How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 101 Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Chapter 101

After Xiao Jiashu arrived in the United States, he spent a day to cut the time difference. He spent another day studying the script and started shooting on the third day. As Zhao Chuan said, "Running all the way" is indeed a poor drama group. There are only three fixed actors, two males and one male partner. The budget is even less pitiful, so you have to hurry and shoot immediately. One day's money can't afford to hurt.

"Come here, I will tell you about this. This is Wu Chuanyi, one of the male lords. Should you know him?" Zhao Chuan said after bringing Xiao Jiashu into the studio.

"Of course I know, I grew up watching Wu’s film." Xiao Jiashu shook hands with Wu Chuanyi.

That being said, Wu Chuanyi’s age is only three years older than Xiao Jiashu, and he is still very young. He debuted early, and when he was three years old, he immediately became a hit. In the medium term, he died for some reason. In recent years, he seems to be running a dragon. Although he is not well mixed, he has never had a shadow. It is an old man who is uncompromising.

When Xiao Jiashu was very young, he liked to watch the children's movies filmed by Wu Chuanyi. He had been with him for a long time. The child star did not change after growing up. The face is still a lovely baby face, but the figure is...

Xiao Jiashu looked at him up and down, and finally he could only use the words "King Kong Barbie" to describe it. It’s no wonder that Wu Chuanyi’s fans all said that their idols are long-lost. They originally looked forward to a slender young boy. I didn’t expect him to practice himself as a rough man. The big chunks of the raised muscles were wiped. A layer of olive oil, you can go directly to s roast chicken.

But Xiao Jiashu is very appreciative of his body, and even a little envious. He is still in fitness, but the effect is always poor. It seems that the four abdominal muscles are already his limit. How to practice is still the same. If you do not practice every few days, the muscles will have a melting trend...

He shook hands with Wu Chuanyi and continued. "It is my pleasure to cooperate with Teacher Wu."

Compared with his happiness, Wu Chuanyi seems to be hesitant. He excuses to talk to Zhao Chuan about private affairs, pull people alone, and whispered, "How do you bring this ancestor? You don't look at domestic news? He likes to change the script, play big cards, Harassing the female star, you see, there are real hammers on the Internet.” While talking about taking out the mobile phone, opening Weibo, entering Jiang Bingjie’s homepage, I saw that she posted a lot of WeChat chat screenshots, all of which Xiaojia Shu asked her when she returned. He also said that he needed her very much and asked her to go back to the cloud as soon as possible. Almost every few days, there was an annoyance.

Zhao Chuan didn't believe these gossips, but he still picked up the mobile phone and looked at it with enthusiasm. He smiled with a thief on his face. "You are a fan of Jiang Bingjie? You pay attention to people, people can't return you, do you want me? Help you take a line?"

Wu Chuanyi’s cheeks were slightly red, and he quickly waved. “Without Zhao Ge, I just brushed a microblog and accidentally paid attention to it.”

Zhao Chuan smiled and immediately waved to Xiao Jiashu who was doing nothing. "Small tree, come over, I ask you, what is your harassment of Jiang Bingjie?"“Ah?” Xiao Jiashu groaned, then took out his mobile phone and opened the WeChat chat page. He sweared, “She took a movie in the US and obviously didn’t have time to shoot the “Shuanglong Legend”, but she was reluctant to give up the pay. I called a substitute to help her play, and later I tried to figure it out. I was too much to play with her opponent. The substitute she asked was very amateur, and she really couldn’t play it. She had to remind her to come back. Where am I? Knowing that this can offend her! You see, her screenshots are only cut in half, deliberately distorting the facts and letting her fans attack me."

Zhao Chuan took a close look at the mobile phone and couldn't help but admire Jiang Bingjie's shamelessness. She really only intercepted the small tree to ask her when she returned to China, but Xiaoshu euphemistically advised her not to roll the game but it was all p. Her reply to Xiaoshu also has a lot of mystery. As long as Xiaoshu initially blamed, she said how hard she worked in the United States, how to work hard, how important this opportunity is to her, this is expected even if Xiaoshu A full screenshot was sent to the Internet, and these miserable words can also win the sympathy and solidarity of the fans.

And Xiaoshu’s behavior of exposing these conversations will be interpreted by fans as not gentlemen, small amount of money, things, etc. The means are really high and they are worthy of being old rivers and lakes.

After reading the chat record, Zhao Chuan handed the phone to Wu Chuanyi, who was stunned. Since everyone has to work together for a long time, it is necessary to solve the misunderstanding and increase understanding. Outside the play, if the actors can make a spark, then of course it is better.

Wu Chuanyi was also buried in the snow for many years because he could not understand the chaos in the circle. Therefore, he had prejudice and doubts about Xiao Jiashu. He now knows that he is also a persistent person, and he immediately feels more like him. He once again grasped the hand of Xiao Jiashu and said sincerely, "I am very glad to meet you and hope that we can have a good cooperation."

Xiao Jiashu inexplicably held his second hand, "Happy cooperation." Finished looking at Zhao Chuan, "Chuaner, there is a male match, why not?"

"I have given him more than a dozen phone calls. He just doesn't pick up. Wouldn't he want to break the contract?" Zhao Chuan's face changed and he immediately called the man's agent. This time it was connected. However, the other party asked to increase the pay, and Zhang mouth added five million, which can make Zhao Chuan mad, and he quarreled with him on the spot, and then smashed.

"Fuck. Your mother! Start shooting, you tell me to increase the price, why not mention it before? Is this want to take a stop shot to swear at me? I thought that I have no time to find another actor substitute? Well, I let you go, you count What kind of dog thing, I really thought that I can't find anyone? Is it necessary to have five million in the front, and now add five million? The pay of my two male owners is not as high as you, you think who you are. "Zhao Chuan yelled at the phone that had been hung up."

Xiao Jiashu secretly grabbed the sleeves of Wu Chuanyi, his expression is mysterious. "What is your pay?"

Wu Chuanyi wants to stop.

Xiao Jiashu was very savvy. "I was a post-player. Not only did I not pay for it, but I also invested a lot of money. I am currently owing a debt."

Wu Chuanyi's strange face returned to normal instantly, and he whispered in his ear. "Me too."The two face each other and then grin. After just ten minutes of getting along, they all found that the other person was a very simple and pure person, and they got along very well.

"Come on, we took a group photo." Xiao Jiashu took the initiative to take over Wu Chuanyi's shoulder, Wu Chuanyi also took it back, the two met and took a picture.

"I don't have a good reputation now. I am afraid that I will be tired of you. Otherwise, I will send the photo to Weibo." The photo was slightly repaired, and Xiao Jiashu sighed.

"Nothing, I am coming, I have been angry, I am not afraid of being tired." Wu Chuanyi laughed, then sent the photo to his Weibo, and wrote with the text: new friends, very like-minded, looking forward to... As for what he expected, he did not say it, but everyone will understand it one day sooner or later.

Xiao Jiashu immediately praised and forwarded it to his Weibo. In this difficult time, there is someone who stands side by side with you and feels really good.

Zhao Chuan should have turned around, but he is really anxious, and he has no time to control anything else. If he can't find an actor who is more suitable than the previous one, this movie is likely to open the skylight. Although the man is only a male match, the drama is definitely no less than the two males, and it is the finishing touch of the drama. All the smiles, selling points and gimmicks are almost on the male, so Zhao Chuan bites The tooth gave a "billion" pay for five million, and all his investment combined is only 30 million, which is one-sixth.

"Mom! There are too many people who have seen money and ungratefulness in this year!" Zhao Chuan, who had been beaten for more than a dozen calls, wanted to bite. How many small flowers and small meats did he have in the online drama of the big fire? But now? When they need to save the field, they are not willing to come. Five million pieces are still too little. Why are they not going to heaven?

However, Zhao Chuan also knows that the high paycheck is a common phenomenon in the entertainment industry in China. It is impossible to get a few hundred million. It is a reality that you don’t come to the actor who has a big coffee. Just as he was unable to do anything, a familiar phone number came in and made him a slight glimpse.

"Ji Ge?" He went to the corner and shouted indefinitely.

"I am, I heard that the actor you hired put your pigeons?" Ji Wei has been here for two days, but he has not found the right time to appear in front of Xiaoshu.

"You are really smart!" Zhao Chuan licked his hair.

"I am coming, what do you think?" Ji Yan talked to the Bluetooth headset while picking the right suit.

Zhao Chuan almost threw the phone out and trembled. "Jie Ge, you can't afford to pay for it!" If he remembers it correctly, Ji Jin's pay has reached 90 million, and he can't afford to sell him. This price.

"I don't take the film, I can also bring in the money." Ji Weizi carefully adjusted the tie.

"Which hero do you want to replace? You say it, I don't think it suits." Zhao Chuan fixed the eyes of "sin" on Wu Chuanyi. When necessary, he can sell his friends for money. Anyway, the male and male counterparts are similar. Xiaoyi should not be angry."I have already seen the script, I am going to play the male match." Ji Wei put the script of "Running All the Way" into the briefcase. This is what he came from from the comedian who had already broken the deal. The book is really well written, and the male match is better.

"Are you sure?" Zhao Chuan asked cautiously.

"OK, if you think it's right, I'll come over now?" Ji Yan sprayed some gel water on his hair and carefully cut out the shape. Xiaoshu likes this slightly messy hairstyle.

"Well, come over first, let's talk about it later." Zhao Chuan was ecstatically laughing.

"Well, I will come right away. You should not tell Xiaoshu first. I want to give him a surprise." Ji Yan cautiously explained.

Zhao Chuan subconsciously agreed, hang up the phone and then reacted: lying in the trough, said that Ji Li, such a superstar in the coffee position, may go to his poor drama group to work, it turned out to be a small tree! Really fucking... romantic!

He carefully looked at Xiao Jiashu, who was talking with Wu Chuanyi, and had to silently praise the eyes of Ji Yan. This small waist is thin, the buttocks are up, the legs are long, and the twilight clothes are more ecstasy? Not to mention Xiao Jiashu's Zhang Junmei's aggressive face, Ji Ge's vision is really high!

Zhao Chuan was very open in the gay circle. He once heard a friend of the family gossip. He said that Xiao Jiashu belongs to the aircraft carrier of the Charles de Gaulle class. The season is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. If you can interact with any of them in this life. It is also worth dying. Hehehe, now, the two aircraft carriers seem to be getting together, how many people have to cry in the toilet?

Zhao Chuan thought for a while, and then he took the hesitation. "Men I have already found it. He will come over in a while, let's officially start shooting! The boot ceremony is not done, no money!"

"Good director." Xiao Jiashu and Wu Chuanyi are very dedicated actors. They immediately went to the make-up room to make up, and the extras gathered outside came in and listened to Zhao Chuan.

Xiao Jiashu asked the makeup artist to add a variety of silicone wounds to himself, while silently recited the lines. In fact, he also had hesitation and fear when he saw the script, only because the actor Xu Tianyou was very similar to him in reality, similar family background, similar personality, and even similar encounters.

The scene to be filmed today is a kidnapping. Xu Tianyou is the youngest son of the richest man in China. He is eating and drinking and gambling. He is running away to the United States to celebrate his birthday, but he was kidnapped by several criminals. Fortunately, his bodyguard, that is, the role played by Wu Chuanyi, Han Dong timely rescued him. The two talents became friends who had mutual difficulties from each other's unsatisfactory family, and then embarked on an adventure.

Xiao Jiashu, who finished the makeup, went to the studio and saw that the props had prepared the small black house in Xu Tianyou. There were various kinds of executions and tortured props on the wall. Two white extras were used by the cattle. The gaze of his eyes looked at his small body."Small tree, we will use the iron chain to copy you to the wall later, they will take you with a whip, you will cry, cry hard, don't worry about your image, after all, you play Xu Tianyou is a spoiled rich family Young Master, I have never suffered this kind of suffering, and I am afraid that I will die very much. I can’t help but be sure. I will take a few close-ups on your face. Do you know the words? Do you know what you are doing? The more ugly the better, the better the wolf, ah?"

Xiao Jiashu took a deep breath. "I understand that the more he is afraid of being awkward, the more grateful he is when he comes to save him. This is the cause of their relationship, and they must be able to do their part."

"Yes, that's it!" Zhao Chuanchong props the teacher and waved. "Come here, send him to the wall!"

So Xiao Jiashu, who was "scarred and bruised", was locked by the iron chain to the wall. Two white actors stared at him with a whip. I haven't started shooting yet. This familiar scene has awakened his horrible memory buried deep inside, and made him shiver. But he tried to warn himself not to get out of control. This is acting, it is fake.

However, when the first whip fell on him, although it was not painful, he still drove him into hell. His tears burst out in an instant, and the strong fear almost destroyed him, but he was hard pressed by his last remaining sane. He squatted on the ground and pleaded, "Please don't fight, you can call my dad, he will give him how much he wants. The phone number is 139xxxxxxxx." He said, his nose It came out, but because it was too heavy, it was blown into a round nose.

The two white men were shocked by his superb acting skills, and they were almost laughed at by this nose. After forbearing for a long while, they said the words in a bad voice, then one continued to whip and one went to the side to call.

Every time Xiao Jiashu was pumped a whip, he would exaggerately shouted "Oh," and the kidnapper pointed his phone at his mouth. He shouted "Oh, oh," and was noisy than a screaming chicken. In the script, Xu Tianyou's father originally did not intend to pay the ransom. The criminals sent the audio of these "Oops" to his mobile phone, let him go to bed, listened to the work, listened to the car, listened to the car, almost impotence and premature ejaculation. In a car accident, I agreed to pay the money.

The script is very funny, but no one knows. Xiao Jiashu, who had personally experienced a kidnapping, is suffering at this moment. For him, this is not a filming, but a nightmare. He shouted and screamed, crying and tears, and the nose bubble was not blowing, Zhao Chuan was in charge, "ut, this is over! Xiaoshu, you come to see the replay, your performance is too wonderful. This nose bubble is very good, it is a god!"

Wu Chuanyi has been standing next to the performance of Xiao Jiashu, and the shock in his heart is simply indescribable. The other party interprets the image of both fearful and tragic and inexplicable and fascinating. He simply does not know how he used the handsome and aggressive face to make those funny expressions.He has seen Xiao Jiashu's "Apostles", and now he looks at his performance in "Running All the Way" and has to admit that he is a genius. He seems to be able to easily control all roles.

"Xiao Jiashu, your performance is so wonderful!" He praised without hesitation, two white actors also applauded.

Xiao Jiashu sat on the ground, tears and no noses, no weakness, "Kawa, trouble you to clear the field, I have to adjust the mood." He can not let himself collapse, because there are still many shots to shoot.

Zhao Chuan noticed his eccentric face, but he also knew that what he needed most at the moment was not a comfort, but a quiet corner, so he immediately called everyone out.

Xiao Jiashu just walked out of the dark room, came to a spotlight, curled up his body and sat quietly in the light column. He tried to drive away the darkness and fear with the light, but he got himself into a worse situation. In the strong white light, he could not see the things around him completely. The huge studios seemed to disappear, turning into nothingness, leaving only his lonely one.

The rush of fear and loneliness prompted him to close his eyes and bury his head in his arms, but it was followed by a more difficult cold. He began to tremble again. The more he controlled, the more he trembled. When he thought he was about to collapse, a coat with a faint temperature enveloped him, and then he had a strong arm to hold him.

"Small tree, I am coming." A familiar voice rang in his ear, causing him to suddenly look up.

"Season, Ji Ge?" Xiao Jiashu's eyes have been flushed, but he has never lost his tears. But at this moment, he finally couldn't help it. His nose was pumping, his mouth was slamming, and he suddenly cried like a child. "Ji, brother, you, how are you, come,?" He twitched and stopped. In one sentence, the broken air sound became a few paragraphs.

He knows that in front of Ji Ge, he can enjoy the catharsis, and can completely reveal his inner fragility. Ji Ge will follow him and then support him as a safe harbor. I can see Ji Ge at this time, and all the fears are instantly turned into grievances and attachments. Going to the fucking boyfriend, going to the fucking third party, he can't care for anything, his hands are wrapped around his neck, and unless he clips his arm with pliers, no one wants to take him and Ji Ge. separate.

He arched like a puppy in the neck of the season, and he cried more and more.

The seasons hurt and the blood was bleeding, but there was some laughter. There is an adjective called "poor and cute", and he is finally understood. Isn’t the small tree right now? It looked pitiful, but it was so cute that Ji Yan almost laughed. His heart was so soft that he kept stroking the black hair of the tree, and then did not dirtyly help him wipe the tears and nose on his face.

"Don't cry, I am not here? Hey, hehe..." He took all the patience and tenderness to soothe him, then bowed his head and kissed his red lips.A bit wet, a bit salty, it should be the taste of tears and snot. If you are in the usual season, you will feel sick, but the person in your arms is a small tree, but he is only full of pity and sweetness. He gently opened his teeth, touched his tongue, and sucked his saliva little by little. They are intertwined, water and milk, blending, and embracing in an inseparable position.

After a long time, ten minutes or twenty minutes, Xiao Jiashu, who was overwhelmed, was barely separated from Ji Yu, whispered. "You don't have a boyfriend in Ji Ge?"

"I have already broken up," Ji Yan hangs down his head and kisses his lips and his side, and his voice is low and dumb. "Small tree, I want to ask you this time, can we be together?"

Xiao Jiashu stunned and his expression was blank.

Ji Yan kissed his eyebrows and asked again, "Small tree, would you like to be with me? Or do you need me to give you some time to consider?"

Is this still considered? Since Ji Ge is single, of course, I have to promise him immediately! Xiao Jiashu's closed heart was suddenly opened, and the feelings that he was buried and fermented were poured into Ji Yan. He grabbed Ji's neck hard and nodded madly. "I want, I certainly want it!" Ten thousand willing!

Re-feeling the unreserved love of the little tree, Ji Yan almost tears. The heart that he had been anxious for too long and turbulent for too long was able to fall back to his chest and put his lips on the lips of the tree. He said softly, "From now on, I am your boyfriend."

Xiao Jiashu nodded, Yin Hong's lips slightly curled up, his eyes full of bright light.

Ji Yan still stuck to his lips and asked, "Is it still scared?"

How can you be afraid of having a brother? Xiao Jiashu wanted to shake his head, but he nodded in time, whispered, "I am a little scared." He wants to lie to a few deep kisses, preferably the French, hot, breathless! He has been tangled for so long, of course, he has to find it up!

Once again, I heard Xiaoshu’s heart clearly. Ji Yan was very fortunate and very happy. He laughed for a while without restraint, only to cover the lips he longed for in a frenetic way.

Wu Chuanyi, who did not trust Xiao Jiashu, looked inside through the door and immediately stayed. Lying in the trough, are they kissing? Did you read it wrong?

Zhao Chuan coldly said, "Here you know that the superstar like the cockroach of Ji Ji, why do you want to come to our poor drama group as a male match? This is love, full of sour smell of love!"

The author has something to say: I, it seems, was taken up by the local tyrants... laughing, crying, thank you!

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