How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 111 Chapter 113

Chapter 111 Chapter 113

After a series of intensive shootings, "All the Way" finally finished, Ji Yan and Xiao Jiashu prepared to rest for two days to return home.

This morning, Ji Yan woke up the little tree, helped him brush his teeth, wash his face, put on a very formal suit, and then he sat on the sofa opposite him.

"Jie Ge, do you have anything to say to me?" Xiao Jiashu finally felt that it was wrong. He looked at Ji Ge from the top and bottom and smiled with a smile. "Zi Ge, you are so handsome today! Handsome, I can't close. Legs..." He opened two long legs and placed them left and right at the waist of the quarter, and scratched his itch with his toes.

Ji Yan did have a grand dress today. The smooth hair is completely rubbed with gel cream, revealing a sharp face, wearing a luxurious high-profile suit, wide shoulders, but very thin waist, double The legs are wrapped in a close-fitting fabric that looks straight and long.

He was not afraid of itching, but he smiled grinningly. He moved the legs of the tree from his waist to his knees and grasped it with his hands. He said softly, "Don't skin, I have something to tell you."

Xiao Jiashu, who is also wearing a high-profile suit, nodded quickly and nodded. "Well, I am not making trouble, what do you want to say?"

Ji Yan sorted out the tie and stroked the cuffs. It seemed to be a little nervous. After considering it for about a few tens of seconds, he slowly opened his mouth. "Small tree, are we getting married?" He found a delicate and small velvet box from the inside of his suit. Continue, "Although we have not been together for a long time, I think I am ready to live with you for the rest of my life. Are you willing? If you think it is too fast, I can wait..."

When Ji Yan said the first sentence, Xiao Jiashu was paralyzed. It took a while to return to God, but he heard him say that it would be too fast... It was only two months before he proposed marriage. Still too fast? On the first day of his relationship with Ji Ge, is he rushing to get married?

Thinking of this, he quickly flew to Ji Yan, grabbed the small box, opened it and put a slightly smaller ring into his ring finger, and put a slightly larger ring into the ring finger of Ji Ji, a stack of sound, "willing Willing, not happy or not! Ji Ge, I love you!" While talking and blocking the mouth of Ji Ji with a dense kiss, for fear of his remorse.

Ji Yan’s words were taken away by Xiao Shu without finishing the ring. They were also made to have a saliva, and suddenly they could not laugh. He originally wanted to make a good confession, what is sensational, but now he can't even utter a word, and can only passively bear the kiss of the little tree. He didn't kiss well, and he kissed him for almost a second, his tongue fluttering his lips and teeth, like a puppy that was so excited.

Ji Yan subconsciously touched his ass, imagining how fast it would be if it had a tail.

Xiao Jiashu was swallowed up by the great joy, and while he kissed Ji Ji, he was red with eyes and nose. There have been many unforgettable moments in his life, but this moment will undoubtedly become the eternal in his life. He feels that he is so happy, so consummate, clearly wants to laugh, but unconsciously falls out of many tears, the so-called "happy crying", that's about it.In order not to let Ji Ge see it, he quickly buried his head in his neck, gently rubbed it, and bit him a few times because of the uncontrollable ecstasy. He is really too excited. If he doesn't do anything, he will definitely explode.

Ji Yan can clearly perceive every emotion of Xiaoshu, so holding him is like holding a large group of flames, and holding a sweet candy, more like holding his own life's happiness. He kissed the small tree in the outer ear over and over again, the five fingers inserted into his hair, gently caressing the back of his head, full of unspeakable tenderness.

Before the proposal, Ji Yan had expected the reaction of Xiaoshu. He knew that he would be very happy, but he did not know that he could be happy to this extent, just like a child who got the world, ecstasy, excitement, and no knowledge. Measures. This emotion was passed unreservedly to Ji Ji, letting him know how much he made a correct decision today, and he even regretted the hesitation of the previous few days.

If he can make Xiaoshu feel happy, he is willing to do anything for him.

"Small tree, I love you too." Ji Yan smiled and responded to the confession of the lover. The voice was very gentle. "Is it slow now?"

"No." Xiao Jiashu's voice was sullen, and he also bite the season. He can't ease it all day, and he must have him to hold him, and he can't let go. Because Ji Ge once put him down, his body filled with happiness will fly to the sky.

Oops, this is the feeling of "can't get out of the ground". Who invented this dialect? Really relevant! Thinking this way, Xiao Jiashu sneaked a bit on his lips.

Ji Yan is also amused by the lovely psychological activities of the lover, screaming at his head and jokingly saying, "That line, then let you slow down again, and tomorrow we will go to the civil affairs department to register."

Xiao Jiashu realized that in California, same-sex marriage is legal, so they can go to the registration, hold a wedding within a limited time, and then get a government-issued marriage certificate. Although this certificate may not be legally recognized after returning to China, it is a covenant, solemn and sacred.

He immediately wiped away the tears in his eyes and quickly looked up. "I am slowing down, Ji Ge, we are going now." The words fell on the watch and urged, "Oh, it’s already nine and a half, fast, Let's go out soon, or people will get off work!"

Looking at the red eyes and nose of Xiaoshu, and the eyes that were soaked in tears and looked particularly wet and bright, Ji Yan couldn’t hold back his heart and pull him into his arms and kiss. He opened his teeth and rubbed his tongue over his tongue. He said, "Don't worry, I have arranged the church and the priest. After the registration, we will hold a wedding immediately, and we will get a marriage certificate within five days. Look at what I am doing very well, should you treat me well?"

Xiao Jiashu’s eagerness was calmed down, and he hugged Ji Ji’s head and kissed him seriously. For this day, Ji Ge must have been busy for a long time, right? Touched, want to cry...

Ji Yan’s blushing eyes, helplessly, “I seem to fall in love with a little crying bag. What can I do?”"What do you do, do you still want to go back?" Xiao Jiashu’s crying expression turned into a fierce one-second, and gently rubbed the lower lip of Ji Ge with his white teeth.

Ji Yan's hair, low smile, "I will not regret it in my life, who is the dog who regrets it. Well, don't fry, go to the bathroom and wipe the face and let us go."

Xiao Jiashu climbed out of his arms and quickly tidyed himself up.

Due to early preparations and prior appointments, the registration process for the two was smooth. The civil affairs department went straight to the church and held a simple wedding under the witness of the clergy. The guests only invited Zhao Chuan and Wu Chuanyi. Zhang Wei, but this did not reduce Xiao Jiashu's joy. When the priest asked them to kiss each other, he immediately printed his lips on Ji Yan's lips, and the scorpion shone with a ray of light.

Ji Yan whispered, holding his waist and holding him up, turning around in place. Until then, he realized why there is a saying called "Happiness wants to turn circles". When a person is happy to the extreme, anything stupid things can be done.


Three days later, the two finally got a marriage certificate. Although Xiao Jiashu wanted to shoot it and send it to Weibo, he still resisted it. For him, there is nothing to announce the marriage to the public. He plays his own play. Unlike other stars, he needs the approval of fans. Without fans, he is also hungry and can still have a lot of resources. But before that, he felt that he had to confess to his family. This is the most difficult step.

Thinking of the mother who loves her son, thinking of the old-fashioned feudal father, and thinking of a serious and capable brother, Xiao Jiashu sighed sadly.

Ji Yan held his hand and made a slight meal, and immediately proposed, "Small tree, go home with me before returning home?"

Come back home? Xiao Jiashu just remembered that Ji Ge’s mother also lived in the United States, but because of the knots of many years ago, it was not close. "Okay," he nodded immediately. "When are we going?"

"Just today," Ji Yan called two tickets and smirked. "We must always let her know when she gets married." He originally thought that it would not matter if he told the mother that they had their own Life, occasionally make a phone call, meet a face, it is best not to interfere with each other. As long as the mother chose his father and gave up his future and even his life, he no longer had expectations for the family.

But now, when he has his own lover and family, he suddenly feels relieved. No, it should be said that after knowing Xiaoshu, he has been slowly relieved, but he has never discovered it. He can talk to his mother calmly, or take the tree home and ask her to take care of him. His dark wounds are evenly smoothed by the trees.

If Xiaoshu feels that he is recognized and blessed, he is certainly willing to repair the relationship.

So at five o'clock in the afternoon, the two arrived in Los Angeles by plane, drove to the home of the mother, and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" The nanny looked out through the window and suddenly screamed, "God, Tiffany, come see who is coming! It's the season, your son!"Xiao Xiao came only half a year ago, how come again? For the season mother who can't see her son all the year round, this is an unexpected joy. She quickly walked to the door with a cane and looked at Ji Yan with no means. Ji Yan is preparing to open his mouth. Xiao Jiashu sneaked a head from behind him and shouted broadly. "Mom, we see you coming."

Ji Yan is able to resist the lips with his fists. It’s such an experience to marry a big baby – I want to laugh all day long, I can’t stop it, and I can easily solve it.

The season mother was too late to smile, and she was so sad that she was not only with her legs, but her ears were paralyzed.

"Mom, I just got married with Xiaoshu. I want to see you before I return to China." Ji Yan raised his hand with Xiaoshu and fingers, and let Jiuji see their wedding ring.

"You, are you married?" Jimu was surprised, then he smiled happily. "Get married, marriage is stable, and people have a look forward! Come fast, come in, Jenny, trouble you." We make a pot of coffee."

The nanny warmly congratulated the two and it was only busy running into the kitchen.

The season mother took over the gift of the big bag from Xiao Jiashu. The more he saw it, the more he felt pleasing to the eye. She said, the son took the boy home for the first time, and it was such a beautiful boy, how could it be a little thought? In these years, she has been worried about her son's marriage, but she dare not say that she is afraid of hurting her mother and child.

She has long lost her position to discipline her son, so she does not care whether he likes a man or a woman. She only hopes that he can live a safe, happy life for a lifetime, and not be entangled in the darkness of the past. Now, he finally has his own home, and she can rest assured.

I think that the season mother can not help but wet her eyes, and quickly bowed her head and wiped her tears.

Ji Yan looked at her with complicated eyes. After all, she still comforted. "Mom, I have a good relationship with Xiaoshu. You don't have to worry about us."

Xiao Jiashu clenched Ji's hand and added, "Mom, I and Ji Ge will come back to see you often."

"Well, if you are happy, I will be relieved. I know that you are busy with your work. You don't have to come back to see me often. I usually meet a few more calls. Xiaoxiao, Xiaoshu is young, you usually let more He, huh?"

Ji Jin had no time to nod, Xiao Jiashu maintained, "Mom you can rest assured, Ji Ge is good to me, I will be good to him, we are going to live a lifetime." All said that the ugly wife is afraid to see her in-laws, but he I don’t feel embarrassed at all. Ji Ge’s mother is his mother. As long as I think of this, the “mother” is naturally called out.

Ji Yan couldn't help it anymore. In the face of his mother, he pulled his lover into his arms and kissed his forehead gently. He can finally understand the choice of his mother that year, maybe some people will regard the child as everything, but for a family, the most important thing is the relationship between husband and wife. Because the child or parents will leave one day sooner or later, but the husband or wife is the one who accompanied you through your life.Mother loves father more than loves herself. There is nothing wrong with it. The only mistake is that she falls in love with someone who is not worthy of love. If he is faced with a similar situation, Ji Wei believes that he will not hesitate to choose a small tree, so there is really nothing to worry about in the past. Why bother?

Ji Yan put down the last bit of mustard and smiled at the small tree.

Although Xiao Jiashu did not know the situation, he still went back and kissed him a few times, his eyes sparkling. He likes the smile of Ji Ge at this moment, like a sunny sky, so clear and so warm. He prefers him to take him to Los Angeles to visit his mother and let him feel the joy of being recognized and blessed.

At the moment of getting the marriage certificate, he can yell at Ji Ge, but can't put it on Weibo to let the whole world know, this is really wrong! Being able to marry Ji Ge is definitely the biggest achievement of his life. One hundred Oscar trophies can't be compared with Ji Ge.

Xiao Jiashu didn't know how silly he was, but looking at Ji Yan's eyes, he only felt that he was very cute. He squeezed the tip of his lover, and he still resisted the desire to kiss him, because a kiss would bring out countless kisses. It was not a hotel, there was no place to make them sticky.

In the eyes of the son, the affection and attachment, the quarter mother can see it clearly, so he whimpered, "I saw you, I am relieved. Your marriage is different from others, the road is difficult to go, everything is more understanding and understanding, and then You can adopt a child in a few years, at least one after..."

Xiao Jiashu subconsciously raised objections. "We don't want children." The words fell into the eyes of Ji Ge, and the little looks a little pitiful. He is still a child. He needs the care and care of Ji Ge. How can he have another child to distract Zhou Ge's attention? At night, the child is crying, and Ji Ge can't hold him to sleep? Don't climb up in the middle of the night to change diapers and wipe his body? He had to be breastfeeded during the day, play with him, and when he grew up, he would have to get up early to send him to school. He would pick him up in the afternoon and go to school in the evening. He would help him with his homework at night...

Lying in the trough, as soon as I thought that Ji Ge would spend all the spare time on this child, Xiao Jiashu’s lungs were quickly blown up. Is there any place in the family? Who is he crying at night? Who is going to work in the morning? Who will take off his clothes at night, who will wipe him, who will take him to bed to feed him?

Cough and cough, to say it, it seems that the last point is the most important. He blushed and then his little eyes became murderous and threatening.

Ji Yan quickly put the lover of the hair into his arms and patted him, smirking, "Okay, we don't want babies, you are the only baby in my life, okay?" The words just got a head, the tree can The brain fills up so many scenes, and the season is also served.But he also agrees with Xiao Shu's point of view. He has poured all his feelings into the little tree. He has no energy and no time to take care of another person. Instead of being an unqualified father, it is better not to start. His plan for the future did not include the "child raising". Xiaoshu is so young, he can treat him as a lover, and he can be treated as a child. He is his own, and there is no extra place left for others.

He squeezed the cheeky cheeks and said seriously, "Mom, we won't have children."

The season mother hesitated a bit, but still can't feel at ease, "but what should you do after you are old, can't you have no children to take care of?"

Xiao Jiashu regrets that he has a quick mouth. He should keep silent and discuss it with Ji Ge later. But the words have already been spoken, and he can't take it back, so he said very sincerely, "Mom, I am still young, and Ji Ge will take care of me a little more. When Ji Ge is old, it is my turn to take care of him. Even if you have children, when they are adults, they are not the same. If I have an acute illness in the middle of the night, I am sure to be lying in the hospital next to me, no one else; I have to wait for the old brother. It is definitely me, who is helping me to go out for a walk every day, not the children who are busy with work and life. We support each other, hold each other, and accompany each other. It will soon pass, and you said yes?"

Who said that the age gap between him and Ji Ge is big? When he was still young, Ji Ge was mature and could guide him; when Ji Ge was old, he still had the energy to take care of him. Which couples in the world are more suitable and more suitable than them? He always believes that their lives will be full of happiness and perfection, and will not leave any regrets.

Jiuji remembered his lonely old age and had some feelings. Yes, the child always has to leave. The one who can accompany the old man has only a partner. He only blames her for not choosing the right person, and harming her own son. She looked at Xiao Jiashu, who looked very serious, and shook her head and smiled. "Forget it, you have your own plans, I will not interfere."

"You can rest assured, we are good!" Xiao Jiashu took Ji Ge's hand and blinked at him.

Ji Yan came back and nodded. The most worrying thing about him is the gap between Xiaoshu and his own age. But in the heart of Xiaoshu, is this even very happy? When I was young, I fell in love with each other. When I was old, I lived with each other. This kind of life does not leave any regrets.

He always feels that he loves Xiaoshu and has already loved the extreme, but he will suddenly find out at a certain moment that he can still love him more. So, what child does he want? He coveted to see the little tree, his heart was full of ups, and there was something too much to overflow.

Although I saw my mother-in-law for the first time and had differences on certain issues, it did not affect Xiao Jiashu’s good mood, because Ji Ge always supported him.

After drinking a pot of coffee, Jiuji intends to cook for two sons in person, and also put a babysitter for a day off.

Ji Yan rolled up his sleeve and said, "Mom, sit down, I am coming.""Jie Ge, I will help you." Xiao Jiashu quickly followed the kitchen, squatting on the back of Ji Ge like a conjoined baby, his hands around his waist, whispered, "Say, we must not have children!" He is very resistant to this proposal and may change his mind in the future, but who knows? Anyway, he does not allow anyone to take away the attention of Ji Ge.

"Okay, I will listen to you." Ji Yan turned back and kissed him with his old lips and smiled.

"Go back and live together!" Xiao Jiashu continued to ask.

"Well, the first thing to go back is to move. The house has been cleaned up. Furniture, home appliances, and daily necessities are all available." Ji Yan waved his hand. "Take the apron and help me put it on."

Xiao Jiashu immediately took the apron, carefully helped him to put it on, and promised, "I will confess to the family after I go back, we must be together in a bright and honest way."

The season smashed, then pulled him over and said seriously, "This thing does not have to worry about you, I am. What did I guess the last thing I regretted?"

"What is it?" Xiao Jiashu looked up at him.

"When I was filming "Wild Adventurer" on the tropical island, I said to you, 'Don't be so heartless, okay?' But in fact, I regretted the moment I said it, and now I regret it more. I hope that you have been so heartless, don't worry about anything. You used to have family protection, and now and in the future, you just do what you like, and all the troubles are left to me."

"But my mother is very fierce, a hundred times more fierce than your mother." Xiao Jiashu's heart is sweet, but in the end he is not willing to let Ji Ge face it alone.

"I have a way, you can rest assured." Ji Yan kissed him and deliberately shifted the topic. "Come, I teach you to fry the steak and go to the refrigerator to get a few onions."

"Good." Xiao Jiashu was not so easy to let go of his mind, but he soon became happy. He cautiously and screamed with emotion, "Jie Ge?"

"Hmm?" Ji Yan turned to look at him.

He picked up his toes and kissed him on the mouth of Ji Ge. He smiled sweetly. "Husband." He actually has nothing to say, just to declare sovereignty. Finally, I can call my husband in a bright and honest way, hehe...

Ji Yan smiled low and his voice was hoarse. "I see you still go out to talk with my mother, otherwise I will definitely press you on the flow desk!" Spreading a small tree, such a big baby, he has been alive forever. Saved the Milky Way.

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