How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 105 Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Chapter 105

Hearing the footsteps behind him, Ji Yan turned to ask, "Small tree, do you want to wear this later?"

Xiao Jiashu looked at Zhao Chuan and Zhao Chuan looked at the stylist again. The stylist is a very persistent person. He is not afraid of the doubts of several big shackles. He swears openly. "Oh, Xiao Shaoye is so good, it doesn't matter. It's both stylish and sexy, definitely in line with Xu Tianyou's." Let's not look at it, try it first, not for us to change."

The stylist picked up his clothes and stared at Xiao Jiashu. He is a foundation. He has long been coveted by the youngsters of Xiao Shaoye and Ji Shen. Today, I am fortunate enough to have a good time. How can I let it go?

"Xiao Shao, come here, try it first!" He twisted the orchid and urged him.

Xiao Jiashu hesitated, "Is there any other clothing?"

"No, just this one." The stylist grinned.

Then you said that it is inappropriate to change? You clearly know that it is strong to buy and sell! Xiao Jiashu was so angry that he was gently pushed by Ji Ge. "Try it," he said, attached to the little lover's ear. His voice was full of banter. "I want to see it."

The scorching breath blew in the ear of Xiao Jiashu, and immediately let him forget the previous shame. Oh, forget it, since Ji Ge wants to see it, wear it.

"Get it." He took the red face and walked into the locker room. The stylist is posted on the door panel and asks him if he needs help, and his attitude is particularly diligent.

Ji Yan and Zhao Chuan sat in front of the dressing table to chat. There are several scenes in the movie that need to be shot in the bar. In order to save costs, they are ready to shoot the same scene. The Tsunami Bar is a very famous entertainment place in the local area. The rent for one night is not cheap. It is not expensive to hire so many extras. The labor costs are also expensive. It is best to get it in one night.

After about ten minutes, Xiao Jiashu opened the door and poked a head. Why do you really want to wear this?

“Really.” The stylist and Ji Yan also beheaded at the same time.

Xiao Jiashu could not, but had to twist out and squeeze it out. For the first time in his life, he wore such arrogant clothes, and it was almost nowhere. The black shirt inside is gauzy and completely transparent. It is embellished with lace embroidery only on the cuffs, collar and button edges. It looks sexy and luxurious. The purple blazer is a special self-cultivation model, the button can not be buckled, can only be open, the waist is very thin, so it is more leg length.

The matching purple suit pants are slightly elastic, almost like another layer of skin, tightly attached to Xiao Jiashu's legs, wrapped his hips tightly, even faintly visible front shape. The waistband is very low, revealing two beautiful mermaid lines. Even if the shirt is plunged into the trousers, the thin black crepe can't stop anything. Instead, there is a mystery of half-covering.

Xiao Jiashu repeatedly put on his pants and complained. "I think this pair of pants will go down at any time, and the waist is too low. What is going on in this shirt? It is equal to wearing it. There is also this jacket, arms raised. Can't lift it, it's too tight." He was picky and picky here, but he didn't know that the stylist had long been stupid.Hey, Xiao Er Shao this body is really awful, the standard inverted triangle, golden section, the waist is so thin that one hand can hold it, the butt is narrow and awkward, the legs are long and straight, the black yarn wrapped his white Skin, faint can also see two pink on the chest, small looks not too sexy!

Even if the stylist is a zero number, there will be some temptations at this moment.

Ji Yan didn't talk when Xiaoshu came out, and his dark eyes stared at him with a sigh of relief, and his breathing slowly became heavy. He suddenly remembered the last time, also in the United States, the scene of Xiaoshu stripping his clothes in front of him. His skin is smoother than the finest porcelain, and the powder is tender and tender, and at first glance it is very delicate and lovely.

He fled in disarray because he had nothing to do with the little tree, so he needed restraint. But now, he is a lover of Xiaoshu’s name and has enough power.

"You go out first." He muttered.

The stylist and Zhao Chuan face each other and then walked out unwillingly.

Xiao Jiashu clung tightly to the suit jacket that buckled and buckled, whispered, "Jie Ge, what do you let them go out?"

Ji Yan stood up and stepped closer to him, and the dawn was so dark that it seemed to be brewing some dangerous emotions. He grabbed the small tree that had been retreating and pressed him against the door of the locker room. He was hoarse and hoarse. "Small tree, you are better off wearing clothes than taking off your clothes."

Xiao Jiashu remembered that he really had been stripped off in front of Ji Ge, and suddenly he was so shy. He couldn't help but raise his hand and block the two points in front of the chest, and then reacted to it later: In the trough, I am not a woman, what? Besides, Ji Ge is my lover, and it is only natural to show him.

Thinking of this, he immediately put his hand down, just want to say something to ease the sputum, Ji Yan has lowered his head, containing his rosy lips. This kiss is very fierce. Ji Yan seems to want to suck his soul out of the body. He uses his tongue to open his teeth and constantly stirs and sucks him, forcing him to hand over all the cockroaches and cockroaches. He held the back of Xiao Jiashu's head with one hand, and the other hand kept kneading his buttocks. He used his already stiff and sturdy place to push his lower abdomen, oppressed him, explored him, swallowed him... ...

Xiao Jiashu was a little scared because he had never seen such an overbearing and fierce Ji Ge, but at the same time, more eagerness and excitement emerged from his bones. Combine with the loved ones, no one can resist this temptation.

He hugged the head of the season 冕 buried in his neck, his arms twitching slightly, the skin constantly sent a sense of warmth and numbness, and sometimes accompanied by a slight tingling, it was very comfortable.

When he couldn't help but shout it out, Zhao Chuan began to beat the door impatiently. "Hey? Are you enough to have enough heat? You have to shoot a movie later! Do you know that this bar will be spent one night?" how much is it?"

Huh? What bar is it? Xiao Jiashu opened his eyes and wondered what the night was.

Ji Yan sighed on him for a while and then smiled lowly. "Small tree, let's go back and do it again. Don't worry, wait for me, huh?" He put his tongue out into the lover's cochlea and gently licked. Get it.Xiao Jiashu’s waist is not so straight, it’s sour, and it’s so weak that it’s hanged in the elbows of the season, and he’s wronged. “You don’t want to be like this, I’m going to dirty the clothes, wait a moment. How do you see people?” This is not a tropical island, so he can jump into the sea and rush.

Thinking of the embarrassment of the last time, he almost cried out.

Ji Yan buried his head in his neck and smiled.

The two men held together and breathed, waiting for each other to calm down before opening the door, put Zhao Chuan and makeup artist to come in. The makeup artist's eyes are like searchlights, and they are constantly glanced back and forth between the two. Zhao Chuan is pleading for help. "Ji Ge, Xiao Shu, both of you have come up with a little professionalism. Can you finish the film first? Why are you doing it, no one will bother you."

"Know it, give me makeup." Xiao Jiashu coughed and coughed.

Ji Yan’s play is still behind, and he is not in a hurry. He opened a chair and sat next to the small tree. One hand rested on the dressing table. One hand held the back of the small tree and placed him half in his arms. His eyes never left him. He is using body language to declare his ownership of the small tree.

Zhao Chuan can't stand it anymore, and he waved his hand. "Give Xiaojiashu makeup. After we have finished, we will start shooting."

The make-up artist is embarrassed on the surface, but in reality he is secretly excited. "But Zhao, how do you deal with these hickeys?"

Zhao Chuan fixed his eyes and saw that Xiao Jiashu’s neck was red-spotted by the seasons. The dense red marks spread all the way along the slender neck, even the jaws, the sides, and the back of the ears. Seeing these traces is like seeing how Ji Ji loves Xiao Jiashu madly, and how crazy to mark him. Is this the modest gentleman rumored outside? Is this not a beast?

Xiao Jiashu discovered the abnormality in his body and quickly grabbed his neck with his hand. He then glanced at Ji Ge.

Ji Yan whispered and kissed him and kissed his wet eyes. There was no regret. He also thought that he was a calm and restrained person, and all the madness was spent at a young age. But it was only then that he discovered that his character had not changed, but that the person who made him crazy was not present.

Now that he has a small tree, the enthusiasm and desire buried deep in his heart are pouring out.

When he thought of it, he kissed the little tree and floated the eyes of two red eyes, and told him, "Cover it with a concealer."

"To the right, use the concealer that Mu Qingjie endorsed." Xiao Jiashu immediately rummaged through the cosmetic case.

"In fact, you can leave a few embellishments. Anyway, Xu Tianyou is a playboy. This is more suitable for people." The makeup artist is somewhat reluctant, but under the strong opposition of Zhao Chuan and Xiao Jiashu, they still cover the hickey with concealer. .

"Nothing." After wiping the makeup, Ji Yan gently touched the neck of the lover's white, and the tone was regrettable.

Xiao Jiashu looked like a dizzy glance at Ji Ge, but his heart silently said: Go back and let you stamp, how much to cover, ah?

The so-called mouth is justified, and it is probably him.

Ji Yan pinched his rounded earlobe and smiled shortly.In order to highlight Xu Tianyou's "beautiful", this vocabulary is used in the script. The absolute official setting, the stylist painted Xiao Jiashu's eyebrows into a slashing eyebrow; the end of the eye is highlighted with an eyeliner. I painted a little smoky smoke; the forehead, nose, cheekbones and other places hit the highlights; the lips were coated with a layer of grapefruit-colored lipstick; the hair was slightly hot, and then the fingers were used to make the hair look Fluffy and slightly wild.

Finally, the makeup artist gave Xiao Jiashu a thin layer of loose powder to avoid makeup removal. This took a few steps and sighed. "I have never understood very well what kind of talent is worthy of the word 'fascinating goods'. Now I can see Xiao Xiao and I understand."

Xiao Jiashu stared at herself in the mirror and felt that something was wrong. This skin is too white, right? It looks like the mouth is red like blood. The eyes are a bit narrow, and then I use a hook-and-eye pen to look like a fox, a bit evil. What is the gold powder on the chin, nose bridge and forehead, can you blink your eyes?

He turned to look at Ji Yan and asked indefinitely. "Ji Ge, is this look good, will it be too exaggerated?"

Ji Yan stared at him for a long time, and when he spoke, his voice was very hoarse. "I am hard, can you say it?"

Xiao Jiashu thinks that Ji Ge’s way of opening it today is a bit wrong. How can every sentence be so shameful? No, since yesterday, he has already done this. Is it because they are finally together, so they expose their nature? But what to do, even if it is such an evil season brother, he also likes it! Ji Ge is very an, very attractive, and now it’s a ghost!

He glanced at Ji Ge weakly, and when he turned to look at himself in the mirror, his heart was beautiful. "This shape is OK, then?"

Zhao Chuan walked around him for two laps and bowed. "Oh, this shape is very good, the makeup is really a bit thick, but you have to think that we are shooting in a dark bar, with various lights on the head, makeup I don’t feel the effect of the roots. If you sit at the bar and take a few photos, I think this model can be used as the main poster."

"Good." Xiao Jiashu is preparing to stand up, Zhao Chuan suddenly changed his mind, "You and Ji Ge take a photo with the frame, so the effect is better. Xiaolian, Ji Ge's shape, are you designing?"

The stylist quickly took out a tattoo picture and excitedly said, "I have designed it, can I paint it now?"

"Draw now. They both take a makeup photo together, the effect is hundreds of times better than the individual." Zhao Chuan is very determined. Even if the two men sit a few meters apart, their eyes are entwined, with unclear enthusiasm and ambiguity, so that they will have a very wonderful chemical reaction.

Being able to take photos with Xiaoshu, Ji Yan has no opinion, even when he takes off his clothes, he reveals a strong upper body.

Ding Jinsong is the leader of the gang. Of course, the makeup will not be very heavy. Only a little bit of the bottom can be used. The appearance of Ji Yan itself is partial to mature and cold, and the lines of the face are deep and three-dimensional, angular and angular, like carving. Put on a expensive black suit and stand there blankly with no expression. The gas field should not be too strong.There is only one thing that is not very suitable, that is, he has no tattoos, and all the gang members have unique tattoos that can indicate their identity, so the makeup artist must use ink to help him draw.

"Mr. Ji, this is the tattoo pattern I designed for you. You choose a few, I will help you draw." The stylist stared at the quarterly eight-pack abs and the looming mermaid line.

Ji Yan picked up the album and read it. I wanted to pick a few of them, but I suddenly saw a tree entangled with vines. "I want to paint this." He pointed at the big tree and his tone was fixed.

Xiao Jiashu took a look and looked at it. He seemed to realize something, and his cheeks immediately turned red. He crouched on Ji's back, his hands on his neck, his lips on his ear, and he asked, "Why are you painting a tree? It feels a bit ugly."

"Not ugly." Ji Yan patted his white face, his eyes adorned with light, "the vines are wrapped around the tree, the meaning is very good."

Xiao Jiashu buried his head in his neck and secretly laughed. Yes, he has been tying up his brother in this life. Unless the vine is pulled and the tree is cut, no one of them wants to leave.

Ji Yan looked at him with a slight head, and his expression was gentle. At the end, he told the stylist, "I will choose this. Others will do it." It is definitely not enough to paint a pattern. According to the description of the three drops of water, Ding Jinsong is covered. They are all tattooed, and they are a guy who can see and change.

"Well." The stylist swallowed a dog's food in silence, and then picked up the brush to trace it. After the description, he took it with the camera to restore it later.

Ji Yan stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He was very tall, full of explosive muscles, and now he painted complex and embarrassing patterns that looked very horrifying. Especially when he deliberately sinks his face and reveals a sly expression, the sense of deterrence is almost suffocating.

The stylist was so scared that he stepped back and looked like a piece of paper. He said in his heart: Did Teacher Ji really mix the underworld? I always feel that his atmosphere is too strong!

Xiao Jiashu's heart tweeted through the mouth, carefully walked to the side of Ji Ge, poked his chest muscles with his fingers, not proudly shouted: How many faces in Ji Ge are I have never seen before? Why are every side so handsome?

Ji Yan held his finger and smiled low. "Help me write a few words."

"What to write?" Xiao Jiashu wanted to embrace Ji Ge and worried about staining the ink.

"Write xjs." Ji Yan pointed to the vine-wrapped tree pattern painted on his left chest.

“Where is it written? Here?” Xiao Jiashu picked up the pen and asked indefinitely. "xjs" is the abbreviation of "Xiao Jiashu"?

"Yes," Ji Yan said. "Write your name in my heart. I want all the audience to see it." Is this idea crazy? No, not crazy, for him, it seems to be a necessity, but also a matter of course.

Xiao Jiashu groaned, then hugged Ji Ge’s head and licked his mouth and nose like a puppy. If you go on like this, he will love Qige more and more, and his heart will explode.

Ji Yan laughed back and kissed him, and finally asked again, "write beautifully."Xiao Jiashu seriously wrote his name in the heart of Ji Ge, blowing it with his mouth, and finished the forehead, gently arched a few times. Ji Yan gently kissed him to the top, then rushed to the stylist to wave, "Take this pattern again and send it to me." He wants to imprint it forever, just like the mark of the small tree.

The stylist who eats the dog food and picks up the camera and picks up the camera. The heart is full of shock and emotion. He originally thought that the gay circle had no true feelings, only desires, everyone gathered together, and disagreed and then dispersed, and continued to find the next goal. However, after observing the mode of getting along with Jiu Jia and Xiao Jiashu, he realized that some feelings are not as simple as the surface, but directly hit the heart and reach the soul.

If the two men break up in the future, he thinks that he will never believe in love again in his life.

"You can write one for me, write here." Xiao Jiashu turned his body and opened his shirt to reveal his sexy waist. When he finishes writing, he will take pictures and let the tattoo master follow the lines. He has been tied to Ji Ge in his life, and this is where Ji Ge has his mark. In the future, if anyone wants to seduce him, he will open the clothes for the person to look at, and then proudly declare: If you see no, I have already had the Lord. If you look for someone else, I will not derail.

He couldn't stop his brain, and the more he thought he was the best lover in the world, where did Ji Ge go to find a more suitable object than him?

Ji Yan’s heart was hot, pulling down his pants, kissing him gently in his dimple waist, and then laughing low. “Your waist is too cute to be destroyed. I write the following, j, Ji Yan, right?"

"Yes." Xiao Jiashu nodded.

Ji Yan wrote j with a beautiful swashbuckle and then took a photo with his mobile phone. He always thought that a couple tattoo is very naive and meaningless. Who knows how long you can be with this person? Isn't it a smudge that can never be erased in the future?

But now, his thoughts have completely changed. If you identify someone and are willing to be with him forever, you can't help but brand him, and at the same time branding yourself. This brand tells you not to let go of everything now, and don't forget the mood at that time. This is very good, very reassuring, and Ji Ji has been pursuing the word "safety" for the rest of his life.

"Small tree, do you love me?" He put down his cell phone and pressed his lover on the dresser.

Xiao Jiashu put his hands on his chest and nodded seriously. "Of course!" I love you and love to explode Ji Ge, he silently confessed in his heart. If he is so exaggerated, he must not be able to say it out loudly. Otherwise, Ji Ge will think that he is not practical enough, not careful enough, and is a person who is not trustworthy.

But in fact, he appealed to the emotions of the mouth, and even one hundred percent of them were buried in the heart.

Ji Yan decided to look at him, and then kissed him devoutly. He could hear and feel it, so his heart was soft and messy. When the two people were still trying to separate, there was no one in the dressing room. A set of high-cut suits was placed on the sofa. I don’t know when the stylist was put in."Come on clothes, or Chuaner is going crazy." Xiao Jiashu looked at his watch and couldn't help but be red. When he stayed with Ji Ge, he always forgot time. "We can't be so tired, work. I have to work hard at the time." He added a sentence.

"Well, I will listen to you." Ji Yan quickly put on a white shirt and black suit, and his tattoos were crawled on his back, neck, chest, collarbone, etc., making him look elegant and deadly. His participation allowed Ding Jinsong to have a different soul that was originally used for funny characters.

Ding Jinsong was originally wretched and funny, but now it has become powerful and dangerous.

When the season walked out of the dressing room and came to the flashing bar, the screenwriter three dripping excitedly stood up. "Yes, this is the leader who can control the entire Chinese gang. Teacher Ji, thank you for joining us! It is too Thank you!" Turned to see Xiao Jiashu, suddenly incoherent, "Is this Xu Tianyou? Too beautiful, no wonder it will be Ding Jinsong confused, and it is logical to find such a person to play! Ogawa, you have asked before Who are these people? I almost ruined my movie!"

Beauty, glamorous? Xiao Jiashu shivered silently, but did not refute the other party's words. This person is a relative of Xu Tianyou, what he said is what it is.

"Okay, don't talk nonsense, take a photo!" Zhao Chuan impatiently urged.

“How to shoot?” Xiao Jiashu is still worried. Ji Yan has already sat down on the luxurious sofa. When he stretches his arms, he takes the lover into his arms and pinches his jaw with his fingertips. The deep eyes are flashing with the light of hunting. And the determination to be sure.

Xiao Jiashu was slightly flustered without preparation. One hand pressed against his chest, and one hand naturally hooked his neck and his eyes were rounded.

The photographer, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately pressed the shutter and praised him. "The right pair is the kind of feeling you chase after me. Let's change a little more! You both know how to match it?"

I certainly know it! Xiao Jiashu responded in his heart, while being swayed by Ji Ge on the sofa. What is even more difficult is that he is very happy to be intimate with Ji Ge, but he has to make an expression of anger and unwillingness. This is too split.

When he took the last photo, Ji Yan picked him up, and he grabbed the collar of Ji Ji, raising his fist like a threat. The two of them smiled coquettishly, and a fangs licked their faces, and the burning gaze collided in midair, which seemed to sparkle.

"Well, the most exciting one is here, the perfect work!" The photographer raised one hand and announced with excitement.

These photo compositions are very interesting, but the characters are beautiful, creating a strong contrast and impact in the visual. More importantly, the feelings conveyed between the two characters are both contradictory and uncontrollable, and they are attracted to each other uncontrollably. The undercurrents are hidden in their eyes, but they flow through the whole picture. I feel more deeply touched when I smile.

If you make these emotional photos into posters, the effect will be even better. This movie will be hot, and only the interaction between these two characters will definitely be hot. The photographer who carefully checked the photos thought of it.

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