How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 97 Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Chapter 97

It is not a big deal to delete a photo in the season. Many people have the habit of regularly cleaning up Weibo, but the bad is the time and the text of this photo. That was the first day of Lin Leyang’s debut, and the essay was full of Jiu’s expectations and care for him. He asked his fans to support Lin Leyang, which is a kind of behavior to protect the scorpion.

Now, he has deleted Weibo. Does it mean that he will no longer have expectations for Lin Leyang, and will not care more about him? You must know that Lin Leyang is his artist after all. If he shows his attitude of rejection, this person will undoubtedly be hidden.

So overnight, Lin Leyang suffered from the cold reception of the advertisers and the filmmakers. The original contract that had been talked about was collapsed, and the movie "The Lovers" could be filmed. To say that Hu Ming does not regret it at all, it must be fake, but Lin Leyang is an artist who has a lot of battles and argues, and he has to stay in any case. It is the male protagonist who looks at him at a glance.

In the end, Chen Pengxin was a junior qualification and had little experience. Many of the problems of cancellation were not handled, so he had to hand it over to Fang Kun. He originally expected that Fang Kun could convey the horror of Le Yang to the General Manager of the season, which aroused the heart of the season, and saved some losses for them more, but Fang Kun directly dismissed all the calls after communicating with the season. The matter was handled, and there was no muddy water at all.

"The compensation for the compensation is for compensation. I can only help you here." Fang Kun packed up his briefcase and gave it to him. "Jie always said that Lin Leyang’s affairs will be handled by you in the future. He wants to take over. Yes, I want to endorse. I want to participate in a reality show. You can find a way to find resources. The company should give you assistance, but you can take a step to see your skills. The previous season is always for you. Ok, so many scorpions have helped you settle down, and you have sent the top resources to you to see what you are used to."

"Oh," he handed over a paper bag. "This is the owe of you and your sister. Take it and burn it. Those black materials that you love will not explode, and it is not the season total."

Chen Pengxin had dreamed of getting back these two pieces of paper before, but now he really got it back, but there is a feeling that his dreams are shattered. He squeezed the paper bag and stunned. "Is this the season, is it snow?"

"You seem to have misunderstood something." Fang Kunxiao laughed. "Lin Leyang signed the a-level contract. The company's binding on him is very small. The money he earned, the company only draws 15% of the commission. All of his own, the company will not force him to take any TV drama or film, he has absolute autonomy, in contrast, the company is not obligated to provide resources for him."

Chen Peng’s new look at the contract looked at him, and suddenly his face was white. The money that Leyang earns does not need to be handed over to the company, and the company will not force him to film. That is to say, if the company does not help him find a film appointment and endorsement, he has no resources, and he can only rely on himself and his agent to drill. This contract looks beautiful, but it is equivalent to a piece of waste paper for a new person.In the past, there was always a quarter in the back. Le Yang wanted nothing, so they didn’t feel that they were not right at all, but now they leave the season and they understand what it means to be “difficult.”

Chen Pengxin looked at Fang Kun and showed his pleading. Fang Kun immediately waved his hand. "Don't ask me, it's useless. We are doing things according to the contract. It is completely reasonable and legal. So the company has different contracts for different geek artists. It makes sense that the newcomers are not famous and do much less, but the company will try to hold you and find resources for you. When you are famous, you don’t need to go to the company to find them, and the resources will be sent to the door. It is the turn of the company to touch your light. The contract will naturally rise at the first level and keep you with the best conditions. This is in line with market requirements and personal development rules. You young people look at things too. It’s easy to see that it’s cheap, and knowing that it’s actually a big loss.”

Fang Kun pushed the door of the ward and glanced at Lin Leyang, who was always sleeping. It meant profound and profound. "Why do you take what you want, is it too much for granted? There is another saying in the world called 'Nothing is not reliance' When you take it, do you want to see how much you have paid for it, and you can’t afford it?”

The door was closed, Lin Leyang never blinked, but the eyelashes trembled violently, and there were faint glimpses of tears.


After Fang Kun returned to the company, he wanted to report on Lin Leyang's situation, but found that Ji Ji was completely uninterested. He is typing on the computer, with a pair of flat glasses on his nose and a reference book on his hand that looks like a scholar.

"Hey, what is this? So serious." Fang Kun took the top book and looked at it, Stanislavsky's "My Art Life."

"I want to write a few articles about acting." Ji Yan waved his hand. "I am very busy. If you have nothing, go out."

Fang Kun's computer screen, one sentence at a time: "The competition between experience and performance - the art of performance", why are you writing such an article? You have to accept the invitation of the Beijing Film Academy to go there. As a visiting professor?"

"No," Ji Yan took off his glasses, but he said, "Do you go out first, this will interrupt my thinking."

"Where, I will leave," Fang Kun raised his hands. "By the way, Lin Leyang's things have all been handled, you can rest assured."

Ji Yan nodded, his expression was very complicated, and he waited for a long sigh after he disappeared behind the door.

Recently, Xiaoshu is very eager to learn. Most of the people who pay attention are the professors of the film school or the big cows in the film and television circles. They also like to forward their articles. Ji Yan gets inspiration from them and named his own trumpet "Mr. Li is not eye-catching". Concerned about the two microblogs of Xiaoshu, but also added some people to look at the sights. If you don't write a few articles that have something to say and a profound meaning, how can Xiaoshu pay attention to his trumpet, and how can he reply to his private letter, isn't he forced to do nothing?

Now, he is working hard to get on the line with Xiaoshu.He wrote two lines of words. He habitually took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Xiaoshu, then stared at the top of the page. Sure enough, after a few seconds, a small line appeared in the header area - the other party was typing, he was relieved in an instant, and then smiled.

At this moment, he knows that Xiaoshu has not completely forgotten himself. He will still look at his own information and will struggle to return. Even if he didn't return a word at the end, Ji Yan could receive a warm heart.

The tip of the header disappeared after a while, and Ji Yan couldn't help but send another one. Is your new play talking about it, do I need to provide consulting services?

The prompt "The other party is typing" appeared again. Ji Yan stared at it for a long time, then put down the phone to continue typing.


Xiao Jiashu recently handed in a new friend called "Mr. Li is not eye-catching." Don't misunderstand, this is definitely not a real name. It is a net name. People are the visiting professors of the Beijing Film Academy. If you don't want Shi Tingheng to strongly recommend him to read the other's articles, he doesn't know that there are such cows in the film circle. .

The article written by Teacher Li is particularly profound. After each classic movie has been analyzed by him, Xiao Jiashu can learn a lot of different and deeper things. He will also teach Xiao Jiashu how to improve his acting skills, how to try to figure out the inside of the characters, and basically all day online, there is a question and answer.

Xiao Jiashu soon fell in love with this new friend, and he couldn't finish talking with him. He gradually talked about life from acting, and talked about hobbies and so on. He used the large size to communicate with Teacher Li, but the other person regarded his identity as ordinary, which made him very relaxed.

I entered the group and filmed. On this day, he sent a private letter to Teacher Li in the film series of "Shuanglong Legend".

How is the crew? Teacher Li quickly responded.

The director is very kind and the other actors are also very good.

That's good, if you can find me with trouble, I am still a little connected in the entertainment industry. Knowing that Xiaoshu doesn't need it, but Ji Ji still seriously puts this line.

Thank you, Teacher Li, but please rest assured, I never get into trouble.

Soon, Xiao Jiashu was beaten by this sentence. After taking a two-day show, the heroine suddenly left the crew and let him play with a substitute. The substitute is just an extra actor and his acting is still very green. But they are going to shoot a big show today. The man he played in the revenge has entered the magic road, blood-washed the family of the woman, the female master stabbed his stomach and let him wake up from the madness.

He first killed the red-eye state, and later recovered the Qingming under the sword of the woman; the woman had loved him deeply, and had to abandon this feeling and turn into a hatred. The two are from hate to love, from love to hate, and the emotional conflict is very fierce. It is not always possible for a professional actor to come, let alone an extra actor?

But he still smacked the actor and took a few shots with the extra actor. The other party was only responsible for piercing the sword into his abdomen. He didn't have to read the lines at all. He even had a smile on his face and told him to play in a flash.After eating seven times ng, Xiao Jiashu had to tell his own concerns to the director. I didn't expect the director to wave his hand. "Bing Jie took a play in Hollywood and hit the game with us for a short time. I can't come back. These shots will be taken over there, and the lines will be dubbed. We just need to put her face on the head of the extra actor. You have to believe in the skills of the ice and the special effects of the special effects. Play your own part and don't care about each other's performance."

"Hey, the words are not the directors who say this. This is not a particularly difficult shot. Why use special effects and substitutes? Can you watch them like this? I feel like I am playing a one-man show, I can't play at all!" "The first time Xiao Jiashu met this situation, it was an eye-opener.

"You can't play a one-man show, then what kind of actor do you still have? A good actor can take his own pictures in any situation. If you can't shoot it, it's your problem, it has nothing to do with others." The director put a word Xiao Jiashu was blocked and speechless.

He wiped his face and said helplessly, "The director, let me brew for a while and then shoot it. I changed it to a female lord."

"Well, let's take a break." The director saw that he didn't swear again, and the big hand was fine.

When Xiao Jiashu sat down, he thought more and more wrong. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to "Mr. Li's lack of heart": ... This is the case. I think the director's words are really strange and I can't fully understand his logic. Isn't it a good actor to play this movie?

Ji Yan has now developed the habit of hearing the prompt tone and taking the mobile phone in seconds to return information. He was driving on the way, found a letter from Xiaoshu, immediately parked the car on the parking space on the side of the road, and seriously replied: You are of course a good actor, the director has stolen the concept. The reason why the opponent's play is called the opponent is because the main body of the filming is two people. In the process of shooting, they have to create dialogue, confrontation and interaction. It is a two-way promotion process, which is completely different from the one-man show or the monologue. It is irresponsible for the director to let you take a picture of two people.

Xiao Jiashu feels a lot better, hesitating: What should I do now? When I shoot the opponent's play, I am very susceptible to the partner's play. The partner performs well, I will be very good, and the partner will not perform well. I will not be able to enter the show. You don't know, the extra actor didn't read the lines at all, and he stabbed him with a sword. He laughed too, and I couldn't play it against her.

Ji Yan stared at this line of words, and he could only describe the grievous face of Xiao Shu by his imagination. Do you know the benefits of having a good partner? He really wants to return to this sentence, but in the end there is no courage, and he has to give the tree a serious idea. Then you will use this drama as a physical performance, use your imagination to create a partner, and design a dialogue and expression for her. You should first do a relaxation exercise, then do a concentration exercise, conceive the next opponent's play in your mind, and play at your own pace.

This is also no way, Xiao Jiashu whispered back: Well, but Teacher Li, I found that you lied to me, you are not the advocate of the faction, do you prefer expression?I was seen by you, Ji Yan smiled softly, but you have to admit that in the absence of internal motivation and external motivation, an experienced actor is very difficult to perform, but the performance of the The actor is not restricted. You must learn to constantly improve your performance style, don't stand still.

The teacher’s words were familiar, and Xiao Jiashu continued for a moment and continued to write: I will work hard.

Xiaoshu’s answer is also familiar, as if they were back to the time spent filming in the United States, encouraging each other, learning from each other, and taking care of each other. Everything is fine. The season can not help but smile, but the eyes are full of bitterness. He sent a "feeling you, hug you" expression pack, and then stared at the chat page in a daze.

Xiao Jiashu did not reply, it should be to film, and Ji Xin’s heart could not be calm for a long time. He suddenly turned his head and headed for the "Shuanglong Legend" studio. He called Fang Kun while he was on the side. "What did Jiang Bingjie do recently, how did he suddenly leave the "Shuanglong Legend" crew?"

Fang Kun bit his teeth, "I said Ji Ge, have you been flustered recently? Isn't it an all day to write an article or to inquire about other people's gossip, you have to change to be a paparazzi?"

"What is Jiang Bingjie doing?" Ji Yan insisted on asking.

Fang Kun slammed into the microphone and asked the assistant, and then replied, "The people took the "Machine Police" and went to play. I heard that it plays a heavier role in the play, and can't take care of the domestic side."

"Just with Jiang Bingjie's acting skills, what role did she shoot? Is there a fan of her internationally, but she can't take care of the country, huh..." Ji Yan sneered.

"There are people who are acting badly. It's also a traffic superstar. Can you manage it? You have recently arrived in the menopause, and your temper is getting bigger..."

After waiting for Fang Kun to finish talking, Ji Yan hang up the phone. He drove to the "Shuanglong Legend" studio, and Xiao Jiashu said in the private letter that the assassination was still playing. He didn't dare to approach, he could only wear sunglasses and a hat and stood in the corner watching. Fortunately, there are many stars in the vicinity of the studio. This kind of dressing is not very noticeable. Everyone will take a glance and will not come to spy.

Ji Yan didn't know how greedy his eyes were. Since he met once in the elevator at the last time, he has not seen a small tree for 19 days. He wore a black suit and a wide jade belt to make his waist very thin. He opened his legs and sat on the steps, his hands were carrying a gorgeous sword, his jaws were on the hilt, and his eyebrows were pulled. It looks very tired.

In order to highlight the identity of the person in his magical way, the makeup artist paints a slender upturned eyeliner for him, and draws a small flame in the middle of his eyebrow. The long black hair is scattered like a waterfall, and along him. The back of the stream lingers on the ground.

He sat without any image, but he was already beautiful like a painting. From time to time, someone sneaked at him and his eyes flashed.

Ji Yan stared at such a small tree for a long time, and all the restlessness subsided for a long time. All the desires for the thoughts were satisfied, and they laughed out. He really still has to look at the small tree, can not let him completely leave his sight.At this moment, the director shouted, "Open shot, start shooting, Xiao Jiashu, are you ready? Because your mood is not in place, we have been ng for more than ten times, you give me a little professionalism. good or not?"

Xiao Jiashu stood up and was full of grievances. These people are also very interested in talking about professionalism with him. The extra actor doesn't have to read a line. An expression doesn't have to be placed. When he comes up, he stabs a knife and asks him how to find the state. He has worked harder than once, but he finally brewed his feelings. The other party screamed and laughed. He squeezed his eyes and told him how to play.

He patted his face and licked it in the same place, which made him strong in the game. This time he didn't go to the face of the extra actor, but stared at the hair accessories on her head all the time, and the performance was successfully completed. After coming down from the field, he asked with full expectation, "When can the director, Jiang Bingjie come back to film?"

"I don't know, you can do your own movie, and do so much." The director waved his hand impatiently. "You look at the people who have crossed the house. I have never eaten ng. He and Jiang Bingjie's opponents are more than you." More!"

Xiao Jiashu’s forehead’s blue veins could not help but jump. Yes, yes, Fudu is another actor. It’s really rare to eat ng, but is it better for him to play on his own? He was a little more diligent than Jiang Bingjie. At least he came to the studio, but he brought a dozen assistants and seven or eight substitutes. The assistant always surrounded him, fearing that he was cold and hungry, serving him like a servant; Helping him to play the show and all the scenes that don’t show his face, he just came to the studio to enjoy.

Moreover, the director's request for him is not high. A lens can only be allowed if it can barely be seen. It does not pay attention to harmony and beauty. Unlike Xiao Jiashu, the lens that he feels dissatisfied will require the director to repeatedly shoot, making the directors irritated.

Xiao Jiashu sometimes couldn't help but wonder - in this studio, what exactly is he doing, filming, guiding, or simply making fools fool?

He endured forbearance and bowed his head. "Good director, I will pay attention."

"Yes, you can adjust it." Seeing that Guan Shi has invested so much money, the tone of the director's speech is soft and down. "The following is the play, let your substitute prepare."

"There is no substitute, I will play it myself."

The director showed a weird expression and immediately bowed. "Then go to make up."

Xiao Jiashu finished his makeup and came to the pool. He saw that the avatar of Qidu had already tied Weiya. The two men went up to fight in the air. Xiao Jiashu had to overcome the fear of heights and complete the martial arts. The difficulty was not that big. Wia threw the skin on his body, and it was really miserable to go down several times.

He was hanged in the air again and again, and fell into the water again and again. At the end of the day, his eyes were spent, his ears were smashed, and he could not relax for a long time. When he was pulled ashore by the lifeguard, he did not know who he was, what he was doing, and the whole world was turning around.Just as he was trembling in the dark and silent world, a pair of powerful arms hugged him up and placed it in a warm embrace. A big hand gently patted his back, and the other big hand opened his long hair sticking to his face, not behind his ear, and softly whispered at the end. "It's okay, the little tree, you are ashore." We are not afraid, ah, let's take a break and just fine."

Who is this? Why is the voice so familiar? Xiao Jiashu’s head is full of water after the water, there is no way to think. But his subconscious mind knew who this person was, so he clung to the collar of the other side and grievously shed tears.

Ji Yan stared at the pale cheeks of the tree. He knew that he was crying. Although his face was covered with water, he couldn't tell which tears, but he knew he was crying. He was not scared by this play, he was crying by these inexplicable people and incredible things. He may not understand until today that the real entertainment scene is like it. It is full of flowers and applause, but it is also full of ridiculous and absurd.

Just when he felt distressed for Xiaoshu, he crossed the road and said, "Mr. Ji, you also help Xiao Jiashu find a few substitutes, so what are you doing?"

"I don't have to substitute, I can shoot myself." Xiao Jiashu did not wake up, and then closed his eyes and protested. He didn't play the show, he was saddened by the chaos on the set.

Ji Yan erased the water drops on his face, but helplessly, "Well, don't need to substitute, Xiaoshu himself to shoot." The words fell over the large towel handed by the assistant, wrapped people and quickly walked into the dressing room.

The director watched the replay and thought that the shot was okay, so he waved, "k, this is over, everyone will take a lunch break."

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