How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 98 Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Chapter 98

After Xiao Jiashu finally got rid of the shock of his mind, he found himself lying in his arms, while the other person was sitting in a chair with a hand around his shoulder and a hand untied his belt. He seemed to want to help him. The clothes are taken off.

"Quiet, season brother?" He quickly grabbed his collar, and his pale cheeks were covered with two blushes. "How come you?"

"I can't contact you recently, let me see what you are busy with." Ji Yan patted his back very naturally. "Get off your clothes and take a shower. Now it's just spring, the temperature is very low. Easy to catch a cold."

"Oh, good!" Xiao Jiashu hurriedly jumped off the knees of the season, worried. "Isn't you getting wet with Ji Ge? Or you can take a shower, I let the assistant help you buy new ones." clothes."

Ji Yan’s body was slightly stiff, and he immediately waved. “You have a big bath towel on your body and didn’t get me wet. Go to the bath, don’t worry about me.” While talking about the bath towel on the leg, let Xiao Jiashu Look at his clean and fresh pants.

Xiao Jiashu was relieved and ran into the bathroom. He didn't think that Ji Ge would appear on the set, but also used a gentle voice to appease him, so that he couldn't easily bury it deeply. Therefore, he can't touch Ji Ge at all, otherwise he will fall short.

He whispered the Great Compassion while taking a shower, trying to get his heartbeat back to normal.

Ji Yan sat outside, and the sound of the flowing water continued to flow from his ear. Unconsciously, he had a lot of memories. Xiaoshuguang. Naked. The body is applying makeup oil in front of him; the small tree is soaked in the jug, the muscles are tight and the limbs are stretched; the small tree sleeps in his arms and whispers, and the body is gently twisted with a sly dream. move……

One frame after another frame flashed in his mind, causing his heart to be out of order, blood boiling...

Ten minutes later, Xiao Jiashu walked out sharply, but he saw that Ji Ge was sitting at the window and playing with the mobile phone. The semi-wet towel was still on his lap.

"What do you still cover with Ji Ge? This will make the pants wet." Xiao Jiashu asked with concern.

The season was smashed, and then the bath towel was removed. His gaze seemed to inadvertently sweep Xiaojiashu's half-baked chest and calf, dumb voice, "How to wear so little? Come over, I will help you wear socks." He picked up a pair of new socks on the sofa and waved Xiao Jiashu.

Instead of going over, Xiao Jiashu stepped back two steps. He is really afraid of such a season brother, he is so good that he is hard to resist.

Ji Yan's face immediately gloomy, strong people to the sofa, holding his right ankle and quickly put the socks on. When the palm touched the smooth skin of the small tree, he couldn't help but laugh down. "Is still hair removal? Look at your legs, I don't know which female star I think."

"My mom said that it is better to take off." Xiao Jiashu lowered his head and revealed a pair of red ears.

Ji Yan also smiled shortly, then put another pair of socks on, and sighed, "The injury at the sole of the foot has been raised. Are you going back to record "Wild Adventurer"?" If the tree does not come, he looks for it. Not a chance to have long contact with him."Don't record, I am filming here, and I have a collision period." Xiao Jiashu buried his head lower. When he mentioned "Wild Adventurer", he naturally remembered Lin Leyang, and immediately he took his legs out of his brother's arms and sat far away.

In order to conceal his panic and embarrassment, he picked up a large towel to wipe his hair.

The weight in my arms suddenly disappeared, and Ji Xin’s heart was empty. How safe and pleasant it was before, how violent and anxious it is now. But he can't show it in front of the little tree. He can only hold the towel with a smile and help him wipe his hair.

Where is the palm of his hand covered, the head of the small tree is biased, and it is hard to let him touch it. The original reddish ear tip has become pale. Undoubtedly, he resisted himself, and he realized that the season was very uncomfortable, and he also took a sigh of relief. He just took the small tree's head into his arms and licked two with a towel.

Xiao Jiashu, who was hiding from the right, froze, and it took a long time for him to reach out and put the towel on his head. He really can no longer accept the care of Ji Ge, which will make his heart defense completely collapse. He actually cried and cried, his eyes and nose were sour, and he thought it would be hard to see.

When Ji Yan rubbed it, he found that the towel was tightened by Xiao Jiashu. From the top down, he could only see a white head covered with a towel. He can guess without peek into the voice of the little tree, he must have cried, and he does not want to find out.

For the first time, Ji Yan heard Xiaoshu crying in the corridor of the hospital. He didn't help like a child. He was trapped in a bad memory and couldn't get out. The second time he heard him crying at the company's stairwell, tears and nose. I looked awkward and looked like a wolf.

He was thinking at the time, how could a man cry so much, and sure enough, there are too few setbacks to meet? But now, he will never think like this again. He would rather Xiaoshu not to encounter setbacks in his life. He will live in the greenhouse all his life, and he will not see him sad. Some people seem to be hurting by nature, so that he can't let go.

He gently hugged the small tree's head, because knowing that there was a towel, the touch would be blinded, so he kissed him on the top of his head, followed by the second, third... his thoughts looming in his heart— - People who are saddened by this child should really be in great shape.

But no, if he is soft now, what should he do in the future? Ask people all over the world who want to live with someone who can peep into your heart all the time? All your secrets are no longer secrets. How terrible is that?

Even the seasons are fearing their own ability, let alone ordinary people? He finally kissed the little tree and finally let go and silently went out.

Xiao Jiashu was fainted by Ji Ge’s head. After a long time, he picked up the towel and looked at it. He found that there was no one in the dressing room, and he could not help but reveal a expression that was both fortunate and lost. Ji Ge should see what is coming? Otherwise, he would not ask a word, but just hugged himself for a while. He is using his unique gentleness to resolve his embarrassment, so even if he can't be a lover, can he still be a friend?Xiao Jiashu picked up the towel and rubbed his eyes. His heart was a little awkward and a little warm.

Just when he was in a daze, the sound of helplessness came out of the door. "Small tree, what are you grinding, blow your hair dry."

Xiao Jiashu immediately woke up and asked the whisper to open the door. "You haven't gone yet?"

"Well, I smoked cigarettes outside, and you are going back to blow your hair." Ji Yan’s mouth was holding a cigarette but he didn’t ignite. He has become more and more addicted to cigarettes recently, and Xiao Jiashu can only be relieved a little, but it is only a little. He has hidden too many things in his heart, but there is no way to solve it. He can only use Narcotin to numb himself.

"Well, I will blow right away." Xiao Jiashu used to listen to Ji Ge's words and immediately sat down in front of the dressing table to blow his hair.

Ji Yan looked at him by the door and looked at him. He had to close the door and go to the stairwell. A string of footsteps sounded in the hallway. It should be the staff of the studio. They whispered, "I thought Xiaojia was less than awkward. I didn't expect it to be a soft buns. I was taken care of by the director and you." Seeing that the director had been kind to him on the day he came, he had to ask his opinion first about how to shoot each scene. Now? The director wants to know how to marry him. It is obvious that the stuntman is not professional, always laughing. Can blame him on his head."

"People are being deceived by people. This is normal. Xiao Jiashu is very tempered. He is too respectful to the director. People don't take him seriously. Look at the deputy, you can't let him play." After that, he can turn the director into a dog, and threatened to withdraw the money. Do you say that the director dared to provoke him? If today, the drowning drama lets you go to shoot, the director dares to call him more than twenty times, and keep it on again. Let him pass."

"You are totally uncoordinated. You can go to the water scene yourself? You are afraid of dreaming!"

"Ha ha ha, too. Now the actors are making money too easily, and they are used to them. One is like the uncle. The people like Xiao Jiashu are really too few, and they are always bullied. I can't understand this world. ”

"You don't understand. The variety show that was broadcasted in the previous episode, called "The Actor's Accomplishment" or what the actor is coming from, I can't remember clearly, I invited a large cast to show the acting, and Some judges gave the scores, and the newcomers who were new and super-skilled were all promoted. Instead, the old play bones became the cannon fodder to accompany the runners, and they were also approved by the judges. This is the epitome of the entertainment circle, the performance is not awkward, and the dedication is also Not awkward, popularity, traffic, and background are kings."

"Xiao Jiashu's popularity, flow, and background are not bad. How do you mix it like this?"

"He is honest, honest people who don't love bullying?" The two men sneered and gradually moved away.

Ji Yan threw the cigarette butt into the trash can, his face was gloomy and terrible. He walked back to the dressing room and found that the small tree had been dressed neatly. He was putting a box lunch with the assistant. He couldn’t help but say, "Don’t eat here, go, I invite you and the director to the Imperial Court."

"The Imperial Court is too far away, we have to film in the afternoon." Xiao Jiashu hesitated.

"The director also went, what are you afraid of?" Ji Yan pulled the man up without saying anything, and called the director and several masters.Ji Yan is now an investor. He has a lot of top resources in his hand. He sends out an invitation. Who dares not to go? It didn't take long for everyone to sit in the Yu Xuan Xuan with a kind smile on the face. Ji Xiao said that Xiao Jiashu, who had a red-toned ear, sat next to him and said with a glass of wine. "These days trouble everyone to take care of the little tree. I respect everyone."

"The season is always polite." The crowd quickly nodded.

Ji Yan pressed the small tree to the glass of the air, whispered, "You can't drink, don't drink. Today I will help you with this meal, you don't have to worry about anything."

He gave a toast to everyone, and often asked everyone to take care of the small tree. If there is a problem, look for the crown or the crown. He and Xiu Chang can help solve the problem. These things were not originally done by him. He was neither an elder of a small tree nor a boss of a small tree, but he had an impulse in his heart to do something for the little tree.

He originally hated this kind of communication, but at this moment, when he picked up the glass and drank it, he met the worried eyes of Xiaoshu, and he felt the value, no matter what he did. He stared at the little tree and secretly pulled the fingertips of his clothes and smiled with satisfaction.

"I am not drunk." He loosened his tie and whispered in the ear of Xiaoshu. "I just can't see them bullying you. You are dedicated, you are honest, you don't put it on the shelf. These are not the reasons why they don't respect you." I scorned the head of Xiao Xiaoshu and sighed with a long sigh.

Xiao Jiashu felt that his heartbeat began to get out of control again. He quickly stood up and said, "Sorry, I went to the bathroom." If he didn't leave, he was afraid that the feelings that were buried in the dark would be excavated by himself. The gentleness of Ji Ge is really terrible!

Ji Yan couldn't guess what he was thinking, but nothing more than escaping, and he had no reason to blame him. He could only smile bitterly.

Xiao Jiashu originally wanted to check out after coming out of the bathroom. However, she learned that Ji Ge had already hanged his bill in his name. He repeatedly warned that the cashier would not allow anyone to pay the bill, especially a boy named Xiao Jiashu. Made Xiao Jiashu crying and laughing. Sometimes he really prefers that Ji Ge is a little bit worse than himself, and he is not willing to accept his meticulousness.

His goodness is a poisonous medicine for him. He may be confused by this one day, knowing that it is poisonous and willingly swallow it.

When he returned to the box, the dinner had already been dispersed, and Ji Ge was almost a visitor today, giving everyone a face. But he drank the most, his posture was the easiest, his face was not red and he didn't breathe, but his eyes were brighter than usual, and he looked very focused when he was looking at people.

Xiao Jiashu was seen by his eyes, and he quickly ran to him and asked, "Isn’t you drunk?"

"I am not drunk." Ji Yan extended his hand and hugged him, shouting. "Let's shoot, there is something to find me."

"Good." Xiao Jiashu was hot and sweaty, his feet were soft, his hands were dead on the trousers line, and he did not dare to return to Ji Ge. He was afraid that he would not be able to open his hand if he hugged himself.

Ji Yan felt his resistance and sighed again. "Let's go, I let Fang Kun send you back. He is waiting downstairs."A few people have no words at all. After arriving at the studio, they have to send Xiao Jiashu back to the dressing room before they leave. He stepped back heavily into the car, took off his coat, pulled off his tie, and leaned down on the front passenger seat to close his eyes.

Fang Kun stared at his slightly decadent side face and was curious. "What crazy are you doing today, running to drink with this group of people? You must not ask you a few days ago."

"Nothing, drink if you want to drink." He habitually took out his cell phone and looked at it.

Fang Kunxiao smiled. "I still don't know you? You are..." He paused and waved. "Forget it, I won't say it. It's useless to see you like this. Xiao Jiashu is on the set." Okay, the filming is not going well?"

Speaking of this, Ji Yan’s face immediately gloomy. “Is the serial drama shooting so unregulated now? The starring walks away, leaving the drama to the avatar, what does the audience see? The film pays so much salary and can How much quality to buy back? I took a set of millions of rewards, but spent thousands of dollars to hire an extra actor to film, then what do professional actors do?"

"The current film and television circle is like this, making money first, and everything else is backward. Actors are trying to make more money, who is not trying to make a big show, and there are too many plays. There are always a few places to catch up, so I have to It’s normal to find a substitute for you. You know before, you haven’t seen you so uncomfortable?” Fang Kun smiled at him.

Ji Yan can't smile anyway. "If this is the case with the crew I invested in, my mother will let this person go. I will take tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. You will give me such a thing." Who are you fooling?"

He was on the air, the phone rang, and picked up a private letter that Xiaoshu sent to "Mr. Li's lack of heart". Without saying a word, he only made a grin. His chilly face quickly softened and replied: What happened to you?

Happy. There are two words coming over there.


No reason.

Seeing this, Ji Yan smiled. There is no doubt that the small tree suddenly comes to its own pleasure, which is mostly from oneself. Even if he couldn't hear his heart, all his thoughts were on his face. It was so good to guess.

Ji Yan also sent a similar expression, and added: I am also happy.

What happened to you? The little tree asked politely.

I saw a very wanted person. After writing this sentence, Ji Yan was shocked, and he was so eager to see Xiaoshu. He was stunned and stared at the screen of the phone for a long time.

At this moment, Xiaoshu, who had been silent for half a minute, also sent a message: It’s so good, me too! #偷笑#

Seeing here, Ji Xian still has the mind to explore his own psychology, even when he laughs low. Value, run so far, drink so much wine, say so much, it’s worth it!

Fang Kun stared at him for a while, his eyebrows and his eyes, and his face was filled with anger, and he secretly sneaked a fool in his heart.

---Since Ji Ge invited everyone to have a meal, Xiao Jiashu clearly felt that the atmosphere of the studio was much better. At least when he asked for a remake, Wang Dao would not show an impatient look. After ten days of this, Jiang Bingjie still didn't come back. Her substitute was a bullish acting. Now she will not laugh again, and she can seem to be a pair of lines.

Xiao Jiashu gradually got used to her rhythm and played more and more freely. She has never eaten ng in several scenes. On this day, he took a morning show back to the make-up room, but found a woman with hair scattered out of the room, the cheeks were stained with two blushes, and the lips were bitten. What happened.

"Xiao Ge, have you finished shooting?" She greeted Xiao Jiashu with a smile, and did not feel embarrassed at all.

"Yeah." Xiao Jiashu went into the dressing room with a dagger and didn't want to say a word.

The woman matched his back and turned a blank eye, and that was gone.

At the same time, Yu Duzheng was sullenly talking to his private screenwriter. "You help me to change the script. It is best to suppress Xiao Jiashu's play, and then add a relationship line to Qian Heling and me." "Thousand cranes are the female partner who just went out."

"Thousands of cranes play the role of the next game, it is necessary to add a box of rice, just add a line of emotions, the latter part of the scene must be changed, the director can agree? Besides, Xiao Jiashu's backstage is very hard, let us change his play, he Will it get angry? If you bother, the director may not stand on our side." Private screenwriters worried.

"Let you change, you change, what are you afraid of. A few days ago I did not change a few scenes, Xiao Jiashu agreed. This kid is really not authentic, doing so hard to do anything, so that Laozi has to spend with him every day. I am afraid that his acting has overshadowed Laozi's limelight. My "Feng Huo Shenzhou" also started shooting, so that you can buy the hood that I bought for you?" Wu Du turned and went to see the assistant.

The assistant replied quickly, "Buy your brother, you can send it in two days. By then I will let the avatar wear your hood and go to the bonfire to film, the director also agreed, no problem."

Fudu confirmed, "Is the headgear forced to be realistic? Can ordinary people see it?"

"Really, I can't guarantee it. Besides, the bonfire is an anti-Japanese drama. The actor's face is covered with black ash all day long. As long as the five senses are like, the average person will not pay attention."

"That's the way, just do it. I will take the Ssangyong and say it. I will take care of the small things in the script. The play, the play, and the play have to be changed. I am the first." The man, the leader of the road, how can the Xiaojia Shu played the villain pressed against it. Change and change, all the games that damage my image are all changed to me, and you can also have a snack in Qian Heling's play, huh?"

"Hey, do you want to talk to the writer and the original author?" The private editor has no bottom.

"No, they are old, I will go to the director and say it." Feidu is a brother of Skyworth Entertainment. Ding Zhen is covered. Who is he afraid of?So five days later, Xiao Jiashu got a new script. His plays were greatly reduced. The original full-fledged characters became a lot thinner. What is even more exaggerated is that one of the female counterparts has also been changed. One paragraph, there is a paragraph added, and finally it is more than the female second.

In the original work, Xiao Jiashu played the role of one of the male lords, and joined hands with another male lord to eliminate the strong enemy outside the domain, and finally changed the evil. His image is also sinister and fascinating, but in the new script, Xiao Jiashu only saw a dejected madman, and he died very badly.

Is this still one of the male masters? This is worse than the men's match!

Xiao Jiashu was so angry that his fingers were snoring. He ran to the director and asked him. The other party actually told him that the script had passed. Later, he followed the new version and asked him to take a good back. What is this all about? Isn't this a bully?

However, Xiao Jiashu has signed a contract with the crew, and he has taken a lot of plays. Now he wants to quit, and he will face many problems. The first thing he has to clarify is whether the spirit of the contract is more important or whether its own interests are more important. Should he slap the trick carefully, or should he quit?

Xiao Jiashu met this situation for the first time. He thought about it for a long time and could not pay attention to it. He had to send a message to Teacher Li. After all, Teacher Li is coming over and has a lot of valuable experience. He should know what to do?

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