How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 103 Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Chapter 103

Out of the studio, climbed the car of the season, Xiao Jiashu also felt a bit unreal, the expression on his face was slightly embarrassing, until Ji Yan leaned over to help him to wear a seat belt and suddenly woke up.

"Jie Ge," he screamed weakly. "Why are you going to the United States and want to be with me?"

After Jiyu started the car, he smiled at him and asked him, "Why, why did you agree to it?"

"Of course, because I like you!" Xiao Jiashu looked at each other with bright eyes. He originally wanted to say "I love you", but he was afraid to bring too much pressure to Ji Ge. After all, they just got together and it was too early to talk about love. But only God knows that he loved Ji Ge for a long time, and for a long time he used love as a cult and almost separated him from some misunderstandings.

Regardless of the reason why Ji Ge wants to be with him, he will cherish this feeling, and then take Ji Ge’s hand, step by step, and steadyly finish their life. Although he has just left the society and has not experienced too many things, he knows with certainty that he will never meet a better person than Ji Ge. This love will either not talk or talk about his life.

Thinking of this, he and Ji Ge are interlocking and clenched their grips.

Ji Yan parked the car that had just opened and stopped at the side of the road, turned to look at the small tree, and the dawn was deep and focused.

Xiao Jiashu also turned his head and looked back. His cheeks gradually became a layer of blush, and he was ashamed. "You always look at me in Ji Ge? You haven't said why you are... oh..."

His unfinished words were all sealed by the seasons, and he kissed him deeply and long, with a little care and gentle care. "Why would you chase the United States, of course, because I love you," a kiss At the end, his lips were pressed against the lips of the little tree, and he cautiously said, "Small tree, I love you."

Xiao Jiashu’s brains are burning up, and after a long while, they have come back to God, and there is a strong sense of guilt in their hearts. This relationship has just begun, Ji Ge is willing to say the most precious three words, in contrast, he is what! "I love you" and "I like you", they are not on the same level, will it be unfair to Ji Ge?

He has no doubts about Ji Ge's feelings for himself. Ji Ge's eyes are too hot, his tone is too cautious, his kiss is too devout, his every move, every word and deed, all show his seriousness and affection. In the face of such a situation, Xiao Jiashu is both at a loss and joy.

He really regrets why he had to be emotional before, and say "I love you" will die? When I think of it, he has the courage and whisper. "I also love you, Ji Ge. Really." The words fell quickly and kissed each other.

Ji Yan immediately hugged him and deepened the kiss. At the end, he smiled lowly. "I know." In addition to his mother, Xiao Jiashu is probably the only person in the world who will love himself without reservation. For this, Ji Yan never doubts. . Most of the time, he hates his ability to read people's hearts. Only when he faces Xiao Jiashu will he feel happy and happy.

If there is no such ability, he will miss a lovely lover and miss a pure feeling.Xiao Jiashu is still a bit embarrassed, holding Ji Ge's head back, like a puppy, he kissed him a lot, once again stressed, "I love your season brother, super love! I dream of wanting to be with you."

Ji Yan couldn't stop laughing, and he did not bother to repeat. "I know, of course I know."

Xiao Jiashu glared at his neck and looked into his eyes to make sure he really believed in himself. Then he let go. "Where are we going?" he whispered.

"First find a place to eat." Ji Yan his black hair, and then started the car.

What kind of food to eat, go back to the hotel directly to the two worlds is not good? The hotel also has a food delivery service. Two people close the door to eat together, and they are free and private. If you want to kiss and kiss, you want to hug and hug, how good! But wanting to return to this way, Xiao Jiashu did not dare to say it, he was afraid that Ji Ge would abandon himself too.

He scratched his head for a moment and asked slyly, "Where to eat?"

Ji Yan said with a smile, "Go eat French food, I know there is a good restaurant nearby."

"Oh." Xiao Jiashu screamed and screamed, and then he was happy again. This is his first date with Ji Ge, so a good romantic, when you are old, you can also come up with memories. Hey, do you want to buy a bunch of roses for Ji Ge?

When he was thinking about it, Ji Yan had quietly drove the car back to the hotel, and his eyebrows were full of smiles. "Let's get there, get off." He squeezed the lover's nose.

Xiao Jiashu looked up and found that this was a hotel, not a restaurant, and it was a bit worried.

"We went back to the hotel to eat, convenient." Ji Yan pulled him off.

Yes, the wish is reached! The little man in Xiao Jiashu’s heart was three feet high, but he nodded in the face. “It’s good to go back to the hotel.”

Ji Yan quickly kissed him and smiled. "Small tree, you are so cute."

Xiao Jiashu's eyes are moist, and when they are stunned, they are not like angry. He originally wanted to say that he was handsome, not cute, but he did not hold back, and his mouth opened with a smile. He silently asked himself: Will you still love Ji Ge as you do now? The answer is no, because he loves Jige more every day than he does now.

Ji Yan took his hand and couldn't help but tighten, and the surging touch was nowhere to be placed. He clearly understands that chasing the United States and throwing away all concerns to respond to Xiaoshu’s feelings may be the most correct decision he has made in his life. This relationship may fade slowly as time goes by, and maybe it will stop for some reason, but only for the sincerity and enthusiasm of this moment, he will never regret it.

He took the small tree and strode out of the elevator, came to the room, pressed people on the door panel and kissed. No matter how greedy he is, he will try his best to raise his head and open his lips to give him the warmest response. He didn't think anything in his head, but he burst into a fireworks after another, so gorgeous, so dazzling.

So Ji Jin’s mind was full of fireworks, the most beautiful scenery he had seen in the first half of his life.

Xiao Jiashu was kissed and suffocated quickly. Fortunately, Ji Ge let him go before he completely suffocated, and dumbly said, "Small tree, you have a good grip.""I, aren't we practicing? Come again?" Xiao Jiashu still licked his lips.

"Can't come again, fill your stomach first." Ji Yan touched his flat stomach. Because of too many things happening, Xiaoshu was very thin during this time, and his waist was so thin that he could circle one hand.

Xiao Jiashu is not hungry. He can drink the season's saliva and he will be full, but Ji Ge obviously can't. Thinking about this, he picked up the hotel's service list and wanted to see what dishes were there. Ji Yan took off his jacket and made a slight move, then shook his head and laughed. Drink saliva to be full, do you think you are a goblin?

After taking off his jacket, he circled the tree into his arms and watched the menu with him. Although the time spent by the two is not too long, the understanding of each other has already entered the bones, and soon they have ordered the dishes that everyone loves.

While waiting for the gap in the dining car, Ji Yan grabbed the small tree from behind and whispered softly. "There have been so many unpleasant things recently. Is it better now? I just want to tell you that there are many ways to deal with the problem. Don't always go straight, so it's easy to be misinterpreted or even attacked. I won't ask you to change, and won't make you wronged. I hope that you will be happy every day. Everything has me, what are you? Don't worry, huh?"

Every time he said a word, he would kiss the red ear of the tree, and his affectionate eyes firmly locked his delicate side face.

Xiao Jiashu was held in his arms like he was soaked in the hot spring. The whole person was soft, hot and numb, and his heart was full and full of emotion. He had a little redness at the end of his eyes. In order to prevent himself from crying, he sucked his nose and sighed. "Jie Ge, I was misunderstood you that day. I am sorry. You are good to me, I actually know." ”

He didn't know how to return the love of Ji Ge, but he could only make it to himself, but even so, it seems to account for the cheapness of Ji Ge. Sure enough, the good cabbage will be arched off at the end.

Ji Yan had wanted to keep warm, but he couldn’t hold back the laughter. While kissing the little tree to the extreme eyes, he was helpless. "Small tree, don't be so cute?"

Xiao Jiashu was exaggerated, but he accepted it with enthusiasm. He turned his head and kissed a few notes. Ji Ge’s saliva must be mixed with poppies, and drinking more will be addictive.

Ji Yan smiled on his back, and the whole person was filled with pleasure and happiness, and he looked lazy. He hasn't been so relaxed for a long time, staying at the side of Xiaoshu is like staying in a greenhouse, and he doesn't want to move at all. It is very safe, very bright, and there are countless loves like flowers and rains that fall in his heart, and the enjoyment of the spirit is better than everything.

Xiao Jiashu arched the arch brother, and he laughed. He fell backwards and pressed Ji Ge on the sofa to meet the incomparably patted belly. What kind of food to eat, have a drink and water.

Thinking of this sentence, he immediately sat up and tweeted. "Jie Ge, I don't mind if you talked about a few loves. After all, you are so old. I only ask you what is Lin Leyang, why should he? Tell me to be your boyfriend?"

Ji Yan hands around his waist, pulled him back into his arms, dumb voice, "Do you dislike me old?" In the early thirties, it is the time when the dragon is fierce.Xiao Jiashu’s gas field was immediately smashed. He turned over on his belly and lay in his arms. He muttered, “I don’t mean that, I like mature men, really. It’s not Lin Leyang, I won’t run to shoot the “Shuanglong Legend”. Meixuan’s sister warned me before, saying that Qidu and Jiang Bingjie can be especially demon, I didn’t listen.”

The season is full, staring at his head and whispering, "He probably sees my feelings for you, so I will lie to you. Xiaoshu, do you believe me?"

"Of course I believe." Xiao Jiashu was relieved in an instant, but he resentfully complained. "Lin Leyang, this kid is really too bad. I must punch him when I return home. Why should he not let me be with you? No, this I can’t stand it, I’m going to retaliate back now!”

He sat up in a hurry and forced to open the phone.

Ji Yan cried and laughed, "How do you want to retaliate?"

"Come on, let's take a photo." Xiao Jiashu raised his mobile phone.

Ji Yan laughed and climbed up, grabbed the small tree from behind, one hand smashed his hair, one hand gently wrapped around his neck, and his deep eyes focused on his side face. Xiao Jiashu turned his head and his mouth glared with a smirk of laughter. He was deeply confronted with him, and the dim light shone on them, creating a warm atmosphere.

This photo is very close and natural, looks like a friend, like a brother, and like a lover. Xiao Jiashu added a filter with enthusiasm and repaired the burr. This began to hesitate. "This photo looks a little embarrassing. Will it cause you trouble? If you forget it, don't send it."

"I am coming." Ji Yan sent the photo to his Weibo album, with only five words in the text - finally see you.

The photo was a bit embarrassing, so the labeling was even more strange. Xiao Jiashu felt a little panic and some faint excitement. To be honest, he never thought about whether he would interfere with his career with Ji Ge. His feelings for Ji Ge would not change in this life. Everyone can accept the best, and can't accept it. It doesn't matter to him. He just likes to shoot, can he be popular, can make money, can make a name for himself, these are not within his consideration.

Therefore, this relationship with Ji Ge does not cause any trouble to him. What can you accept without being accepted? He has no crimes and will not be banned. At most, no one is looking for him to film. Is this a big deal? He himself invested in a movie and took pictures of himself. As a wealthy second generation of his family, it is such a wayward.

Thinking of this, Xiao Jiashu's bottom gas is more sufficient, and can not help but gently snorted.

The fingers of Wei Wei’s Weibo were a little trembling, not worried or worried, but a joke. Finally, the photo was sent out. He immediately pulled the small tree into his arms and kissed him in a lingering manner. "If one day our relationship is exposed, are you afraid of it?"

"Not afraid." Xiao Jiashu thought and did not want to shake his head.

"You may not have much time to shoot when you arrive." Ji Yan continued to tease him."I can invest myself," he paused and added with trust. "You can also invest in me. If you are worried about the impact on the box office, I can play an inconspicuous supporting role. My position." It is an actor, not a star, a star wants to be a person, so I am most afraid of being criticized by people, but as long as I have a movie, I don’t really like it. I don’t really like it. I am a good person, play a good show, I can stand up to myself, I can love myself. The people are also worthy of the audience going into the cinema, that's enough."

Ji Yan looked at him deeply and sighed. "Small tree, every time I hear you say this, I want to kiss you." Yes, similarly, he has heard the tree many times before. Or on the mouth, or in the heart, and each time, his chest will be filled with a feeling of abnormal movement. At that time, he was extremely restrained and inexplicable. So now I look back, but since then, he has been tempted by this person.

He is more real, he is stubborn, his thoughts are too simple, but Ji Xian never thinks these are shortcomings. On the contrary, this is his most valuable and cutest place.

"Then you still don't kiss me?" Xiao Jiashu's cheeks were slightly red, and then he hinted at the lips.

Ji Yanlang laughed and pulled the man into his arms and kissed him. He rolled over and pressed the tree, and kissed his clavicle along his slender neck, and his breathing gradually became heavy. He tentatively untied the belt of the small tree and slid into one hand and slid down...

Xiao Jiashu is like a frightened rabbit, and it is stiff in an instant. I heard that the man’s first time will be very painful. He is not ready yet...

Ji Yan’s hand slipped a little, and he pumped it out. The lips still lingered, kissed and sucked in the neck and shoulders of Xiaoshu.

Xiao Jiashu was hot all over, and he thought of it in confusion: As early as this, it was better to save those people with the same humanities and observe them carefully. It is better than a little experience now. Oh, yes, how did you sit and sit on your own, how did you move?

The season that kissed him so much was a moment of laughter, and he was helpless and biting the bite of the rounded earlobe. He crouched on the small tree and gasped, waiting for the lower body's pain to fade slightly before sitting up, long sigh.

Xiao Jiashu was still lying on the bed straight, with a little tear in his eyes. "How can you not move Ji Ge?" Although he was not ready yet, he actually couldn't help it.

"We just started together, will it be too fast?" Ji Yan held his hands on both sides of his head and smiled. "This kind of thing pays attention to the water. Now the channel has not been dug, the water is coming in. I am afraid of you." Can't stand it."

How is this sentence a little weird? I feel that Ji Ge is opening a yellow cavity. Thinking this way, Xiao Jiashu’s face was even redder. He folded the two long legs behind Ji’s waist and raised his hips. He didn't know what he was doing. Everything was out of the man's instinct, but he almost called Ji Wei out of control.

The season topped him twice, and the mute warned, "Don't play with fire, or you can't get out of bed tomorrow."It turns out that Ji Ge is really opening a yellow room, and it sounds like a good feeling. Xiao Jiashu felt that he was not saved. Just now, he was afraid that he would all be eager to try. Anyway, I have to do it sooner or later. If I can’t get out of bed, I will take a day off with Zhao Chuan. What is the relationship?

Ji Yan's eyes have climbed a layer of blood, and the lower abdomen is exploding quickly. He jumped out of bed and turned over the suitcase, only to find that he was too hasty, except for a few sets of laundry, did not bring any extra items, the hotel also I have not prepared a condom and lubricant for the guests, but I have to buy it myself.

Shit! He couldn't help but curse, then bullied the tree under his body and bullied it.

Xiao Jiashu was kissed on the top, and was held underneath. He was almost eager to die, and the red nose shook slightly, making a high and low undulation. Ji Yan stirred his mouth with his tongue and spit into his throat with a burning scent. "Not allowed, or you will be done."

Then do it quickly, otherwise I can't help it! Just thinking of it, Xiao Jiashu shakes the whole person and then softens it down. Mom, he really couldn't hold back! This is too fast, right? Two minutes or a minute? Will it not last for half a minute?

Ji Yan took out a few paper towels and wiped the smoothness of his hands, then laughed uncontrollably.

Xiao Jiashu licked his face. Hey, it seems to be too shameful, and turned over again, with his ass facing Ji Ge.

At this moment, the waiter who sent the meal came, Xiao Jiashu bounced like a cannonball, ran into the bathroom with his waistband and hid himself. Ji Yan laughed for a while before opening the door and handing the waiter a generous tip.

"Come out, eat." He opened the lunch box and his voice was soft and soft. "Do not worry, I won't laugh at you."

"The laughter has been laughed, you said." Xiao Jiashu explored half of his head, his eyes shed tears, and he looked pitiful.

"Sorry, I really can't hold back." Ji Yan smiled and saw Xiaoshu want to hide back. He quickly took the person out and put it on his lap. He comforted. "This kind of thing does not do one thing." It will be too fast. We have time to run in, what do you want to learn, I will teach you, don't worry, eh?" While talking about the lover's wet eyes, the heart is full of indescribable tenderness and incitement.

"That, how long have I just been?" Xiao Jiashu asked in the ear of Ji Ge, and then quickly buried his head in his shoulder.

"About more than three minutes." Ji Yan tried to laugh.

Xiao Jiashu quickly picked up his mobile phone and checked Baidu, and then he let go of his heart. More than three minutes is normal, three minutes or less is the one, but fortunately!

"Then let's eat." He finally dared to face up to face Ji Ge.

"Good." Ji Yan kissed his nose and laughed again. He knew that every minute and every second with the tree would not be boring.Xiao Jiashu kissed him a few times. Then he sat down and cut the steak. By the way, he opened Weibo and looked at it. It was found that many netizens wrote a message below Jibo’s Weibo. Some asked him why he didn’t alienate Xiao Jiashu, why didn’t he cherish the feathers? Others firmly believe that Xiao Jiashu can never be as bad as rumors. They all say that "things gather in groups to gather people." The relationship between Ji Shen and Xiao Jiashu is so good. Xiao Jiashu’s character is certainly trustworthy.

There are more and more people who support the two, which shows the appeal and influence of Ji Ji. He does not have to say anything to show his attitude.

The people who have been buying the water army with the rhythm of Qidu, Jiang Bingjie and others have achieved their goals, and they no longer take Xiao Jiashu’s hype, lest they should be offended by the crown, the crown and the Xiao family, but the addition of the purple rose greatly stimulated the clouds. Book fan.

They are faintly aware that the materials that Xiao Jiashu burst may be true. Anyone who is famous in the whole country of China in the purple season knows that he will let go of the opportunity to adapt the "Shuanglong Legend"! The thing he is most at doing is to write the classics of others and put them on his own brand. What did the crew want to do? Forcing everyone to rebel?

When the tears were torn apart, the huge group of fans immediately quarreled with the fans of the crew and the stars, until the purple rose sent a microblog, repeatedly stating that they would respect the original, and the matter came to an end.

Xiao Jiashu was not interested in tearing. He only turned it over and then went to the official group of the crew to see who replaced him.

"This man is a new generation of actor who is very popular with Aurora. His face is too feminine and his acting skills are very bad. He can't support Li Yuanzhang's people." Ji Yan casually glanced at him and said, "You are "Shuanglong". "The loss of the crew, one day they will know."

So, fortunately, I have never lost you...

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