How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 93 Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Chapter 93

After eating and drinking, he was inexplicably interviewed. Xiao Jiashu opened his legs and sat down under a tree, ready to squat for a while. Ji Yan took the medical kit and walked over to him, telling him, "Take off your boots, I will look at your blisters."

Xiao Jiashu immediately woke up, licking his teeth and taking off his boots. He was afraid of being smoked to Ji Ge. He also smacked his boots at the nose and felt that it was not very stinky. He put his ankles on Ji's thighs with confidence. Anyway, he has no image at all, it is better to let go of himself.

Ji Yan cried and laughed. "Smell what you smell, you don't stink me any more."

Xiao Jiashu said with a red face, "But I am not stinky."

"When you do, you don't stink." Ji Yan looked at the gauze and looked at it. Rest assured, "The blisters that have been killed are not peeled off. Fortunately, you must not rub this layer of skin, otherwise you will walk tomorrow. Can't walk." While talking about the sand on his feet, he applied the complex iodine to each blisters.

"Don't wear shoes for a while, let your feet dry for a while, so the blisters dry faster." He packed up the medical kit and shouted. "Sit here, I go to the show to help you with a pair of slippers, and ask other guests. There are no extra hiking shoes. You can't wear these boots anymore, otherwise your feet will be abolished."

“Do the program group allow us to change shoes?” Xiao Jiashu looked up and smiled brightly. Ji Ge is a big warm man!

"We are recording variety shows, and it is not a survival challenge. We must always consider the health of the guests." Ji Yan was infected by the warmth that he passed, and he couldn't help but smile. "You wait, I will come over for a while." He walked back with a pair of slippers and a pair of hiking shoes, explaining, "Zhu Xiaolong gave you all new, the tag has not been removed, you look. His shoe code is the same as you, should be able to wear."

"Thank you Ji Ge." Xiao Jiashu took two pairs of shoes and raised his arm and rushed to Zhu Xiaolong, shouting, "Xiaolong, thank you! Go back and invite you to dinner!"

"Xie Wei, put some water into the game." Zhu Xiaolong waved his hand.

Shi Tingheng immediately took a picture of his head and pretended to be fiercely swearing. "Do we still use them to release water? You are destroying your own strength and longing the ambition of others, bringing the leftover shells to let him squat!" Everyone suddenly laughed. .

Xiao Jiashu happily put on slippers, is preparing to invite Ji Ge to go for a walk on the beach, Huang Yingxue with a mouth and walked over, "Captain, you see Liang Mingzhen, what are they eating? I want to eat too!" The two looked up and found The blue team did not know where to find a few coconuts, used the dagger to cut the shell and took turns to drink coconut juice. After finishing the white coconut meat, the expression was very enjoyable.

Xiao Jiashu’s mouth was immediately filled with saliva, which was secreted quickly. He wanted to echo Huang Yingxue, but he stopped in time. Where does the coconut come from? Of course it is picked from the tree, but the tall trunk, who is going to climb? There is no doubt that this matter must have fallen to Ji Ge’s head because he is the captain.No, no, this proposal can not be passed, I have to persuade Huang Yingxue to dispel attention. I thought of the hesitant expression here. "Coconut meat is very hot, the fat content is 30%, it is easy to gain weight when eating. Would you like me to pick bananas for you? When I came down from the mountains, I saw several plants. Banana tree." When you say it, you have to get up.

Ji Yan pressed him down. "You sit, I go picking coconuts and bananas." The first time there will be a second time, no matter how fearful he is, some of the responsibilities cannot be shirked.

"I will go too." Xiao Jiashu immediately put on hiking shoes. He is not worried about Ji Ge alone.

"You don't have to go." Lin Leyang got out of the woods and held a few coconuts in his arms. "I like to climb trees since I was a child. The technology is not bad. You will find me after you want to eat coconut."

Huang Yingxue immediately cheered, shouting in a pile, "Xiu Xiu, take the dagger and take us, we also have coconuts to eat." Several people gathered around to talk about the coconut shell and laugh, the girls eat one alone. The remaining two are eaten by several people in the season.

Xiao Jiashu was not afraid of fat this time. He took the coconut and handed it to Ji Ge. He smiled and said, "You can taste sweet and sweet first."

Ji Yan took a sip and stared at his sun-red face, swearing, "sweet."

Xiao Jiashu just sipped at the small hole and gave a thumbs up while drinking. It’s so sweet!

They both sipped me in one bite, not at all, and Yu Baixiu and Lin Leyang at the other end lifted the coconut high and drank the juice. Only people with very close relationships will not care about each other's saliva, and obviously they still can't reach that level.

With only the last bite, it was the turn of the season, but he shook the coconut shell and said softly, "Small tree you drink."

"Jie Ge, you drink." Xiao Jiashu will push back the coconut to his mouth.

"You don't drink me to drink." Lin Leyang endured and couldn't resist it, and took the coconut like a joke.

Xiao Jiashu waved. "Then you drink." Ji Yan looked at Lin Leyang thoughtfully.

Due to the tiredness of the whole day, there was no entertainment facilities. Everyone played some small games around the campfire and lie down. Xiao Jiashu got into the sleeping bag and waved, "Jie Ge is coming." This is a double sleeping bag. After lying down, each other's body will be closely attached.

I saw a hand resting on my head, swaying in one hand, and Xiao Jiashu, who was still smiling with a shallow smile on his face. He wasn’t on or off, and he climbed into the door for a long time before he climbed in. He muttered. “We are not too small. Will it be crowded in a sleeping bag? Would you like to be a mat directly?”

Xiao Jiashu completely obeyed Ji Ge’s instructions and climbed out without saying anything. "Well, this mattress is very comfortable, but it is not cold at night."

The season sighed with a sigh of relief, and this lay down beside Xiao Jiashu. After the camera enters eight o'clock, it will automatically close. It will open at 7:30 in the morning and will not reveal the artist's privacy. He put his hands under his head and asked, "Is it tired today?""Super tired, especially when going down the mountain. I finally understand why the ancients said that it is easy to go down the mountain. It is easy to get into trouble when going down the mountain. It is easy to meet the danger of life. I have soft knees several times. Thanks to Ji Ge, you are holding me.” Xiao Jiashu leaned over and looked at Ji Yan, and the burning scent sprayed on his face.

The season is tight and low, and he is dumb. "Be tired, go to bed early, don't talk."

When Xiao Jiashu had a full stomach, he wanted to say it, but he was blocked and went back. He had to close his eyes unwillingly. Fortunately, Ji Ge’s breath has been haunting him, making him feel at ease, so he fell asleep in less than five minutes. Ji Yan looked at him and listened to his long, shallow breathing, and slept unconsciously.

At four or five in the morning, Ji Yan was awakened by a strong fear. His forehead was fixed on Xiao Jiashu's forehead for a moment. Only then did he know that the other side had a nightmare, and he couldn't help but laugh, but he fell into deep motion after a while.

In the dream, Xiao Jiashu returned to the cliff, and Ji Ge hangs under the cliff and is swayed by the sea breeze. There is no one around, and the rope that maintains the safety of Ji Ge is constantly rubbing the stone and will break. Xiao Jiashu was too scared. He didn't want to grab the rope with his bare hands, but he was scratched his palm and broke his phalanx. But he couldn't care anything, only because Ji Ge fell, the thick fog engulfed his figure, leaving only a dull and dead.

He shouted for a moment, and the wind blew his voice and dried his tears. He couldn't stop crying on the edge of the cliff, and there were countless knives in his heart that shattered his flesh. He cried for a while, seeing the thick fog slowly coming up from the bottom of the cliff, and he jumped out of his body.

In reality, he is curling up and crying, his mouth is slightly open and closed, and he can hear a "seven brother" with a strong sorrow.

Ji Yan has no way to turn a blind eye to such Xiao Jiashu, and he can't ignore it. Because he fell off the cliff, the other party can also think about it and jump, why? Xiao Jiashu, what are you thinking about?

Ji Wei felt that Xiao Jiashu was the biggest problem in the world, which made him confused and made him unable to explore. He held him into his arms, one hand around his waist, one hand gently tapping his back, whispering, "Hey, don't cry, you are dreaming. Little tree, wake up, wake up All right."

What is the existence of Xiao Jiashu? Feeling the sorrow and despair of the other side, Ji Yan suddenly wanted to find out the answer to this question.

Perhaps because of this warm embrace, perhaps because of Ji's patient comfort, Xiao Jiashu jumping off the cliff does not have to face another heavy despair, but falls into a warm lake. The water wave gently pushed his body and made him sink to the bottom of the lake, where he reunited with the living season brother. He was smiling at him and held out his hands to pick up.

Xiao Jiashu immediately swam into his arms, his mouth opened and wanted to talk, but he lowered his head and gave him a breath of oxygen. Their lips and tongues are put together, slowly stirred and tangled, and a pair of big hands slowly sway down the back of Xiao Jiashu, and the touch is extremely hot... The lake seems to be boiling...Ji Yan, who was holding Xiao Jiashu's pat, stopped at this moment, his hands left the other's body, and he was stagnant in the air. He stared at his black lacquered head with disbelief, and his thoughts were in a mess. Isn't this a nightmare, how come...

The dream is still deep, and Xiao Jiashu's pale face has turned into a blush, and the corner of his eye contains a few drops of crystal tears. He twists his waist and shouts his nose, giving off a sweet, inaudible 呻.

Ji Yan has been stiff like a stone. It took a while to think that he should drill a tent or simply interrupt Xiao Jiashu's dream. But he immediately denied the second idea because he knew how much Xiao Jiashu would wake up after he woke up. He couldn't bear to embarrass him, so he could only choose to leave, but Xiao Jiashu's hands were holding his waist and he didn't dare to move.

The ear is a sly 呻 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼 眼He slowly arched his back, keeping his lower body away from Xiao Jiashu, and then staring at the tent above his head.

When he became more and more tormented, the people in his arms finally got a move. He immediately closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Xiao Jiashu woke up in confusion, and the heat in the body was still burning, which made him feel very thirsty. He licked his lips and blinked his eyes, only to find himself lying in his arms, his hands clasping his waist, his legs clenching his legs, his posture was very indecent, Worse, the stuff in his life is still hard. If Ji Ge’s back is slightly bowed and his body leans back, he will definitely poke him.

Lying in the trough! Lying in the trough! Xiao Jiashu suddenly opened his eyes, only to realize how the previous dreams were going. He was in the lake with Ji Ge...the trough!

At this moment, the thing finally softened, but it was not scared, but it was too full to vent. He immediately stayed for a while, clearly feeling that his three views and festivals are being broken into pieces. Why? Why do I dream of rolling sheets with my brother? Ji Ge is so good to me, but I have such awkward thoughts about him. My mother is not a man, I am a beast!

He immediately wanted to escape, but he was afraid to wake up Ji Ge. He had to move out of the tent stiffly and slowly, and then ran off. There is a glimmer of white light on the horizon, and the blue water gently pats the rocky shore, making a distant sound of the waves.

He stood at the beach for a long time, and it was dry for a long time. If Lin Leyang’s footsteps awakened him, he might continue to stand.

"You got up very early." Lin Leyang stared at his blushing face.

"Ah, I am used to getting up early." Xiao Jiashu looked back at him, and there were a few springs in his eyes.

Lin Leyang frowned and was about to continue his temptation, but he saw him rushing to the sea.

Lying in the trough, the pants are still wet, the taste is so big, a man can guess what happened just now. Have to rush to destroy the dead! Xiao Jiashu’s back is very happy, but his face is crying in the wind. He didn't know why he remembered a sentence - when things didn't happen, you never knew what a terrible devil was in your heart.Xiao Jiashu, what are you thinking about all day! He picked up the water and patted his red-hot face, and suddenly there was a feeling of crying and tears.

After a short while, Huang Yingxue and Yu Baixiu also woke up and went to the beach to watch the sunrise. Ji Yan waited until the physiological reaction completely subsided before going out, just to hear Huang Yingxue smiled and said, "Look at Xiaojiashu to play so happy, then the big man is like a child, fluttering in the water."

Xiao Jiashu is bitter in his heart. In order to wash his pants thoroughly, can he not rush?

Ji Yan was still a bit embarrassed, and he saw this scene suddenly laughing. Xiao Jiashu, can you not make a fool any day? But soon, he shouted and shouted, "The little tree is coming up, your feet can't soak."

Xiao Jiashu stood in the water for a while before he reluctantly walked ashore. The heat that had just been blown away by the sea breeze began to condense and float on his cheeks when he saw Ji Ge. He bowed his head and said hello, "Jie Ge is early."

"You got up very early." In the face of such a stupid Xiao Xiao, Ji Yan could not stand up. He wants to laugh and hold back, urging. "Clean your feet and put them on the fire. I will help you see if the feet are soaked."

Xiao Jiashu sat down on the side of the fire and looked like he was concentrating on the sand. When Ji Yan took his ankle and helped him see the blisters, he stared at his gentle side face and suddenly opened up - why would I dream like that? Not awkward, not a metamorphosis, is it because I love Ji Ge?

I don’t like it, it’s love... I cried for him, and I jumped off the cliff for him, and opened his body unreservedly. If this is not love, what is it? No wonder I think about him all the time. I heard that he wants to come to shoot this program and he will follow. As long as I can stay with him, I am not afraid of suffering and suffering, and my heart is still happy...

Xiao Jiashu, are you stupid, how do you want to understand now? His heart slammed, then slammed his head, and the corner of his mouth just smirked and slammed down. He doesn't think it's unacceptable to fall in love with a same sex, but the question is what Ji Ge thinks? Does he like men?

Xiao Jiashu quickly recalled that he found that Ji Ge had not passed on an affair with anyone, so there was no reference. What if you rush to confess and scare him? I am afraid that even my friends will not have to do it. But if you don't confess, you have to endure it, how much more difficult you will be? Shouldn't you love someone to fight for it?

He thought about the East for a while, and wanted to look west for a while, his face alternating red and white.

The seasons seem to deal with the blisters seriously, but in the palm of your hand, a sweat is squeezed. Hearing Xiao Jiashu's voice, he was a little surprised and surprised, but he was just a bit of a shock, but he just finished a relationship and was not ready to start another relationship. He was thinking about whether to temporarily alienate Xiao Jiashu and let him calm down and calmly listen to Lin Leyang. "Jie Ge, our food is finished, what should I do for breakfast?"

"Is there a coconut?" He immediately cleared his distracting thoughts."Then I will pick a few." Although Lin Leyang said so, he stood still on the fire. He felt that something must have happened last night, otherwise the expressions of Ji Ge and Xiao Jiashu would not be so strange.

The season glanced at him and looked at Xiao Jiashu, who was down and shy, and was speechless.

The staff came over at this moment and held a task card in his hand. "Every adventurer, this is the second day you come to the island. From today, you will officially enter the survival mode, we will not be You provide tents, food and water, and everything depends on you."

"Oh my God! No? Do you want to play and die?" Zhu Xiaolong jumped his feet.

The staff put down the task card and left, leaving only a cold back.

Everyone couldn't, but had to go around looking for something to eat for breakfast. Ji Yan took out a telescope from the bag and carefully observed the surrounding forests. He said, "There are monkeys on the mountain. They must drink water. You should be able to find water when you follow the monkey."

"We will have to eat before we start, or we will not have the strength." Huang Yingxue squinted at the empty stomach, Yu Baixiu immediately raised his hands to agree.

Xiao Jiashu does not matter, anyway, he only needs to be with Ji Ge. What is the word to say? Oh, yes, have a drink! He is full now!

The action of the telescope was slightly smashed, and then the eyebrows were rubbed hard. What is brainstorming, he is finally understanding.

"You four go find some fruit to come back, I went to the beach to see if I could catch a few fish," he ordered.

"Jie Ge, I am going to catch fish with you." Xiao Jiashu raised his hand immediately.

"Your feet can't soak in water, obey."

Xiao Jiashu was stunned for a while before he agreed to it. The one that shocked him just now, Ji Ge’s expression was too harsh, and he was a little bored. He really wants to be with Ji Ge, but he doesn't want to be too sticky to get Ji Ge's dislike. It seems that a person who has a crush on a person must also maintain a proper distance, otherwise they will not wait for the pursuit, and people will hate you first.

The more Xiao Jiashu wants to feel the lower the mood, the dejected and dejected with Huang Yingxue they left.

Ji Yan stared at his back, and the dawn changed a few times. When they disappeared in the forest, they stepped toward the beach. He is not young, he has lost his impulse and blood, and the more beautiful things, the less he dares to approach because he is afraid to break it...

Xiao Jiashu walked in a boring head, but he did not forget to take care of Huang Yingxue. He helped her from time to time and gave her a hat. Lin Leyang followed suit behind him and suddenly said, "Xiao Jiashu, there are a few coconut trees in front, or we will pick the coconuts, let Ying Xue and Bai Xiu go to pick bananas, which saves time and energy."

"Okay." Huang Yingxue and Yu Baixiu did not want to agree.

Xiao Jiashu was a bit embarrassed, and Lin Leyang smiled again. "You help me next, I will pick it up."

"Okay, go." Xiao Jiashu nodded.

The two went into the jungle to pick the coconut. After a long time, Lin Leyang used the "convenience" as an excuse to send the PD away, Shen Sheng, "Xiao Jiashu, I and Ji Ge are lovers, do you know?"Seriously help him to turn the wind of Xiao Jiashu suddenly, his face pale.

"Look, this is our photo." Lin Leyang took out a plastic bag from his close-fitting pocket. The bag was wrapped with a photo. Ji Yan was holding Lin Leyang from behind, his lips were in his ear, his smile was warm and ambiguous. The two were also wearing a couple's outfit with the words "forever love" on their chests. They looked directly at the camera and shimmered.

Xiao Jiashu is still jealous, Lin Leyang turned the photo over and asked him to read the words on the back: [What will happen after ten years? 】

There is no doubt that this is the writing of Ji Ge, Xiao Jiashu will never admit his mistake. He subconsciously stepped back two steps, but his eyes were stuck to the photo, even if the eyelids were congested.

Lin Leyang approached two steps and continued. "It seems that you don't know, then I ask you to stay away from Ji Ge a little better? You are always pestering him and it will cause us a lot of trouble."

Xiao Jiashu opened his mouth and found that his throat was blocked so badly that he could not speak. He seemed to see something terrible, was forced to retreat by the photo, and then fell to the ground, his ears humming, as if something had split and broken into pieces.

Lin Leyang lifted him up and whispered. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to say it, but I can see that you fell in love with Ji Ge. For your good, you still give up as soon as possible." The coconut wraps up and quickly walks out of the jungle.

Xiao Jiashu sighed for a while before he recovered his hearing. He looked up at the sky and did not know when to drop two lines of tears. The tears were blown cold by the sea breeze, which made him very uncomfortable. He erased it with his sleeves. This was a sigh of consciousness: Did I fall in love with someone who should not love? If you have the feeling of drinking, if you love, you should try hard to fight. Are you fake? In the end, I was just a shameful third party, but I almost touched myself...

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