How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 113 Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Chapter 113

As the head of the Jiyujing City Support Group, Qiu Lingling was a bit annoyed recently because her best girlfriend, Suanna, had rebelled. Suanna was originally one of the backbones of the Jiyu National Support Group. She has organized many very successful support activities. But just this year, she quietly withdrew from the support group, and did not even explain one sentence.

If only this is the case, but Qiu Lingling recently found out that she actually formed a group of p, when the group owner, the powder p is the season and Xiao Jiashu, this is a cult! As a pure powder, Qiu Lingling's most annoying thing is p powder, idol does not mean anything, you are just below the lazy, pull is still a man, who do you think you are?

Qiu Lingling repeatedly persuaded Suanna to turn back to the shore, the other party refused, and in turn gave her Amway this pair of p, it was funny!

Seeing the call of girlfriends, Qiu Lingling’s heart was tens of thousands of unhappy, but she still picked up the phone and was very angry. “What are you doing? I tell you, if you don’t revoke the p group, I will ignore you later! There is no future in the circle. You look at so many pairs of p in the past, what kind of success has it? Men and women p will forget, you are still a male p, when the season god is married, you cry!"

"I don't tell you more, you don't understand." Suanna said with a smile. "Tonight, the first episode of "Wild Adventurer" is broadcast in the first episode of the first season. You remember to watch it! Ji Shen and Xiao Sapling are all participating. It must be very sweet and nice!"

"Get out of the way, there is Xiao Jiashu, I definitely don't look at it!" Qiu Lingling hangs up the phone irritably, very worried that these growing p powder will cause trouble for the idol. Idol has been working in the entertainment industry for so many years. I have never passed a gossip with a female star, but I gave it to a male star for the first time. What is this? Is homosexual glorious? These p powders are simply no brains, pit idol professional households!

In the future, if anyone dares to mention the word "Xiao Jiashu" in the support group, it is absolutely necessary to expel the person permanently! Qiu Lingling just made up her mind and found that it was half past eight, which is the time when the Wilderness Adventurer started. Although I am very disgusted with Xiao Jiashu, but after all, idols are still taking a look.

She opened the computer with integrity and waited for the advertisement and the title. The picture turned, a tropical island like a paradise appeared in the field of vision. A group of handsome men and women jumped from the helicopter and carried a lot of luggage. Because of the relationship between girlfriends, Qiu Lingling pays more attention to Xiao Jiashu than others. Then she has to admit that this kid is really handsome, the skin is white and delicate, shining under the sunlight, obviously it is plain, but it is better. Huang Yingxue of makeup is also eye-catching.

His facial features are very deep and three-dimensional, a feeling of mixed-race, is the kind of aggressive and beautiful, completely different from the popular soft and soft meat. So when he has a face, it looks particularly proud and cold, coupled with his illustrious family, naturally let people retreat.

After the guests met each other, they quickly became a one. Only he stood on the far side, nodding politely, bending over and not talking.Seeing this, Qiu Lingling secretly sighed, "What are you swearing, rich people are great?" Yes, she is the enemy, she just can't get used to this kind of son, how to drop? What street wandering, donating money to do charity, are all fake, used for speculation? If the season god has always been quite you, do you think you will have it now?

Qiu Lingling knows that the entertainment industry is not simple. Like the star god, the star with no background and grassroots origin, there must be a lot of places. Xiao Jiashu is the son of Xue Yu. How close is Xue Yu’s network in the entertainment circle? It’s hard to imagine anyone. If she sends a message to let the gods take care of Xiao Jiashu, can the season God not do it?

Also p, obviously it is to force people!

Qiu Lingling kept looking at the cool and very awkward Xiao Shaoye, but suddenly found that he had a smile, this smile reflected the sun and Ling Lingboguang, instantly melting the frost on his face. The eyebrows that he flew into the shackles became more and more high, and Qiu Lingling remembered the idiom "Browth and Dance". His eyes are crooked into a crescent shape, and the pink thin lips are slightly tilted to reveal the white teeth. The original handsome and cold face looks childish in an instant, and the joy of overflowing the eyelids will infect the people around you. .

Qiu Lingling wants to know what he has seen so happy. When he looks at him in the sight of his eyes, he discovers the grand opening of the season.

Did Xiao Jiashu like the god of the season so much that he would stop laughing when he saw him? As soon as this thought emerged, Qiu Lingling felt a very strange feeling in her heart. This value is really killing people! She had clearly resisted this pair of p, but she saw that the two men looked at each other and laughed, but they did not feel discouraged or disgusting, but they were somewhat agitated.

Ok, look at what you like about the gods, and you can be less annoyed. Qiu Lingling snorted and looked at the eyes of the two people and became unaware.

The two captains began to select the team members, and others could drill forward. Only Xiao Jiashu hid behind, but was still ordered by Shi Tingheng, so that Qiu Lingling couldn't help but laugh. Ok, well, she admits that her head and shoulders are shrinking, and that Xiao Jiashu, who is trying to stuff one meter and eight three into the one-seven-three-year-old Zhu Xiaolong, is a little cute, so let the gods choose you!

When it was the turn of the season to select the team members, Qiu Lingling accepted the fact that he would pick Xiao Jiashu, so the old god was watching, but what happened? Xiao Jiashu left and right, squatting, Jishen, are you blind and old? Do you really have a crush on Xiao Jiashu, but he is forced to take care of him?

Qiu Lingling does not admit that she is anxious for Xiao Jiashu. She is absolutely pure powder, pure can not be pure! However, when Ji Shen smiled and reached out to Xiao Jiashu, and took him into his arms and beat his back to caress his head, she spit out a long breath.

The two people smiled so sweetly, one with their heads up, one with their heads lowered and their eyes only with each other. Undoubtedly, they like each other very much, and they are very concerned about each other. Ji Shen did not hesitate before, just teasing Xiao Jiashu. Good pet, good!Qiu Lingling stared at the screen with her eyes brightly, not knowing that she was smirking. She took the pillow that was thrown aside into her arms and looked a few times. She seemed to want to run away from the weird incitement.

A lot of black powder bullets reprimanded: I am so annoying, Xiao Jiashu began to tie up the seasons. Ji Yan is too l, and is used repeatedly by a small newcomer, not afraid of the decline in popularity.

Falling your mother! With our fans, Ji Shen is always the innocent king of entertainment! Qiu Lingling made a barrage with a sigh of relief. When she looked up, she found that the red team had already set off. She originally thought that Ji Shen must be more cared for by Huang Yingxue. After all, she was so beautiful and the only girl in the team, but the season god only asked politely, there was no extra care. He squeezed from the front to the back, directly holding Xiao Jiashu half and taking him all the way.

Xiao Jiashu's face is red and her eyes are wet, and she looks more beautiful. A lot of black powder is his temperament, a big man is not as good as Huang Yingxue, but when the gods took off his shoes and socks and exposed his blistered soles, everyone was speechless. What kind of care is it necessary to find his strangeness in Xiao Jiashu’s deliberate silence? Before you know, Xiao Jiashu didn't scream a pain, and the walking posture was normal, like no one!

Ji Shen did not dirtyly smash the sand on the bottom of his foot and apply medicine to him. When he was interested in Xiao Jiashu's foot odor, and Xiao Jiashu actually lifted his foot and sniffed, he smiled so easily and cheerfully. Xiao Jiashu’s face blushed, and his eyes were sparkling, so he looked so admired...

Axi! Qiu Lingling beat her pillow, silent. Hey! This picture is so warm and sweet, even the screen seems to be pink, she must have a problem with her eyes!

When she finally got rid of the fast heart rate, the red team had reached the top of the mountain. The show group asked them to send a person to the cliff to get food. Xiao Jiashu stopped the season and refused to let him go. He also had black powder to say that he deliberately pretended to pretend. Concerned about the appearance of Ji Ji, in fact, is stealing the limelight.

Qiu Lingling frowned, and for the first time she was disgusted with Xiao Jiashu's behavior. As the captain of the season, he must have gone down at this time. Didn't you see that Shi Tingheng next to him went down? If you stop right and left, do you want to highlight yourself or want to drag the season god?

The season gods have always been strong, decisive, and calm, and he can certainly accomplish this task. When you grind, do you know that you are giving the victory to the blue team?

"Axi, you stop a fart, let me idol go down, but he is a very strong person who wants to win and lose, you add less to him! In the trough, he goes down, you kneel on the cliff to make a stunned Who is the look of the ghost who wants to cry? This kind of sport is not too simple for the season god. Is your fucking acting overplaying?" Qiu Lingling countlessly counts.

She found that she seemed to miscalculate Xiao Jiashu. Where is he cool? He is purely a playful thing!

There are still many people who agree with her thoughts. They have made a statement and said: Do you care about idols? The acting is too exaggerated!Xiao Jiashu originally wanted to please Mr. Ji, and the result was too strong. Look at his expression, like the teacher who wants to go to death like Ji? It’s no wonder that the season teacher is bothering him and letting him go far. Hahahaha, I saw this scene for me!

When the program was broadcast to this stage, Xiao Jiashu's black powder was unprecedentedly active, and the small crowns also rushed out and begged Xiao Jiashu not to use his own idol acting. Do you respect your predecessors? k! Are you concerned about idols? k! But please don't be too pretentious, so it is easy to be disgusting, and even lower the style of the season god.

When the red team took a pack of instant noodles down the hill, Qiu Lingling was still full of heart. If it wasn’t for Xiao Jiashu’s time to waste his idol, they could have eaten fresh meat dishes tonight. I did not expect that there are people in the male star who have taken the "Little White Flower" route. It is amazing!

Fortunately, Huang Yingxue is a person who lives at home. He cooked the noodles into a seafood dinner and saved everyone's stomach. She originally took the route of the royal sister, and her appearance was also very beautiful. It looked like a flower of Gaoling, which was difficult to access. However, in this program, she broke the inherent design and established a more intimate image for herself, so she was recognized by the audience.

Her popularity is only behind Ji Xian and Shi Tingheng, and Xiao Jiashu is undoubtedly the bottom of the existence. It is enough to set up a collapse and a person to set up. It seems that only one lens is needed, so if you don’t have a diamond, you don’t want to take the porcelain work, and when you have it, you will be poked.

"The reality show is really not everyone can participate." Qiu Lingling whispered a word, but saw the season to avoid the team members went to the corner, came a soul monologue.

Hat! Did the season god have a fear of heights? When everyone thought he could do anything, only Xiao Jiashu felt his vulnerability, so he wanted to replace him. This is not counting, Xiao Jiashu is also afraid of high, they think each other does not know, so they want to bear this fear alone.

It’s not a superb act, it’s not too much force, and it’s not for himself. Xiao Jiashu is really worried about Ji Ji. When he was kneeling down on the cliff, no one knew what kind of fear he was suffering. Only Ji Xian could understand, so he could not let him go a little farther and more.

They are all scared, but care and care for each other transcends everything!

Qiu Lingling blushed. After a long time, she spit out two words. "Mom!" As the head of the Jiyu support group, she did not know that the idol was afraid of heights. She also told him when Xiao Jiashu stood up to protect the idol. How much is this? Is she also worthy of a small crown?

What is more embarrassing than her is those who are stunned by Xiao Jiashu. The original number of bullets that disappeared in an instant disappeared. It took a while for a string of blood red characters to appear - this is true love! Say that Xiao Jiashu grabs the limelight, where have you been? Xiaojia, who said that Xiao Jiashu used the season to give himself a play, where have you been? Do you know if you are afraid of high idols?Qiu Lingling licks her face. Hey, if there is a seam on the ground, she will definitely get into it! How much she was disgusted with Xiao Jiashu, how much she likes now, and has a deep sense of identity with him. She poured the video backwards and watched him crouch on the cliff to watch the season, and suddenly began to have a sore nose.

His leg was soft, and he almost couldn’t stand it, so he would kneel down? How scared is this? I am so afraid that I am not willing to leave. I want to replace the season, how deep is his feelings for Ji Ji?

Qiu Lingling blocked her mouth and nose with a pillow and felt that she was about to suffocate. I like it so much like Xiao Jiashu! I like him lying on the ground, and he is not willing to take care of the small appearance of the season. Because I am too worried, so I lost my temper? Hahaha, so cute!

Unconsciously, Qiu Lingling’s posture was turned from lazily to her hands and she stared at the screen without hesitation. She began to pay attention to the interaction between the two, as long as they look at each other and smile, they will feel particularly sweet and warm.

Such feelings can't be disguised anyway.

But the good times did not last long. On the second day, Xiao Jiashu’s attitude changed. He began to silence. The bright eyes were gray and seemed to hide a lot of thoughts. When he was on the road, Ji Yan always looked back at him and called his name. He smiled politely and did not say anything extra.

Once, twice, three times... Qiu Lingling silently counted the number of times that Ji Yan called Xiao Jiashu, and complained, "Why are you ignoring the season gods, love the novel network? Was it taken care of too much yesterday, worried about causing the audience to resent So, do you want to be independent today? Don't, let the season god take care of you, what's wrong with him? He will treat you as a younger brother!"

However, the situation has not improved. In the lens, the interaction between the two people has been significantly reduced. Xiao Jiashu, who always turns around the season, avoids contact with him uncharacteristically. Originally worried that the two men walked too close to cause bad rumors, Qiu Lingling's heart, liver, spleen and lungs began to stab.

She wants to see interaction, ah!

The audience with the same thoughts as her is obviously more than she imagined. The barrage is smeared, and all the questions are asking Xiao Jiashu, why not act with Ji Ji. These two people are the biggest highlights of the show. They are separated and the show is flat.

In the end, Xiao Jiashu actually quit the shooting because of the soles of the feet, I rely on! What else is there to look at? No wonder he doesn't like to talk. Is he worried that Ji Ji will detect him and leave him? He must have liked to complete the full course of the season, so he was silent and strong.

Qiu Lingling, who had made up a lot of plots in the brain, was moved. She took a paper towel and rubbed her eyes, and her heart was full of pity. She originally thought that the program behind it would not look good. After all, the most cute person has already left, but she has to admit that it is really fun to play the god of the temper without Xiao Jiashu, hahaha!

The blind man can see that he is very annoyed, but as soon as the player mentions Xiao Jiashu, he will use him as a shield, and he will return to a gentle normal state in one second. Some people think that he is too strict with the team members, but it is just building a house and picking a fruit. Do you want to make such a fuss?But the sudden rain and flash floods proved that he was absolutely right. If it wasn't for him to take the initiative to save people, Lin Leyang and Huang Yingxue are probably no longer there.

The audience was first stunned and then admired his courage. For a time, he was innumerable, and Lin Leyang and Huang Yingxue had a slap in the face. Huang Yingxue was fine. She was a girl after all, and took the initiative to take responsibility. On the contrary, Lin Leyang did not even grow.

Ji Ji did not blame the two after the incident, but reluctantly announced that the program was over. In the early period, the high-sweetness and softness of the early stage added a lot of explosion points for this program, while Xiao Jiashu, who had withdrawn from the middle, was on fire. Many of the previous black materials were invisibly washed by the program group.

If he can't eat it, can he endure it and endure it? If he plays big cards, can he respect his predecessors? You said that he is loaded? Well, I will cut off a layer of meat on the bottom of your foot. You will give me a few hills to try!

The program group invited so many traffic big coffee, only Xiao Meng new Xiao Jiashu has become one of the most concerned three people, only behind Shi Tingheng. Lin Leyang directly bottomed out, and someone brushed the screen to get him out. The character is dull, can't talk, doesn't come, but also loves to make a self-assertion. He said that he wants to build a house on the ground. He said that it is also him who wants to bring Huang Yingxue to the river valley to pick the fruit. Wherever there is a bad thing, there is him. coming!

Qiu Lingling, who gave a ticket to idol and Xiao Jiashu, put down her pillow and picked up her mobile phone. Her expression was hesitant. After a long time, she finally opened qq and sent a message to her girlfriend: Susu... What is the knocking brick of your p group?

Don't add it, the group is full. Would you help me build another one? Suanna replied quickly.

Qiu Lingling struggled for a long time: Well, this ticket is done! Damn, a cult is a lifelong mistake, this pair is too cute and too sweet, she can't control her inner stupidity!


At the same time, Xiao Jiashu was watching the show. When Ji Ge went to the side to tell the inner monologue, he suddenly turned his head and looked at him, and the whole heart was changed. At this moment, he really felt that when he was deeply trapped, Ji Ge also liked him.

"Ji Ge..." Xiao Jiashu climbed out of Ji Ji's arms and turned to hold his shoulder. He pressed his cheek against his cheek and softly called, "Ji Ge, Ji Ge..." He didn't know. How to express the feelings of the moment. Ji Ge may not be very good at expressing, but turned all the love into reality. Unconsciously, he took so much for him, but never said it.

Xiao Jiashu's eyes were red, turned his face, and put his forehead on Ji's forehead, gently arched.

Ji Yan licked his hair behind his head, touched his face, and smiled softly. They don’t have to say anything to pass on each other's love.

The show was still playing, and at the moment when I heard that Xiaoshu had fainted for no reason, the then Ji Xian almost threw the shovel in his hand. He ran to the infirmary as quickly as he could, carefully taking off the shoes and socks of the little tree, watching his paws stained with blood, and his eyes were red.

Even if I have personally experienced it, the season that saw this scene still closed his eyes and did not dare to think about it.Xiao Jiashu also turned his head to watch the TV. He wanted to know what happened to Ji Ge after he left. He watched him unable to control his temper repeatedly, and watched him almost washed away by the flash floods, the heart seems to be caught by a pair of big hands, the pain is terrible. Ji Ge will be so rude for himself. He clearly understands this, but he does not feel happy or proud.

There is a saying like this: Every man has a child in his heart. No matter how strong the appearance is, there is always a fragile side. Xiao Jiashu was glad that he discovered the fragile side of Ji Ge, so that he could make up and comfort.

Just as Ji Ge loves him, he also wants to love Ji Ge. Ji Ge is not omnipotent. He has always known this, but he has never been so deeply aware of how he will hurt him. What if he didn't leave at the time? If he immediately asked Ji Ge to ask how good it would be?

But now it’s too late to say anything. Xiao Jiashu couldn't do it. He hugged Ji Ge's head and kept kissing. His nose and heart were sour and bitter. He said, "Jie Ge, let's make an appointment. No matter what happens in the future, we can't hide each other. Ok?" He will never leave his brother again without saying anything!

When the small tree is confessed by confession, is Jixi not uncomfortable? His confession is many times more than that of the small tree, so he immediately puts out his little finger and hooks the finger of the little tree, mute. "Well, no matter what happens, I will tell you the first time." In addition to that, he No secrets will be kept on the small tree.

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