alone."

"Good Xue Yu." Ji Yan voted for the lover's a soothing look, which followed Xue Yu to leave.

Shuu Yu Yu lived to want to keep up with Xiao Jiashu, whispered, "Don't go, your mother is on the head! There is a way for Ji Yan, you are waiting. Just walk, Xiu Shu help you carry luggage. "When you say, drag people out."

"Oh no, how did my mother discover it? Who told me?" Xiao Jiashu was so angry that his eyes were red.

"You two are eyebrows on the show, can your mother not see? She doesn't know Ji Ji, can't I understand you? You have a few hairs on your head. She doesn't ask. Don't ask, now it's useless, or Think about what to do in the future." Xiu Changyu shook his head and sighed, full of emotion. This season, this kid is really good. If you don’t make a sound, you will get the little tree. It’s really not afraid of death! I don't know how he will cook him. After that, there are Xiao Dingbang and Xiao Qijie. It’s really a promising future!

Going to a secluded corner, Xue Yu took out a cigarette and put it on his mouth. He was about to touch the lighter in the bag. Ji Yan had already ignited his lighter and raised it to her. The attitude was very respectful.

"You come one too?" Xue Yu shook the cigarette case in his hand."No, I have already quit." Ji Yan seems to think of something, his eyes are full of gentleness.

Xue Yu didn't yell or scream, but just screamed in a very cold tone. "It's no wonder that I recently changed my name to Xue Yu. It turned out to be a bad relationship with Xiao Shu. Ji Yan, who do you love with?" It's your freedom, but you can't harm the little tree..."

Ji Yan interrupted her. "Xue Wei, you call me to beat me, I am all received, but if you want me to leave the tree, I will never agree."

"You are quite upright!" Xue Yu's anger gradually came up.

"I am not horizontal, I am insisting. Xue Yu, Xiaoshu is not your accessory, he has the right to choose the life he wants..."

"How do you know that life is what he wants? He just got out of the society, can he understand? If you didn't bring him down, can he go this way? I tell you, I won't be close to the tree again in the future. Otherwise, I will let you regret coming to China." Xue Yu's swearing words, rushed away.

Ji Yan could only stare at her back and smiled and shook her head. He can have the status of today, relying on the help of Chang Yu, and relying on his own ability, naturally not afraid of the threat of Xue Yu. But if he can, he never wants to fall out with Xiaoshu’s family. In that case, the most sad person is not him, but the small tree in the middle.

When I thought of it, he immediately sent a text message to his lover: [Baby, don't argue with your mom, what do you listen to when she says something, I have my own arrangements. Believe me, huh? 】

Xiao Jiashu’s mobile phone has been collected by Zhou Liangliang. He heard a special prompt and immediately rushed to compete with him. Zhou Liangliang did not dare to disobey the young master, but he did not dare to anger the female devil, but he could only protect his mobile phone in his arms and screamed. "You can save me, help you, I am mad! Oh, he bites. My shoulder!"

The slender man is full of black lines and persuaded him. "You just let him have a look, can you see what can be done?"

"This is my mobile phone, why do you confiscate it! Come back soon! Zhou Liangliang, I tell you, you were fired, and now I am going to get out of the way!" Xiao Jiashu panted.

"Two less, my current salary is opened by Xue Jie, you have no right to expel me." Zhou Liangliang blamed, but still returned the phone. No way, no more, his hair, which was originally not much, was almost finished by two.

Xiao Jiashu got a treasured place to open the chat page and poked a few words: [Zi Ge I definitely believe you! I will not give in! 】

When he saw that he still wanted to send a few messages, he couldn’t help but rush. He reminded me, “Give me the phone, your mom is coming!” He thought that the two had to talk for a long time, but they didn’t expect it to be done in a few minutes. It seems that the situation is not good.

"Drive." Xue Yu ordered the driver after getting on the bus. At the end, he sneered. "Give me the phone."

The slender Yu Yu handed over the mobile phone. Xue Yu turned off the machine without saying anything, put it in his bag, and ruthlessly, "Go back and clean up!"

The group quickly arrived at the destination and saw Xue Yu’s departure. Xiu Changyu quickly screamed out and shouted, “Hey, the script I gave you, you have a good look, it’s really wonderful. If you can, let Xiaoshu also Pick a role, this is one of our company's most valued projects this year, investing over 100 million, a rare opportunity!"Xue Yan’s head did not swing back, and did not say or read. After taking her son home, she said with a strong voice, "I will be cut off immediately!"

"Why?" Xiao Jiashu stalked his neck.

"I am your mother!"

"You are my mother, can you interfere with my life? I am your son, not a part that fell from you, I will be controlled by you all my life. I am an adult, I can choose what I want." life."

Hearing that his son had said the same thing as Ji Wei, Xue Yu’s liver was more prosperous and he was mad. “You are only twenty years old, you know a fart! Do you know what is homosexual? Do you know what it will face when you embark on this road? I remember when you went to kindergarten, you said to me that you liked the little girl next door. You can see that you like women. You are just tempted by Ji Yan. How many experiences have you talked about? How much experience do you have? Have you ever heard him? Listen to my mother’s words and break with him. After a while you will find that your so-called love is just an impulse and an illusion. You don’t know what you are doing!”

"No, Mom, you said it wrong," Xiao Jiashu said very seriously. "I didn't know what I was doing before. After I met Ji Ge, I never lived so clearly. From the time I was born, you are strong. I control everything about me. I don't like to play the piano. I don't like horse riding. Do you know that? You know, but you want me to learn, I have to learn. At the age of ten, I cried and cried for you. Don't send me away, you don't agree, because you think that the best psychiatrist in the United States can cure me. But you don't know, I actually need the companionship of the family and the warmth of the family at that time. You are happy, I am desperately studying in a prestigious school, and I switched to a professional reforming finance. Everything I did was to satisfy you. Mom, I have lived for you for the rest of my life, and lived to get my father’s approval. I never thought about what I really wanted."

Having said that, Xiao Jiashu has already burst into tears. "I went back to China, and I can't enter Dad's company. You also arranged for me to go to film. Before you know Ji Ge, what do you do for me? I will do it at that time. I don’t have any thoughts about the future, I am so confused. But after I met Ji Ge, I suddenly realized that I like to shoot, I want to be a good actor like him. I am no longer confused, no longer have to. I have a career and love for my life, this is the life I really want."

Xue Yu looked at his son's tears, and his heart hurts a lot, but he always refused to compromise. "What do you know. If you want to continue acting, you and Ji Ji must be separated. Our society never agrees with the existence of homosexuality, you will Rejected by everyone, it will be regarded as a heterogeneous or even a virus. Whenever you go, you must accept the pointing of others. Some people will attack you on the Internet. I said that these are not intentional scares, you see Looking at China, is there a public figure who dares to come out? My level is not a big deal. If you let your grandfather know, he can get rid of your skin!"Xue Yan took a deep breath. "I don't agree with it anyway. You broke off early and the season. I am treating you for your good, you are so determined now, it is really the moment you face the world, you can withstand Such huge pressure and criticism? You have collapsed, psychological quality is inherently unstable, can I not worry? People are on the road, only you and Ji Wei have to step on the wire, you think you are brave I don’t know if there is a failure. The following is the abyss."

"Mom, you said it is too exaggerated. Big deal, I and Ji Ge are both out of the entertainment circle. What is this?" Xiao Jiashu has already made up his mind, no matter who advised, he will not waver.

"You just didn't say that you like to shoot, how can you quit? You also know what you are doing?" Xue Yu sneered.

"It’s more important to play the film than Ji Ge."

"You are a dead child!" Xue Yu raised his hand and wanted to slap his son, but in the end he did not have the heart. After unplugging the cable, he locked the door and sighed. "You stay at home these days, and you are not allowed to go anywhere."

"Mom you are too alone. Cut, you are a tyrant!" Xiao Jiashu holding a quilt in the bed rolling, angry tears DC.

Xue Yu was afraid of his soft heart, turned on the TV to turn the volume to the maximum, and then held the script absently. The children are debts, somehow, she suddenly thought of this sentence. The son who has always been obedient and obedient has suddenly rebelled, so she did not know how to deal with it, but in any case, she will not let him and Ji Yan together. Can't two men marry and have children, can their feelings last?


Xiu Changyu sent Zhou Liangliang home and went directly to Ji's new home. He looked around and said, "Hey, it's so warmly arranged, it seems that I really want to live well."

He did not expect Ji Ji to choose the smallest apartment to cohabit with the small tree. The whole house area is less than 120 square meters, plus the public stall. At the end, there is only about 100 square meters left. The living room and dining room are connected. Together, the bedroom and the study are opposite, there are not many partitions, and the view is quite transparent. The colors are mostly warm beige tones, dotted with some green plants, and look very homey.

If it wasn't for Jiuzhen who was sitting on the carpet drinking, Xiu Changyu could never imagine this was his house.

“The area is so small, can a small tree live habitually?” said Shuu Yu, “You are too embarrassed?”

Ji Yan smiled softly. "This is a house picked by Xiaoshu. He said that he likes a happy little family. Two people stay at home, and they can easily feel each other wherever they are. This is the best. Master Shu. Do you know? His ideal home is completely coincident with my dreams. What he wants is exactly what I want. He gives me what I want to give him. We can’t find better than each other. companion."

The slender and sullen, "Oh, you and the little tree are serious?"

"We are all married, do you think you are serious?" Ji Wei refers to the marriage certificate on the table.

The slender man looked at him with a stunned look. After a long time, he spit out a sigh of relief. "Your kid is really good, even before you play it! Fortunately, you are not here, otherwise you will be mad at you!""Master Shu, you have waited for half a lifetime, what are you waiting for?" Ji Yan smiled bitterly. "Some people can't miss it anyway. Although I am sorry for Xue Hao, I don't regret it. Master Shu, you too Don't want to see me repeat your mistakes?"

Xiu Changyu drank a glass of wine and gritted his teeth. "Small, I am risking my life to help you, don't lie in me!"

"Do not worry, uncle, I will not hang you in the pit." Ji Yan said while picking up the phone to dial the number of Xiaoshu. Ming knows that Xue Yu will not let him get in touch with Xiaoshu, he is still not willing to give up this hope. Less than an hour apart, he wanted to be a small tree. There is no small tree in this family. It is so cold and clear. If the small tree insists on living in a small house, the season will only feel more empty and more lonely.

He can't lose the little tree anyway.

"This time I helped you, you can help me in the future." The slender and sullen, "Who wasn’t frivolous when I was young, I didn’t change it when I met, why are those media still messing with me? Gossip? Mom, it hurts me! If I didn't think I was very happy, could she look at Xiao Qijie's different hypocrites? I have waited for her for more than 20 years, but I have never regretted it. I can continue to wait, and it doesn't matter if I have a lifetime." Xiu Changyu drank a glass of wine and his eyes sparkled with crystal clear eyes.

"Master Shu, you drink less." Ji Yan advised.

"Nothing, a bottle of red wine can't be drunk." Shuuyu touched the phone and suddenly remembered something. "Right, I haven't done anything that I have to do."

"What?" Ji Yan poured him a half cup of wine.

"Make up the "Shuanglong Legend" and the cross." Xiuchang Yu opened the phone, sneered, "I have to see if there is no small tree, Wang An and Fudu can shoot something."

When it comes to small trees, Ji Yan naturally attaches great importance to it. Immediately open the laptop and check the broadcast of the first two episodes of "Shuanglong Legend". The first episode just broadcasted to the wonderful place. Li Yuanzhang accidentally learned that the father of the woman was the murderer who killed her mother, and fell into a blackening. The female host did not know that she was standing on the arch bridge not far away. .

In the original work, Li Yuanzhang is a true and evil character. He is also a royal clan, and his status is distinguished. He has a lot of celebrity tastes. But the actor who replaced Xiao Jiashu was too feminine, but it looked good, but after he was blackened, his eyes gnawed his teeth like a little girl who was wronged. There was no feeling of evil charm.

The fans on Qingyun are mostly male, and they are still straight men. When they see this scene, they are somewhat incompetent. They are screaming in the comment area: [The trough, this is the great demon of the Qingyun who killed the gods and killed the Buddha. ? This is the first half of the devil in the first half who pressed Li Guiyi and the female master, and the second half ended the abuse of the alien king? I am blind to seeing it! 】

[Don't look at the woman again with your eyes open, you are not a rabbit! There are many ways to hate hatred, do you know how to blink your eyes? 】[I heard that Li Yuanzhang’s actor was replaced by Xiao Jiashu and Fang Zhichen, I guess this will happen. In fact, before that, I was not very optimistic about Xiao Jiashu. I felt that he might not be able to play Li Yuanzhang's wildness and evil spirits. But after reading his 001, I realized that he could kill a planet by himself! His acting skills are enough to hang Fang Zhichen, why not let him play? 】

[All said that because he wanted to change the script, the director disagreed. 】

[That’s still a problem. If you don’t respect the original, I’m not good at acting. 】 This topic has just been suppressed by some people, and some viewers wondered: [Friends help me to see if the neck of the woman is too long, and some forward leaning, and the head can not be connected? What kind of ghost is the burr around the hair? Is the map not clean? 】

[抠图, it is definitely a map! Since the female lord came out, I found out that her head has been floating and the background is very vague. This is a ghost piece, the effect is a lever! When she and Li Yuanzhang looked at each other, their eyes were not in a focus. You said that you said me, let me play in an instant! I stared at her head and couldn't watch the show! 】

[Really a play! The performance of the drama is too bad! 】

DISS finished the female host and Li Yuanzhang, and Li Gui played the role of Li Guiyi. He was fighting with a beast in the deep forest and old forest. Due to insufficient funds, the special effects were very bad. The old version of Journey to the West was taken decades ago. It seems to be more realistic than this scene, but the savage beast is still on the screen, showing its ingenuity in all directions.

[No eyes! What the hell is this fucking thing! Completely ruined my "Shuanglong Legend"! 】 The audience looked at the first two episodes with a patience and the evaluation was very low, but they insisted on the love of the original, or planned to take a look at the follow-up development.

Ji Yan shut down the webpage, faintly said, "Do you want to stop the drama before you broadcast it, wait for the episode to broadcast for a while and then say it." Then he flipped through the film review site and found that the Douban score of the show was 3.1, and I don’t know what will happen later. What it fell into.

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