How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 119 Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Chapter 119

As one of the most successful sci-fi movies in the history of film, the main creators of Zerg are naturally very powerful. Through the headset, I learned that the ratings of the interview show are rising, and Black guides, "It seems this is a long story?"

The season decapitation, "Yes, the story is really long."

"So let's start from the beginning? I think everyone will be interested in your story." Black rushed to the audience and everyone applauded, and the attitude was very warm. The Chinese fans who came over the wall silently held their faces: en, this must be a very touching story of ai (a).

"Speaking from the beginning?" Ji Yan rubbed his jaw and chuckled. "Let me think about it... In fact, when I selected the role in China, I have received a lot of cover letters, and some artists have come to the door to show themselves. , Xiaoshu, oh, this is my nickname for him, one of them."

"Small tree?" Black is very interested in this nickname, repeating it with a lame z text.

"Yes, it means the little tree." When he said this, Ji Yan smiled at his lover and his expression was very pampered. The little tree is the little tree that grows in his heart. It has already been rooted and sprouted, but it is as if it is simply confessing his name.

Xiao Jiashu covered his face with his palm, lest his emotional expression be seen by the audience. He liked Ji Ge to call him a small tree with a gentle voice, as if he was really a small tree, and he was carefully cultivated by Ji Ge.

When Teacher Ji called the word "Xiaoshu", did the voice suddenly change? It feels lower and gentler than the previous voice, as if the two words were included in the tip of the tongue. A Chinese audience with a sharp feeling is leaving a comment in the comment area below the video.

I thought that only I was alone and looked at the people base. It turns out that everyone has the same feeling! Laughing and crying! The people who eat melons are excited. In this age of rot, even if they know that this is not true, they would rather immerse themselves in the beautiful imagination they have made.

The bystanders were clear, the authorities were fascinated, and Black did not think that Ji Ji’s attitude had any problems. He sighed, “Wow, this nickname is so cute!”

"I think so too." Ji Yan nodded happily, and then couldn't help himself to look at Xiaoshu.

Fang Kun stood in the audience and screamed at him. He silently warned with a mouth. "Resist! You fucking me to restrain myself. Don't think that you can go abroad, you know how many domestic audiences are!" You still think you The two powders are not enough?" But Ji Yan did not even give him a corner of his eye, so he was almost crazy.

In order to prevent the pair of dogs and men from overturning, Fang Kun simply broke his heart. But what is the use of worrying again? The Lord did not cooperate at all, and from time to time, he showed a show of love under the eyes of the public, as if he was afraid that others could not see it. However, thanks to their unintentional attitude, most people do not believe what will happen between them.But in contrast, the number of p powder is also increasing, at least according to Fang Kun, from the pure powder rebellion to p powder, the quarterly national support club has more than a dozen presidents, each under the name There are several super large groups built in. In the end, Fang Kun did not even think about the fighting power of these people. Anyway, Jiang Bingjie had already suffered enough and had to close the comment area.

He seriously doubts that if the pair of boys and men break up one day, there must be a feverish p powder to raise the torch and burn them to death. Since you can't be together in reality, let them turn into gray together!

Fang Kun was shivered by his brain, but he also knew that it was absolutely impossible for the two to break up. Xiao Jiashu had already been planted in Ji Ji, and Ji Ji seemed to be rational, but he planted more than others. thorough.

“How did Shaw show himself to you?” Black turned the subject back.

"He came to my office and tried to show me his strengths," Ji Yan said with a smile. "You may not know, in fact, the complete script has not come out yet. He only knows that the character he wants to fight for is a robot. He didn't know anything else. He told me: Hey, Ji Ge, you have a good look at me. Can you find a younger man who is more handsome than me in China? My looks and body are so perfect, absolutely worthy. The title of the strongest robot on the surface, and then pick up the clothes and let me see his perfect abdominal muscles. As a result, I only saw a layer of swimming ring."

The audience under the stage suddenly smiled, and Black couldn't help but laughed and used his eyes to look at Xiao Jiashu's abdomen.

Xiao Jiashu quickly grabbed his belly and glanced at Ji Ge, and then he laughed. He did not mind that Ji Ge shared his anecdote with others because he knew that Ji Ge was saying these things with pride and a pampering attitude.

Ji Yan endured and couldn't resist it, and reached out and gently licked the hair of Xiao Shu.

Hey... Eat melons and people collectively, I feel that this pair is so much loved.

Ji Yan and others laughed and explained, "In fact, the swimming circle is not big, just a little bit, the belt is loose." He used the index finger and thumb to make a stroke.

Black became very keen this time. He seems to have reached the point of this pair of guests. "Why do you know that you have to loosen the belt a little?"

"Because Xiaoshu himself discovered this layer of swimming ring, and then quickly released the belt." Ji Yu’s voice just fell, Xiao Jiashu immediately added, "In fact, I secretly sucked my stomach until I left Ji Ge’s office. Dare to breathe, but unfortunately, the legendary abdominal muscles have still not been pulled out."

The audience was once again amused by the two.

The Chinese fans laughed and commented in the comment area: Xiao Er Shao is really a serious and funny all the time, the teacher of the season will always endure very hard, right? Distressed season teacher!

In fact, Ji teacher is not working hard at all. Is it a very pleasant experience to work with such a lovely person?There are people who say something in the comment area, but everyone's love for Xiao Jiashu is the same. After reading his chat with Jiang Bingjie, they only know how simple Xiao Er’s character is. He wouldn't think of others as bad, and he was particularly easy to be touched. He was a big man. If such a person is not because the background is tough, I am afraid that I will not want to mix my head in the entertainment industry for the rest of my life. But just because he is protected too well, will he develop this look.

"My God, if you told me personally, I can't believe you are the one who chose 001." Stilson glared at the season.

Ji Yan made a sorry gesture, and the tone was quite emotional. "So you see, among so many interviewers, I am the least optimistic about Xiaoshu. 001 is a very complicated but very quiet character, and The character of Xiaoshu is two extremes with him. He is too fresh."

Black and the audience already knew that Ji Yan’s choice was correct, but he was also curious as to what prompted him to change his mind.

"Then why did you pick him later? This should be an extremely risky decision?"

"Yes, it is indeed a very risky decision," Ji Yan turned to look at his lover. "But that night, I received a few photos from Xiaoshu. In the photo, he put on his uniform, no face. Looking at the camera with an expression, the temperament is very chilly. I thought at the time, okay, it was a bit like that."

"Do you have a photo coming over? Can you let us see?" Black asked immediately.


“Wow! Very cool!” I saw the group of photos and the scene was exclaimed.

The Chinese audience is proud of the fact that the saplings of the family are funny, but they are still very good when they get up.

"The temperament is very close to 001." Black is sure.

"I can only say that I am close, but I still can't meet my requirements." Ji Yan once again licked the head of a lover whose face was red, and said, "But no way, I was brainwashed by Xiaoshu. I thought about it." , 001 is indeed the most perfect robot, I will give you a chance to see what you look like."

"Can I understand that you were touched by Xiao's beauty?" Black made a joke.

Ji Yanlang laughed, "Exactly."

The audience was inexplicably blushing. I always feel that the season is not a joke with Black. He is very serious about saying that he has been tempted by Xiao.

Chinese fans lick their faces. 吟: The trough, the blood trough is empty! This stimulating (ai) zhi (love) story is too exciting!

Someone resented the message: Xiao Er less belts are solved, Ji teacher, you are still willing to let him go? I am too disappointed with Teacher Ji."The little tree at that time only had the externality of 001. The inner and the □ were completely out of order. I asked Liner to quickly modify the plot and then bring the script to talk to him, but his understanding of the role is More profound than me, I shocked me at the time. He took the initiative to find me: Ji Ge, I know how to play this role, I want to turn myself into a real, completely dependent on procedures and instructions to act. Robot. I will set instructions and procedures for myself every day, strictly follow these steps..."

When the season told me, the guide had sent a program list developed by Xiao Jiashu to the big screen behind it. Each table has a date above it. From the preparation stage to the killing, there are four or five months. The bottom is densely marked with time and tasks that need to be completed during this time period. It is as small as brushing your teeth and washing your face, and it is too big to work.

Since this link has been arranged in advance, each form has been translated, making the European and American audiences stunned. They couldn't imagine it, and in order to play a role, someone would do it.

Black didn't realize the terrible things about these forms, but Stephen had frowned. "Humans can develop a habit in just twenty-one days. It's easy to see that we can put ourselves in a frame. Continuous four If you live like this for five months, I am afraid you will suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder?" No wonder the Xiao he knows is that look!

Ji Xian first, "Yes, so I personally watched him become more and more rigid from the very beginning of life, more and more mechanical. He really turned himself into a program that can only be run by programs and instructions. The machine, this is a deliberate act of obliterating one's own humanity. You don't know how worried I am at the time, I am very worried that the small tree will be destroyed, and even the idea of ​​deleting the role of 001, can't let him play again. !"

Xiao Jiashu suddenly turned his head and looked surprised.

The audience under the audience couldn’t smile at all. The exclamation and mourning came one after another. Some people even knew that this did not happen, but they even waved their hands: “n, n, n, please don’t do this!”

In the back of Jiyu's lover, he calmed, "But I saw that he paid so much for this role. I finally dismissed this idea. I know that this is not helping him, but is killing his efforts and dreams. Too cruel! The only thing I can do is to look after him, in case he falls into the abyss."

Xiao Jiashu spit out a breath. He never imagined that in the process of filming "Zerg 3", Ji Ge almost almost deleted the role of 001 because he cared about himself, so good, but after the end of the gas, it feels warm!

Ji Yan carefully looked at his lover, and finally got a little smile in the dark man.

Black sinks. "The experience of Xiao reminds me of a person."

"Heathley." Stephen said with a sad face, "Forever Heath Ledger!"Ji Xian first, "Yes, he could not come out. Some people always thought that acting is easy, but it is not the case. For example, the clown played by Heath Ledger, his madness and fearlessness are carved into the bones. It’s not yelling or hysterical. If the actor can’t walk into the heart of the character, his performance will be unconvincing, and this is the most dangerous. I am glad that the tree has recovered, I I still feel deeply worried about that experience so far, so I told him more than once that you have to change your way of performing."

"Have you changed your child?" Black looked at Xiao Jiashu.

"I'm trying to figure out." Xiao Jiashu answered seriously. "But if there is a similar role, I think I will still feel the inner world of each other with my heart. In my opinion, every character I get is not illusory, I must Let him live, live on the screen, and live in the hearts of the audience. Every great actor who has a history of film has more than one classic character, these characters are remembered, and I imagine them. See me Face, maybe no one remembers what I called, but if they can immediately call out the name of the character I played, it is already the best compliment for me."

"Shaw, you said it's great! Yes, only the actors who play their own roles are always remembered by the audience. It's really great!" Black applauded. He did not expect that the Eastern boy would have such a deep understanding of the performing arts and his career.

Ji Yan patted Stephen's shoulder and said seriously, "So you understand why I picked a small tree?"

"Understood, I love you too much!" Stephens crossed the season to hug Xiao Jiashu and confirmed, "You are a good actor and will definitely be a great actor in the future."

The audience applauded enthusiastically. The Chinese fans had completely said nothing. It took a while to be proud of it: it was too shocking. At this moment, Xiao Jiashu completely subverted my understanding of him.

Others sarcastically: In the past few days, he was not dedicated, and the group of sprays that changed the script? It's time to send the video to the domestic website for them to see. This evening, "Shuanglong Legend" is about to be broadcast. I have to look at the group of acting skills better than Xiao Jiashu. The attitude is better than Xiao Jiashu’s dedication to the big star. It must be very exciting, hehe...

I really cried. If Ji does not say anything, I can't imagine how much Xiao Jiashu has paid in order to shape the role of 001. This is the attitude that an actor should have!

In the afternoon, the complete program video was sent to the domestic website by the deeply touched Chinese netizens, and it was accompanied by subtitles, which once again triggered everyone’s attention to Xiao Jiashu. His number of fans has soared every minute, and soon broke through the 20 million mark, and the gains have not diminished.

Originally, Lin Leyang has become a rare strength among young artists by virtue of his outstanding performance in "The Lovers" and has established a good reputation in the industry. But once the show was aired, Xiao Jiashu’s popularity and reputation became the leader among the young artists who debuted at the same time.His acting skills are only second, and the attitude toward work is the main reason why the public is so positive about him. Many Chinese directors have seen the video and they want to cooperate with actors like Xiao Jiashu because of the peace of mind, and the effect of shooting is inferior. A good actor is enough to make a bad film reach the passing line, and Xiao Jiashu already has such ability.

But what happened in China, Xiao Jiashu still doesn't know. After he and Stephen, he caught the opportunity to hug his brother. He said in his ear, "Thank you, Ji Ge, thank you for doing it for me." Everything." Even if you ever wanted to delete my character, I will still be touched by you.

Ji Yan patted him on the back and mute, "Never tell me the words of thank you." What I do for you is all right. Because he was wearing a headset, he couldn't finish the last sentence, but he knew that Xiaoshu would understand his feelings.

Xiao Jiashu really chuckled, his eyes full of happiness.

After the two settled, Black sighed, "Quit, I can see that your relationship with Xiao is very good."

"Yes, I love the little tree too much." Ji Yan did not hide his attachment to his lover.

Fang Kun helped the amount under the stage.

But for unrestrained foreigners, lve is a common word. For parents, wives, children, friends, even strangers, they can easily say love, so no one thinks what Ji Ji’s answer is. problem.

Although domestic fans can also catch the American brain, they will still secretly seduce. Ever since, after the show was finished, the p-powder group, which was already large enough, ushered in another skyrocketing. No way, this pair of children like the official sugar, so they can have a steady stream of resources, and feel that they are making a big profit!

Xiao Jiashu grinned, and the skin that was exposed to the outside turned pink, and the eyes with sparkling crystals were particularly cute.

Black looked at him and exclaimed, "Now Shaw is back to normal?"

"Yes, it is Ji Ge who helped me to return to normal. You know, he is my authority owner." Xiao Jiashu’s words were exported, and the female audience under the stage gave off an excited scream. Don't underestimate the rotten women abroad, their numbers and fighting power are equally astonishing, and they have gradually discovered the cuteness of the two.

"I was preparing to return to China. The plane was delayed. I was very anxious. It was Ji Ge who came to the wind and snow and let me recover. He took me back to his mother's house and told me to live comfortably and live a family life. Speaking of here, I must be careful to thank Ms. Ji, she taught me to knit a sweater. Knitted sweater is really a cure for obsessive-compulsive disorder, because it is very regular, once a needle is missed, all the patterns will be chaotic, so you need to pay attention This is the best way for me to relieve anxiety at that time." Xiao Jiashu stood up and rushed to the camera, thanking Jiuji in the air.

Black is very surprised. "You will weave a sweater? My God, is there a finished product, let us see?"

"In fact, I brought you a gift today, a scarf I personally woven, I hope you like it." Xiao Jiashu handed the gift box next to him.Black opened the box and saw that it was really a scarf. The gray bottom was dark and the stitches were fine. It was not worse than the one bought in the store. He immediately surrounded his neck and kept asking if this was really Xiao Jiashu's own hand-woven, amazing!

Xiao Jiashu couldn't, he had to pick up a video of his own sweater from the mobile phone and let him see it. He immediately got a bad heart and turned it to the guide, letting the guide cut to the big screen for all the audience to enjoy. There was a sneer in the studio.

Chinese fans hold their heart: God, I am going to be killed by Xiao Jiashu! He pinched two sticks and left the poke to the right poke, so cute, hahaha!

Someone ridiculed: I always thought that Xiao Jiashu was the best to be tempted. Later, I found out that he was the second one. Now I know that he is actually a man. So many of the best attributes are in one, and there is no one. You are not rushing to collect him?

Let's look at the key points and see the key points! Do you not know the sweater that is being woven in his hand? Teacher Ji had been in the Weibo for a while, and now wear it on her body!

Seeing this comment, everyone quickly went to observe the dress of Ji Yan, and carefully distinguished the similarities between the two sweaters, but he did not expect that he was directly clarified, and his expression was very satisfying. "This sweater is also a small tree for me. Weaving, very warm, socks are also." As he said, he picked up his trouser legs, for fear that others could not find it.

Xiao Jiashu smiled blushingly, but Stephen yelled unfairly, letting Xiao give the show a small gift.

Fang Kun has been desperate for Ji Ji, went directly to the lounge, too lazy to see the pair of dogs and men in front of hundreds of millions of audiences show love. He opened Weibo and found that a branch of the Jiyu Support Club was in the commentary area and urged everyone not to mess with the idol and Xiao Jiashu's anecdote. This is not good for both people, and I finally feel a little comfort. Right, yes, don't pass it again, or else the season will come out, and when you cry, there is no place to cry!

But soon he received a message from the informant. The president’s forefoot called for the end, and the hind foot joined the canopy p group, and also became the group owner, which is too much acting! You think you are an underground party!

What he doesn't know, however, is that the corrupt women in Europe and the United States are rushing to the wall in groups, and are ready to share resources with these owners. The crown p is the rhythm of going to the international.

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