How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 99 Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Chapter 99

When Ji Jin received a private letter from Xiao Jiashu, he was in a meeting. The new trainees were waiting for him to develop a development route for them. Lin Leyang came to the company with his body and asked for a contract. That's right, he is going to give up the a-level contract, starting with a real newcomer. This decision is undoubtedly difficult for him, but it is also necessary.

"You go back and discuss with your agent and write a plan for me." Ji Wei said to several new people, "This year is a star is selling people, but I have to warn you, no matter who set it. After you are a predecessor, you have to hold on to me. Don’t get the last person to set up a collapse and destroy yourself. I want to be a singer’s good singer, I want to be an actress’s acting, don’t set up a perfect image for myself, that’s Self-restraint."

Several people quickly agreed to go down and then went out with the agent.

Ji Yan only looked at Lin Leyang, who had been waiting for a long time. "The contract you signed before has only expired in four years. It is reasonable to say that the company cannot help you change the contract."

"," Lin Leyang changed his name in time. "I am willing to give up all rights and interests. I just want to start from scratch. Please give me another chance. I have only understood it until now, with my current strength, even if you put a The level contract is in my hands, I can't afford it, you have been helping me behind the scenes..."

When he didn't finish talking, the cell phone on the table rang, and Ji Yan first glanced casually, then quickly picked it up and flipped it, and the expression slowly changed from pleasure to caution. He raised his hand and motioned for Lin Leyang not to talk. At the end, he began to reply.

Xiao Jiashu said the details of the script, and then asked the confusion in his heart: ... Teacher Li, as an actor, I should have followed the film, but I am really confused now, I don't know me. There is no point in insisting on it.

Ji Wei: I asked you, after picking up this play, have you ever regretted it?

Xiao Jiashu thought for a moment, as the truth said: I regret every day.

So after it is shot, can you meet your expectations?

No, it’s too far.

Where is the difference? Ji Yan continues to guide.

The plot is poor, and now it has been changed beyond recognition; the actor is poorly performing and not dedicated; the director has problems, unable to integrate the entire crew, and can not control all actors, many scenes because the actors are not willing to shoot or can not recite a large number of lines, he It was simply deleted; the use of funds was unreasonable, the big heads were given to the actors, and the rest were used to make props and clothing, but did not hire a professional special effects team. To know that this is a fairy drama, at least half of the scenes have to be shot with special effects, but the director does not care at all. I can almost imagine how shabby it was when the series was finished, and what a perfunctory thing. Xiao Jiashu analyzed it one by one.Ji Yan smiled lightly: this is right. The plot, the actors, the directors, the team, the special effects, the way of operation, the problems you just mentioned, should have been the core problem that a crew has to face and solve, and it is the key to making a TV series. But now you look at it, all the cores are out of order, and the director does not act at all, but let it go, then what do you insist on? The spirit of the contract is indeed very important, but as an actor, his reputation, his style, his beliefs, his pursuit, should not be more important?

He recalled for a moment and continued to write: When I was young, I was deceived and made a rude movie because I had just debuted and had no experience. I began to regret the first day I entered the group, but I couldn’t afford to pay the penalty. Later, the film was released in China, and the scores of the websites almost fell below the bottom line, and it became the black history of my life. Every time I was upset, I was ashamed. Now that I have money, I often think about it. If I am going back to the past, how much better will I pay for the breach of contract? I think that a good actor must have a style outside, and there must be a pursuit inside. Even if you are acting well, you will be crowned with the name of "box office poison. Medicine" when you take more bad movies. It will be difficult to turn over. If you lose your style, you will lose your bones and you will not stand up. The inner pursuit is an actor's respect and literacy for art. His aesthetics and his consciousness must be closer to art, rather than paying attention to pay.

Let's talk about the remuneration, I only ask you, what can this serial drama bring to you? Is it a flower and applause, or is it a stain that is difficult to release?

Xiao Jiashu stared at the text and suddenly opened it. Teacher, I think that according to the practice of the crew, this drama will be destroyed. Perhaps the audience will like it when playing, but I really can't agree, it can't reach my pursuit of performing arts. Teacher, I thought about it, I decided not to shoot.

Ji Yan immediately replied, then you will let your agent handle the cancellation, don't be discouraged, be careful when you next time.

Ok, thank you teacher. Xiao Jiashu really made this line.

Ji Yan stared at the phone, and his heart was both satisfying and sour. Has Xiaoshu’s most trusted person now changed from Ji Yan to Teacher Li? Fortunately, these two people are him...

Lin Leyang waited for a long time, seeing Ji Yan not typing, but holding a mobile phone to swear to God, this hesitated, "Ji, I just said something..."

Ji Yan waved, "You go to the Legal Department, they will help you with the contract. Lin Leyang, if I strongly disagree with you to change the low-level contract, what will you face in the next four years?"

"I know." For Lin Leyang, a grade a contract is equivalent to a snow deposit. After four years, the forgotten audience will remember him. Although it is not long in four years, it is the most precious time for a young artist in his early twenties. It must not be missed.

"So I have done my best to you, and we don't owe anyone. Do you agree?" Ji Yan stared at each other.

Lin Leyang bit his teeth, "I agree.""That's good, you can go." Ji Yan fainted.

Lin Leyang walked out of the office steadily, and a thought came to his mind in a clear and clear way: everything was over, and the years that accompanied each other were replaced by the next four years. Ji Ge never owed him. He gave him past, present and future. Now think about it, it is indeed that he is too greedy...


At the same time, Huang Meixuan, who rushed to the studio, was negotiating with the director. "Wang Dao, is it too unreasonable to engage in our small tree like this?"

"We can talk about the problem of the script." Wang An said with a smile.

Sitting on the side of the crossing, he did not speak slowly. "Is Xiao Jiashu not satisfied with the ending? I will change it back."

Huang Meixuan glanced at him and sneered. "Don't think that I don't know what tricks you are playing. You deliberately changed the ending of Xiaoshu to that. If he expressed dissatisfaction, you can take this to deal with us, so that We have the illusion that you have made major concessions? If you think that everyone is a fool, you can be arbitrarily manipulated by you. The outcome will not change, we don't care."

She stared at Wang An and said in a word, "I am not here to talk to you about the script, but to talk about the contract. Call your lawyer directly."

Wang Dao’s face immediately changed. “Can you cancel the contract? Are you too big to make a big mistake? Which actor does not change the script, you can change it if you are not satisfied, everyone is discussing it.” To be honest, in this crew, he is the most The actor who likes him is not Xiao Jiashu. He is superb in acting, temperate and courteous, and dedicated. As long as he is a part of his performance, he will definitely be perfect according to the director's vision.

The person he would rather be forced to leave is a ferry, and he does not want Xiao Jiashu to leave the crew. He actually knows that Xiao Jiashu is the only conscience left in the crew. If he is not there, the situation will be completely messed up. So he thought about it and threatened. "The show has already been filmed in half. You are leaving the hand and the penalty for compensation is very high."

"Who are you fooling? Can you shoot half of a month?" Huang Meixuan opened the contract and analyzed it one by one. "There are not many conscience crews. I heard that the man in the show is a ferry, female. One is Jiang Bingjie, and it is expected that this will happen. You can see clearly that we have clear rules on the rights and obligations of Xiaoshu when signing the contract. First, you can't cut off his plays; second, you can't Third, you must not arbitrarily change the script, you must be strictly loyal to the original, if you make changes on the basis of respecting the original, you can also notify us in writing... Which of these terms did you do? In the first place, we naturally have the power to cancel the contract."

Wang Dao was forced to resign by Huang Meixuan and had to find a lawyer to talk to them.

While waiting for the lawyer to arrive at the studio, Huang Meixuan pulled Xiaoshu to the side and asked, "Do you really decide not to shoot? In fact, as long as you are willing, we can change the script back, but if you break the contract halfway, there may be Your unfavorable rumors come out and affect your reputation."Xiao Jiashu shook his head. "Mexuan sister, now is not a question of changing the script, but these people have never thought about making a good film. I have been here for almost a month. I have only seen Jiang Bingjie two times, and there are seven or eight substitutes. He continued to add drama and change to his own drama. The second woman couldn’t recite a large number of lines, and directly crossed out the original lines. She summed up two sentences, went up and said casually, and the director gave up. There is a woman who is more absolutely, directly replaces the lines with numbers. I have to pick up her words at the right time. I almost got insane. Do you know that? In this group, my biggest achievement is to learn to play a one-man show, and perfunctory things are Normally, serious efforts have turned into heterogeneous, which really subverts my three views."

He wiped his face and squandered the road. "Mexuan sister, I really don't plan to shoot any more."

“Where,” Huang Meixuan licked his head and comforted. “You don’t want to shoot us.”

The two people talked about the gap, the lawyer came, after several rounds of negotiations, after all, they lost to the experienced Huang Meixuan. As a result, Xiao Jiashu did not have to pay for a penny, and easily left the crew. But three days later, there was a vague video on the Internet. A slightly famous actress pulled Xiao Jiashu to ask him why he had broken the contract, and he said coldly, "This kind of script can't be filmed at all. I don't shoot." ”

The explanation of the actress is attached to the video. It is said that Xiao Jiashu is not satisfied with his own drama. He wants to change the script, but he is rejected by the director. So he will be stunned by the strike. He did not expect the director to be used to him at all, and immediately He canceled the contract, and at the end he also lamented that the rich second generation had a bad temper and was difficult to serve. He often played big names in the crew.

What she said was totally unfounded. Except for the unrecognized video, there was no real hammer, but after Xiao Jiashu’s news of the contract and leaving the crew was released by the "Shuanglong Legend" official, the netizens believed. More and more.

For a time, Xiao Jiashu was pushed to the cusp of the wind, the original powder has jumped out to smash him, let him have the ability to write a book himself, do not spoil the results of other people's labor. Others are glad that he has gone well, otherwise this series can't be seen. Xiao Jiashu’s fans naturally counterattacked, but in the end they were less powerful than the original powder, and they quickly retreated.

Although some people appreciate the value of Xiao Jiashu, he believes that his appearance is completely in line with the original setting of Li Yuanzhang, but if he can not respect the original author and screenwriter, it is also a good thing to leave. In the entertainment circle, there are many people who look beautiful. No one can't be replaced. If you don't change the script, you can't change it. This is not what is the drama?

Xiao Jiashu originally established a good reputation, and the whole thing collapsed, but no one in the crew stood up to clarify for him. Perhaps this is what they planned, otherwise they will not put rumors first, and then use the official news to sit down. This is obviously a planned and premeditated behavior.

What is the reverse of black and white, a fight, Xiao Jiashu finally knows. He was so angry that his eyes were red, and he immediately took out his mobile phone and edited a piece of text, exposing all the wonderful things he had encountered in the crew. Although he did not name the name, if you read the details carefully, netizens would be able to check in.Weibo just sent out, fans of Jiang Bingjie, Qidu and others were bombed, quickly joined the ranks of the original powder, and began to swear by Xiao Jiashu, and threatened to let him out of the entertainment circle.

Xiao Jiashu was not the first to face this kind of net crusade, but the last time he could produce a lot of evidence, this time, he has nothing to prove himself. He stared at the Weibo that had been compromised by the malicious comments of netizens, and his heart was full of confusion and painful struggles.

He just wants to make a good filming. Why is it so difficult?

Just as he was about to shake his beliefs, the microblog that had set off an uproar was actually deleted. The netizens suddenly felt very happy. They all said that Xiao Jiashu had recognized it and was afraid to take the lead, deserve it, get out, etc. Wait.

He clearly said that the truth is true, but in the water army and the black powder zone, no one is willing to believe him, and even has doubts about his character, and his act of deleting Weibo is his guilty conscience. irrefutable evidence.

Xiao Jiashu immediately called Huang Meixuan and asked, "Mexuan sister, did you delete my Weibo, why?"

"Where are you, Xiaoshu? You calm down, let's talk back to the company. Don't you say anything in front of the media in the near future, let us handle it for us?"

"What is your so-called treatment to keep me silent?" Xiao Jiashu parked the car on the side of the road, his eyes flushed.

"We are only silent for a while. Xiaoshu, you are too impulsive, your temper should be changed, and perfectionists can't live in this circle. When appropriate, you must make compromises."

Xiao Jiashu slowly shook his head. "Mexuan sister, I will not compromise!" The phone hangs up. When he wanted to drive away, a tall man came over and knocked on his window, sinking his voice. "Small tree, open the door, let's talk about it."

Xiao Jiashu was surprised, "Ji Ge? How did you find me?"

"Xie Jie has positioned your mobile phone in order to prevent you from happening." Ji Xin, who received the news, took the initiative to find someone.

Xiao Jiashu stared at the phone and struggled with expression. He wanted to slam a thing and wanted to ask his mother why he had to interfere with his freedom, but he also knew that his mother was too worried about the recurrence of old things. Her love for him is far above everything else.

In the end, he properly put away his mobile phone, and he said, "Jie Ge, do you think I did something wrong?"

Ji Yan held his hands on the window, and his heart was long. "Small tree, the strength of a person is too small, so you can't change the world, you can only change yourself..."I did not expect this sentence to blow up Xiao Jiashu on the verge of collapse. He suddenly looked up and said in a word, "Jie Ge, I will never change, maybe I am too impulsive, too self-willed, too perfect, and thus hinder the interests of some people, but I am at least worthy of myself, worthy of fans. It is worthy of the audience. Jiang Bingjie and Yu Du have fooled their work, and their fans are willing to pay for them, willing to accept this imperfection, but my fans can't. If they like me so much, support me, I will I am responsible for them. My work may not be the best, but I will do my best to do it well. I don't want to let them down. I don't want them to spend so much like, but I get a defective product. ""

As he closed the window, he slowly said, "The fans are willing to pay for the idols. This is very touching, but when I accept their efforts, shouldn't I try my best to pay back? I am not God, I can take it for granted. Faith, I am just an ordinary person, I will be sincere and fearful, I will be flattered, I will always respect my works, fans and audiences. Is this not the most basic professional ethic of an actor? Ji Ge, I am doing the right thing. My beliefs and pursuits will never change."

He glanced at Ji Yan deeply and then accelerated to leave the area. He finally wanted to understand why Ji Ge would opt out in the most prosperous period. Why did he gradually move from the stage to the back of the scene? Because he could not change the world, he gradually compromised in reality.

His choice may be correct, but Xiao Jiashu still feels very disappointed. He originally thought that Ji Ge was the only one who could understand himself, but not so...

Just as he drove away, Ji Yan finally heard his strong heart. He silently read in his heart: Ji Ge, I am very disappointed with you.

Ji Yan suddenly stunned, waiting for the car to go out and struggle to catch up, shouted, "Xiao Jiashu, you give me back, you stop..." But the car has been far away, and soon the taillights Also invisible.

Ji Yan untied his tie, messed up his hair, and his heart was full of unspeakable anxiety. He never knew that the phrase "I am very disappointed with you" caused the lethality, which was no less than "I hate you." How could he ask the little tree to use his heart to exchange the worldly filth? How is he willing?

He just wants to tell him: You should probably change the way you handle things. Don't always say something that is easy to be misinterpreted. Don't always be afraid of people. You can be naive or self-willed, but you can't let others perceive your innocence and willfulness, because these weaknesses will just become the means by which they attack you.

But all his advice and comfort were too late to be said, and he was blocked by Xiao Jiashu. He can imagine that his image in Xiao Jiashu's heart will be subverted. He once worshipped himself more and now he is disappointed. But damn, what he can't stand most is his disappointment!

Ji Jin prefers Xiao Jiashu to ignore himself in this life and is not willing to be imperfect in his heart. He took out his mobile phone and gave Xue Hao and Xiu Shu a separate call. Then he returned to the car and slammed the steering wheel twice.Fang Kun was sitting in the passenger seat and said with sorrow and sorrow, "Why, Xiao Jiashu doesn't want to listen to you even if you are? You have been in trouble with him recently?"

Ji Yan sighed exhaustedly. "I'm not sure what my feelings for him are, what should I do with him. We have never been together, where is the noise?"

"You are not sure about your feelings for him?" Fang Kun is about to laugh and die, and he will give me your phone and unlock it.

The season is unknown, but I am still upset.

Fang Kun opened his photo album and smiled. "Look, there are more than two hundred photos in total, of which at least one hundred and ninety are Xiao Jiashu." Then we opened WeChat. "The sapling chat page was topped by you. He didn't return to you in a sentence, but you can send him dozens of messages every day. Where do you come from patience?" At the end, open a circle of friends and Weibo. "Look, since you met him, every few days. To send a news about him, do you still say that you are not sure about his feelings? Do you want to love someone who is dying, will you do what you thought was the most boring? You have Lin Leyang Has this been done?"

"I won't say these things," Fang Kun continued. "Who are the two albums that you have collected in the top of the bookshelf? Whose and who's on the cover of the custom magazine stacked on your coffee table? Photographing? Do you look through it many times a day? The top of the impurity page is curled up, can you not see it? Not to mention the emoticons and clip videos you have stored on your computer. Look at you Recently sent me a message," he took out his mobile phone and opened WeChat. "I will help you count. You used a few Xiaojiashu expression packs, one, two, three, four... all your life is He has nine sentences in ten sentences related to him; he is by your side, you smile like a sunflower; when he is gone, you lose even the soul. Come and come, tell me, you are against him. What is the feeling?"

The season was stunned, and it took about half a minute to mute. "But I have a secret in my heart that I can't tell him, which is unfair to him."

"Then never let him know that you have a secret. It is enough to use all your strength to be good to him. It is normal for anyone to have a secret." Fang Kun askedlessly, sighing, "Love is love, afraid of what." When you lose him, you know what it is to regret."

This sentence made Ji Yan's heart tremble, and immediately started to chase the car. He actually regretted it for a long time, but he did not dare to admit it.

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