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Chapter 117 The first chapter of chapter 17

Chapter 117 The first chapter of chapter 17

In order to keep the compatriots alive, a large number of volunteers injected the virus from the little girl and went to the planet occupied by the Zerg to die. In the huge blood fog, in the continuous explosion, the Zerg eventually went to ruin, and the survivors could only stand still in space and mourn for the lost spirit.

Humans traded for peace with a terrible price. They returned by airship, the destination - the earth.

The mournful ending songs slowly sounded, and the dense subtitles climbed onto the big screen, and the audience spit out a sigh of relief, and the heart was full of emotion and shock. It is said that the series of movies will always fall into a strange circle, that is, the more boring the more the film, the more it will be regressed, and it is difficult to continue the glory of the first part. But this law is obviously not established in the "Zerg Wars" trilogy.

When the second part was filmed, there were film critics who said that the success of the first part was too dazzling and the second part would be difficult to surpass. But in fact, the second part of the box office and word of mouth are more than the first part, and was praised by the media at the time as one of the most successful sequels.

When Ji Yan decided to shoot the third part, many people advised him not to destroy the Great Wall. In particular, the third part had to break the original cast and insert a new character. If this role is to find a big bowl in Europe and America, it will be considered. However, he is looking for an oriental newcomer. This kind of move is undoubtedly very risky.

Some people speculate that the season will regret later, or in the case of a last resort, to cut down on the new movie, to save the film. Judging from the promotional videos released by Universal Pictures, this newcomer has a short time of only three seconds. That's right, it's really only three seconds, and it's still a quiet, fragmentary look at the season.

The audience can hardly guess what role he played, and he will forget him in an instant. But after watching the movie, they realized what this clip represents. In order to rescue the expedition squad, 001 sacrificed tens of thousands of soldiers. In this tragic situation, the wise man had a conversation with him. It was also at this moment that he finally realized how powerful a race is, and what he has been missing.

As a result, his self-consciousness has produced humanity. When he is confused and repressed in the face of it, he has let it take root in his mind. His awakening and sacrifice laid the foundation for the victory of mankind and all intellectual races.

In this way, looking back at the promo, it is not difficult to find that in just three seconds, 001's eyes experienced how thrilling struggles and changes, cold and torn by complex emotions, and eventually returned to calm. He seems to be the cold robot, and it looks like a new look.

This moment is a crucial moment for the entire movie, and it has to be clipped into the trailer. People who have never seen a movie can never tell where it is, but the audience who watched the movie will be deeply shocked.An American and American audience wrote such a film review with excitement: ell, I didn’t remember Xiao this person when I first started watching the video, but after watching the movie, I repeated the video dozens of times, my The eyes were completely attracted by Xiao's eye changes. What kind of superb acting is needed to make a machine have life and soul in just three seconds? Can such acting be as good as magic? But Shaw did it, and Xiao’s 001 is undoubtedly the most outstanding character of Zerg Wars 3!

Others said: After watching the movie, what I have repeatedly appeared in my mind is not the hot Manly, but Xiao Chi. The naked back, God, I must have been bent by Xiao Xiao!

The audience rated the film very high and was more satisfied with Xiao Jiashu's performance. He believed that his existence did not destroy "Zerg 3", but made it shine. Some people even think that if the third part does not have the role of 001, or if an actor is played, it will not achieve the same success.

Western actors are used to the opening and closing of the performance, expressions, movements, lines will be more exaggerated, but the way the Oriental actors portray the characters is more delicate and restrained, showing the truth in silence. And 001 itself is a very quiet and restrained character. To fully express his inner world, you can only rely on your eyes or some very small movements.

In this respect, no one can be more successful than Xiao Jiashu.

When the lights were lit again, everyone stood up and applauded. There is no doubt that this film has succeeded and will continue the glory of the first two.

Xiao Jiashu slowly stood up and looked at the silver screen in a complicated way. This is not the first time he has watched his work in the cinema, but his excitement has not diminished. Unlike the last time, he will look at one side and reflect on where he is not doing well enough. Where can he improve? This time he is only immersed in the plot, just like a normal audience.

The performance is over, and it’s really not necessary to judge yourself. It’s impossible to save anything. There is only one thing he can do – take the next movie. After regaining his gaze, he looked at Ji Ge and found that he had a thumbs up, which made him laugh.

Ji Yan crossed the director and several masters, walked to Xiao Jiashu and hugged him tightly. "Small tree, I am proud of you."

Xiao Jiashu did not speak, but just took advantage of Ji Ge’s arm and quietly tightened it.

"Let's go, let's go back to the hotel." Ji Yan took the lover's hand and walked slowly through the crowd. Several bodyguards gathered around to isolate the crazy reporters and fans.

"Go back so early? Do you still have to participate in interviews and banquets after the screening?" Asked, Xiao Jiashu still squats with Ji Ge.

"Don't participate, let them play by themselves. No reporters took the initiative to ask you questions today. To tell the truth, I am very upset." Ji Yan said with some childishness. "Now they want to interview you? Late! I will be for you." Arranging the most popular interview shows, it’s not rare for these people to report."

Xiao Jiashu said with a smile, "Okay, let's not play with them." Ji Ge is unhappy, so cute, hehe...Ji Yan's footsteps were slightly stunned, and the face that stinked for hours stretched out instantly.

There are always reporters holding up the microphone to call the name of Xiao Jiashu. The door is bigger than one. They never imagined that the unknown Oriental kid had performed so well. In the process of watching movies, as long as 001 appears on the screen, the surrounding women, and even some men, will surely cover their mouths and take a breath, and their eyes are full of obsession. The 001 person is simply perfect, and the person who plays him is enough to afford this perfection.

After the screening, a reporter interviewed ten spectators randomly and asked them who were most impressed. There were nine answers to 001, and one answer was Xiao. Oh, 001 is Xiao, Xiao is 001, is there any difference? They also asked which of their favorite characters, and the answers were very uniform.

These reporters can almost foresee that after the end of the Zerg trilogy, there will be a place for the 001 in the most popular character list, and compared with several other starring, he is only a half-movie. With the supporting role, this charm is amazing.

At the premiere, the reporter who ignored Xiao Jiashu’s attitude at this time was remorseful. The most outstanding role they have not been able to get a little real material, how to return to the boss how to make a difference, how to write a report? Fortunately, there is a press conference after the screening, so that they can make up for it.

But what is the situation now, Xiao, why did he leave? Aren't Chinese actors proud to break into Hollywood? Why is he not catching such a good publicity opportunity? Doesn't he know that with this film and the role of 001, can he already have a seat in the star-studded Hollywood?

"Xiao, Xiao, can you stop and stop? I want to interview you! Xiao..." The reporters shouted that their necks were thick, but they were only a farther and farther back.

When Xiao Jiashu played the 001 in North America, the Chinese audience could not calm down. The steamer and black powder that stepped on Xiao Jiashu beforehand did not dare to speak. None of their prophecies is accurate. Xiao Jiashu is just a clown who is soy sauce? n! His plays are the top priority of the whole movie. Almost all the wonderful fighting scenes are done by him, and he has pushed the upper part of the story to a climax.

He can't do his acting and lose face to China. This is a big joke. I don't know how many people were beaten by the 001 he played, and how many people secretly shed tears after his death. After the premiere, the film reviews on the European and American websites popped up like mushrooms, and almost all praised the wonderful performance of Xiao Jiashu. If this is called shameful, then the Chinese star who really went to Hollywood to make soy sauce is not living?

After the screening, Xiao Jiashu was chased by the reporter and the video was not sent back to China. He and Ji Yan did not even return, and went straight, and the back was not too cold.Many netizens couldn't help but laugh when they opened the video. Hahaha, this is probably the true portrayal of "Today, you don't care about me, tomorrow I let you climb high". In just two and a half hours, Xiao Jiashu, who sat on the bench at the press conference, became the hottest newcomer to contend with, and this reversal has come too fast!

Cool! What kind of experience is this so angry idol, I finally know it today. Therefore, it is really beautiful if you are beautiful, and you still have strength. Of course, if you can be as beautiful and powerful as my idol @小树苗, then you will be able to go to heaven sooner or later!

Xiao Jiashu’s fans are all raised to the top, and they can’t wait to see people with their nostrils. When they are torn, the waist is not sour and the legs are not hurting. The gas field is two meters! Idols give strength and fans follow long faces. This is reality.

Jiang Bingjie's fans are still not dying, sour and sneer: Our goddess' movie is also released globally the day after tomorrow. Whoever loses and wins is still not fixed! But to say that they actually know that from the previous record, in addition to the season, Xiao Jiashu's performance is the most recognized by the European and American audience, but also the most brilliant, if you want to surpass him, unless Jiang Bingjie can go directly to play a The protagonist of the Hollywood movie.

Pure powder is tearing, black powder is pulling on, water army is building momentum, what is p powder doing? Needless to ask, it is definitely in the integration of resources, crazy sugar. For them, the screening of "Zerg 3" is a visual feast. How sweet and sweet is Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan's opponents, how much more touching and touching.

It is the wise man who wakes up the 001 in sleep, and the wise man makes him have feelings. When the wise man lay down in the blood and rain waiting for death, 001 suddenly appeared and saved him. This scene is the eternal classic in the pink eye. For this reason, they specially edited the wise men and the 001 opponents into v, and sent them to the network platform, and the click volume was over 10,000.

Powdered this pair of p is really eating sugar to eat the long fangs rhythm, I heard that Xiao Jiashu's next film will still cooperate with Ji Ji, opponents play more than "Zerg", p powder is simply happy to explode! They also gave this pair of p a nickname called "canopy". Anyone searching for these two words on the Internet, the most out of which is the news of Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yu, can be seen unconsciously, this national recognition of p It is constantly improving.


At the same time, Jiang Bingjie is also paying attention to Xiao Jiashu's news. She saw the trailer of Zerg 3, so she instructed the water army to step on Xiao Jiashu, only because he was not expected to play an important role. But what is the situation right now? A character that appears less than three seconds in the trailer is the key to the whole story in the movie, and the biggest highlight, which makes the previous manuscripts and fallen moments into jokes.

Because the Shuijun is too full, what is the "Golden Bingjie for the Chinese people earning their faces", "Jiang Bingjie's acting skills are highly recognized by the Hollywood superstar Fred", etc., the audience's expectations for Jiang Bingjie after seeing the "Zerg" It is not higher.But only she knew that she played a role, although there are many plays, but it is definitely not comparable to Xiao Jiashu. She originally wanted to step on him and climb up. This time I was afraid that I didn't step on it and I had to fall.

“Is the box office score coming out?” She asked Ding Zhen, who accompanied her to come to the United States to promote the “Machine Men”.

Ding Zhen closed his eyes and faked his eyes. In fact, his head was full of Xiao Jiashu’s beautiful and extremely naked back. Even after seeing "Zerg 3", even straight men said that they were almost bent by Xiao Jiashu, not to mention the man who liked men. Unfortunately, the movie is still in the heat, this clip is not available on the Internet, otherwise he must download it separately to the phone.

"Is there a box office score for "Zerg 3"?" Jiang Bingjie pushed Ding Zhen impatiently.

"Ah? Oh," Ding Zhen took out his mobile phone and casually said, "I am looking for someone to ask. You don't have to compete with Xiao Jiashu. On the appearance, on acting, on resources, which one is comparable to him? I read the draft and I want to laugh, let alone the netizens."

"I am your artist, who are you helping?" Jiang Bingjie was so angry that his face was red. If she knew that Xiao Jiashu’s role was so good, could she lift her rock and lick her own feet?

After Ding Zhen finished the phone call, his expression was very complicated. "The box office statistics came out. The first day of the box office in North America was 130 million US dollars, and the domestic box office broke 400 million, setting a historical record. You are going to take a break."

Jiang Bingjie held his forehead, quite a bit crumbling. "Zerg 3" performance is too strong, and successively set a highest score in a single-day box office in North America and China, and "Machine Warrior" is not dead and it hits the schedule, the box office will certainly be divided into more than half.

Ding Zhen sarcastically said, "Don't think about pulling on Xiao Jiashu again. If your hand is now raised higher, can you hit his knee? He is too lazy to bend over to see you."

Jiang Bingjie resentfully yelled at him, but he also knew that this was the portrayal of her and Xiao Jiashu's real status in Hollywood. Everyone knows 001 now, and I know Xiao, but who knows who is Jiang Bingjie? She swallowed and sighed. "Is my dress ready?"

"I asked the stylist to send you to the hotel. It should be on the road now." Ding Zhen brow wrinkled and sighed. "Have you received the invitation?"

Jiang Bingjie gave a slight glimpse, "No."

"Accordingly, it should be sent now, I am looking for someone to ask." Ding Zhen called the producer, but the other party did not pick up, had to give up, "Forget it, wait a minute."

But this waited for a day and a night, Jiang Bingjie's dresses and jewelry were all ready, but the film did not even have a single message. It’s almost time for the premiere, and the two can only go straight to the theater.

Jiang Bingjie’s fans recently hoped that the stars would look forward to the moon, and finally they were looking forward to the release of "Machine Men". Because Xiao Jiashu has been used as a stepping stone by Jiang Bingjie, it is not easy to complain about his harassment and his hard work in Hollywood on various occasions. Fans have become very considerate of Xiao Jiashu's success, and the expectation of idols has naturally increased.

They hope that Jiang Bingjie can defeat Xiao Jiashu with "Machine Men" and crush each other with more exquisite acting.Seeing that the ice powder continues to express his support for idols, Xiao Jiashu’s fans just smiled and did not speak. Yes, Jiang Bingjie's acting skills are the best; well, Jiang Bingjie is the hardest and most desperate; right, Jiang Bingjie is the most attractive, even Hollywood superstars are fascinated by her... Anyway, what are you talking about, we just wait to see how she is Was beaten.

Many netizens poured into the live broadcast room, waiting for exciting moments. Some people bought tickets early and went to the cinema.

Ten minutes later, the producers, directors, and starring of "Machine Men", one after another, came down from the luxury car and slowly walked over the red carpet. Whenever their idols pass by, fans who come to support will raise their names and call out their names. The reporter also raises the camera and takes photos, and the spotlights flash.

This kind of arranging is not inferior to "Zerg 3". It can be seen how high the expectations of the film are for this movie. Among the many foreign journalists, there are dozens of Chinese journalists. They were specially invited by Jiang Bingjie to come and cheer for her. To this end, Jiang Bingjie also bought a ticket for them and ordered a hotel. It is costly. Although she has no acting skills, the means of speculation is a must.

Fans also mixed with a group of young Chinese people, holding ristal·jiang's light board, but they came to the United States at their own expense to join the idol, and some local students, did not receive financial assistance. In order for the idols to straighten the waist on the exotic land, they paid a lot.

One car after another drove through, but never saw Jiang Bingjie's figure, the fans on the spot were a little anxious, and the audience at the end of the network could not figure out the situation. Finally, the last car slowly came, but it was not the Rolls-Royce used by the organizers, but a Mercedes-Benz. The grades dropped several layers in an instant. Jiang Bingjie and Ding Zhen smiled stiffly across the car and rushed to the red carpet. Fans and reporters on both sides waved.

"Who is this?" The foreign reporter put down the camera and looked at it. The Chinese reporter immediately raised the camera and slammed it, which finally eased Jiang Bingjie’s embarrassment. Her fans shook the lights and shouted her name, but it was extraordinarily awkward in silence.

This phenomenon caught the attention of the security guards. They went over and asked Jiang Bingjie for an invitation letter. Jiang Bingjie couldn't get it out. Ding Zhen rushed to the theory with a few words, and then called the producer. It took about ten minutes for a white man to run out, and he said that he had a call, which allowed Jiang Bingjie to take pictures at the signature wall.

She was facing the reporter with her skirt and her smile was very stiff. Her fans shouted and shouted, and their faces were full of doubts.

The Chinese netizens who watched the live broadcast quickly asked the curtain to ask: "The voice recorded on the scene is too small. Can anyone tell me what is the situation? Why is Jiang Bingjie’s car and others not a grade? Why do security guards stop her? Going to the red carpet? Only the reporters from China have photographed her. Can't bully people like this? This fucking is red. Naked. Naked racism!"Jiang Bingjie’s experience made the Chinese people feel angry, until she entered the venue to discuss this matter, and immediately sent her to the top of the hot search list. She became the object of sympathy for all, and the producers were greatly whipped, as if they were evil.

In the same situation as Xiao Jiashu, Jiang Bingjie also sat on the bench, and there wasn't a reporter who ignored her. The director even mentioned her. Her fans originally expected her to use the superb acting skills to slap the arrogant foreigners like Xiao Jiashu, but after watching the movie, the whole person was paralyzed. What about Jiang Bingjie? Where is she? Why is she not even one from the first second to the last second? Did you go to the wrong auditorium?

At the same time, Jiang Bingjie was hiding in the darkness, his eyes staring red at the huge silver screen. Why is her lens cut off? It is no wonder that the producer did not issue an invitation letter to her, but she was not eligible to attend the premiere! And she was kept in the dark, not only renting a car, but also sitting on the stage waiting for reporters to interview...

Jiang Bingjie touched his face with a trembling hand, feeling that his skin seemed to be smashed by people, and it was painful! Everything that happened today is a huge shame for her, I am afraid I will not wash it all my life. Do not! No, you must find a way to save your face. Right, you have said that you have suffered racial discrimination and aim at the producer! what! There is also Ji Ji and Xiao Jiashu, this thing must be related to them, otherwise the director will not cut her shot after receiving her public relations fee...

Jiang Bingjie thought about the response in the shortest possible time and it was very effective. A trick of bitterness and a slap in the face, enough for her to wash herself, and it is very likely that she will fire again. After all, the national self-esteem of the Chinese people is getting stronger and stronger, and they cannot be bullied by their compatriots. They will definitely stand on her side.

Jiang Bingjie does not have much acting skills, but can climb to the position of a line of flowers, and she is inseparable from her skilled hype. She sent a public relations plan to her public relations team in the dark to get them to act immediately. So after the movie was finished, a Chinese journalist immediately asked the filmmakers why they had to cut off the only Chinese actress in a compelling tone. It was racist and forced the film to stand up and explain.

"This is the case. Because Jiang’s role is a very powerful female policeman, the play takes up 90% of all her plays. We originally had high expectations for her, but she could not finish these during the filming process. Action, most of the play is done by the substitute, so that many of the shots she can not appear in the face, can not achieve the effect I want." The director called a few videos, continue, "you can take a look Also, the female policeman, Natasha can do all the moves alone, but Jiang..."

The director shook his head and didn't speak, and the expression on his face was very regrettable.I saw the behind-the-scenes footage being played on the big screen, and the performance of the movie actress Natasha was brave and impeccable. She jumped from the speeding car, rolled a lot of laps on the protective mat, was lifted by the staff, her hind legs were squatting, and her cheeks were also scratched a little; she was carrying a rope from a few hundred meters high. The building leaped down and screamed and was smashed by the staff, and his face was white. She was beaten up and down again by the actor who played the villain, and there was a trace of blood in her mouth...

Her professionalism has amazed everyone.

After Natasha’s video was finished, Jiang Bingjie’s tidbits were released. She tied a seat belt around her waist and cried and shouted. “No, no, I can’t do this, I can’t really do it. Where is the substitute, I have to use a substitute!"

As soon as the picture turned, she sat on a huge Harley motorcycle and her face was pale. "I can't hold it, it's really heavy. I don't think I can control it, let the actor take it!" The request has appeared many times. She always cries and screams for the stuntman, and she hides her tears as if she has suffered tremendous damage.

If there is no Natasha to compare, these videos will be released separately. Maybe everyone will sympathize with her. After all, she is just a woman. I am afraid that it is normal. You can’t expect her to become a female policeman, go to heaven, die. . But Natasha's excellent performance is ahead, and people are still the protagonist of this movie. The coffee is bigger than her, and her price is higher than her, but she is not half-rich.

After the video of her crying was finished, the director released the video that she had done for her, and she did not reveal her face, and her body obviously did not match. What effect does it have?

Jiang Bingjie is stiff all over the body and can't wait to disappear in the immediate place. She did not expect the director to be so embarrassed, not only let her out of the ocean, but also completely cut off her retreat.

However, this is not over. After turning off the video, the director sighed. "We spent a lot of money to invite Jiang, because I heard that she is a very good actor in China, but her performance is too embarrassing for us. All The actors are very dedicated and the shots are very exciting. This is obvious to all, so I can't let the imperfect lens appear in it, which ruined the movie. Here I have to say a sorry to Jiang, to all China. The national audience said a word of sorry, but please also understand our approach. You must know that everything we do is for the sake of art and to present a better work to the audience."

The director stood up and his face was very embarrassing, but there was a positive applause in the field. It’s beyond reproach that a good actor can make a good movie.

The Chinese netizens who had already picked up their sleeves and prepared to tear open foreign media and the "Machine Police" production party were silently silenced. After a long time, there was a bloody red curtain slowly across the live room - I am now... ...feeling... so shameful! ! !

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