How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 107 Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Chapter 107

Hearing the call of Ji Ge, Xiao Jiashu took a small bag, stepped on the high heels, and walked over with a twist. In order to prevent him from falling, Ji Yan hugged his hand tightly around his waist. One hand snorted on his buttocks and smiled. "It is very flexible."

"Jie Ge, you are a rogue!" Xiao Jiashu blushes.

"Doing this for your lover is not a hooligan." Ji Yan quickly kissed him and snarled. "Is the face hot, shy?"

"Let you wear a dress to try." Xiao Jiashu kept pulling the skirt and trying to cover his butt. "The skirt is too short, and the fork is still open. What the stylist thinks."

"You look good when you wear it." Ji Yan always held his ass with his palm, lest he be unstable.

These two people are beautiful, innocent, and extraordinarily slender, looking more like a pair of supermodels, not actors, the gas field is very strong. Zhao Chuan walked around them and immediately made a decision. "The photographer is coming over and giving them a set of makeup photos." Mom, this set of makeup photos must be more exciting than the previous group, so both groups can do the same. The movements are then clipped together in pairs, the comedy effect is doubled, and the visual enjoyment is doubled.

In this way, he suddenly came to the moment, immediately let the photographer turn out the previous set of makeup photos, let Ji Ji and Xiao Jiashu do the same, the expression is the same, the action is the same, even the scene is the same, but the shape of Xiao Jiashu is changed from men's clothing Women's clothing, the feeling of shooting is very different.

The sense of confrontation in this group of photos seems to be less intense. The attraction and desire of the two characters to each other is much enhanced, and the atmosphere is very strong. If the uninformed person looks at it, I will think that these two people are a pair of happy family. However, when the photographer cuts the previous photo together with the subsequent photo, everyone will suddenly wake up - my goodness, this beauty is actually the handsome guy before? After a moment of disillusionment, the feeling of sneer and sorrow will come, and then look at it again, but it will once again be attracted by this beautiful picture.

The two sets of stills were released at the same time, the effect of comedy increased, and the appreciation was also increased. Even the gimmicks were there. Why didn’t the audience buy it? Zhao Chuan looked at the newly released stills and his heart was hot. He really took the dog to pick up the two outstanding actors. What do you like? As long as they can keep this sparkling state when they are filming, Zhao Chuan can take the initiative to clear the field and let them show off.

"Jie Ge has worked hard, the little tree has worked hard! You two will take a break, I will choose a photo." He said very much. The photographer stood by his side and his expression was a little impatient. It’s hard to shoot such a perfect piece, he wants to make it out quickly.

After the two left, Ji Yan took out his mobile phone and smiled lightly. "The stills are finished, let's take a photo?"

"You are going to send Weibo to Ji Ge?" Xiao Jiashu squatted on the arm of Ji Ji to prevent him from falling.

"Well, is that okay?" Ji Yan simply picked him up and put it on his lap."Of course, ah, I am not afraid of ugliness." Xiao Jiashu will be shy only in front of Ji Yan, and his face should not be too thick when he is filming. What do you wear for women? He tried even streaking.

Ji Yan laughed low and raised his mobile phone from top to bottom. He asked, "Is this okay?" From the screen, Xiao Jiashu was sitting on his lap in a small cheongsam, one hand still ringing his neck. The cheeks are ruddy, the eyes are damp, and the pair is full of affection.

Xiao Jiashu felt that he was not satisfied. He picked up his mouth and wanted to kiss the cheek of his brother. He muttered, "I think so." The original show love is really addictive, just as Ji Ge wants the audience to see the tattoo on his chest. Xiao Jiashu also wants to embrace Ji Ge in front of everyone. When the time is ripe, he must let the whole world know that Ji Ge is his lover, and he will not let this relationship always exist in the darkness.

Ji Yan suddenly turned his head to see him, and the twilight was very deep.

Xiao Jiashu’s lips were slowly tightened and he was uneasy. “Is this not good?”

Ji Yan pointed at his mouth and kissed him. He shook his head. "No, it's very good, I like it very much." Finished using his fingertips to caress his lip line, his voice was soft, "Oops, I put your lipstick." eaten."

Xiao Jiashu's high hanging heart immediately put down, quickly kissed Ji Ge a few times, smiled and said, "Nothing, how much you like to eat, and later let the makeup artist give up a supplement. Just come, we come Take a photo and send a microblog."

The season smashed his head and continued to take pictures. Xiao Jiashu will pose, and he will raise his mouth to kiss the family. After a while, he raises his fist to make a cat shape, and he rests his head on Ji's chest. After a while, he stands up and licks the neck of Ji Ge, and opens his mouth to pretend to bite each other. ear……

The seasons wiped and wiped and kept on, and the smile on his face could not be hidden. He didn't really like taking pictures, but he saw the cute look of Xiaoshu, but he wanted to keep every side of him. When he was old, he could lie in the rocking chair in the creaking tree, bathe in the orange sunset, and look through these beautiful memories side by side and head to head.

It is really strange that although he longs for a stable life, he rarely expects what he will be when he is old. But with the small tree, he will naturally consider for their future, which is probably the difference between someone who is accompanied and no one to accompany. With a small tree, his heart is warm, quiet, and full.

He picked out a few photos and made them into a nine-square grid, which was sent to Weibo. The text was y hney, and no one was circled, including small saplings. He has to leave a little suspense to the fans.

After the microblog was sent out, it was like throwing a deep-water fish. Ray, all the small crowns were blown out. You know, Ji Yan is the most clean and good male star in the entertainment industry. No one has never had an anecdote, and he hasn’t been too close to any female star. His people have always been high-cold, solitary, and can be called a clear stream.

Therefore, as soon as this Weibo came out, it was immediately pushed to the throne of the hot search list by the majority of netizens. Everyone was asking the identity of the beautiful woman. The news of the monk’s famous grass was like the wind. Throughout the entertainment circle.Netizens have left a message below the photo: Ji Shen, you said, where did you find such a peerless beauty?

The five senses are three-dimensional, and they should be mixed.

Wearing high heels is almost as high as the season god, this chest, this waist, this hip, this leg is definitely a model!

Ah, can't you see it? She actually sat on the legs of the season! And this one, you take a closer look, Jishen's right hand is pressed on her ass, is this the season god known as the "gentleman's hand"? I can not believe it!

What can't believe, people are lovers, of course you can be intimate. Didn't you see the title? The gods of the season are all called small sweethearts. It is no wonder that Ji Shen did not fall in love for so many years. It turned out to be because of his high vision. The value of this mixed-race beauty can definitely kill all the female stars in China, and the beauty of the world!

Hey, wait, how do I feel that she is a bit familiar? The eyebrows and the bridge of the nose are very similar to the young goddess Xue Yan! Not much to say, put the comparison chart.

No, why is the skin on the outside of the season god full of tattoos? Can't he catch this fashion? He is a famous old cadre in the circle! I think these photos are flawed and must be the cover or magazine cover. Don't be embarrassed by your girlfriend powder, wait until things are clear.

Seeing that the fans are quick to find the truth, Ji Wei just exited Weibo. He didn't care how much wind and waves these photos would make, but also a lot of girl friends or only love to leave, he wanted to send, so he did. In his heart, nothing is more important than a small lover.

Xiao Jiashu also did not care about the rumors on the Internet. While brushing the comments, he laughed. "Zi Ge, they actually said that I am a mixed-race, and said that I am a model. Now I am searching my personal information online, so it is fun."

"Search bar search, search is only strange." He logged in the large, gave this microblogging a praise, and sneaked a look at Ji Ge, found that he did not pay attention to himself, immediately log in the trumpet and praised . I saw a photo of myself and Ji Ge sent online, although the company will clarify sooner or later that this is their propaganda for the new movie, he is equally satisfied.

Ji Yan smiled and licked his head, then picked out a more intimate, small tree, put his lips on his face and left a picture of a light red lip, sent to a circle of friends, only two Lucky words, this is almost equal to acknowledging this relationship.

Shi Tingheng immediately replied: Who is lucky, are you still her? He didn't recognize the beauty at all, Xiao Jiashu.

Ji Yan deeply looked at Xiao Shu and said: I am.

Xiao Jiashu is turning the circle of friends in the season, seeing this reply, his eyes can not help but light up, and then ring Ji Ji's neck, and he said to his ear, "I am actually lucky."

"No, it's me." Ji Yan licked his nose with his nose, and his smile was extremely good.

"It's me!" Xiao Jiashu went back with his nose.

"It's me." The season smacked his mouth and kissed him. The faces of the two men were close together. The tall nose was squashed to each other. It looked silly, the conversation was more stupid, but the smile on his face was They are all brilliant.

It is said that the IQ of people who fall in love has fallen to a negative number. This is true.Zhao Chuan chose to finish the makeup photo, turned around and found that Ji Wei actually sent a Weibo, this kind of love show is not afraid of death! Doesn't he worry that the relationship between the two is seen by netizens? The microblogs he has sent in recent times are all related to Xiao Jiashu, intimate photos, the scenery taken during the walk, the food that was eaten during the date, and even a book that I watched together at night, although the pictures and expressions are Very concealed, but careful observation, but it is not difficult to feel the hidden deep feelings inside.

Xiao Jiashu’s Weibo is also the same. When he walks on the road, he will suddenly take a very long shadow. There is no doubt that it is Ji Ji; when drinking a drink, he will take a hand holding a cup, which is also the season; Walking through the noisy bar, it seems to be casually captured, and the one in the center of the crowd must be the season.

They are looking at each other all the time, looking for each other and feeling each other. What kind of feelings is this?

Zhao Chuan’s heart is slightly sour, but it feels warmer. He wouldn't tell the two people that he seemed to fall in love with the taste of dog food during this time. Their happiness is as strong as it seems to spread through the air.

"Okay, don't sharpen it, hurry and take a picture." He bit his teeth and interrupted the two people who were playing together.

"Come on." Xiao Jiashu was preparing to go, but he was stunned by the season, and he muttered. "You will dance for me later. Is this written in the script?"

"Yes, yes." Xiao Jiashu blinked, and his face looked red.

"What dance do you want to dance?" Ji Yan grabbed him from behind, his hands licking his waist, his legs against his legs, pushing him step by step. As long as they don't film, the two are in the state of the conjoined baby, and they can't be separated. The staff of the Chinese state will also be at first sight or horror, but now they have become accustomed to it. In California, same-sex marriage is legal, let alone love.

"I haven't thought about it yet, let's play it on the spot." Xiao Jiashu will not tell Ji Ge, except for social dance, he will not dance.

But Zhao Chuan didn't mind this, and didn't deliberately let him go to school. It won't be good, it won't be just a few twists in front of the camera, it will be clumsy and ridiculous, so as to achieve the comedy effect he wants.

Ji Yan didn't feel disappointed, biting his ear and whispering, "I am looking forward to it." Finished and patted his buttocks.

Xiao Jiashu walked to the door of the bar with his ass, then looked back at Ji Ge. But his slick eyes were not deterrent, but rather like being spoiled, he was so upset that he couldn't help but raise his jaw, pry his lips, and made a kiss.

Wu Chuanyi was so embarrassed that when the two ended their eyebrows and went to Xiao Jiashu, they whispered, "Are you ready?"

"Ready." Xiao Jiashu rushed to Zhao Chuan to draw a k gesture, Zhao Chuan ordered, the game immediately hit the board. Two burly black men walked over and asked about their identity. They learned that they were pimps and nieces, and they searched their bodies carefully, making sure they didn't bring weapons to let them enter the bar.Xiao Jiashu felt that the bra was too tight and the breathing was not smooth. So he walked all the way to the chest and did not realize how much his movements were. The gang members who had doubts about the two could not help but whistle and whispered, "Hey guys, where did you find the best?"

"She owes me a lot of gambling debts, you know." Wu Chuanyi pushed Xiao Jiashu, suggesting, "You entertain the guests, I go to the toilet."

"Where, you..." Xiao Jiashu found out that his throat was too thick, and said that he was hung with a small tip. "The people are afraid, you will come back soon."

"Afraid of what, when you are cool." A gang member looked up and down Xiao Jiashu and waved. "This is a great product. The boss should like it and send him to the first box." So Xiao Jiashu was dragged. Pass through the long corridor and enter the luxuriously decorated first box.

The gang leaders from different regions are having fun together, including black gangs, white gangs, Southeast Asian gangs, etc., but sitting in the main position is a Chinese. Other leaders left and hugged, and even the beautiful women crouched on their feet, but the Chinese sat alone on the couch in the middle, one hand on the back of the chair, the other hand Holding a cigar, his eyes were cold and his expression was indifferent.

He wore a sophisticated black suit, a standard inverted triangle and a noble temperament that made him look like a nobleman, but his naked, exposed skin was covered with horrible tattoos, demonstrating his danger and fatality. Seeing the tall, glamorous Xiao Jiashu, all the leaders’ eyes were straight, but he was contemptuous, like looking at a dead object.

Xiao Jiashu was immediately brought into the play by Ji Ge’s eyes, standing in the same place and continually pulling the skirt.

“Huaguo people are still Southeast Asians?” an Asian leader asked lazily.

"Hua, Huaguo." Xiao Jiashu did not know what he was about to face, but he could only answer it with intuition.

"Ding, she is yours." Several leaders immediately took a break.

"Jump a dance." Ji Yan arbitrarily waved his hand and looked too lazy to look at the person.

He swears that he has written the words "disgusting", which makes Xiao Jiashu breathe a sigh of relief. There were a few dancers dancing in the box, and he joined them, imitating them twisting their waists, swinging their hips, turning circles, and the movements were very clumsy. This is not a performance, but Xiao Jiashu wouldn't have danced. Naturally, the acting technique added a lot of comedy effects to this shot.

When you turn the circle, you should pay more attention to balance. When he stepped on the high heels on his feet, he would have been unstable. He rushed out and slammed into the long legs of the season. The noisy box was quiet for a moment, and Xiao Jiashu looked up and smiled cautiously at the stern expression of the season.

Ji Yan has pressed a gun that is not at his waist, and the next second can pull out the woman's head, the other hand is holding a cigar, and the cigar is burning through the fabric on the chest of Xiao Jiashu. Exudes intense smoke and burnt smell.

Xiao Jiashu was too nervous. He didn't notice this at all. Ji Yan was staring at him with a chest that didn't feel any pain."What is this?" He poked the silicone milk with a cigarette butt. The room was unpredictable.

Xiao Jiashu looked down and suddenly scared "the flower is eclipsed." He just wanted to stand up and run away. Ji Yan had already grabbed his arm and pulled open his robes, ripped off the bra and silicone, and said, "You are a man?"

Finished! It’s over! Xiao Jiashu's head is full of these two words, but the desire to survive makes him burst out of extraordinary wisdom. He immediately twists and twists his throat. "People like to wear women's clothes and dress up as women. What about people? It's not easy, can't you sex discrimination?"

Several bodyguards gathered around and pointed the gun at Xiao Jiashu’s head. Ji Yan smiled and smiled at him for a while, then slowly took off his wig and picked up the kettle and poured it on his head.

Inferior cosmetics fell off, gradually revealing Xiao Jiashu's Zhang Junmei's innocent face, his eyes were red and the eyes were dripping, showing both nervousness and ecstasy, and it was a lot more than the women's. . Originally, he didn't bother to look at his season, and he squeezed his jaw tightly, forcing him to look up and look at him for a long time with his unpredictable eyes.

All the coldness and indifference slowly receded, leaving only the interest and pleasure. He waved his hand and dumbly said, "You all go out." This is his first time showing a strong interest in a person.

The patriarchs walked out with the mermaid, and the bodyguards closed the door and kept it outside, leaving the space for independence. Ji Yan opened Xiaojiashu's jaw and leaned back on the sofa. He said, "Give me a dance. If I jump well, I will let you go."

“Really?” Xiao Jiashu asked carefully with a scorpion.

"Speaking normally." Ji Yan gently rubbed his thumb and left a few lipstick lips, his expression was unpredictable.

"Really?" Xiao Jiashu immediately asked again with a pure voice.

"Really." Ji Yan laughed low, and the dangerous and deadly gas field was swept away. His gaze is locked in Xiao Jiashu, like a beast waiting for food.

Xiao Jiashu was seen by him as a cold-haired man, but he had to stand up and buckle the open collar. The imitation of the dancers began to dance. But God knows that he can't dance at all, and he can't learn the sexy and sultry movements, so he jumps and turns into a small twist in his place, twisting his buttocks in the same place. Waving, like a kitten. Nima, he remembers that when he went to kindergarten, he danced the first dance. This is called "Kitten", it is easy to learn, and he can't forget it for a lifetime.

Probably he was too focused. After the jump, he used his fist to hold his cheek and snorted.

The season looked at him intently, and then laughed at the sky. After laughing, he hooked the index finger, and his voice was hoarse. "Come here."

"I have finished jumping." Xiao Jiashu hinted that he should let himself go, but stared in horror and stared at his crotch. Lying in the trough, why is this person's crotch so big? Emotional? He realized that what would happen next, but there was no way out.Ji Yan did not shy away from showing his "Great Shore", once again ordered, "Come here." His expression was very lazy, even with a bit of expectation and gentleness, but the tone was very strong.

Xiao Jiashu’s eyes turned and he had an idea. He walked slowly and walked on the quarters with his legs, holding the other's face as if to go to kiss his mouth, but suddenly slammed forward and directly stunned people.

This shot was finally brought to an end, Zhao Chuan immediately called ut, and then watched the replay. The performances of these two people are all in one go, and every emotional change, every dark and turbulent look, is perfect. Ji Yan is the person who needs to stand out in this shot, and his eyes are like two flames. When he saw Xiao Jiashu faded away, he began to burn rapidly.

After reading his performance, anyone can have a deeper understanding of the idiom "love at first sight." In contrast, Xiao Jiashu almost took all the laughter, and the acting is very natural, without a trace of deliberate exaggeration. Especially the dance of his impromptu performance, funny and funny, but also very cute, so that everyone almost laughed.

"Very good, this is over, everyone is ready to continue to take one." Zhao Chuan excitedly announced.

The season lying on the sofa is dumb, "Director, trouble clearing the field, I have to calm down."

Everyone smiled and smiled, then took the initiative to leave the box.

He was shackled by Ji Ge, and he was not allowed to leave during his life. Xiao Jiashu, who was swollen with his hips, couldn’t stand it. He could feel the hotness of Ji Ge, and he could hear his heavy gasp, and he could understand his cravings through his tighter hands.

He moved his ass uncomfortably, and unexpectedly heard that Ji Ge had a low-pitched voice. He sat on his waist and did not dare to move.

Ji Yan held down his head and forced him to bow his head and kiss him. He whispered, "Small tree. After going back, I will show me the dance again, huh?" Damn, he can’t stand this waiting. It is. Lovers are too cute to be a torture!

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