How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 115 Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Chapter 115

After passing through the producer's ditch, Ji Wei became the only guest who knew that Xiao Jiashu was about to participate in the fourth episode of "Wild Adventurer". The two climbed up early in the morning to catch the plane, did not have time to eat breakfast.

"You are not hungry? I am going to help you buy things." Xiao Jiashu raised his mobile phone and shook.

"Go together, buy a few bags of bread and prepare them. You can eat them when you are hungry." Ji Yan took his shoulder and walked toward a coffee shop.

After eating, Xiao Jiashu went to the checkout counter to settle the bill, and by the way, packaged breakfast for several assistants. Ji Yan two hands holding two trolley cases, standing at the door waiting for him. He wears a hat and sunglasses, but the unusual figure and temperament are still recognized by passing fans.

"Oh, is that the teacher of the season?" a 16-year-old girl exclaimed. Her companion quickly picked up her toes and did not dare to run over to say hello.

Men stand out from the ground and stand taller than foreigners who come and go. Although wearing a loose casual wear, they can't cover up the perfect figure. The face is covered by sunglasses, but it is revealed. The bridge of the nose, lips, and jaw are very sexy, and they are a bit more cool and mysterious than the sunglasses.

Many people will slow down when they pass by, and then if they have a sweep of the ground, some women will look back at him even if they walk over, and their eyes are full of appreciation. Therefore, although this temperament is illusory, it cannot be concealed. As long as one has enough outstanding temperament, it is the focus everywhere.

"Yes, it's Teacher Ji. I'm his hardcore fan, even if he turns into gray, I can recognize it." Another little girl raised her hand and waved, and the name of the exporter turned into "Xiao Jiashu". Oh.

Her companions all looked at the past with condemnation, and they were very arrogant. "Why are you calling Xiao Jiashu?"

"I, I don't know!" The little girl who just joined the cult licked her mouth and shivered with horror. Some of her good girlfriends are pure powder. If she knows that she has rebelled, this trip will definitely become a journey to hell.

"Did you become p powder?" The little girl led her finger to poke her head, and said with anger, "You rushed me out, don't hurt Ji teacher! Teacher Ji is not easy to work hard in the entertainment industry for many years. Don't break his reputation. Who wants to tell a man about it, this is not a good thing! p powder is the most unpromising, I told you, when you are so happy, when you are scattered, How heartbreaking, for your good, and for the season teacher, you have to return to the big army!"

The other few girls are also surrounded by the past to persuade, as if their companions have done something evil. When the little girl held her head and doubted her life, and even some of it was shaken, the quarters that heard the shouts turned to look at them, and the lips were slightly tilted.

He is particularly sensitive to the name of his lover, and he will search subconsciously as soon as he hears it, and he will react faster than hearing his name.

The little girl who was stung by the stinky head stunned and couldn't believe it. "Ji teacher seems to have heard it. He is watching us! Really, he is really watching us, just laughing!"The imposing little girls immediately put down their hands on the hips and made a clever shape. The little girl who joined the cult is probably a bit sinful in her natural character. She even shouted with a hard scalp. "Mr. Ji, Xiao Jiashu?"

Her voice just fell, and her well-behaved companion immediately sank her face and married her. Lying in the trough, this pig teammate can't be! In the face of the idol, I dare to dare to match, it is a huge pit! No, no, no, it’s a tiankeng! Do you know how difficult it is to have a teacher at the airport? If you don't express your adoration badly, then what are you talking about? But whoever is a straight man will not like his name tied to another man? Do you still want to take a photo and signature?

The little girl seems to realize that she has said the wrong thing. She quickly covers her face with her hands and silently. After the end, will she cause the resentment of Teacher Ji to break up the pair p? She has just entered the pit, so soon will she be awakened by the cruel reality? Sure enough, the p circle is no future, hehe...

However, Ji Jin’s reaction was unexpected to everyone’s expectations. He looked around four times and found that not many people noticed that they had erected the index finger and made a gesture of a different voice. Then they rushed to the cafe to raise their hands with a gentle smile on their faces.

Soon, Xiao Jiashu, wearing the same casual wear, walked out from inside, hanging a food bag in his elbow, holding a cup of coffee in each hand, and bowing his head to the cup of his right hand. The cup in his left hand was raised and fed to the season. Hey, the pink lips are not broken, it seems to be saying something. If he doesn't wear sunglasses, he will definitely show his expression of dancing, because he always looks like that in front of the season.

Ji Yan naturally bowed his head to drink coffee, and afterwards he pointed to the little girls. Xiao Jiashu turned his head and looked at it. The thin lips suddenly raised a beautiful arc, and the white teeth seemed to be shining.

Seeing the intimate interaction between the two people, the little girls were shocked and completely forgot to run and take photos and signatures. The two seemed to be in a hurry, making a gesture of gratitude for their hands together, and they left. When turning around, Xiao Jiashu went to pick up the trolley case in his hand, and was escaped by Ji Ji. He also took the food bag hanging in his elbow. A relaxed Xiao Jiashu can only raise the coffee cup to feed the season.

It seems that it is boring to walk like this. Xiao Jiashu put a few mouthfuls of his coffee and threw it into the trash can. Then he put the empty arm on the shoulder of Ji Ji, and walked with his feet ten feet. Most of his body was hung on the neck of Ji Ji, so that Ji Yan had to bow his head slightly to him, but his face had no expression of impatience or discomfort. Instead, he frequently looked at him with a smile, and he smiled. Listen to him seriously with his ears.

The two men who hooked their shoulders went farther and farther, and the cult girl raised his fist and blocked his mouth, lest he scream. Ah, ah, so cute and loving! Fortunately, she had a foresight. In the moment when Xiao Jiashu came out, she took out her mobile phone and recorded the video! If this resource is put into the group, everyone will definitely treat her as the leader! The p circle is really not white!When the cult girl secretly sent the video, the feelings of the other few girls were very complicated. I have never seen a real person, they can hardly imagine what two men are like together. But Ji Yan and Xiao Jiashu are really special. They all have a beautiful and aggressive face. They all have a good proportion of golden proportions. They are also temperamental and temperamental.

Standing alone on the side will be particularly unattainable, but when they are together, they suddenly fall from the clouds. This is not the kind of face, but very popular, it will laugh. Happy and harmonious.

Staying staring at the back of their far away, the leading girl coughed and cried, "Isn't the teacher just thinking that we are fans of Xiao Jiashu? His relationship with Xiao Jiashu is really good, really like a pair of relatives. brothers."

"Yes, that's right, they are brothers, nothing. Our powder is not a couple p." The cult girl explained this without silver. Whatever he is, you can eat sugar every day.

"Okay, powder brother p is no problem, when you talk in the organization, pay attention to it, don't be too out of it. The entertainment circle is so complicated, it is not easy for the teacher to make a sincere friend, we have to support." The girl waved her hand and "go, go to the boarding machine."

The rest of the sisters licked each other and then nodded. One of the sisters went to the cult girl and said quickly at a very low volume. "I want to teach and help me introduce." The cult girl had no time to nod, and the other party had already stepped forward and pretended to be a okay person.

Soon after, another sister caught the gap and pulled her aside, hurriedly, "I want to enter the school, pull me into the group, have good resources to share!"

Oops, what happened to this group of people? Just one by one, I am like a grandson, and now I am going to pretend to be a grandson myself, so good! But the gas is returning to the air, the sister still pulls them into the group, and the cult lineup is further expanded.


Although the journey is long, but a lover is with me, it seems to be a blink of an eye. After landing in a city closest to the tropical island, Ji Ji had to leave alone and left to explain a lot of words. Xiao Jiashu was also very upset. He didn’t sleep for two days, and his eyes were black.

This wilderness adventure uses the ultimate survival mode. The program team will not provide guests with a drop of water, a grain, and everything must be built or sought by themselves. Ji Wei continued to serve as the captain of the Red Team. The previously built tree houses have been demolished and they must re-select a campsite from scratch.

With a wealth of experience, Ji Yan has selected a camp that can neither reach the sun nor accumulate water, and then divide the work for everyone. The construction of the house can be slow first. The weather is very good recently. It should not rain in a short time, but the water Fire, food, and food are the top priorities. You must first give birth to the fire, and then find enough fresh water and food so that everyone can survive.It is no exaggeration to say that the limit mode is not exaggerated. The program group only distributes three tools, a dagger, a compass, a sewing kit, and nothing else, and the rules are more harsh than the previous episodes. Whoever supports it? Living in the water for the staff, asking for food, will be eliminated immediately, and will lose their own team to lose the game.

The guests thought that the program group was talking about playing. When everyone really couldn’t survive, they would still lend a helping hand, but soon they realized that they were too naive. On the first day, the two groups failed to give birth to the fire. When they were thirsty, they could only drink coconut water. If they could not find food, they would eat the bitter banana and the sour wild fruit. The taste was hard to say.

After barely supporting this day, everyone's lips have different levels of blisters and white skin, which looks like one. They finally understood that the program group wanted to put them all in the dead. If they didn't hurry and work hard, they wouldn't be out for three days and they would cry and cry and ask them to give them some food. It would be a shame!

" Distinguished guests, tell you an unfortunate news. There will be heavy rain after the night. Please prepare accordingly. We will not provide you with clean and refreshing laundry changes. You can do it yourself." The director risked his life. Danger said.

The guest who was sore and crying was really rebellious. When she took off her shoes, she went to the director.

"When you are out of gas, everyone is going to find food. You can see that your coconuts and fruits are not much. You will not be thirsty or starve to death later." The director helped the glasses on the nose, and the tone was very cold.

Huang Yingxue and Liang Mingzhen cried with a headache and said that they had been pitted by the program group. They should not come to participate in this damn program. But the more they cried, the more miserable they were, the more they loved watching. This is the fun of survival in the wilderness.

Instead of Lin Leyang's guest is a 20-year-old traffic student, called Yu Yu, very will come, see who is brother and sister called, very polite. He used the banner of the little crown and always followed Ji Ji, seemingly wanting to fill Xiao Jiashu's vacancy.

"Brother, are we going to make a fire today?" he asked, pointing to the drill tool he had built by Ji Ji.

"Try it first. If we don't, we will go to the water source and food." Ji Yan frowned and sat down. He didn't get a fire after he had drilled for a day yesterday, so it was hard to understand the primitive people. Because the tool is too simple, the speed of drilling wood can not be improved, it is difficult to rub the heat, and the small velvet grass used for the fire is not dry enough. Every time a fire star is blown, it will be blown off.

Ji Yan was surprised and disappointed in the whole day yesterday, and even today there is some despair.

"If we can't do it, we won't make a fire." He immediately made a decisive move. Fortunately, this is a recorded program, not a real wilderness, otherwise he will die on the island sooner or later.

Yu Yuyu nodded, "Nothing, no fire, we can still eat fruit, brother, don't put pressure on yourself." He sat on his knees and sat next to Ji Yan, looking at each other intently.The conscience of the program group has not yet died, so I sent a pair of gloves to Ji Ji, otherwise his palm has long been worn. When he was flying fast, his brain couldn't help but think about the small tree. He thought that if he stayed alone in the hotel, could he fall asleep at night, would he play the game again, would he forget to eat, would he be in the street? I was cheated by chaos...

Xiaoshu said that it was true. If he did not come along this time, Ji Yan would be very sad. Although he already knows the news he wants to participate in, Ji Ji will still be worried about it, and he will still be looking forward to it. For him, as long as you can see the little tree is the biggest surprise, it has nothing to do with knowing beforehand.

"Yeah! There is Mars!" Yu Yuyu’s exclamation interrupted Ji’s thoughts. He quickly picked up the wood and held it with his hands. He carefully blows the fire, but he did not know whether Yu Yu was intentional or not. Glanced at the mouth and blew his head.

Ji Yan hid a bit, and Mars was extinguished by the sea breeze, which made him very annoyed. He dropped the wood that had been burnt black, and he said, "Let's try it, I will leave."

Yu Yuyu looked up at him and his eyes were full of grievances. Vj immediately gave his face a close-up.

Ji Yan did not say anything, went straight, privately looking for the director to ask Xiaoshu to arrive at the island.

"Xiao Jiashu has already set off. It will take an hour to arrive. He will take a yacht and come over, you will be able to go fishing in the sea."

“Is there still an hour?” Ji Yan looked at his watch and his brow was very tight. After being separated from the director, he returned to the camp and found that Yu Yu was holding his palm and tears. It seemed to be hurt, and he was even more annoyed. He gradually discovered that even if he was with the small tree, but as long as he left him for too long, he would still be unable to control his temper, and he could not concentrate on anything and see nothing.

"What happened to you?" he asked as he pressed his temper.

"My palm is worn out." Yu Yuyu raised his white palm and said with tears.

It’s strange that if the little tree reveals this expression, Ji Yan will only feel cute, and then feel distressed, but for another person, he feels that the other party is too weak. What is the broken hand, Xiaoshu had lost a layer of skin on the entire sole of the foot, and he did not see a cry.

No, this can't really be thought of, and I think the season will blow up. He pressed his heart and asked, "Is the director not giving you a glove? You didn't wear it?"

Yu Yuyu's face was slightly stiff and whispered. "I forgot." As he spoke, he began to look for the many pockets on the overalls, and finally found the gloves from the back of the buttocks.

"Hey, this is a sewing kit, puncture the blisters, but don't open the skin." Ji Yan handed the sewing kit over, then took the wood and continued drilling. He looks at his watch every few minutes, and his mood is more and more impetuous. When I was with the little tree, an hour seemed like a blink of an eye. Leaving him, an hour is as long as a year. It turns out that this is the feeling of "everyday," the ancients would describe it.

Yu Yuyu clumsily picked up a needle to pick up the blisters, and Huang Yingxue and Yu Baixiu, who went out looking for food, came back with a hard color."Yeah, the little fish palms are blistering? Come here, my sister will help you pick." Huang Yingxue quickly grabbed Yu Yu's hand. Yu Yuyu approached her and whispered, "Sister, does Ji Ge not like me? He doesn't talk to me very much."

"No, he is like everyone." Huang Yingxue, who has already recorded three episodes, will never think that Ji Wei is a gentle and amiable person. On the contrary, he maintains a distance not far from anyone, no. It will make you feel embarrassed, but it will not be much better. It is a delusion to try to establish an intimate relationship with him.

At first, Huang Yingxue thought that she could get the benefits of the season with her own beauty and gender. But from the first episode, she realized that what is good to treat is simply an idiot. He didn’t make a woman a man, and it’s not a good idea to make a man a farmer. It is. Of course, there are exceptions. It is a pity that the person quits only half of the episode, otherwise their days will be much better.

When Huang Yingxue was thinking about it, Yu Baixiu screamed. "Captain, we only found this thing, I don't know enough to eat." He put down the package made of jacket and showed today's spoils - a coconut, a few jujubes, A bunch of green bananas.

After the show was aired, they knew that the season was too high, so they took the initiative to take the task of picking coconuts. However, Yu Baixiu would not climb the tree at all. After trying several times, she could not go up. She had to take a stone and take a bamboo pole. After a long time, she got a coconut and the shell was still black. I don’t know if it was rotten.

How is a coconut divided into four? Everyone will be thirsty, right?

Ji Yan also realized the seriousness of the problem and sighed. "It seems that we can live without fire. We can distill fresh water from the sea with fire."

"Yeah, neither I nor Ying Xue will climb the tree. The palm of the fish is broken. The only way now is to distill the sea water or collect the dew." Yu Baixiu wiped his face and never felt so difficult to survive. Collecting dew is too much trouble, and the water that I got in a few hours is not enough to drink.

"Then take turns to drill wood." Ji Yan took the road.

When the red team members blinked around the wood, the blue team did not have such troubles. Shi Tingheng will climb the tree, how many coconuts can be picked, and the food is also fruit, which can be eaten raw. They also tried to get fire from the wood, and they failed to succeed. They quickly gave up.

Don't think that it is easy to get a fire from a wood. A senior explorer has done live broadcasts. It took 12 days for the fire to be a fire. It is the biggest challenge in the wilderness. Afterwards, he warned everyone not to be too attached to the fire, there is, there is no way, unless you intend to live in the wild for several years.

After being busy for a long time, Huang Yingxue took off his gloves and threw it on the ground and collapsed. "Axi, the old lady is not doing it! You are cheering, whoever fires the fire today, I will call his father!"

"If you can give birth to the fire, I will call your mother to do it." Yu Baixiu has completely ignored the image.

"I will try again." Yu Yuyu whispered.

Ji Yan brows very tightly, I really want to throw this piece of wood far into the sea. Vj pointed at his face and photographed his irritating expression.Just then, a yacht sailed on the sea level, and one stood on the side of the ship and waved. Ji Xian first smashed it, then threw away the wood and ran to the beach, and the hand was placed on the awning. The yacht was getting closer and closer, and the people on the boat grabbed the railing and tried to lean forward. They shouted, "I am coming here!"

The face of the season was tense and the face was finally relieved, and the lips were slightly tilted and smiled cheerfully. He waved his hand and nervously said, "Don't lie on the railing, be careful to fall!"

"Oh!" Xiao Jiashu, who was rushing to the horse, quickly retreated, standing on the deck and squatting, his neck stretched out, as if he could see Ji Ge more clearly. If he can, he can't wait to jump off the sea and swim to the quarter.

"You have a good time?" He jumped high. "Is you thinking about me?" He jumped high again. "Jie Ge, hell, look at me..." He jumped and jumped. Actually sang like a rabbit excited to the extreme.

Ji Yan held his forehead and laughed loudly. The bad night of this day and night was all offset by the surprise at this moment.

Huang Yingxue and Yu Baixiu and others have long laughed and couldn’t stand the waist, and almost fell into the sea. In the first episode, they knew that Xiao Jiashu was definitely a funny bear of the Red Team. With him, everyone’s days will definitely be better.

The author has something to say: I have mistaken the functions of pd and vj in the past, and it is not good to change the text frequently in the serial, sorry! I have corrected all of this since the beginning of this chapter.

Pd=prgra diretr, is the director of the program or artistic director.

Vj=visual jkey, portable photographer.

No culture is terrible, hehe!

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