How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 106 Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Chapter 106

The effect of the fixed makeup photo is very good. The luxurious and dim environment in the bar highlights the dazzling of the two characters, and the gorgeous lights on the top of the head add some magical feelings to the unclear atmosphere between them. Their body language is very funny and funny, but it doesn't make people feel resentful or vulgar. On the contrary, it is a bit like a couple's fight. It is very interesting.

More importantly, the two people's face value almost reached the peak of the entertainment circle. When the photographer recorded the two beautiful faces together, the impact brought to the audience was almost subversive.

Zhao Chuan examines the photos one by one, it is difficult to pick out which one is not good, and it is more difficult to pick which one is the best. Each one can be made into a large poster, each one is very attractive. He can already imagine how fans would carnival when these posters were sent to the media to promote the film. Whether it is a man or a woman, who can resist the charm of these two faces?

Invited to the right actor, the film has at least half of the success, not to mention the superstar of the 咖 冕. Although he has never filmed a comedy movie, Zhao Chuan believes that he will perform better than any other movie in the past, because Xiaoshu is here, Xiaoshu is the protagonist of this movie.

In the same way, Xiaoshu will work harder than ever, because Ji Ji is here, they will not let each other down.

Zhao Chuan put down the tablet computer, and he has a lot of confidence. "The main poster will be selected later. Anyway, I can't go wrong. Come here, let's film first, everyone will be ready to shoot!"

The crowd was busy immediately.

Zhao Chuan led Xiao Jiashu to the door and pointed to a super-run. "You will pour the car out ten meters first, then slowly open to the door of the bar, open the door and get off, one foot will land first. I will take a close-up of your ankles and expensive leather shoes. Try to go slower and walk a little. When you enter the bar door, you will see the surrounding walls covered with decorative mirrors. Hair style, then there will be a lot of beautiful women around, you can hold two casually, sprinkle money on them, everyone grabs, you smile smugly. The main camera will always shoot your close-up in front, you must remember to look for it with your eyes Give it a wink and let it know that you are the richest, most attractive and handsome man in the world. You are the center of the universe. You are king f the rld, understand?"

"I don't understand very well," Xiao Jiashu shook his head. "Xu Tianyou's people are narcissistic, savage, and timid. I know this, but what kind of feeling is the center of the universe? I really can't understand it. How big is the face? miss you?"

"You can't understand how I know? I am a director and not an actor. I just put forward my concept and how to accomplish it is your business." Zhao Chuan said irresponsibly, "Let's take a look for it first." Come, pour the car out."

"Well." Xiao Jiashu walked to the silver-lighted car and couldn't help but whistle. "Konysek, Chuan, where did you find it? There are only six in the world?""You are careful, the rent of this car is more expensive than the sum of this bar and the studio! I want your life to get rid of a little paint!" Zhao Chuan threatened.

"Small tree, come in." The cockroach that had been waiting at the side of the car had already opened the door, and one hand was still placed on the roof of the car to prevent the small tree from hitting the head. He reminded, "When you step on the gas pedal, you should slow down. The range is not too big. This car can run out 100 meters in three seconds, and the starting speed is very fast."

"So fast!" Xiao Jiashu's face is ridiculous, but the heart is full of resistance. He had suffered from claustrophobia and felt very scared when he got into the car. Although he was cured, He Yi was killed because of a car accident, so he always stayed away from the narrow sports car.

The season squatted a little, then pulled out a small tree that had already entered the car, and hugged it tightly. "I came back, you walked over." The words fell into the driver's seat and ignited the engine.

Xiao Jiashu sighed and found that Ji’s reversing was very slow. It seemed to be in line with his own pace, so he immediately went to the window and bent down to see him. “You know what Ji Ge?” After he said this, he Mysteriously picking up an eyebrow.

"Know what?" Ji Yan asked very well.

"Just just now, I loved you so much more." He said that he used his thumb and forefinger to make a stroke.

Ji Yan smiled and was amused, "How much more? My little tree seems a bit embarrassing."

Xiao Jiashu’s sly expression immediately became serious. “Oh, no, every second is a little bit more. How many days do you count down, one year, and one lifetime? How much? The whole universe can’t fit it? He raised his hands and looked at the night sky, and suddenly he opened his mouth.

What is the center of the universe? When Ji Ge looked at him, he was the center of the universe, and the sense of existence was particularly strong. Similarly, when he loves Ji Ge, Ji Ge is the center of his universe. He can only see him in his eyes. He only has him in his heart. Everything is for him.

He knows how to play the next show! Thinking of this, Xiao Jiashu couldn't help but raise his fist and waved toward the sky.

Ji Yan suddenly stepped on the brakes, dumb, "Little tree, you bow your head."

"What?" Xiao Jiashu bent down and looked at Ji Ge in the car.

Ji Yan went over and kissed him, his eyes full of intense and intoxicating smiles. "Nothing, suddenly want to kiss you."

Xiao Jiashu first glimpsed, and then quickly kissed back, the bright eyes seem to be more clear and translucent.

Zhao Chuan raised a big horn and said, "The film is forbidden to show love, otherwise it will be fined one hundred dollars. Do you hear two of them? If you reverse the car, please give me a reverse, what a demon, mad at me!"

Xiao Jiashu quickly kissed Ji Ge, and shouted straight after the waist. "Is it enough for you to pay you 10,000 dollars a day? Not enough to raise you to 100,000, you can count it by yourself!" He has to kiss the family at least every day. Brother 100, or there is no motivation for life!Zhao Chuan was so angry that Ji Yan was smiling on the steering wheel. Fall in love with a love, love, fantasy, love, kiss, love, confession, love, and love, but what is your favorite childish experience? The previous season was unimaginable, but now he can sum up in four words - happiness to death.

"Ogawa, I will also give you 100,000, you just deduct." Ji Yan opened the door and walked out, and shook the small tree and kissed him.

The extras standing on both sides whistled and screamed and laughed. It is unfortunate that the continent where they filmed is to allow gay marriage, so it is common for same-sex couples to be intimate on the street.

Zhao Chuan was completely k, and could only be unable to wave his hand. "Do, Laozi looked at you, and the words "Xiu En loves to die fast" are given to you first." Suddenly, the volume is raised. "Why are you ready for Xiao Jiashu?" We are going to shoot!"

"Wait a minute!" Xiao Jiashu took Ji Xian's hand and ran back to the bar. After finding the main camera, he said, "Jie Ge, you are standing behind and looking at me, don't move!"

Ji Yan smiled and nodded. "Well, I don't move, I am here to look at you."

Xiao Jiashu quickly kissed him, and he hurried back.

Zhao Chuan didn't know what he wanted to do, but he didn't stop it. The rich are the uncles, the rich are the uncles... He constantly reminds himself that this is the impulse to beat people. When Xiao Jiashu sat in the car and gestured a k gesture, he immediately shouted, "We played the game and we started shooting."

The field watched the board and pointed it at the camera.

Xiao Jiashu slowly drove the luxury car to the door of the bar, and slowly opened the door. One foot landed first and paused for a few seconds before fully coming out. The camera gave him a close-up of expensive, spotless leather shoes, but it was his beautiful and slender ankles.

With this ankle alone, the onlookers can be sure that it is definitely a beauty from the car! The lens gradually moved up, crossing Xiao Jiashu's long straight legs, narrow and quite hips, thin waist... finally settled on his handsome face.

At this moment, the luxury car behind him, the luxurious costumes on his body, and even the hustle and bustle around him, became a foil, and only his face shined in the colorful light. He was the spotlight for walking, everyone was watching him and then moving closer to him uncontrollably. And his gaze is always staring straight ahead, sharp, focused, deep, as if there is something that is very attractive to him.

The main camera that he looked at directly recorded this aggressive eye. The photographer who controlled the machine was red on the cheek. It seemed that he was confused, but he did not know that the person he was actually watching was standing behind the camera. The same deep and sharp eyes look back.

Xiao Jiashu slightly removed his gaze and looked at himself in the mirror. Then he raised his hand and was very elegant and full of anger. At this moment, a group of former, convex, and backward, beautiful women gathered around, but he did not even give them to the corners of his eyes, just took a dollar from the pocket of the suit and sprinkled it into the sky.The beautiful women cheered and went to save money. He then grabbed the two and continued to move forward. He still looked at the sides, only staring at the front, and his mouth was screaming with a savage and sinister smile. A beautiful woman who was in his arms picked up his toes and wanted to kiss his cheeks. He raised his eyebrows and leaned his head, and he was very impatient to avoid, and his eyes became deeper.

He clearly came to find pleasure, but he was arrogant and arrogant. It seemed that he could not see anyone except himself. He is synonymous with wealth, the center of the universe, and everyone has to turn around him, but only one person is the exception, that is, the main camera that is always stared at him, that is, the audience who will enjoy the movie in the cinema in the future.

The perspective of the main camera is the viewer's perspective. The main camera is valued and the audience feels the same; the main camera is enchanted and the audience is not spared.

Xiao Jiashu was the first to release his charm in front of the camera and tried to motivate the audience. But in fact, he wants to motivate only one person. When Ji Yan looked at him, he could clearly realize that his sense of existence was so strong. He wants him to always look at himself with such a gaze, so naturally the most fascinating side is revealed. This is the instinct of the male courtship.

Zhao Chuan stared at the monitor intently, and his mood was stirring. No.1 camera, No.2 camera, No.3 camera...The pictures taken by each camera are perfect. The Xiaojiashu in front of the camera is the spotlight and hormones. All the extras are brought into the play. They are surrounded by them. He danced, screamed, and drank, and the atmosphere was so hot.

But the more embarrassing the environment, the more it sets off his bohemian and arrogant, this way of playing is not enough cool?

Zhao Chuan turned to see three drops of water, three drops of water directly inhaled, eyes stunned. He turned his head to look at the season, but found that Ji Yan was carrying a glass of ice water and mouth, and the uplift of the crotch could not be hidden, and his eyes stared straight ahead, and the flame in his eyes almost disappeared. For the essence.

Zhao Chuan discovered that: Nima, Ji Wei stood in the rear of the main camera, so Xiao Jiashu’s object of gaze has always been him, not the main camera? What are the two guys shooting? Just give them a box to roll the sheets and go!

Zhao Chuan, who left his boyfriend and went to the United States for filming, was blinded, but he had to admire Xiao Jiashu’s ingenuity. As a spectator, he can naturally play 100% of the charm. If he is not in front of his lover, who can he face the waves? The lover is looking at him, he will naturally try to seduce and seduce.

If this shot is taken to the cinema, the audience's feelings will not be as strong as the season, and certainly will not be indifferent.

Zhao Chuan originally wanted to find Xiao Jiashu to save the field, but he did not expect him to be such an excellent actor. He is using his brain to film, not just obeying the director's instructions. The idea put forward by the director, he can use everything around him to achieve it."ut!" Zhao Chuan breathed a deep breath. "This is over! Xiaoshu, you have completely met my requirements. Your way of playing is very cool, enough for those kidnappers with pink eye to put you on sacks. A meal! Very good, keep on cheering!"

Xiao Jiashu, who was still somewhat complacent, almost fell. Lying in the trough, what is it called a sack? Are you boasting me or are you hurting me?

But he still had no time to question, Ji Ge had come up, hugged him from behind, gently topped him with a swollen place, dumb voice, "small tree, take a good shot, eat less ng, We are going to get back early and go back soon, huh?"

What are you going to do earlier? The answer is self-evident. Xiao Jiashu’s waist is soft, this time it’s really going to fall. If Ji Ge is evil, he can't stand it anymore. I really want to go back to the days when Ji Ge has been through Hu Tianhu, and he is not shy.

Ji Yan grabbed his slender waist with his arms and smiled low and hoarsely. Xiao Jiashu was taken to Zhao Chuan by his half-half, and his head was smoking. How could the former tyrants be cool and handsome?

"This must be accompanied by a particularly suitable bg, otherwise the effect will be reduced by half. Let the soundtracker think about it." Zhao Chuan said seriously. "How do you see this film?" We are not kidding, Objective point."

Ji Yan stared at the monitor and said, "I don't want to give any advice. I just want to get back to work."

Zhao Chuan knows, makes a clue, "k, the effect is great, let's continue to take a picture, my sister is ready!"

Zhang Wei, who was hiding in the corner and drinking, immediately ran out. "I am ready."

The next shot is the movie that Zhang Wei was chased. She got rid of the killer and sneaked in from the back door of the bar. She looked for Han Dong in the crowd, but passed the Han Dong who went to the bar to get the wine. As an old play, this play is no difficulty for Wu Chuanyi and Zhang Wei, and it will soon be over.

The next round is the play of Xiao Jiashu and Zhang Wei, one looking for someone outside the corridor, one picking up the girl in the box, then pulling into the bathroom and delivering the chip.

Before the filming, Xiao Jiashu was in the color. "Jie Ge, let's take a picture. Everything is fake. Don't think too much."

"What do I want?" Ji Yan teased.

"When I am squatting with the extras, I don't think too much. I am filming, but my heart is here, come and collect." He opened his fingers and looked like he was pulling out from his left chest. One thing, press down to the left chest of the season, and seriously explain, "I will come back after the filming, you will save it."

“Hey!” Ji Wei finally couldn’t help but laugh at the scene. The palm of his hand gently licked the back of his lover’s head and said, “How come you are so cute, when you were a child, how much do you grow up?”

"I told you serious, what smiles." Xiao Jiashu raised his eyebrows and angered, then he laughed too, and the red lips were particularly beautiful.

Ji Yan went over and kissed him, then held down his heart, and he was in the air. "You can rest assured that I will keep it safely, never think about it, go to the movie."

"Then I am going." Xiao Jiashu just ran into the box with a smile.

Zhao Chuan standing on the side turned a big white eye, sour, "naive!""I like naive boys." Ji Yan picked up the glass and his expression was gentle.

Zhao Chuan snorted and looked like disdain, but his eyes were full of envy. He first photographed Zhang Yi, a box in a box to find someone's scene, and then photographed Xiao Jiashu in the box to pick up the girl's scene, because there is no difficulty, it is also one or two, and finally shot Zhang Wei to find the right box to take people Going out of the scene.

"Xiao Jiashu, you are sitting on the toilet, picking up your mouth and going to kiss Zhang. Zhang Hao, he will slap him as soon as he grins, even five or six fans will be almost..." Zhao Chuan said nothing, Ji Yan from Add it, "Be careful, don't hurt the tree."

Zhang Wei helped, "I know, how many years have I played, even the slap in the palms? You don't want to stand up, I am afraid that you can't stand it and rush to avenge Xiao Jiashu."

Xiao Jiashu sat on the toilet and grinned, and Ji Yan looked at him helplessly. "Okay, I won't say it, you shoot it."

Zhang Wei was a big sigh of relief, but in the end it was a little bit careful. Xiao Jiashu painted a layer of rouge on his face to create a high-drinking appearance. He was not listening to Zhang Wei’s words in the confusion. He only thought that the other party wanted to fight with himself and grinned, but he was taught by Zhang Wei. pause.

The slap in the face caused a man who came in to misunderstand, so he posted it on the door and listened for a while. After the Zhang Huan walked, the man ran in to check the situation, but found that Xiao Jiashu was stunned. He sat on the toilet and couldn't stand up. He suddenly admired Zhang Wei and sneered at Xiao Jiashu.

This story is difficult to say, it is not simple to say, mainly because the two have to cooperate. Xiao Jiashu also issued a post-abuse 呻 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟

In order to get rid of the murderer, Zhang Hao, who was outside the killer, had to continually fan Xiao Jiashu, fanned his face and fanned his arms, fanned his arms and chest, thighs, etc. He also picked him up and put it down, picked it up and put it down, let him keep on I hit the toilet with my butt and made a big noise.

Xiao Jia, who was abused in vain, did not hit a place, threw the chip out hard, the chip continued to roll, and finally caught in the wall.

Xiao Jiashu, who took the comedy for the first time, didn't have a good fire. The first few didn't let go, and the last few gradually touched the door. When he was squatting, he made a special excuse, and he was especially energetic. He also made a sigh of relief from time to time. Zhang Hao almost laughed. Ji Yan couldn't smile at all, his eyes staring at the little lover, not knowing what he was thinking.

Finally, after filming the play in the bathroom, Zhao Chuan took the hesitation. "This is over. Let's take a look at the chip scene below. Xiao Jiashu, you are going to make up, Ji Yan, Wu Chuanyi are ready."Retrieving the chip The scene said that Xu Tianyou was rescued by Han Dong and found that the chip was very important. He was ready to go back to the bar. It was already the second day. The two of them came to the front of the bar and found that they were wrapped up by a big man. The average person simply refused to let in. Only the pimp with the beauty was allowed to enter. Han Dong looked at Xu Tianyou's glamorous face, and the flash of light made him dressed as a woman, and he pretended to be a pimp and mixed in. After that, Xu Tianyou and Ding Jinsong met for the first time.

Before the mix into the bar, the play was very simple. Xiao Jiashu and Wu Chuanyi quickly finished the filming. After that, Xiao Jiashu had to change the dress. The stylist put a realistic silicone milk on him. The room, wearing a lace bra, also prepared a dark green cheongsam for him. The length just covered the buttocks, and the legs were covered with black silk and high heels. Wearing a wig and getting alive.

When he walked out of the dressing room, Wu Chuanyi, who was drinking beer, squirted out, and Ji Yan couldn't help but stay. He always knew that the little tree was beautiful, but he didn't know that he would be so beautiful when dressed as a woman. His appearance inherited the full advantages of Xue Yu and Xiao Qijie, and the contours of the face were slightly softened and refined like a doll.

His legs are long and straight, his buttocks are small, upturned, and tightly wrapped in dark green cheongsam, which is particularly sexy and cute. He took a small bag and stood there. The whole person was beautiful, even if it was a good Zhang Huan, he was also lining up as a man.

"When it's over, how can the old lady take the film, and it is actually pressed by a male actor, where is the face?" Zhang Hao patted his thigh and mourned.

The staff in the stagnation slowly returned to God and then laughed.

Ji Yan took out his mobile phone and snarled. "Small tree came over and took a photo with me. I want to send a microblog."

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