How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 114 Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Chapter 114

On the first day of cohabitation, Xiao Jiashu, who just woke up, had a good time to figure out where he was. At the same time, Ji Yan opened his eyes and mute, "Small tree, come over and let me hug." He held out a hand, Xiao Jiashu naturally raised his head and put it on his arm, stupidly Looking at the ceiling.

"Turn around and look at me." Ji Yan opened his mouth again.

Xiao Jiashu ordered an action, slowly squatting sideways, facing Ji Ge, both hands rubbing their eyes, and there was still a slumber on his face.

Ji Yan felt much better. One hand went around, took the lover's shoulder, and dragged him into his arms. One hand plunged into his loose pajama pants and kneaded the place where he quietly reacted. Just as Xiaoshu is eager for his attention all the time, his possessiveness to the little tree is also very strong. He always wants to hug him when he wakes up in the morning, and he must face to face and can look directly into his eyes. He can also get to his lips a little closer, and he can easily control his body.

Xiao Jiashu was not fully awake and was pulled into the whirlpool of desire by Ji Ge. His cheeks were stained with two blushes, like drunk, with some crystal tears in his eyes. He looked pitiful and cute, and his nose was gently licked. A few times, it seems to be very comfortable.

He reached out and hugged Ji Ge tightly, his fingertips scratched his back for a while, then he was completely soft, and buried his face in Ji's chest and snorted and gasped. Is this the same life in cohabitation? Sleep well at night, eat well in the morning, two meals a day, three or even four meals is not a dream, this is awesome!

He thought about it in confusion, but he heard that Ji Ge whispered and laughed and his chest was shaking.

"Jie Ge, you smiled really well, my ears are all your heartbeat, and you can't get through," he said with sincerity. "I will sleep on your chest every night, listening to your heartbeat, so that Especially comfortable, especially safe."

Perhaps because of the lack of fatherly love, or perhaps because of childhood experience, he is very insecure, and he needs to brew for several hours at night to fall asleep, so he will be hooked on online games. But now with Ji Ge, he can fall asleep with almost a pillow, of course, this is to satisfy the desire.

Marriage is so good, both physically and mentally, seems to have been cured. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought of it.

Ji Yan's laughter suddenly stopped, and he slammed into his arms, patiently and incomparably gently patted him light. The naked back.

The two people got stuck in the bed for a long time before they got up. They checked Baidu's pot of porridge, only mixed with some sugar but also enjoyed it. I chose the clothes I wanted to wear for each other. When I was wearing a tie, I was very close to each other. It was almost ten o'clock before I rushed to the company.

After Ji Ge was separated from the elevator, Xiao Jiashu smiled and went to Huang Meixuan.

"Oh, our two young masters are finally back!" Huang Meixuan smiled and said with a smile, "You can really, stay in the United States for so long, no assistant, don't call the phone every day." I thought that you are not going to come back in this life!""Where can I be Mei Xuan, I am not coming back? I went to the United States when I was very young. I was used to being there. I really don't need someone else to take care of me." Xiao Jiashu went to Huang Meixuan and massaged her. "Sister, you seem to have lost weight recently, and your skin has become better. Are you in love?"

"Get out of the way, don't give the old lady a fascinating soup. I think you are thin, and your face is like a peeled egg. It can shine. You said, are you in love?" Huang Meixuan asked, "Let's see what you recently sent." Weibo, the silhouette and the jade hand, is definitely the rhythm of love. If you really get together with others, you must tell me, I will help you make a public relations plan, so that you will not be beaten by the paparazzi. We have no time to react."

Xiao Jiashu opened the microblog and looked at the photos, suddenly smirked. Ji Ge's hand is very slender and very beautiful, but because he holds the cup, he can't see the specific size, so the netizens think it is a woman's hand.

Jade hand, hahahaha! He smiled and looked at the comments while he was listening to Huang Meixuan. Huang Meixuan couldn't manage this little ancestor, so he had to put a script into his arms and let him go home and choose slowly.

When he saw the script, Xiao Jiashu suddenly remembered that he and Ji Ge were not unemployed, they had to work, and they were very busy. The film is not mentioned for the time being, Ji Ge must have finished the first season of "Wild Adventurer" in the last time, that is to say, every ten days and a half, he will go overseas to record the program, when they will not see it!

"Mexuan sister, I want to continue to participate in "Wildness Adventurer", you will arrange for me!" He said quickly.

"I am also trying to tell you about this. Yesterday, the ratings have been counted. The highest has reached 1.8%, ranking first in the same stage variety show, and the lowest is 1.5, and after you left. You The interaction with Ji Ji is very harmonious and friendly. Now the online is burning your brothers. The first, second and third topics in the hot search list are #季冕恐高#,#肖嘉树恐高#,#季冕Xiao Jiashu thought that the other party didn't know that he was afraid of height #, you look at what the ghost is, the old lady's head is fainted by you. But this is not important, the important thing is that you are on fire, the program group wants to take you and Ji Yan Bundled together to form a brother p, continue to gain the attention of fans. Just now the producer of "Wild Adventurer" has come to me, I called you, you didn't pick up, I said let her come back later. If you don't want to I will help you push it, if you want to go, I will not stop you, but you must pay attention to safety!"

"Well, you can hurry up and find the producer. Let's talk about the contract first." Xiao Jiashu urged.

Huang Meixuan glanced at him, and this made a call to the producer. The other party arrived very quickly, and the attitude was very diligent. "Look, this is just the last night. The interaction between Ji Zonghe and Xiao Jiashu in the program has been edited by netizens to make tv, and the traffic is higher than the original video. The fire is very bad. I personally think that we are not as hot as a hot iron. The reality show is particularly sucking powder, this Mei Xuan sister should know.""There will be a renewal." Xiao Jia trunk nodded crisply. He can't be impatient with these people. It's just a contract that can be talked about for three or four hours.

"That's great. We can add some extras. We have already finished the third episode. The fourth episode will be filmed in two days. The guests will also be settled. You will start from the fifth episode. Let's go."

Xiao Jiashu exploded when he heard this, and strongly urged to sign from the fourth episode. In the next two days, if the brother is gone, what should he do if he stays in Beijing? He must not sleep all night.

The producers are also worried that the participation in Xiao Jiashu will affect the ratings in the next few episodes. After careful consideration, they will agree. Let him play as a mysterious guest. No one will tell, leaving a surprise to the audience.

"Whoever tells, Ji Ge does not know that I am going to go?" Xiao Jiashu frowned.

"Of course, we won't tell you who this mysterious guest is. If you go out, there is no surprise. You can't reveal this on social media, leaving the suspense to the end, the show must be great."

After several persuasion by the producers, Xiao Jiashu finally agreed. He walked into Ji's office with a glimpse of the script, and he looked at it with a lot of thoughts.

"What's wrong?" Ji Yan put down the file and looked up at him.

"Jie Ge, this is the script I just received. You can choose one for me. I don't have a good eye for the script, I am afraid to meet the giant pit like "Shuanglong Legend." Xiao Jiashu moved the chair opposite the desk. To Ji Ge, next to him sat down, the two feet shook his shoes and shook his shoes, and put his ankles into Ji's arms.

Ji Yan wrapped his feet in his palm and kneaded. "Yes, I will help you."

Xiao Jiashu leaned back on the back of the chair and looked at Ji's side face intently. His feet twisted and twisted in the left side of his palm, which was extremely restless. Even if Ji Ge stayed close to him, but as long as his mind was not completely placed on him, he would try to do something to get his attention.

Ji Yan suddenly turned his head and looked at him. He smiled shortly. Then he kissed him and kissed his thin and pink lips. His voice was soft. "Hey, let me see the general content first."

"Good." Xiao Jiashu licked his lips, blinked, and his expression was full. Well, this kiss will allow him to last half an hour, and then do things after half an hour.

Before he came, he had already picked up the scripts. He recently removed the first shots. He was so happy to marry Ji Ge. He had to enjoy a happy marriage life to have a motivation to work. The kiss and bed scenes were also removed. He is unwilling to have intimate physical contact with anyone other than Ji Ge.

After several rounds of screening, there are not many scripts left, and Xiao Jiashu used it to show Ji Ge.Ji Yan laughed while listening to the script. It is said that men do not like too much sticky partner, but that is only for most men, Ji Yan is a different kind. He has been abandoned by his parents, so he prefers the feeling of being needed and being relied upon. When Xiaoshu wholeheartedly trusts him and relies on him; when Xiaoshu tries his best to attract his attention, and he is not willing to leave him anyway, he will have a special sense of belonging and a deep joy. And satisfied.

No one knows how happy he is in his heart. He feels that his existence is valuable, and it is indispensable like oxygen, so the impetuous heart naturally settles down.

He never felt that the tree was annoying, and he never thought about letting himself be self-reliant. Since he grew up under the protection of his mother for the rest of his life, then the next half of his life can naturally grow old under the care of his lover. There is nothing wrong with it.

Thinking of this, Ji Yan once again leaned over to kiss the little tree.

Xiao Jiashu readily accepted the kiss and secretly said: The kisses superimposed within ten minutes are not counted. The battery life is still half an hour. After half an hour, I have to charge! He felt that he was too naive and too sticky, so he didn't dare to let Ji Ge know that he could only do some innocuous little moves.

Ji Yan hits his lips with his fists, lest he laugh out loud.

Xiao Jiashu squatted on the desk with one hand on his head and one hand to play Jige's cufflinks. His eyes never left him. He had regretted the promise of the producer just now, and he did not know whether he should tell Ji Ge. Although it is really romantic to have a small surprise between partners, this time it is obviously not suitable.

Ji Ge will ask him if he wants to go together before he leaves, but he obviously wants to go but can't go. What is the mood of Ji Ge? Disappointment, sadness, disappointment... all kinds of negative emotions will always linger in his heart, and the bad state continues from the beginning of the journey to the middle of the shooting. Compared with the anxiety of several days, what can be a short moment of surprise?

Be a fart! Compared with the heart, Xiao Jiashu would rather not have this surprise, and hope that from the beginning, Ji Ge will be with him. He has already promised to go through Ji Ge. He will tell him without reservation in the future, no matter how he can go back. This is the agreement of their whole life!

Thinking of Xiao Jiashu's face here, it seems that he has made up his mind.

Ji Yan had already lost sight of the script, and there was some kind of intense emotion in the deep scorpion. He is very convinced that he must have done something great in his life, such as saving the world, and God will send the small tree to him.

He reluctantly suppressed the instigation in his heart and was about to speak. The little tree spoke first. "Jie Ge, I want to tell you something."

"What is it?" Ji Yan looked at him with a deep expression."I just signed the contract for the fourth episode of "Wild Adventurer". I can go to work with you in two days, but the producers let me play as a mysterious guest, saying that I want to create a surprise for the audience, so I have to kneel. You go alone. I originally thought that there was a little surprise in life, but I decided to tell you after seriously considering it. I don't want you to go out with disappointment, and I don't want you to sit alone for more than ten hours. I don't want you to always remember me when shooting."

Xiao Jiashu scratched his gang and shyly said, "Jie Ge, I know that if I can't go with you, you will be very, very sad, I don't want you to be sad. We are not saying that, no matter what happens in life, I have to tell each other, I am telling you now, the surprise is gone, will it be very unpleasant?"

Ji Yan shook his head. "No, you are the biggest surprise in my life." Yes, as long as the small tree stays by his side, surprises will happen to him all the time.

Xiao Jiashu’s face, which hadn’t been red for a long time, was red and bloody. He stretched out his arms to hug his brother, and his voice was soft. “I found out that you’re actually sweet and sweet. I’m so important?”

"Important," Ji Yan looked down at him with a serious tone. "It's very important, far more than anyone, far beyond your imagination." For him, Xiaoshu is the beginning of the future. It is also the end of the past.

Oops, I can't do it, I am so happy that I am dizzy! Xiao Jiashu put his head on Ji's chest and thought of it. For him, Ji Ge is equally important. With Ji Ge’s hand, he can not worry about falling, nor worry about getting lost. The road under his feet has never been so clear and so solid.

In short, they all met the best people at the best of times.

Ji Yan silently felt the heart of Xiao Shu, and could not help but laugh. He held him into his arms, holding his face, patiently kissing his already opened lips, his tongue licking his white teeth and exploring the entrance cavity, intertwined with his tongue. His movements are very gentle, and he is also a little cautious, as if it is a candy in his mouth, it will be lost if you don't pay attention.

He kissed very slowly, very long, and every sensitive corner would take care of it, then hooked the tongue of the small tree into his mouth and swallowed the saliva he brought. The kiss was light and fluttering, as if walking in the clouds; it was heavy and seemed to fall into the heart.

Xiao Jiashu, who always kisses and kisses and forgets to breathe, has no signs of breathing difficulties. He felt that he was being cared for by Ji Ge, and that every hair was posted, and every pore was comfortable. He unknowingly hung on the neck of Ji Ge, his body soft like a pool of water.

He leaned his head and changed his angle to kiss Ji Ge. The tip of his tongue was close to his tongue. If every season brother kisses him in such a gentle way, he feels that they can go to the kissing game, and it is no problem to kiss for three days and three nights.But three days and three nights are obviously impossible. After about ten minutes, Fang Kun pushed in and shouted. "Ji Ge, I just received an email, you see... ah, sorry, you guys. Continue!" He slammed the door and slammed a trough.

During the day, and still in the office where people come and go, you can really have a kind of season! Have you been a dog with a little cautiousness, cherished feathers, and privacy?

Ji Yan ended this sweet to the extreme kiss, wiped the saliva of the small tree's lips with his thumb, kissed his blushing eyes, and sat him on the chair on one side, the language was soft, "I will handle the business first." I will continue later."

"Do you want to continue?" Xiao Jiashu licked his lips as if he was surprised, but his heart was full of joy. This kind of kiss is no more than the kiss of the chicken glutinous rice, enough for him to last a long time.

Ji Yan almost couldn't help but laugh out loud. He only heard of deep kisses, dry kisses, wet kisses, lips and kisses, but I have never heard of the kisses of chickens and glutinous rice. Is this definitely invented by Xiaoshu? So cute……

"Yes, continue, don't you want it?" He punched his lips and struggled.

"I want to," Xiao Jiashu jumped off the chair and urged, "I am going to the toilet. After you come back, you have to talk!"

"Okay." Ji Yan bent over to help him pick up his shoes and put them one by one.

Xiao Jiashu quickly kissed Ji Ge's head and ran away. Ji Yan’s face smiled lowly. After a while, he changed into a serious expression and said, “Come in, remember to knock on the door later.”


Xiao Jiashu finished the toilet and was about to wash his hands, but he saw Lin Leyang walk in, followed by a 16-year-old boy, who was talking and laughing.

Recently, "Lovers" is being shown in the theater, and the audience responded very well. Perhaps because of the loss of love, Lin Leyang performed an anti-social personality metamorphosis, and also won the affirmation of the film critics. In one fell swoop, he won the title of the powerful student, and the future is very optimistic.

Although the "Wild Adventurer" just broadcasted him suffered some negative, face. Commentary, but because of the proper public relations, the storm quickly subsided. Ji Yan will not ruin his own artists without any reason. If the artist develops well, the company will eventually make a profit. This is a win-win situation.

When I saw Xiao Jiashu, Lin Leyang groaned, but I didn’t know how to face it. Every day, he pays attention to Xiao Jiashu and Ji Wei's Weibo. Naturally, they know that they are already together, and his lie must be dismantled. This is not an ordinary embarrassment.

Now think of it, he can't believe that those who make such a despicable move will be themselves.

If he didn't see each other, Xiao Jiashu almost forgot to have Lin Leyang. He grabbed the collar of the other person, pulled him into the bathroom, slammed his fist on his abdomen and gritted his teeth. "Lin Leyang, I have long wanted to do this!"

Lin Leyang couldn’t stand the waist, but he did not resist at all. However, the little boys who were on the same road kept on blocking and shouted indignantly. "Hey, how can you beat people! Here is the studio, not Where can you wilderness!""I will be wild, how can you?" After a punch, Xiao Jiashu's full of suffocation was scattered, and the slightly messy shirt was pulled back to the trousers and washed again, which left without delay.

The little boy seemed to be very convinced. He ran to the president's office and went to the door without knocking. He slammed the previous thing. Lin Ge is a newcomer to the company, and Ji Zong will never sit back and ignore.

Lin Leyang couldn't hold him, so he had to follow the past quickly, and his expression was not embarrassing.

On the contrary, Xiao Jiashu was a late step and stood at the door with anger.

"Where is it?" Ji Yan put down the documents, the tone is indifferent.

"Tummy." The little boy wanted to open Lin Leyang's clothes, but he was stunned by him.

"Isn't it that I won't finish my face? It doesn't affect your recent publicity." Ji Yan looked at his lover and found that he was still squinting for a second, screaming at the gang, a look of his own theory, next The second has opened his mouth and smiled and smacked his own kiss, and suddenly smiled cheerfully.

He calmly and calmly said, "The past has been turned over, and I will work hard in the future."

"Good season, I will work hard." Lin Leyang nodded again and then pulled out the little boys in the horror.

Ji Yanchong greeted the beloved, and his voice was smug. "What did you do just now, I thought I would marry you?"

"You dare! If you marry me, I will, I will..." Xiao Jiashu stuck in the shell, scratching his head and thinking about it for a long time, and did not know how to punish Ji Ge. I want to say that I will ignore you, this can't be done; I want to say that I won't let you climb my bed, this can't be done! Is this punishing Ji Ge or punishing himself?

After a few minutes, he opened his mouth like a fierce one. "I will eat garlic and kiss you again!"

puff! Ji Yan really laughed and sprayed him into his arms and kissed him. "That's right, I like the kiss of garlic."

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