How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 102 Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Chapter 102

Xiao Jiashu really deliberately deceived several French deep kisses, and almost fainted because the ventilation was not timely. Ji Ge’s kiss technique is really not covered. The soft tongue sticks his tongue and keeps stirring. He pushes his saliva with his unique breath into his mouth and sucks it back bit by bit... his kiss and him Like people, sometimes gentle and lingering, sometimes wild and overbearing, it is simply irresistible.

If you can, Xiao Jiashu really wants to kiss Ji Ji to the old days. His mind is almost lack of oxygen, but his heart is blasting a colorful fireworks. No wonder there is a word called "heart and soul", which is described as true and appropriate. The person who invented it must have had the same experience...

His ecstasy, affection and affection, all passed into the season, made him kiss more and more deeply. Even if he concealed such a terrible secret, he also knew that his decision at this moment was not wrong, only because Xiao Jiashu deserved him to gamble on all to try once.

After another ten minutes, Zhao Chuan opened the door and walked in, urging. "You haven't finished yet, and you have to film."

Hearing the word "shooting", Xiao Jiashu, who was stunned by love, slowly returned to God, then pushed the season and immediately tightened him. Ji Yan felt that the small tree was half-pushing and hard to divide. He couldn't help but laugh and kissed his lips, which pulled people up. The two of them sat one and a half, and they all had a lot of dust on their bodies. It looked very embarrassing. Especially the set of high-grade suits of Ji Ji, now it’s almost destroyed, and the knees are stained with two grays. clean.

But he didn't care at all. Instead, he bent over and tidy up Xiao Jiashu's body. He took out his handkerchief and wiped his face. The movement was very gentle. He wiped the face of the tree and burned it. Two groups of blushing Printed on the apple muscles is very cute, and actually took a kiss.

Zhao Chuan and Wu Chuanyi were stuffed with a bowl of dog food, and their expressions were a bit difficult to say.

"Jie Ge, you have to be intimate and wait for the completion of the work, let's say okay? Let's shoot the movie first." Zhao Chuan Chong Xiao Jiashu beckoned, "Small tree, look at the replay just now, if the effect is good, this one will pass, it is not good for us to remake."

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu nodded and promised, and carefully held Ji Xian's hand. They have officially become lovers, should they be intimate?

Ji Yan coveted and laughed, then opened his hand and inserted his five fingers into his fingers before he showed his grievances. He whispered with his fingers and whispered with the ear. "The couple should hold hands like this. Not easy to separate."

Xiao Jiashu’s brows were stretched in an instant, and the eyes glowed brightly. He really loves Ji Ge very much. He feels like dreaming now. He is a bit uncomfortable and a little confused. He always fears that he will wake up and Ji Ge is gone. This is good, it is not easy to separate!

Thinking of this, he like a child, with the strength of the milk to collect the five fingers, and then slightly loosened a little, and dragged the arm of the season to sway.

Ji Jifu’s low amount of laughter. Finished, the little lover is so cute, how can he suffer if he goes on like this? Feel the blood tank will be empty!Xiao Jiashu stunned his new boyfriend to the front of the monitor. Zhao Chuan pointed to the screen and said, "Small tree, I just started to worry that you can't play a comedy. Your face is too handsome. It is suitable for acting. I am afraid that the audience will see you laughing. But you look at what you just did. Performance, too fucking, too damn funny, you can cry so real but so funny, completely meet my requirements. Look at the nose bubble you blow, definitely the finishing touch, and you This word is the foundation of the word, listening to it, calling it a lot more horrible, no wonder your dad is almost called Yangshuo..."

Xiao Jiashu’s cheeks were red and his head was rising. He really regretted coming over to Ji Ge. If he knew that he was so ugly, he should let Ji Ge go outside and wait. When he became a lover, he exposed his most embarrassing side. What can he do in the future?

Ji Yan stared at the monitor with enthusiasm, and laughed and held back in time. Then he slammed Xiao Shu’s head and praised him. “It’s very good.”

“Really?” Xiao Jiashu cautiously confirmed.

"Really." Ji Yan smiled and nodded.

Xiao Jiashu spit out a breath. It is better to get the recognition of Ji Ge than anything else. He is an actor. Of course, he has to try different roles. It is impossible to show his glamorous side on the screen forever.

Ji Yan took a deep look at him, and the light was more gentle. He suddenly remembered a sentence - when you see a person will laugh from the lungs, and want to stop can not stop, then you have fallen in love with him. A long time ago, when he saw Xiao Jiashu, he felt happy from the heart, and thus overflowed his smile. It turned out to be the case.

"Several trees still have a few shots to shoot?" He asked in a deep voice, and his heart was all about "looking for a quiet place and holding a small tree."

"I have a look," Zhao Chuan turned a blind eye and didn't have a good air. "There are four or five shots. At least the kidnapping of this scene has to be done today. The labor costs in the United States are very expensive, and the rent in the studio is also high. You understand and understand our poor team?"

"You are poor? Xiaoshu and Wu Chuanyi's investment, have you eaten?" Ji Yan sat down and looked at the shooting schedule, swearing, "Have a quick shot, I will give you a deputy. Then, you How can the crew only have a director?"

Zhao Chuan sighed helplessly. "There are four deputy directors and one executive director plus a few supporting roles. The visa has not been completed yet. It will take a few days to arrive. Ji Ge, you can come really good, it is my savior. "The people in the film and television circle who do not know that Ji Ji is a versatile, acting, guiding, filming, editing, special effects ... all good. With him, this movie really doesn't have to be awkward, and any problem can be solved.

The two people talked hard, and Xiao Jiashu, who felt that he was left out, could only walk around behind Ji Xian, and occasionally rubbed his back with his body. He now knows why the puppy likes to pull the master's trouser legs, and when the owner walks around, he squats around, because he is too attached, so he wants to get the attention of the other party.

He especially understands the mood of the puppy, because he is now like this, and he wants to attract Ji Ge's gaze. If Ji Ge does not pay attention to him, he would like to go up and take a little more physical contact with him.At this moment, Ji Yan suddenly looked back at him, his mouth gave a short laugh, and he pulled him into his arms and kissed him gently. "We can go back early after the filming, hey, don't worry. "Well?" His tail was low and heavy, and he still had a slight sigh of relief. Xiao Jiashu was flushed on the spot.

He sat halfway on the lap of the season, pressed his heart and screamed, and nodded slightly. Then take a quick shot, and still honing what, he wants to hurry with Ji Ge over two worlds!

The season is a low smile, and the dawn is getting darker.

Zhao Chuan, who was eating dog food and vomiting, didn't breathe openly. "I have done it. Don't show my love in front of me. Otherwise, I will call Zhou Nan too. Let's hurt each other. Xiaoyi, go to tie WIA. Let's take a shot of a hero to save the beauty."

Wu Chuanyi, who had been hiding far away, came over and said hello to Ji Yan.

"Hello, I hope we can have a good cooperation." Ji Yan stood up and shook hands with him, but did not let go of the small tree in his arms. This kid is like a fur-skinned dog. It can't be torn off. It is too sticky. But when I want to think about it, there is no feeling of intolerance or boredom in Ji Yan’s eyes, but it is full of joy. He admits that he is a bit masculine, and he hopes that lovers can rely on themselves more, and the small tree is exactly that.

"Is the action director not coming yet?" he continued.

"Amount, the action director is me. I have arranged all the martial arts shots. Do you want to see the teacher in the first place?" Wu Chuanyi touched his nose and his face was a little shy.

Ji Yan was surprised. I didn't expect Zhao Chu's crew to hide the dragon and lie, but it was recruiting some talents. It is no wonder that he just dared to go to the United States to film 30 million. The actors all bring their own investment and skills, and they have performances, nothing to do, save money and effort, and think beautifully!

"Then play it first, let me see the effect." Ji Yan said, pulling up his sleeves.

"Well! Teacher Ji, give me a little more advice." Wu Chuanyi was very excited and immediately rehearsed with several actors. Ji Yan observes the fighting effect through the lens, and from time to time puts some very pertinent opinions. He participated in the production of the "Zerg" trilogy, and the inside of the fighting lens has created the next generation of classics, this time taking a small cost of action comedy film is easy to master.

Xiao Jiashu didn't look at Wu Chuanyi at first glance, but instead stared at Ji Yan. The men who say that they work hard are the most handsome, and this is really true. Now the season brother is really handsome! How did such a handsome man become my boyfriend, will it be that I am dreaming?

He rubbed his thigh, and suddenly he hurt his teeth, but he smiled stupidly.

The cockroach that was immersed in the work suddenly paused, then pulled the little lover standing behind him into his arms and kissed, then turned to look at the camera.

Everything happened too fast and too suddenly, so that Xiao Jiashu gave a slight glimpse, and then he smiled. No, he feels that he loves Ji Ge and loves to die! Hahaha...

Ji Yan: "... Xiaoshu, you stand a little farther."

"Why?" Xiao Jiashu immediately put down his hand, revealing a face full of grievances.

"You are too close to me to affect my work.""I can't talk or walk around at random, just stay quietly beside you. Isn't that going to disturb you?" Xiao Jiashu drummed the drums.

"Yes, if you are too close to me, I always want to kiss you, can't help it." Ji Yan turned and the light was burning.

Xiao Jiashu’s face was dissipated and dissipated. He looked at Ji Ge with his watery eyes and then smirked and ran away. If he is a puppy, Ji Yan can almost imagine that he has shaken his tail behind him more cheerfully than the hot wheels. This live treasure...

Ji Yan was a low smile, and this time he came back to continue to guide Wu Chuanyi. Wu Chuanyi and Zhao Chuan silently ate this pot of sweet and sloppy dog ​​food, feeling that the stomach was bursting.

After rehearsing for more than an hour, all the martial arts movements were finally determined. After a smooth dialogue with the partner, Wu Chuanyi went to the monitor to check the effect. It was too much to feel too much before, and it was too momentary. Improved several grades.

"Mr. Ji, just follow the action you arranged, you are an expert." Wu Chuanyi was completely convinced.

"No, I just changed it on the basis of your actions. You are an expert." Ji Yan patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him. "Everything is still in accordance with your previous ideas. Don't lose confidence. You are very good." If the film is successfully released, the fighting lens you designed is definitely a bright spot."

"Okay, thank you Ji teacher!" Wu Chuanyi's eyes were slightly red. For him who has been hiding for many years, the senior filmmaker Ji Ji is definitely very valuable.

"Okay, start shooting!" Ji Wei is preparing to let the game play, and he heard the sound of a small tree behind him. "Jie Ge, can I come over?" He stood in the distance and looked at it. On the other hand, the hair that was originally very stylish seemed to be slouched and pulled down.

Ji Yan and Jun Jun can not help but beckon, "Come on." How can this kid be so sticky?

Xiao Jiashu ran up and down, but did not bother Ji Ji shooting, but stood behind him, quietly sticking his belly to his back. He doesn't want to touch Ji Ge all the time, but it doesn't dare to be too obvious. Then he is also a man. He has the atmosphere and can't be as small as a woman. He thought that he must have been frightened by Lin Leyang, so he was suffering from skin hunger after being forced to stay away from Ji Ge.

Ji Yan seems to have a feeling, suddenly holding him a hand, with his fingers.

Xiao Jiashu immediately satisfied, and his heart was full of excitement.

Wu Chuanyi quickly killed several kidnappers who were outside, and opened the door of the small black house. Zhao Chuan took the command. "Ut! Ji Ge, can you see this?"

Ji Wei pointed out that a few unsmooth places, Wu Chuanyi and several white actors played seven or eight times, and finally it was over. This is the case with martial arts. If a movement is not well connected, it must be repeated until the effect reaches the director's expectations. If the director asks for a high demand, the shot will naturally be wonderful. If the director's request is low, the shot will not be seen. The director is the soul of a movie.Xiao Jiashu stared at the hard work of Ji Ge for a long time, and remembered the director Wang An, who was perfunctory, and filled with pride. There are people in the entertainment circle, there are good natural and bad, can not be said to meet some unprofessional ones to overthrow a boat, at least Ji brother is not like this, Zhao Chuan is not like this, Wu Chuanyi is not like this, There are also Shi Tingheng, Miao Muqing and so on. They are extremely excellent filmmakers and are worthy of cooperation.

When the filming, actors, and teams are spotted in the future, there will be no similar incidents. In this way, Xiao Jiashu was finally relieved.

Ji Yan looked back at him and couldn't help but patted his white cheeks. The relatives and natural movements showed a hint of joy.

Zhao Chuan turned a blank eye and urged, "The little tree is going to make up, and it is your turn to play."

"Good." Xiao Jiashu quickly ran into the dressing room. When he came out, his face was covered with fake tears and fake nose, which looked disgusting. He glanced at Ji Ge with a red face, and did not dare to stay in front of him for a second, and sneaked into the dark room.

“Ready?” Zhao Chuan asked loudly.

Xiao Jiashu just wanted to answer, but raised his hand in time. "Wait, I will brew my emotions first." Before he saw the little black house, he was afraid of shaking, and he didn't have to be prepared to enter the show. Now he has the season. Brother is with him, he is not afraid at all, but he is still full of joy, how can he shoot this scene?

After brewing for a long time, he couldn't find the feeling of collapse before he had to go back. He had to look at Ji Ge and shouted, "Jie Ge, would you be far from me?"

Ji Yan looked at him with a sly look and teased, "Why?"

"I just want to laugh when I see you, I am afraid I can't get up." Really, as soon as he saw Ji Ge, he would be elated and then smirk, which is not the expression of the victim of the kidnapping.

Ji Yan hangs his head, and he smiles slowly. After a while, he walks a little longer. "Is that okay?"

"Let's go further," Xiao Jiashu kept waving, seeing that Ji Ge had left his sight, and quickly waved. "Come back, right, just stand there and let me see your half face."

Wu Chuanyi turned his back and tried to laugh, and Zhao Qing’s forehead’s blue veins jumped out. What do these two people think? When you meet, the thunder slams the fire. Do you want to explode and then ascend to heaven? Well, Laozi will buy you ten pounds immediately. I will send you up!

However, the Tucao was squandered, and both of them were gods of wealth. He could not afford it, and he had to endure it silently. Feelings are such a couple, he has never seen it in the entertainment circle, it is really a bit sceptical!

Ji Yan couldn't help but laugh at the scene. He leaned on the wall 20 meters away and asked, "Is this ok?"

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu looked at Ji Ge, who was blocked by a petrol barrel, and he nodded his head. He turned his back and brewed his emotions. He closed his eyes and imagined himself trapped in a narrow dark room. The fear immediately came to his mind, but when he turned around, he saw his brother, who was looking at himself, but he was not completely manipulated by fear. .He showed a miserable but funny expression and tried to curl himself up.

Seeing that he was ready, the game immediately hit the board. Wu Chuanyi opened the door with one foot and quickly grasped the wrist of a kidnapper who was closest to him, so that his muzzle was shot at the companion and then in his abdomen. After a few punches, he removed his wrist and forced him to throw his gun and slammed it to the ground. At the end, he slammed his knees.

This series of actions was clean and tidy, making Xiao Jiashu stunned. Of course, in the moment when Wu Chuanyi broke into the door, he did not forget the performance, screaming with a scream of "screaming", and the action was more artificial than the woman.

Seeing Wu Chuanyi solved the kidnapping offender, he immediately climbed to the other side, slamming the other's legs and crying excitedly. "Han Dong, you finally came to save me, oh... I must let My dad gives you a raise!" As he said, he licked his nose and tears on the legs of Wu Chuanyi.

Han Chuan, who played by Wu Chuanyi, was bored with the rich young master. He kept shaking his legs and wanted to open him. However, he was held tighter. He had to drag him for a while and came to the two kidnappers to search for the keys. I will open the chain for him.

“ut!” Zhao Chuan raised his hand and asked, “Xiao Jiashu, can you let your husband come over? I want him to watch the replay.”

Old, husband? Xiao Jiashu, who was still full of misery, had already raised his cigarette at the top of his head. He whispered after untiring the chain. "Then call him."

"Jie Ge, Xiao Jiashu let you come over." Zhao Chuantou did not return to shout.

Ji Yan slowly walked over. First, he took out the scorpion and wiped his face for the tree. Then he took him to sit down and looked at the monitor together. The performance of the two people is very exciting. Wu Chuanyi’s Han Dong’s martial arts is strong and strong, and Xiao Tian’s Xu Tianyou is timid and timid, and he is afraid of death. These two people appear in the same picture, and they have produced a unique and unique comedy effect. .

Although Xiao Jiashu has a face that plays a drama, when he presents a tragic and funny expression, he will give the audience a very strong feeling of laughter. This phenomenon happened as early as when he released his video on the streets. He clearly lives in a serious life, but it gives the audience his illusion of being serious and funny. He has to say that this is also a gift.

Zhao Chuan is glad that he can invite Xiao Jiashu to play Xu Tianyou. Now think about it, no one can be more suitable than him. He has Xu Tianyou's extravagance and his childishness and sillyness. This character is tailor-made for him.

"Jie Ge, what do you think?" Zhao Chuan felt that this can pass, but still want to listen to Ji Yan's opinion.

"You are the director, you have the final say, don't always ask me." Ji Xiaoxiao's head, low smile, "I filter too thick, the words are not objective enough. I think the small tree how to play Ok, can you agree?"

Xiao Jiashu immediately licked the palm of his hand, silently shouted a husband, his ear was red and bloody. Oops, this is a shame, but fortunately, I can’t hear you!

After the season smashed, he grabbed the back of the small tree and exchanged a wet kiss with him. The slightly closed eyes were filled with bright smiles. Can this kid stop licking him again, and he will definitely swollen his lips.Zhao Chuan felt that his eyes were fast. Damn, who is going to drag the dog male and male out to burn, too damn! Is your family specializing in dog food? He started at the beginning and bit his teeth. "I think this one is very good, too."

Wu Chuanyi was relieved and went a little further. He finally understood what Zhao Ge’s words meant. Love was sour and smelly that people couldn’t stand it. Fortunately, this is the last shot of the day, and it will be ready for work.

"Over? Then we can go back to the hotel to live in the world of two people?" Xiao Jiashu was shocked and shook his plan.

Ji Yan can not help but Zhao Chuan is gnashing his teeth. "Yes, let's get started! Ji Ge, don't forget to study the script and draft a contract. We haven't signed it yet."

"I know. Today I was going to invite you to have a meal, familiar and familiar, but you see," he squinted at the wet little lover, and smiled. "We may be very busy later, so please ask again. Let's go."

If you leave, you have to stuff a dog food again. Are you finished? Zhao Chuan glared and glared, and waved his hands again and again. "Fast! Don't stay here with my eyes!"

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