How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 95 Chapter 95

Chapter 95 Chapter 95

Lin Leyang was frozen by Ji Lusen’s cold eyes. He said, “Jie Ge, what happened to you?”

Shi Tingheng came up from behind. "Old season, still can't shoot today?"

Ji Yan regained his gaze, Shen Sheng, "shoot, let everyone go to the base for a while, we will continue after half an hour." The duration of each period is three days and three nights, and then edited, if you do not shoot today, very It may not be enough to deliver.

He crossed Lin Leyang into the temporary base of the program group and came to the assistant to come to his mobile phone. It is said to be a closed-close filming, but the artist who shoots the gap can still get back to the mobile phone to contact the work, and even come to the base to take a break and eat normal food. After all, this is just a variety show, and no guests have to take it to fight.

Only Xiao Jiashu's fool... I thought that this season was a chest tightness. I wanted to call him and remember that he was on a helicopter. The call was not very clear, so I had to open the WeChat editorial text. But he soon stopped, only because Xiao Jiashu had deleted all the circle of friends he was related to, and he was clean and left no trace.

Ji Yan's fingertips stayed on the screen of the mobile phone for a long time, and all the words that originally wanted to marry Xiao Jiashu disappeared. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't remember. After about a few minutes, he quit the chat page and found Huang Meixuan's WeChat. He edited: If Xiaoshu arrived at the hospital, you would call me.

He could have explained it, but he can also eliminate the misunderstanding, but then? He can bring Xiao Jiashu hope, then can you ensure that he is not disappointed? If he can't do anything, what is the use of explanation?

Ok, Ji Ge. The head quickly replied.

Ji Yan gave the mobile phone to his own pd and told him, "I adjusted the vibration. You can pay attention to me. If there is a call, I will notify me immediately." Pd took the call and put it in his pocket.

Ji Yan went out and shouted, "Continue to shoot, everyone goes back to the mountains."

If you say that you can rest for half an hour, now ten minutes have not yet arrived. The guests complained, but they got the money and got the officer. They had to fight hard to climb the mountain. After the filming resumed, the team members of the red team clearly felt that the gas field of the season was changed. His brows are always wrinkled, his expressions are very serious, his words are very brief, and if you don't listen, he will look at you with a sharp eye, always seeing your compromise or timidity. Now he is more like a leader who has abandoned his personal feelings, not a member of the Red Team.

Before Huang Yingxue couldn't walk, the petite complaints he would make a rest, but now he just didn't hear it. He pointed to the two-meter-high trunk from the ground and sighed. "This is the pedestal you chose? How high is this? Can the house built like this be called a tree house? The sling is almost the same! The stilts are taller than this." !"

Yu Baixiu warfare, "Captain, this is Xiao Jiashu's election, he said that this height is enough, it is convenient for us to go up and down."Ji Yan stayed, and the chilly face softened instantly. He probably can guess why Xiao Jiashu chose these trunks, but he was worried about his fear of heights. But his height is more than 190 cm, and he can accept a height of four or five meters.

His wrinkled eyebrows were loosened, and his heart was surrounded by a particularly warm heat. "That's built here. This height is just right. It is convenient for us to carry the wood."

Yu Baixiu nodded and nodded. When he turned around, he exchanged a "sure" look with Huang Yingxue. Hey, as long as you move out of Xiao Jiashu, Ji Ge has a big anger and can be extinguished. I also said that the house built in this way is not called a tree house. I heard that it is Xiao Jiashu’s idea and I can change my mouth immediately. If the other party is still there, it will definitely be able to smooth down the hairs of Ji Ge.

Lin Leyang also clearly felt the sudden change of the season. Since Xiao Jiashu left, he is very absent-minded and very angry. Is this the person who remembers the heart?

Ji Yan looked at him coldly and finally gestured to pd. Pd shook his head, indicating that the phone has not moved. I have asked for more than a dozen times in just half an hour, and the season is always enough. It is rumored that he has a good relationship with Xiao Jiashu. They originally thought that Xiao Jiashu deliberately squandered the general heat of the season or the company's marketing means, but now it seems to be true.

Ji Yan didn't seem to believe in pd. He took out his mobile phone and looked at it. He didn't find the missed call. He was empty, and opened WeChat to read it. There was no message, and his face gradually sank. There is no Xiao Jiashu to accompany him, and he can't hear his extraordinarily cute words. This time the filming has become extremely long.

He wants to maintain his status, but he is getting tired and getting more and more intolerant. His heart seems to be burning in a fire, and squatting in the chest. He picked up the engineering shovel and stalked to the forest. He saw Lin Leyang, who was silently coming, and said coldly, "Don't follow me!"

This is not only a stern word, but also a bit tired of the tone, called Lin Leyang stay on the spot.

Pd silently decided to cut this paragraph.

Ji Yan did not care, opened Lin Leyang into the jungle, and cut a few bamboos. Pd took a close-up of his sweaty face and finally found that his expression was not right. The anger mixed with anxiety in his eyebrows made him look very cold. This kind of broadcast will definitely not work, you have to get rid of it. The general state of the season is very wrong!

When Pd was thinking about it, the phone in his pocket shook twice. He quickly picked it up and handed it over. "Ji, call."

At the same time, Xiao Jiashu has arrived at the hospital and has done debridement treatment. If there is no fever at night, he can be discharged tomorrow morning. Huang Meixuan sat on the bedside and painstakingly persuaded him, "Small tree, this program is not recorded. Can you make it out in two days? How can I tell Xue Jie? She gave you to me, but I let You have two accidents in three days. I have no face to see her in the future. You said that you are so desperate? If you break your feet, you can sit still, the director will not force you to record the show, you are dead. Brains!"

Xiao Jiashu, staring at the seascape outside the window, suddenly turned back and his voice was hoarse. "Mexuan sister, can I not record it?""Of course!" Huang Meixuan saw his attitude loose, and quickly said, "I originally thought that the program was a bit dangerous. I was afraid that you couldn't stand it. When signing the contract, I only signed one issue. If you want to go in the next period, let's go. Renew, if you don't want to go, let's quit, it doesn't matter."

Xiao Jiashu pondered for a long time, cautiously, "Mexuan sister, then we will quit. I don't want to do this show."

"Well, I will call Ji Ji immediately, let him find another person in the next issue. We will not record this program again, or your safety is the most important." Huang Meixuan immediately dialed the phone number of Ji Ji, then The head was connected very quickly, and the two first discussed the condition of Xiao Jiashu before they entered the topic.

Ji Yan's relaxed expression solidified on his face. "The little tree doesn't shoot, why?"

"You are too dangerous for this show. I don't worry about letting him continue to shoot."

"No, we hired professionals to carry out protection, every place has been explored, and medical facilities and medical staff have been prepared. Safety can definitely be guaranteed. This is an accident. Next time I will protect the small tree. You asked him to answer the phone, I will tell him." Ji Yan's tone is short.

"He just lie down and it is not convenient to answer the phone." Huang Meixuan will not let the two talk. The saplings worship the seasons so hard that they will not be persuaded by him.

Xiao Jiashu’s fingertips moved slightly and hesitated. “Mr. Mei Xuan, would you like me to talk to Ji Ge?”

Huang Meixuan had to hand over the phone and draw a fork in the air so that he would never listen to the words of Ji Ji.

Xiao Jiashu nodded, and when he opened his mouth, he looked like a dilapidated bellows. "Ji Ge." In this sentence, all the embarrassment and grievances came from the bottom of my heart and were tightly blocked in the throat.

Ji Yan was relieved. As long as Xiaoshu was willing to answer the phone, he heard his voice. The anxiety and anxiety in Ji Xin’s heart eased a lot, and his expression became softer. “Xiao Shu, Huang Meixuan said that you don’t want to Did you shoot it, you..."

"Yes," Xiao Jiashu quickly adjusted his mood and interrupted. "Jie Ge, I don't want to shoot."

"But we signed the contract." Ji Yan did not know how uneasy his expression was.

"Mexuan sister said that we only signed a contract, the next period is not possible to shoot. Ji Ge, I can not eat this bitter." He dumb.

Ji Yan heard a vague whine, and Xiao Jiashu’s sad face seemed to be close at hand, and he could not tell what he persuaded. Silence for about half a minute, he was tired. "Small tree, don't you say this kind of thing? In order to exercise, you can wander the streets, eat stinky food, drink tap water in the green belt, and also play well. A character loses weight, gains muscle, soaks in water, and hangs high... You are never a person who is afraid of suffering. Don't say that you degrade yourself. You don't want to shoot, you don't shoot, but don't let outsiders guess the reason for your absence. Go back and pick up a play, send a notice in Weibo, I will explain it to you. Facing me, you can say anything, but to outsiders, don't say this is easily misinterpreted. ”He paused and cautiously said, "The entertainment circle is very chaotic. Everyone has it. You have to be more prepared and not biased."

Xiao Jiashu hoarse, "Okay."

Ji Yan has never put down his mobile phone. He didn't know what to say, but he couldn't help but hang up, even if there was only a heavy breathing sound on the opposite side, it would be better than half a letter.

Seeing pd raise his arm and let himself look at the watch, Ji Yan is like a brisk tunnel. "Okay, let's lie down and rest. Tell me when I am discharged. If you want to go back to China, send me a message after booking a ticket. When I got home, I will report a peace. Without your news, my program will not be recorded."

He shook his head and smiled, and finally had to admit that Xiao Jiashu had already had such a serious impact on himself.

"Okay, I will." Xiao Jiashu promised to come down and hang up the phone and said to Huang Meixuan, "Mei Xuan sister, we will return to China tomorrow, I think my mother."


Ji Yan stared at the screen of the mobile phone that gradually lost its light, and his expression was awkward and somewhat awkward. For a moment, he didn't know what he was doing, whether it was right or wrong. Being able to spy on the human heart is a terrible ability that has lost his trust in humanity and lost the confidence to open a relationship, maintain a relationship, and eventually move toward happiness.

He opened the phone again and sent a message to Xiao Jiashu: Xiaoshu, take a rest, don't think too much. Still, no matter how difficult you are, you can come to me. My mobile phone is online 24 hours a day.

"My mobile phone is kept in your possession these days, and I can call me at any time with a phone call or message." He said to pd.

Pd took the phone and nodded. "Good season, let's continue shooting?"

Ji Yan picked up the engineering shovel and cut off the bamboo three or two times. He does not dare to move other trees, fearing to destroy the ecological balance on the island, but the bamboo does not matter. The growth cycle of this plant is very fast. As long as one plant is planted, it can develop into a bamboo forest in six months. It is more prosperous in the tropics and can grow about one meter a day.

The bamboo pole was cut off and tied with straw rope. He dragged it hard. He walked away, and suddenly he said, "The phone brought me a look." He just sent a WeChat to Xiaoshu, I don’t know if he replied. No.

Pd is very helpless. After turning off the camera, he said, "Ji, let’s shoot the show here, can you always look at the mobile phone? It’s illegal to bring your mobile phone out. It’s hard to do it.” You are the golden father, do you believe that the director is killing you?

"Just take a look." Ji Yan took off his gloves.

Pd had to hand over the phone. He looked at WeChat, there was no reply from Xiao Jiashu, and he used to be back in the second. He said that he gave up and gave up, so simply.

Ji Yan’s heart was empty, and all his emotions fell rapidly in the hollow. He had a top-heavy feeling. He fixed his mind and then opened Weibo, only to find that Xiao Jiashu gave him and Lin Leyang a photo. Some netizens asked him why he liked it in the message area. Didn't he forget that Lin Leyang was black, and some people said that he was only giving praise to the gods, and there was no other meaning.Ji Yan stared at the small icon, and the twilight gradually darkened. But he didn't do anything at all, just turn off the phone and hand it over to pd. When he returned to the campsite, the original treehouse structure was not built up. Instead, it was a small shed built on the concave surface of the mountain rock. The huge banana leaves were covered on the roof and the shower was cool.

Yu Baixiu, Huang Yingxue and Lin Leyang were lying in the shack to drink coconut juice, and the expression was not pleasant.

When Ji Yan’s face sank, he immediately walked over and asked the banana leaf. “What is this? Say good tree house?” Because he was too hard, the banana leaves bundled together were all ripped off by him. I almost knocked down the shed.

His expression looked very harsh, and his eyes were still under the pressure of two groups of anger, and Huang Yingxue and Yu Baixiu were scared enough. Lin Leyang said, "Ji Ge, we tried it. The wood tied up with the hemp rope is not strong at all. When it is put on the trunk, it falls apart. We tried it many times and can only build the house here. You Look at our hands and make out the blisters."

Ji Yan stared at him coldly and wanted to attack. Shi Tingheng quickly came to persuade and whispered in his ear. "Calm down the old season, although you can cut it, but we are recording the program here, don't bring the emotions in. Have something to say, huh?"

The seasons repeatedly adjusted the breathing, and this calmed down. "Well, where do you like to sleep?" The words fall and the bamboo is opened and dried up alone.

It was inevitable that a bit of a squabble or contradiction appeared in the program. Pd continued to shoot, and the director did not say that it was smashed. If they can increase the selling point of the show, they will certainly not cut, unless the gold master dad puts pressure.

Ji Yan worked silently for several hours. On the way, Huang Yingxue, Yu Baixiu, Lin Leyang, Shi Tingheng and others repeatedly tried to persuade them, and they were useless. Suddenly he became very stubborn and silent. With his own hands and ingenuity, he managed to set up the truss and covered a lot of banana leaves.

He put the surfboard from Xiao Jiashu under his body and suddenly felt a emptiness. His team members seemed to be jealous of him. After eating dinner, he hid in the shack and whispered, not dare to approach, even Lin Leyang. He finally realized how powerful an enemy is Xiao Jiashu, and how much influence he has on Ji Ge.

Ji Ge’s emotions seem to be seriously disturbed by Xiao Jiashu’s departure. He can’t maintain a peaceful appearance even in front of the camera, so it’s not going to work. After the program is broadcast, the audience will have a great opinion on him who is uncharacteristically. His "modest and courteous, open-minded" person will also collapse instantly.

The collapse of a person is a disaster for the star, and it may cause a lot of powder removal. Do I have to find a time to persuade Ji Ge? Lin Leyang fell into a sleep in a cranky way, but it didn't take long to be awakened by the rain.

The most characteristic of the tropical marine climate is that it is rainy and has no dry season. The annual rainfall is as high as 2000 mm or more. It is clear that the last second is clear and clear, and the next second can be torrential rain. Therefore, Ji's proposal is correct. I don't build the house on the tree. Maybe it will be soaked into the water someday, especially in this low-lying area.The three players wanted to cry without tears. Fortunately, Ji Ji did not care about them, and quickly took them to the tree house for placement. Shi Tingheng, who built the house on the stone, had no such concern. The water flowed down the surface of the stone. Although the floor was wet, the thick grass raft was not affected much.

"Captain, still have to listen to you! I almost drowned when I turned over, the clothes all over the body were soaked, so cold!" Huang Yingxue cried.

Ji Yan was tired and said, "When you eat a long one, your bags are soaked in water. For the time being, there is no dry clothes to change. Let’s go through this night, and wait until tomorrow is fine." He went to the most. On the outside, avoid Lin Leyang who is intentionally or unintentionally approaching.

But the same thing happened again. The next day the rain stopped, and the members of the group went out to find food. The monk was still acting alone, but he repeatedly warned Huang Yingxue and others not to approach the valley where the water was clearly washed away. However, Lin Leyang saw a few papayas in the opposite forest. When he even ran to pick it up, Huang Yingxue also forgot the captain's warning and hid it with joy.

When the two returned, the originally dry valleys slammed the rushing waters and trapped them in the middle of the big stones. After receiving the news, Ji Yan was angry and anxious, and immediately tied the safety rope to rescue them. The three feet just stepped on the high ground, the valley was immediately swallowed by the flood, and the water is getting bigger and bigger.

Everyone ran wildly, and when they left the distance, they dared to stand on the mountains and look at the splashes and misty floods. After the robbery, the feeling of the rest of their lives finally came to their hearts, causing them to expel a cold sweat.

With such a big accident, the shooting was obviously impossible. Ji Yan took the group back to the base and the cold road. "Have I told you to stay away from the valley? After the rainstorm, there are often flash floods. You have not seen the safety rules before you come. If I can't bring you up in time, what will happen to you, what will the program group do, and who will bear this responsibility?"

Huang Yingxue was too scared to cry, Lin Leyang looked pale and plain. "I am sorry for Ji Ge, we will not dare next time."

I don't know which sentence completely angered Ji Ji. He suddenly bent down and stared at Lin Leyang. He said, "I'm sorry, what else would you say besides these three words? Lin Leyang, can you always live? In your own world, you have to listen to what others are saying. I can’t say it, that’s no, there is no room for it, do you understand?”

His trembling fingertips hung over Lin Leyang's nose, one word and one sentence stressed, "If you can't understand, I can get rid of you! Don't blame me for not talking about feelings, I have given you enough feelings, so much to let you Become greedy and insatiable! You don't have to record the next issue, I will pay the liquidated damages."

Lin Leyang was forced to keep leaning against the back of his chair, and his expression was extremely scared. He obviously did not expect that his unintentional actions would have such serious consequences.

Others have the heart to persuade, but listening to it does not feel like this. It is obvious that the season is not because this matter will suddenly erupt, it is more like dissatisfaction with Lin Leyang for a long time, otherwise it will not blame the other party for "insatiable." Being tagged with such a label, Lin Leyang may not be able to use the resources in the future."Jie Ge, listen to me..." Lin Leyang stood up with tears in his eyes, and thought that the hand of La Jiyu was unscrupulously opened.

"Get out!" he pointed at the door and shouted, "Immediately!"

Lin Leyang still wants to say a few more words, but he was pulled out by his assistant. Finished, finished, angered Ji Zong, Lin Leyang, what future is there!

Everyone left the temporary office. Ji Xian took out the mobile phone wrapped in a plastic pocket and pulled it out of the wet jacket. Pressing the start button, WeChat and Weibo still did not move. There were several missed calls. But they don't belong to Xiao Jiashu. If you say it, you will send a message and report it to you. He seems to have forgotten it.

But why did he forget any words that come out of the season? Why haven’t you sent him a message for so many days in a row? His decisive decision made the season stunned, and made him anxious, uneasy, and even fearful.

He can't control his temper, and even if there is no such thing, it will happen one day sooner or later. He opened Weibo, flipped out the photo that Xiao Jiashu liked, and decisively pressed the delete button. It should have been deleted long ago, but he always thought of leaving a little room for Lin Leyang, but the other party did not think about leaving him room.

Therefore, the human heart is always changing, and how terrible human nature is. The big boy who used to be sunny and seems to be just an illusion of his, or a wrong memory. He pushed open the door of the office and went out with exhaustion. "The first phase of the filming ended like this. Everyone packed things up and prepared to return home."

The author has something to say: Ji Wei: Not good!

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