How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 110 Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Chapter 110

The scene of "Prison Storm" is very important. Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan have not finished from 10:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening. They will continue to shoot in the next few days. However, the work with greater strength, because they have each other, they did not feel tired at all. After the work, they drove to the top of the mountain to watch the stars.

After returning to the hotel, Xiao Jiashu naturally opened the food bag and backpack, and took out the necessary items such as condoms, lubricating oil, and Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream.

Ji Yan pretended to be surprised and asked, "When did you buy these things?"

Xiao Jiashu scratched his ears and was vague. "I bought it when I saw it. Anyway, we can use it sooner or later." They all rolled over the sheets, and they covered it, and it was ruthless!

Ji Yan used his fist to resist the lip and coughed cough so that he couldn't help but laugh. He walked to the side of the lover, pinched his tender meat with his thumb and forefinger, and nodded secretly: yes, this face is a few centimeters thicker than yesterday.

Xiao Jiashu was inexplicably pinched by him, but he did not hide. Instead, he looked up and looked at him with a wet scorpion. "Jie Ge, let's go to the bath?" Get off your clothes quickly! You promised me to wash the bath tonight, but I can't help you!

Ji Yan once again pinched the tender meat on his face and smiled. "Well, you go first, I will call Fang Kun."

"Then you hurry." Xiao Jiashu glanced at him with great sorrow, and then he walked slowly into the bathroom, but ran out quickly, taking the condom and lubricant on the table. He opened the door of the bathroom and sat on the toilet with a bored look. He looked at the quarter brother who was working with Fang Kun. He felt like he was a year... Oh no, it should be a second.

Ji Yan looked at him while he was on the phone, and the smile on his face never stopped.

Xiao Jiashu slammed his mouth and threw a few air kisses to him. The corner of his eye glimpsed the condom and lubricant placed on the washstand. Suddenly thought: Hey? its not right! With the flushing of the running water and the lubrication of the shower gel, can I not use these two things with Ji Ge? Wear a cover. What is the difference between love and wearing boots? No, these things are not used for a while, or put them back.

He immediately took things out and put them in the bedside table. When he passed by Ji Ge, he hugged him from behind and gently rubbed him, letting him feel the body he could not wait for.

Ji Yan suddenly stuck, and if he couldn't pick up Kun for a long time, he could only fish the naughty lover from his back and gave him a French deep kiss. "Oh, for a while, I will come right after ten minutes." "This phone call involved several major investments, and he had to deal with it personally.

"Then you hurry." Xiao Jiashu nodded, and he stepped into the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet for about three minutes, he was restless again, went to the bathroom door and twisted and took off his clothes, and also rushed to the season.

Although his movements are still clumsy, his cheeks are stained with two blushes, and the moisturized eyes are filled with unseen hunger and admiration, making him look so pure and sexy, which greatly increases the temptation of this dance. force. Ji Yan has completely lost what Fang Kun is saying, and his sharp eyes firmly lock the lovers.

"Hey, hello, Ji Ge, are you listening?" Fang Kun called.Ji Yan was silent for about a minute before he muttered. "You wait for me for an hour, no, two hours... forget it, I will call you before I get off work today. You let the people on the board wait." Take off your suit jacket, pull off the shirt button, and walk towards the lover.

Xiao Jiashu subconsciously stepped back two steps, made a sprint, then jumped into the arms of Ji Ge, like a koala bear and hugged him with the ground, biting his ear gently.

Ji Yan sighed and slammed his lover's white buttocks, but he was reluctant to put him on the cold washbasin. He had to hold him and turned his head to kiss his bright red lips. The two quickly indulged into the sea, and love was hard to separate.

In the rush between the seasons, I forgot to hang up the phone, and Fang Kun, who said something, suddenly heard a hoarse voice. "Are you arrogant today?"

"Zi Ge, are you talking about me?" Fang Kun was in a hurry, and listened carefully for a while before discovering that he was lying down, Ji Ge, you fucking hundreds of millions of cases, whether it was to roll with boyfriend. Sheets? Xiao Jiashu, can you still call it a little louder?

The voice from the opposite side became more and more irritating, and Fang Kun’s blood was soaring and hot, and he had to hang up the phone. Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect that Xiao Er, who looked so arrogant, was such a stunner in the bed, and Ji Ge was blessed!

This phone call is four hours, Fang Kun calculated the time, the United States should be already two or three in the morning, but Ji Ge's voice sounded a little tired, but full of lameness. He was lying in bed at the moment, holding a naked lover in his arms and asked, "Is it off work?"

"No, I have been waiting for you." Fang Kun quickly took out the notebook.

Ji Yan began to explain his official duties. Xiao Jiashu was lying in his arms and playing mobile games. His voice was very small. When he passed the customs, he would raise his head and kiss his ears or cheeks.

After he finished, he used to hug with Ji Ge for a while, and even if he said nothing, he would feel very comfortable.

It is said that intense sex. When the matter ends, the aftermath of the climax is dissipated, which is often the time when one feels most empty, but Xiao Jiashu does not think so. Lying in the arms of Ji Ge, let the hot body slowly calm down, it is like a healing, you can clear all the fatigue and troubles all day long.

So in addition to doing. Love, now is the time he enjoys the most. He broke through a level at the fastest speed. As usual, he kissed Ji Ge a few mouthfuls, and his heart was beautiful and warm.

Ji Ji, who held him in his arms, could fully hear his voice, and he could feel his relaxation and happiness, and he also received supreme satisfaction. The voice of his call was unconsciously placed very softly. When Fang Kun asked him to stop for a note, he would lower his head and cover the red lips of the lover, and suck a little sweet juice from his mouth.

Some people say that "love is a war". Before he combined with Xiaoshu, he always thought that this sentence is very reasonable. But now, he understands that true love is full of happiness and joy, not that you are strong and weak, and you lose me. He was glad that he had found a right person, and he was glad that he had not retired because of that concern.Losing a small tree, he will miss a whole world.

The kiss was very gentle and long, and Xiao Jiashu had to put down his mobile phone and hugged him to the head of Ji Ge to respond to him wholeheartedly. After about a few minutes, he asked Ji Ge’s lips. "Is the phone finished?"

Ji Yan gave a slight glimpse, then smiled low. "No, there are still a few questions to talk about, you wait for me for a while, huh?" He didn't let Xiaoshu sleep first, because knowing that even if he spoke, the other party would not agree. I can't sleep more. After only a few days, Xiaoshu was completely familiar with his arms and breath. They are like lover who just fell in love, love is eager; also like a veteran wife who has lived together for decades, acting tacitly.

Xiao Jiashu nodded and nodded, although he was somewhat sleepy, he was very satisfied. If Ji Ge let him sleep first, he will lose for a while, thinking that Ji Ge does not need himself very much. But Ji Ge asked him to wait, but he would be very happy and very satisfied. Ji Ge also wants to take him to sleep together, it’s good!

He put his cheek on Ji's broad and strong chest, listening to his heartbeat quietly, and every cell was posted.

The season licked his black hair and kissed his smooth forehead, which was whispered. "Fang Kun, are you still there?"

Fang Kun is weak, "In the season, the international long-distance is very expensive, the telephone charges you pay for reimbursement!" The call was a while, and there was a "beep" sound for a while, thinking that he had not paid a few I don't know my girlfriend? That must be Xiao Jiashu’s stealing the brother! The tone of Ji Ge’s speech is getting softer and softer, and he is more and more spoiled. It is obvious that the whole person has been immersed in the gentle township.

To be honest, Fang Kun has a layer of goose bumps, which is difficult to adapt to the changes of Ji Ge. When he talked about business in the past, his tone was very serious and chilly. He would straighten his waist, erect his ears, and listen to it with trepidation.

What now? A phone is divided into several paragraphs. When you say a few words, you will be intimate for a while. Are you two cows and weavers, and you only see one face a year? Fang Kun suppressed the desire to vomit, and quickly recorded the official duties of Ji Ge.

This time it was quite smooth and was not interrupted by Xiao Jiashu’s snoring. Ten minutes later, Fang Kun hang up the phone and shook his head: "Well, Ji Ge is really stuck this time."


The days of Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan, who worked in the evening during the day, have been very good. They only finished the "Prison Storm" in half the construction period. The next scene is "Fighting the Road", all of which are opponents of Xiao Jiashu and Wu Chuanyi. What is the season? However, he will still report on the film every day, assistant to the part-time Xiaoshu, and give Zhao Chuan a deputy.

On this day, the crew came to a temporarily closed bridge, ready to shoot the "jumping bridge escape" scene. In the script, Xu Tianyou and Han Dong were surrounded by killers, and they could only jump off the bridge and sneak into the water to escape. But in fact, Zhao Chuan found two similar bridges to shoot the scene. The height is only seven or eight meters. Below is the open space, which can be used to build safety air cushions and protective nets. One is hundreds of meters high and the bottom is a wide river.When shooting, the two stars only need to jump from the shorter bridge. Zhao Chuan will shoot a few close-ups and close-ups for them, while the 100-meter bridge will be jumped by stunt actors to obtain a distant view and panoramic view. Jumping from the sky is a very dangerous job, not to mention the rushing water flow below. A bad actor will have an accident, so these shots have to be taken by professional stunt actors. They are more experienced.

"Xiaoyi, Xiaoshu, wait for you to jump off the bus and run towards this side, you must take out your fastest speed. After turning over the fence, you have to make a look of fear, then look back at the killer, when When they took out the gun, you took a deep breath and jumped." Zhao Chuan comforted. "Don't be afraid, we have done a comprehensive protective measure. The safety cushion is three meters thick, and there are protective nets around it, sharp. The objects have also been removed, and you will be able to catch you. Xiaoshu, don’t forget to scream when you jump down, the expression is as exaggerated as possible, huh?"

"You don't have to say that I will scream." Xiao Jiashu barely kept the surface calm. When he received the script, he knew that the scene was definitely the most difficult for him. Jumping bridges are not the same as hanging WIA. One is active and the other is passive.

Even if you are scared again, the machine of the crane will force him to complete the action, but the bridge should be adjusted? He is very skeptical about whether he can take that critical step. If he can't accumulate enough courage, this scene is estimated to be impossible to shoot unless he is looking for a substitute.

No, no, no, you can't find a substitute! He quickly denied the idea. The scene is a close-up and close-up. Zhao Chuan will focus on shooting their expressions and body movements. If the substitutes are played, the other party can't leave the country with a positive face. The lens that was originally very urgency and crisis can only be smashed. , thus destroying the overall effect of the film.

This is obviously an intolerable thing for Xiao Jiashu. He shook his fist and made up his mind.

Ji Yan came over with a cup of hot cocoa and appeased, "Drink something sweet to ease the mood."

"Jie Ge, I am a little scared." Xiao Jiashu took a sip, whispered, "In fact, I have a fear of heights." Old husband and wife, this matter of course has to tell Ji Ge.

Ji Yan whispered in his head. "In fact, I am also afraid of height."

Xiao Jiashu knew it for a long time, but he pretended to be surprised. Then he hugged his brother and shouted. "When I jump, you stand a little farther, don't look down. No, no, don't stand on the bridge. You go to the bridge and wait for me." Ji Ge is so distressed by me, when he jumps, he will certainly could not help but look down, this can not! It’s enough to leave me alone, and I can’t let Ji Ge be scared.

Thinking this way, Xiao Jiashu rushed to the scene to beckoning. "Would you like to go down with Xiao Wang, and let Xiu Ge carry it down?"

I was preparing to drive to the bridge to check the safety facilities. I immediately beheaded. "Okay, come on."

"No, thank you, I am watching here." Ji Yan politely refused the scene, and when he left, he hugged the tree from behind, softly, "I know it is difficult to jump, take the key. The step is even harder. How can I not stay with you at this moment?""Ji Ge..." Xiao Jiashu, who was said to be at the center of the matter, turned around in his arms, hugged his thin waist, and finally released all the fear buried deep in his heart. "I am not a little scared, I am Super super scared! I am worried that I can't go out and drag the shooting progress of the entire crew. Ji Ge, hehe..."

He buried his head in the warm neck of the season, the left arch, the right arch, the nose, and the body shivering like a puppy that was thrown into the snow.

Ji Yan took off his jacket and wrapped him around, patted his back, his expression was both distressed and a little funny. The little tree even the look of fear is so cute, so that his heart is soft and messy. He wanted to persuade him not to shoot, but he also knew that he would not agree. His demands on himself are too high and perfect.

To understand Xiaoshu should support him, so Ji Yan did not say anything, just holding the lover, exhausted all patience to comfort him, lure him, did not let him leave his arms before the start of shooting.

Zhao Chuan heard that Xiao Jiashu had a fear of heights, but he did not urge him. He just tried to let the staff check the safety facilities. After forty or fifty minutes, I have asked the security equipment for more than ten times to check the intercom. "Everything is fine, there will be no problem. Can the director start shooting?"

"Small tree, are you ready?" Zhao Chuan turned to see Xiao Jiashu.

"Yes." Xiao Jiashu took a deep breath.

"k, then start shooting!"

Under his order, Wu Chuanyi and Xiao Jiashu opened the door that was hit and twisted, quickly turned over the fence and ran along the bridge. All around were killers, almost blocking their retreat, unable to jump on the bridge, ready to jump.

However, after a few seconds, Wu Chuanyi was only lying on the safety air cushion. Xiao Jiashu stood still on the bridge and was crying and sullen.

Ji Yan immediately walked over and took him down, a cold sweat on his forehead. He didn't realize until then that watching the small tree adventure was more tormenting than going through his own experience. He was afraid that he would fall if he didn't stand still; he was afraid that he wouldn't find the air cushion after he fell down; he was afraid that the air cushion would kick him to the hard ground...

In short, there are too many things he needs to worry about. It seems that every tiny possibility has become a thorn in his heart.

"Jie Ge, I can't do it." Xiao Jiashu clung to his collar, his voice full of fear and frustration. He is very disappointed with himself.

Ji Yan gently patted his shivering back and made a determination. "Or else I will try to jump first?" If you don't jump on yourself, make sure the protective measures are really safe. He can't let himself say comfort. If you support it, you can't even watch the small tree jump down.

"Ah?" Xiao Jiashu was so stupid, and then quickly returned to God. "No, no, don't jump, you are not allowed to jump!" He glared at the waist of Ji Ji, and did not know where to come from, even Hold the other hand up and fly away from the bridge.The season can not only hold the neck of the small tree, feel that his feet have left the ground, and farther and farther from the bridge, can not help but low smile. God, why did you give me such a lovely lover? Can't stand it, can't stand it, what fears and fears have dissipated, only the rest is full of emotion.

"Small tree, let me down." He patted the shoulder of the lover and firmly said, "I will jump once and make sure that there is no problem. You will jump again. You are worried that I will jump out of the problem. Similarly, I will worry. So in order to We are at ease with each other and jump once. I can overcome fear for you, can you?"

Xiao Jiashu slowly put down the season, and nodded hard. "Yes, of course I can! Ji Ge, I love you!" He hugged Ji Ji, secretly slamming the tears of his eyes on his shoulders. It turns out that their moods are the same, and their concerns about each other far exceed their concern for themselves.

Love will make people brave, and Xiao Jiashu now agrees with this sentence. He was not afraid at all, so he whispered, "Don't you jump first, let's jump together, let's go out with everyone, or I won't do it."

Ji Yan touched his wet eyes and pouted, "Nothing, we will not have an accident."

The two quietly hugged for a while, then they went back to the bridge and told Zhao Chuan what they planned.

Zhao Chuan simply served two people, sour and authentic, "You two are dry? I am taking action comedy, but not Romeo and Juliet. Go, jump and jump, after the jump, if the tree is still not dare, I Be sure to kill you with a big horn."

"Chuaner, have you been a big aunt recently, and your temper is so violent?" Xiao Jiashu tweeted, and this was over the bridge with the help of Ji Ge.

Ji Yan took his hand and calmly said, "I count one or two, we dance together."

"it is good."

One or two, no one can be fast for a second, no one can slow down for a second. When it is slow, it will pull the lover down, thus affecting the prospect of landing. In this case, the two people who looked at each other even more were full of courage. After three seconds, they jumped hand in hand and the movement was very simple.

Before landing, Ji Yan subconsciously hugged the small trees, so as to avoid the safety of the air cushion to disperse them, and also to hurt the small tree body. Xiao Jiashu held Ji Ge’s head tightly and protected him.

They hugged, undulating, and kissing on the air cushion. After a kiss, they looked deep into each other's eyes and found the same concern and touch, then smiled at each other's foreheads.

"Afraid?" The rosy lips of Jiu Xiaoxiao.

"Not afraid, I feel a little irritating." Xiao Jiashu is full of surprises.

Ji Yan laughed slowly and said slowly, "I am also very excited. In fact, we can come again."

"Where come again?" Xiao Jiashu got up, his expression was quite eager to try, but he heard Zhao Chuan screaming through the intercom. "You both have finished? Want to go to the amusement park, don't come to the studio! Don't be afraid to immediately Bring me up, we have to shoot!""Come here," Xiao Jiashu took the walkie-talkie handed by the security guard and happily announced, "You are good at Chuaner. I promise to give you a shot, without ng!"

Zhao Chuan has softened his tone. "Let's talk nonsense, come on. It doesn't matter, as long as you are safe. Ji Ge, are you relieved? Do you know how well our security measures are in place?" ? "Fear of lover's accident, so personally went to check the security measures of the crew, how did he never find that Ji Ji is such a big warm man? The relationship between the two is so good that it seems to be the rhythm of a lifetime.

Zhao Chuan shook his head and felt a lot of emotion in his heart.

Ji Yan jumped off the safety air cushion first, then took the small tree down and replied. "Reassured, keep it, don't relax. The safety of the actor is always in the first place."

"Well, your family is the first in the first place, I know." Zhao Chuan's voiceless voice came from the intercom. Can these two people not abuse the dog all day? If he goes on like this, he will call the police!

In the end, Xiao Jiashu and Wu Chuanyi finished the scene in an excellent state. Although he ate a few times ng, but every time the season will stand under the bridge and open his arms and wait for the small tree, so he plucked up his courage again and again, and jumped again and again. As long as Ji Ge always looks at him, he can overcome all fears.

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