How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 118 Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Chapter 118

The live broadcast of the "Machine Men's World Premiere" was silent. When the first person finished the barrage, everyone reacted: [I also feel so embarrassed! Fortunately, I didn’t tear it up. If it is torn, it will only be more embarrassing. 】

[What was the ice powder that was said? For the country to glory depends on Jiang Bingjie? Is this called glory for the country? This is called throwing your face abroad! When I watched the video, I licked my face all the time and felt so embarrassed to die! 】

[No, no, the director is wrong. Jiang Bingjie is not a very good actor in China. On acting, she can’t even count on the third-rate. You must have misunderstood the words ‘excellent actors’. If you don't mention it, please take a look at Ji Wei and Xiao Jiashu. They are the representatives of outstanding actors in China. 】 Someone explained immediately.

[Why don't I accidentally show Jiang Bingjie's performance abroad? Isn’t she always like that? There are times when there are big names. One person has more than a dozen assistants, who are carrying bags, shoes, clothes, and luggage. Everyone has a different division of labor. Developed her into a giant baby. When the call was made, the assistant gave her a mobile stand, and the assistant helped her to be a human fan. Even the shoes were taken off the shoes and there were special people waiting for the service. What kind of treatment is this? I am afraid that the pea princess is not as good as her. If you talk about her performance, can she fight to fight and play? Dreaming! 】

[Hey, I remembered an old-fashioned piece - a small fresh meat finger cut a little bit of a small mouth, rushed to the emergency department to see a doctor, tears crying, and the doctor shouted: How come you? The wound healed later. Although Duanzi is funny, he also exposes the behavior of some celebrities. It is more powerful than the one, and it is more perfunctory than the one. How many people can really count on the performance of the small flowers and small fresh meat? How many people can really pick up the classes of old artists? Looking back at the classic old movies, we can say that one day and one night; when we talk about the old artists who are superb, we instantly find a few unforgettable names in our minds. However, looking at today’s entertainment circles, young actors who can be regarded as savvy several? It is no wonder that many people say that the actors of our country are not as good as the one generation. Is it because people have changed or the atmosphere has changed? 】

The commentary of this netizen has aroused the resonance of many people. Some people continue to discuss: [Yes, let me talk about the name of the popular actor nowadays. I just open a mouthful of songs, but you let me say that they all play I can't really remember which classic characters. However, the artists of the older generation are different. When talking about Leslie Cheung, I will think of Cheng Dieyi and A Fei... Talking about Chen Daoming, I will think of Liu Bang, Fang Hongzeng, and the last emperor Pu Yi... So the times are really different, the former actors It is all based on the true ability to eat, serious dedication is the basic professional ethics, no one will take this to advertise themselves. What about the actors now? Oh, don't say it, it will be very disappointing to say more. 】No one expected that the deletion of Jiang Bingjie’s play would trigger a big discussion about whether actors should dedication. But in fact, there is really nothing to discuss, just as students should study hard, teachers should teach well, and the police should do a good job of law enforcement. Everyone who is in the job position must do the job well. Congestion, this is called the righteousness.

After a discussion, no one thought about tearing foreign media or film for Jiang Bingjie. Such a good opportunity, you lost because of the abuse of the substitute, who can blame? Do you think you are the center of the universe? Everyone has to get used to your stinks?

However, Jiang Bingjie’s fans refused to give up and always wanted to wash the white for the idol. Every time Jiang Bingjie is badly stunned, they will replied: "Do you know how hard we are!" 】 Well, all the stars who have bad performance but have not been improved for decades, can apply this sentence, and have not made progress, so they have to work hard, no problem.

However, this time, it seems that this sentence does not work. Looking at her performance on the set, the words "effort" are not at all touching her. You are also learning to learn Natasha, and when you are screaming and jumping from the skyscrapers, you are afraid of dying but you are forced to do it. This is the real desperation! What do you think when you let the avatar do the work for you while hiding in the corner and crying? You are wronged, right?

The most commonly used method of whitewashing does not work. The ice powder is wide open, saying that our goddess is framed. It must be that Xiao Jiashu’s harassment does not mean that she wants to whole her, and the filming party has cut off her part. Xiao Jiashu's background is so big, it is not strange to reach out to foreign countries. It only blames the charm of our goddess too much, and accidentally attracts this kind of scum man! If you can't get it, you will destroy you. It's a metamorphosis!

They called on all Chinese to boycott the movie "Machine Men" and then ran to Xiao Jiashu's Weibo attack. Xiao Jiashu’s fans are too late to fight back, but passers-by have blown up first. In the trough, Jiang Bingjie lost the face of all Chinese actor and broke the reputation of the Chinese actor in the international arena. Who made the face for us to earn back? It is Xiao Jiashu! Jiang Bingjie’s play was cut by her own. Why do you put all the dirty water on Xiaojiashu’s head?

It is unbearable to bear, the netizens who passed by and the small seeds launched a melee under Xiao Jiashu's Weibo, and then a large number of highly active CP powders joined, and the situation escalated. It is reasonable to say that Jiang Bingjie’s fans are 40 million, three times that of Xiao Jiashu, enough to tear his Weibo into pieces, but the result is that the ice powder is losing ground and the whole line collapses, so that the people who eat melon can’t understand. .Someone said the truth: [Jing Bingjie's fans bully people do not look at the object, is Xiao Jiashu a person fighting? In addition to the small seeds to support him without hesitation, there are fans of Ji Yan, fans of Xue Yu, fans of Xiao Dingbang, plus three passers-by. I have to count it, Ji Yan’s fans are more than 90 million, and he has won the Guinness World Record; Xue Yu’s fans have more than 50 million; Xiao Dingbang’s fans are more than 20 million, and passers-by can’t be counted. Directly omitted, added together is 1.6 fans, how does Jiang Bingjie fight with others? Before those black materials Xiao Jiashu has not responded, not afraid of Jiang Bingjie, is too lazy to take care of her, she still licked her nose! 】

When I saw this comment, I knew that so many people who came back to them came out. If this is a battle, the gap between the two sides is simply a far cry, not to mention that Xiao Jiashu still has money and people, and it is not too easy to make Jiang Bingjie.

Some of the rational powders want to be indifferent, and the brain powder is even more crazy. Just make some black materials and send them online. It is said that Xiao Jiashu’s play is also done on his own. His relationship with Ji Yan is not normal, so don’t worry about the drama. Was cut off.

Not long after these black materials were released, Huang Meixuan sent Xiao Jiashu and Jiang Bingjie's complete chat record to Weibo, with a text: [This is the truth, let's take a look. 】 She did not @小树苗, did not ask him to forward, because he knew that he was not interested in these things.

After reading the full screenshot, the people who eat melons have expressed their long experience. The chat history is very long, and I talk about a few pages almost every day, but there is no personal matter involved in the topic, which is related to the shooting progress of "Shuanglong Legend". Every day, Xiao Jiashu will routinely ask Jiang Bingjie when he can return to China to film. He feels that those opponents still have to take the lead with the main shot, and the substitute is just perfunctory and deceiving the audience.

Jiang Bingjie will still deal with a few words at the beginning, saying that it is going fast, and will come back in a few days, but after a period of time, he will start selling badly. It is not easy to say that he is filming in the United States. Any dangerous action has to be played in person for one minute. Can't walk away. This opportunity is too precious for her, please Xiao Jiashu must understand her and fulfill her dreams.

She will also talk about her own experience to increase credibility, such as jumping off a few hundred meters high building with a safety rope, scared the heart to explode; riding a motorcycle on the road, almost The SUV driven by the stuntman flew; he was beaten with the action guide, was thrown out of the internal injury, and spit blood...

She wrote this information in an extremely sensational way, portraying herself as a woman who can sacrifice herself for her career and who can do everything she can. Xiao Jiashu saw these text messages and thought it was true. She continued to encourage her and comfort her. In the end, she could only helplessly compromise: [Well, Jiang Jie, you are making peace of mind in the United States, and the work here is waiting for you to come back. Come on! 】

【puff! The last sentence, ‘Refueling’, is stupid, but it’s also warm, and Jiang Bingjie’s ghosts Xiao Jiashu actually believe it! 】 The people who eat melons can't smile and comment on Weibo.If you haven't seen the behind-the-scenes footage released by the "Machine Warrior" producers, even if Xiao Jiashu sent these complete chats on Weibo to prove innocence, everyone would not feel bad about Jiang Bingjie. Because she lived too seriously and worked too hard, she worked hard abroad, sweating and bleeding, who would bear with her? Her dream is a big screen, and it is understandable to delay some of the less important work. Besides, she also said that she will retake all the plays after she returns, and there is nothing to blame.

She dug one after another in the chat record to let Xiao Jiashu step on it, and buried one after another. Regardless of Xiao Jiashu's exposure to the complete chat record, she is the biggest winner. She said that Xiao Jiashu harassed her. In fact, many people would believe that although they are talking about business, there are some men who are more boring and will deliberately find some women to go close to a woman. This is completely true. through.

In short, she wants to lead the public opinion in which direction, the public will be easily misled, her way of doing things can only be described in four words - dripping water.

However, it is a pity that Jiang Bingjie has been in the entertainment circle for so many years, but he never thought that he would plant such a big one. The pit under his feet was still dug by herself. There is no possibility of finding someone to back the pot. The scenes she described in the chat record are all Natasha's experience. She just needs to change her name to herself. This can't be missed, but the film actually exposed the corresponding video and took her old one. Dry and clean.

[See Jiang Bingjie’s description, how do I feel so familiar? 】 A person who eats melons is suspected.

[There are many shameless people. I am as shameless as Jiang Bingjie. I saw it for the first time. I opened my eyes! 】

[In the domestic filming abuse avatars and your fans can pay for you, go abroad and you are tempted, who is used to you? If you spend so much money, please don’t go to be an ancestor! I suddenly remembered that Xiao Jiashu’s second microblog broke the news. It seems that he is telling the truth. The "Shuanglong Drama" is really messy. 】

[Distressed my family saplings, first deceived, later hacked, his kindness and tolerance were made by some people as jokes! 】

As soon as this comment came out, everyone had been unhappy with Xiao Jiashu. The passers-by who had changed his mind all said that he had entered the pit of the sapling. He did not expect that his appearance was a fascinating groceries, but his heart was so pure and unpretentious.

Jiang Bingjie’s fans began to have serious polarization. The three intellectuals still have to say that they may have to leave. They can’t accept the true face of idols. The brain powder is always entangled, and it is said that these chat records are fabricated, they have to go to court to sue Xiao Jiashu. But the more fierce they are, the worse the passers-by's perception of Jiang Bingjie will be. The top of the powder is ten black, and the rapid decline of Jiang Bingjie is inseparable from the excessive behavior of these brain powders.Seeing that the public relations war initiated by myself has been completely defeated, Jiang Bingjie was panicked and cried and asked Ding Zhen what to do. If I knew that the film would release those behind-the-scenes footage, she would not send out the news of the miserable death. She had planned very well. When she slandered Xiao Jiashu to harass herself, she also expected him to release the complete chat record in an angry way and make another wave of speculation for himself.

But she took all aspects into consideration, but did not expect that the "Machine Warrior" producers only cut off all her backs.

"You still have a way to go, that is to take a professional attitude and shoot the series of the "Shuanglong Legend" this big fire! But look at it now, "Shuanglong Legend" has been fixed, tomorrow will be Broadcasting, do you think the audience will still buy your account?" Ding Zhenyu took a sip of cigars, annoyed, "Fucking, I knew that Laozi would not accompany you to this embarrassment, and I would follow the old man." It’s a shame. Do you think that climbing Fred’s bed is foolproof? He’s a fart compared to the season!”

Ding Zhen also came to the United States to know how big the company of Ji Ji has done. His next film is already being filmed, and it is still a sci-fi masterpiece, and the production of "Machine Men" is convenient for his co-authors. One, you said that his words don't work?

If it is said that the scene has been cut, it has nothing to do with him. Ding Zhen does not believe in killing. But even if you know what else? Jiang Bingjie did too much work. He wanted to find an entry point for her whitewashing. However, when she worked harder and had a decent performance on the set, the public relations department was not forced to be dumb.

Ding Zhentuo’s relationship is going to all the samples of Jiang Bingjie, trying to intercept a few colorful videos and send them online, to prove her strength and innocence, and then define this as “racial discrimination”, so as to win the sympathy of the Chinese people. . But unfortunately, whether it is a literary drama or a martial arts, Jiang Bingjie’s acting skills have been scum by a group of professional actors. Her lines are even more confusing, the accent is not strange, and the words are often forgotten. Crazy.

The editor who got the sample presented his resignation on the spot, and turned around and sent the matter to Weibo, laughing at Jiang Bingjie’s “incurable acting”.

Of course, the two currently do not know that the editor has already turned against the water, and is worrying about the upcoming "Shuanglong Legend". If the film doesn't break the news, the "Shuanglong Legend" is so powerful that the public relations department has an excuse to wash the white for Jiang Bingjie. But now it’s not working. The show seems to be the last straw to crush the camel. Once broadcast, the audience will only have a worse impression of her. Her good reputation built on hype will be ruined by her own actions, and she can't fight together.

"I didn't get into the season! I know where his relationship with Xiao Jiashu is so good." Jiang Bingjie was so anxious to cry, and debut, this is the first time she has been forced to this position, "You say now What should I do? Let’s let the “Shuanglong Legend” be postponed and re-take my play again?”Ding Zhen smiled, and wanted to put the burning cigar on Jiang Bingjie's face. "I have invested 150 million yuan. You can't broadcast it if you don't broadcast it. The people on the Internet are really right. You really think of yourself as the center of the universe. Lao Tzu tells you that no matter how much money you lost in this company, you will earn a lot of money for Laozi in the future!"

Jiang Bingjie was so white as paper, shivering, and deeply hated why he was going to provoke Xiao Jiashu. If she didn't want to step on Xiaojiashu's feet, she is still a beautiful Skyworth sister.

Just then, Ding Zhen’s cell phone rang. I didn’t know what was said at the other end. His face became extremely scary. After hanging up the phone, he threw the burning cigar on Jiang Bingjie’s face, scaring her to scream again and again.

"Mom, Laozi was really blind when he was holding you as a sister! "Shuanglong Legend" was retired by four TV stations at the same time. Now it can only be broadcast on the Internet. How much does Laozi lose? Do you know? The trepidation snarled, and it was still unresolved. After walking, I slammed Jiang Bingjie.

Since then, the standard of Skyworth Entertainment has changed completely. From looking at the face to changing to look at the strength, the artist with strong strength and good attitude, Ding Zhen will vigorously cultivate, and the face has no real skills. He put people in a vase and made a quick money.

I have to say that this is also an improvement.


The ups and downs of the Internet have nothing to do with Xiao Jiashu. After a few days of "Zerg III", his popularity in Hollywood has been greatly improved, and watching the momentum, the film's box office can definitely surpass the first two, has now ranked first in the North American box office. The domestic box office is even more gratifying. For several days, the box office is over 100 million yuan. Visual inspection will also create a new historical record.

Some people have counted the achievements of Xiao Jiashu since he debuted. It is only a surprise that although he only shot two movies, the accumulated box office is destined to exceed three billion, or even an astonishing four billion or even five billion. This is really not. The song has been a blockbuster!

But is he so successful, is it only based on his family background? No, looking at his performance in the two movies, he is definitely a leader among young actors, and his acting will not appear inferior even in the face of Ji Yan. He is handsome and talented, but he is low-key and serious, and this is the secret of his success.

These praises come from the mouth of the famous American host, Black. He briefly introduced Xiao Jiashu's resume and announced loudly. "Now there are invited guests today, Xiao Jiashu, the favorite 001 player! We also have ours. Old friend season and Stephen Baker! Welcome!"

The three men went out and Black confirmed, "Xiao, Jia, Shu, is your name so?"

"Yes." Xiao Jiashu nodded, then hugged with the host, and hugged Ji Jige and director Stephen.Seeing his smile, Stephenson was amazed, and squinted at him for a while before inviting the drop seat in Black. Black raised his hand to calm down the enthusiastic applause and asked, "Sisterson, my old friend, I found that you were not feeling right when you saw Xiao. Why, if you don't see him for a long time, don't you know him?"

"Somewhat I don't know!" Stephen nodded and admitted, and then explained, "But that's definitely not because I don't love Shaw. I turned it around and forgot him. In fact, he impressed me. He is the one I am the most. The kind of actor who loves."

"Then why are you?" Black was curious.

"Because Xiao smiled very brightly today and his expression was very vivid, it really scared me. In my impression, he is not like this. He is like a person." Stephenson said.

Ji Yan sighed and laughed. "Trust me, this is his true appearance. The one you know is false."

Xiao Jiashu seems to think of something, his cheeks are slightly red.

Black is more curious and continues to ask, "So what do you know about Xiao? Can you let me see?"

"Of course." Ji Wei and Stilson turned the phone at the same time, Xiao Jiashu grabbed his face and made a painful embarrassment.

The guide quickly made a slideshow of the photos they selected. I saw Xiao Jiashu being photographed in the middle surrounded by the main founder of Zerg III. Everyone smiled very brightly, but he had a face, as if others had owed him millions. With the photo released, he was hugged by Stephen and hugged his neck, his face was cold... He put a dozen photos in succession, and in each photo he was expressionless, indifferent, and incompatible with everyone. .

"You see, he has always been like this on the set. He never laughs and doesn't talk much, but he will go all out when shooting every shot, so we all like him. I thought he was this kind of character, a little self. Closed, not social, so there are few parties called him," Stephen said.

Black continues to click on the remote control to start playing the photos picked by the season. I saw Xiao Jiashu crouching on the back of the season, his hands licking his ears, his smile was bright; there was another one standing in the sea of ​​his knees, stroking the lens with a V gesture, eight teeth in the sun Glittering under the illumination; another one, he was holding a coconut and sitting in the sandpit, laughing and his eyes were smashed, like a mouse that stole oil...

It is completely different from the previous stereotypes. In these photos, he is full of innocence and childishness, and is also dazzling like a small sun.

"This is totally two people!" Black exclaimed. "Is there a schizophrenia?"

Ji Yan deeply glanced at his lover and sighed. "It can only be said that the mental division has been almost done. It is all because of the movie "Zerg III."

Black and the audience immediately raised their ears as soon as they heard this. The Chinese fans who watched the live broadcast over the wall quickly sat in a row, waiting to eat candy, oh no, listen to the story. These photos are so love! Hey, I really want to persuade Mr. Ji to send it to Weibo for everyone to screen!

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