How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 94 Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Chapter 94

There is no doubt that this is the most embarrassing moment in Xiao Jiashu's life. He felt extremely shameful, and he seemed to be stunned by clothes and rushed to the street. No, not only clothes, but even the skin was scraped off, exposing the red blood vessels and the pulsating muscles to the sun. The open atrium and the unbearable emotions are exposed in the air, and the pain is unstoppable and cannot escape.

He stood in the chest for a while before he went out and whispered, "Is it obvious that Ji Ge?"

Lin Leyang, who helped him "turn the wind", shook his head. "He doesn't know, only I see it. The feelings between same sex are always not accepted by the world, so we dare not be too intimate before people. This time things are not Blame you, you don't know, I just don't want to see you getting deeper and deeper. Ji Ge is very sincere, may give you some illusions, please forget them all. You will meet better in the future. people."

Xiao Jiashu took a few coconuts and left an indescribable "I will stay away from him." He was very fortunate that he learned to control his feelings when filming Zerg, and he was glad that Ji Ge had never seen anything, otherwise he would be even more embarrassed. I think that I often send text messages to Ji Ge, thinking that I am going to chase the tropical island with him, the shame is slowly replaced by disgust.

He dislikes such self, no shame, no morality, like a jumping clown swaying in front of others, and others may be rejecting, scorning, and even disgusting with him. Not only is he unconscious, but he also has the idea of ​​boldly pursuing it. How ridiculous is it? How sad is it?

He walked all the way to converge on the raging feelings, clearly wanting to throw them all out, but in the end it is firmly in the bottom of my heart. It turns out that the reason why a person becomes strong is because the heart is overwhelmingly pressed too much, and they become the cornerstone, making the fragile atrium firm and becoming difficult to open again. When the camp was far away, there was no slight fluctuation in his eyes.

Lin Leyang waited for him to go far to reveal a bitter smile. He didn't want to do this, but he watched the relationship between Ji Ge and Xiao Jiashu become more and more embarrassed. He was anxious and wanted to stop them.

That day, he heard Ji Ge’s monologue, which was extremely painful, but he was fully realized. It’s strange to blame Ji Ge for not adding the last sentence. What is “in my heart, a small tree is like my younger brother”? If he is really with Xiao Jiashu, he will never say what he wants to cover. He is cautious in his words and devotes his feathers. If one thing is inconvenient to announce to the outside world, he will only be silent, but he will not lie or mislead.So you see, Lin Leyang is also very familiar with Ji Ge, in order to cater to him, in order to obtain his approval, he has observed him so carefully. If you play another game of "watching and watching", where will he lose to Xiao Jiashu? Ha, but unfortunately his mind is all in the wrong direction, do couples need to observe and observe? No, what they need is care, understanding, giving and tolerance. He has always used his humble attitude to face Ji Ge, but turned his head and rebuked Ji Ge for looking down on him. His cognition has long been blinded by himself.

But now it is not too late to realize these mistakes. As long as Ji Ge has a vacancy left, he will stick to it forever and drive away those who are trying to get close to Ji Ge.

Xiao Jiashu is the first one, and things are far smoother than he imagined. Thanks to Xiao Jiashu for his good family education. Lin Leyang had to admit that Xiao Jiashu’s three views were very positive and his cultivation was not bad. He immediately decided to withdraw, and he did not pursue the bottom, nor did he stalk. If he is a weak-minded person and knows that he is a third party and he is not willing to let go, then Lin Leyang has no way to take him.

Honest people are always vulnerable to bullying. This is true.

The two walked in the mountains one after the other, there was no communication in the whole process, PD felt very boring, but did not force the guests to speak. Even if it is a company, there are cases where they are not pleasing to each other or even under the black hand. Does Lin Leyang secretly sneak out Xiao Jiashu? The two did not deal with it, pretending to be a friend.

At the same time, Ji Xian is sitting on the rocks on the beach. He really doesn't know how to deal with his relationship with Xiao Jiashu. The age and family background can be skipped, and only one thing makes him worry. That is the ability to read people's hearts.

He can easily feel the psychological activities of those who love or dislike, and thus avoid many traps, and learn a lot of secrets, even in the business field. But at the same time, he also drifted away from his friends and family. The human heart is the most complicated and uncontrollable thing in the world. The more in-depth exploration, the more chilling. But Xiao Jiashu is different from everyone else. If someone else's heart is a labyrinth, then his heart is a garden that can make Jiuyi see through, but feels beautiful.

He is the only one who can let Ji Yan take the initiative to listen to his heart, and the only one who can make Ji Ji completely relax and even feel happy. His heart is too simple and pure, but it is precisely because of this that Ji Yan did not dare to touch easily.

If they are together, he is worried that he will use the mind-reading technique to control Xiao Jiashu, let him slowly become a demon, or in the process of arousing Xiao Jiashu's resistance, so that he also becomes a devil. Love and injury are often just a line apart, and his special ability makes this bottom line easier to cross. One day, one day, the beautiful garden will become a ruin, because there is no constant human heart, only the constant desire.

He can see through Xiao Jiashu's everything, and Xiao Jiashu knows nothing about it. This is obviously unfair. So he would rather look at the garden than to go and destroy it. He is already ready to be alone.When he wants to draw God, PD has to whisper, "Mr. Ji, the bait is hung up, why don't you throw it into the water?"

Ji Yan returned to this, and quickly threw the hook made of sewing needle into the water. He knew that he couldn't catch any fish, but it was just an excuse to send Xiao Jiashu. His feelings are so fierce, even if they are separated from each other, they can burn the heart of the season like a fire.

After getting along with him, Ji Wei didn't know how long he could hold, so he had to find a quiet place to stay alone for a while. He had to admit that Xiao Jiashu was all his favorite from the inside out, and it was difficult enough to resist his stupid and lovely thoughts, not to mention the hot and sincere love.

In his cranky thoughts, half an hour passed. Because there were few people coming to the island, the fish's vigilance was not high. However, there were two hooks, but the volume was not large, so they used to stew. When he brought the fish back to the camp, the other members of the group returned and were drinking coconut juice.

"The captain is sitting down for a while. Wow, you really caught the fish! We have fish!" Huang Yingxue shouted again and again.

Ji Yan gave her the cleaned fish and looked at Xiao Jiashu subconsciously. He had thought that the other party would be the first to meet, stupidly turning around him as usual, and the smile was simple and happy. But now he is sitting on the ground, cutting a pair of bamboo chopsticks with a dagger, never looked up.

This makes the season that has already been mentally prepared a bit strange, and a bit inexplicable. He listened to Xiao Jiashu's heart without control, but did not hear anything. He clearly sat there, but he had no thoughts at all, like an empty skin.

Ji Yan's heartstrings trembled, and sat down without worry, "Small tree, is your foot better?"

Xiao Jiashu raised his head and smiled. "It’s much better. Just now, Yu Baixiu helped me repack the gauze."

The smile is sincere, the temperature is gentle, and he seems to be as usual, but completely different. But what exactly is different, Ji Ji said that he was not clear for a while. He fixed his mind and told him, "Let me see again, I have to go a lot today, I am afraid that you can't hold on."

Xiao Jiashu immediately put his legs up and waved his hands. "It's really okay, you have to eat your breakfast, and you are not afraid of turning your appetite."

This is still as close as usual, so that the heart of the season is slightly loose. He shouted, "wear the socks a little thicker, don't be afraid of heat."

Xiao Jiashu nodded and promised to continue cutting bamboo chopsticks.

Lin Leyang smashed five bananas and distributed them to his teammates. "Come and come, everyone tastes the taste of wild bananas."

Yu Baixiu took a bite with a sigh of relief and then twisted the five senses into a ball. Huang Yingxue spit on the spot and shouted, "Oh my God, is this a banana? Is this a pepper? Why are you so embarrassed!"

Ji Yan's brow wrinkled, but in the end he swallowed the banana, blame it, and fill the stomach. He looked at Xiao Jiashu sitting across from him, only to find that his expression was very calm, and he was eating for a small bite, as if there was no taste. His every move is as familiar as it seems, and it seems to return to the state of shooting "Zerg", from the inside to the outside into a cold machine.Ji Yan frowned, but it was difficult for the camera to ask. Only half an hour later, why did Xiaoshu become like this? He has completely got rid of the shadow of the character, and it makes no sense to attack after more than two months.

After a group of people finished the simple breakfast, wash the pots and pans, and then set off to find the source of water. Xiao Jiashu walked at the end of the team. He didn't have a crutches, and his manners were very relaxed. From time to time, he would talk to his teammates for a few days. He smiled and looked normal.

But Ji Yan has never been able to feel at ease. He couldn't hear what Xiao Jiashu was thinking. If he closed his eyes, he could hardly feel his presence. So he had to go back to see him frequently, and he had to ask him every few minutes if he was good or not.

Can't hear Xiao Jiashu's voice, he is like something missing, always feel unreliable. He completely forgot the original intention of alienating Xiao Jiashu. He was very worried when he could see through the other party, but he was completely unperceived, but he was nervous and anxious.

"Small tree..." He just turned back, Huang Yingxue had no choice but to interface. "How about you, can you stick to it? I said the captain, how many times do you want to ask? I don't care if you are a beautiful woman. How do you always care about Xiao Jiazi of Xiao Jiashu."

Ji Yan’s expression was slightly stiff, and he simply said, “Everyone is sitting down for a break.”

"Ah, I can finally rest." Huang Yingxue and Yu Baixiu immediately fell to the ground.

Ji Jin went to Xiao Jiashu, Xiao Jiashu immediately stood up and smiled. "I am fine with Ji Ge, you don't have to worry. I am convenient and convenient, and I will come back later."

"Don't go far, pay attention to poisonous insects, poisonous snakes!" Ji Yan stared at the back of his gradual departure, and suddenly wanted to smoke a cigarette. Seeing too much of his concerns, he couldn’t see him but he was more worried. What is this all about?

Lin Leyang handed the kettle over and interrupted his thoughts. "Captain, do you want to drink coconut juice?" He cut all the coconuts before the departure and poured the coconut juice into the kettle to avoid thirst. The program group said that it would not be provided without providing mineral water.

"Thank you, no." Ji Yan gave him a faint look.

Five minutes later, Xiao Jiashu came back and everyone continued on the road. Following the footprints of the animals, they took the lead in finding a pool of water. Several monkeys lie on the edge of the pool and look very alert. The staff who stayed here immediately came up to congratulate them on completing the task and told them to give priority to the camp.

In order to facilitate life, the two teams naturally have to move to the vicinity of the water source to live, and the program group has two camps designated, one on the open stone, the wind is blowing in the sun and rain, and there is no shelter; Another piece of the jungle in the edge of the pool, the terrain is sunken, backed by rocks, very cool.

Ji Yan called the players together and asked, "Which site do we choose?"

Everyone has their own opinions, and the inner thoughts are even more smashed out, which makes Ji Yan a headache. But what is weird is that although Xiao Jiashu is on the surface, his heart is dead. His soul seems to fly away, leaving only a pair of shells.

Ji Yan suddenly took his hand. "Do you think Xiaoshu?"

Xiao Jiashu naturally broke free from him, went to the kettle, smiled. "You decide, Ji Ge, you are the captain.""You don't have any thoughts?" Ji Yan decided to look at him.

"We all listen to the captain." Xiao Jiashu coveted.

Ji Yan still can't knock his heart, frustration and anxiety burning his nerves, making him breathe a little unstable, "then choose the shade," he sighed, "forest distance The pool is closer and cooler, but we have to build the house on the tree."

"Building a house on the tree? How difficult it is!" Yu Baixiu mourned.

"The land is high on all sides, low in the middle, and the rain will be poured when it rains. If you want to wake up and lie down in the water, I have no opinion. Right, the surrounding trees are so dense, there are many snakes, maybe Drilled into your clothes..." Ji Yan’s words were not finished, Huang Yingxue quickly interrupted. "On the tree, you must build the house!"

"Then we will start now. On the way I saw a few bamboos, can be used as building materials, who are you going to cut with me?" Ji Yan stared straight at Xiao Jiashu.

Xiao Jiashu stood up and said, "Let Lin Leyang go, let us find the right tree."

Lin Leyang immediately echoed, "Well, I will go with Ji Ge."

"No, you all stay, I am enough." Ji Wei took out a multi-purpose engineering shovel from the bag, which he specially brought, and now comes in handy. He finally understood that Xiao Jiashu was alienating and even avoiding himself, but why? Where are the sly dreams, the passionate love, all gone? Is he too tired to create an illusion, or Xiao Jiashu realized that homosexuality is a disease in less than half an hour?

Logically speaking, he voluntarily gave up the season's pleading, they can avoid each other's injuries, and can avoid those embarrassment and embarrassment. But I don't know why, but Ji Yan is very annoyed. He slashed the bamboo hard and tried to vent his full sense of powerlessness.

He only discovered until now that he had no way to take Xiao Jiashu. If the other party enters or retreats, he can only wait.

On the other hand, Xiao Jiashu found a huge banyan tree. It has branches all over the sky. It is said that it is possible to build a tree house on top of it. Turning around a few branches two or three meters above the ground, he made a slap. "It's built here, not tall or short, just right."

"I can see. The tree house should use a lot of nails? What should we do without nails?" Yu Baixiu asked.

"Then we replaced the rope. We first put the shelf up and made a groping." Xiao Jiashu paused and continued. "I saw a few surfboards on the beach. It should be discarded by others. It was washed ashore." Come. I will pick them up and use them locally."

"Hey, this idea is very good, let me go with you." Yu Baixiu swears.

"The surfboard is not heavy, I can't move it. You put the shelf up first. This is more troublesome." Xiao Jiashu's figure quickly disappeared into the jungle, and the two PDs followed him, almost unable to catch up with his pace. He doesn't look like a person with a foot injury at all, but he is more physically fit than the season.

When he picked up a few surfboards and climbed to the middle of the mountain, he suddenly fell silently and was sent to the infirmary by two PDs.In order to ensure the personal safety of the guests, the program group stepped on the island in the early months and built a simple small building to store equipment and resettlers. The infirmary is also natural, and the equipment is complete. The guests didn't have a mobile phone, but the PDs all wore headsets and could contact each other at any time.

They soon received news that Xiao Jiashu passed out and informed the guests.

An hour later, Xiao Jiashu opened his eyes and couldn't find out where he was. He heard a hoarse voice rang in his ear. "You wake up."

He turned his head and saw that Ji Ge was sitting on the bedside, his face was gloomy, his face was dark, his hand was holding a cigarette, and many cigarette butts were thrown on the floor. There was no smell in the house, and an exhaust vent was above his head. Rotating fast, making a creaking sound, the opposite window is open, you can see the undulating ocean.

"The gauze on your feet is not covered, and all of them are scattered." He took a sip of smoke and his voice was low. "The blisters on the feet are all broken, and a lot of blood is flowing. Don't you feel it?"

Xiao Jiashu looked at him for a while, and seemed to be analyzing his words. After about half a minute, he sat up and looked at his tightly wrapped feet. "I really didn't feel, what happened to me?" His soul Already separated from the body.

Ji Yan threw a half-smoked cigarette on the ground and slammed it out, dumbing. "You don't feel the foot worn out. Do you feel the knife cutting the meat? Do you think you are a robot? Xiao Jiashu, tell me in your mind. What are you thinking about?"

It was ironic that he even asked himself. As long as he tries to like or hate a person, he can see through their minds. But now, no matter how he slams Xiao Jiashu's heart, he can't hear any echo. Sitting in front of him is not like a person, but a deep sea. Until then, he realized why there is a "deep sea phobia" in the world, because "undetectable" is the greatest fear. The ocean is there, so close to humans, but humans understand it. Not one tenth of the moon.

Its depth and abyss are no different, just as Xiao Jiashu is close to him, but he can't guess his mind.

If before this, Xiao Jiashu did not unreservedly accept him with all his strength, he may not feel how. But after experiencing such warm and meticulous care and sincere love, he couldn't face the cold person in front of him.

"Jie Ge, I didn't think about anything, am I sick?" Xiao Jiashu didn't feel the pain until now, and suddenly took a breath.

Only this tone, the ecstasy and anger of the season are blown away. He used the communicator to call the doctor and bit his teeth. "The gauze on your feet is scattered, the blisters are broken, and a few beaches of water are drowned on the road. The wound infection is inflamed and causes a high fever. We must send you to the nearest Large hospital treatment."

"Then I have to come back to record the rest of the show?" Xiao Jiashu stared at his fingernails."What did you shoot like this? You can't walk for ten days and a half." Ji Yan erased the helplessness on his face. "I will send someone back to China after the injury is stable. Huang Meixuan is waiting for you at the hospital. I am not here. Open, take care of yourself."

He paused and sighed, "Don't be so heartless, okay?"

Xiao Jiashu nodded, "Okay... no longer..."

The last four words went into the seasoning eardrum, which made him feel inexplicable. He was about to ask, the accompanying doctor came in and helped the patient to do a round of examination to make sure that his body was not seriously ill, and that the fire was also retired. He got on the helicopter.

Xiao Jiashu was hugged into the cabin by Ji Ji, and he bowed his head all the way, and did not say anything else. The plane slowly lifted off. He waved to Huang Yingxue, waved to Yu Baixiu, waved to Shi Tingheng, then lay back to the hospital bed, opened the mobile phone, and deleted all the content about Ji Ji in the circle of friends. Weibo has too many people to pay attention to. He didn't dare to move, but when he turned to one of the photos, he suddenly burst into tears.

This is another photo taken in the "Apostles" crew six months ago. Ji Ge was holding Lin Leyang with one hand and holding a mobile phone in one hand, smiling warmly. He said that this is a small newcomer that he personally fancy and signed. Please take care of it. It is no wonder that he always goes with Lin Leyang. It is no wonder that he sent the best resources to him and stood up to defend him at a crucial moment. They turned out to be lovers.

Xiao Jiashu's fingertips moved slightly, and gave a photo of this photo. He said in his heart: Goodbye my heartless lungs...

Ji Yan stared at the helicopter that was far away, and his look was inexplicable. Lin Leyang stood behind him, sighing with relief and relief. Xiao Jiashu was better than he had imagined, but told him that he was a couple with Ji Ge. He was so painful and took the initiative to leave. I really hope that he will not come again in the next issue, so that he can be completely relieved.

At this moment, the seasons that looked up at the sky suddenly turned to look at Lin Leyang, his face was gloomy and terrible.

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