How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 91 Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Chapter 91

Xiao Jiashu had a very good stay at Ji's home, and Ji Ge would come back to eat every day after the filming. His cooking is great, but he only fries steak and scrambled eggs. He doesn't make Chinese food. It's no wonder that his food at home is full of identical steaks. The rain and snow weather finally passed. Three days later, Xiao Jiashu changed his sign to a flight back to China. When he left, he took a whole box of wool, all of which was a gift from the mother.

Ji Yan returned to the workaholic state, stayed on the set all day, and stopped running to his mother's house. He didn't love the Jiuji, but he didn't have Xiao Jiashu. He didn't know how to get along with her. Although some things have passed, the scars left are always there.

"You have a bad face recently, what happened?" Fang Kun looked at him worriedly.

"A little cold." The season licked the temple.

At this moment, the phone rang. He opened it and saw a letter from Xiao Jiashu. He also had a picture: a gray sheet was covered with a sweater full of holes, and the tag was not cut. It was home. The price is very expensive. Here is a line of words: Ji Ge, my mother asked me to sew a uniform like this sweater, it is almost obsessive! I really want to fill the hole in this dress!

Ji Yan couldn't help but replied immediately, then you can help her.

Xiao Jiashu made a few "smile and cry" expressions, and identified him, Ji Ge, you are not too big to watch the fun! Still my brother is good, let me woven a style of this, especially comfortable. Here is a picture of a sweater, pure gray, flat needles, and it looks very regular.

It took a while for the season to realize that the "my brother" he said was Xiao Dingbang, and suddenly slammed his forehead.

"Is the ticket back to buy?" He looked at Fang Kun.

"Buy it, go tomorrow. After a few days of rest, we have to shoot "Wild Adventurer". Is your body suffering?"

"Wild Adventurer" is a reality show of Guan Yu and Guanshi joint venture. The guests are divided into two groups to enter the wilderness. Through the competition, they get various clues and find maps, thus escape the birth, set entertainment, adventure and competition. One, very interesting and selling point. In order to start the first bomb, Ji Yan decided to personally participate in the program recording, the invited guests are also heavyweight, there are veteran superstars, there are also popular students or Hua Dan.

He flipped through the flow sheet sent by the assistant and confirmed, "Small tree also joined this program?"

Fang Kun took a while to understand that the little tree he said was Xiao Jiashu, and nodded quickly. "Yes. That kid heard that you will go, immediately find it, and also moved to the general. We originally planned to invite The person is another flow of niche, but compared to the popularity, he is not bad now. The microblogs you sent really helped him to stir up a wave of popularity, as well as his mother, a few photos of his childhood every few days. Make fans every day."

"What was his photo when he was a child?" Ji Wei rarely brushed the Weibo of an unfamiliar artist. When he heard this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and paid attention to Xue Yu, then turned the blog one by one. There are a lot of photos of Xiao Jiashu posted in it. When I was young, I wore open trousers, I was a little older, and I was dressed as a little girl wearing a fluffy princess dress.He clicked to save and smiled, and the exhaustion on his face had already been swept away.

Fang Kun glanced at him and had to remind him, "Lin Leyang is also a guest of the show. When you are afraid, you will have to meet every day." Why didn't you think that you would break up? Also in order to hold people to give such a good resource. It is necessary to know that Lin Leyang has only one piece of work that is not warm, and looks, character, and emotional intelligence are not out of the way. Popularity and other guests are completely incomparable. The audience will definitely feel that he is in violation.

However, he is a good artist in the studio, and the boss holds his own artist. He just said that he had to break up and had to put gold on Lin Leyang’s face. Fang Kun was unhappy.

Ji Yan does not seem to want to mention Lin Leyang, plainly, "It doesn't matter if you meet, but you can do business."


A week later, "Wild Adventurer" started shooting, and the program was wealthy. He took the guests to a tropical island for shooting. The island has not yet been developed and the scenery is pleasant, but there are also many dangers.

Xiao Jiashu jumped out of the helicopter and dug the ears that screamed and screamed, and this looked around. There were a total of ten guests in the program, and several of them were Xiao Jiashu's understanding: Ji Ge, Heng Ge, Lin Leyang, and several other names, but not familiar.

He hasn't seen Ji Ge for more than two months, and immediately wants to rush to hug him, but the host has spoken at this time. "Welcome all adventurers to our island. Now please The two captains came to pick their own team members."

Shi Tingheng and Ji Yu have the largest number of coffee, naturally the captains of the Red and Blue teams. In order to be fair, the two decided to draw the team members by lottery. Shi Tingheng’s luck was better and he took a long draw. Seeing his gaze searching in the crowd, all the guests took a step forward, but Xiao Jiashu narrowed his neck and hid behind a popular little boy, lest he was picked. He wants to be in a group with Ji Ge.

The season glanced at him with a deep smile on his lips.

Shi Tingheng said with a blank eye, "What do you hide from Xiao Jiashu, I am afraid that I will pick you up? Rest assured, I will leave you to Ji Wei." The two often interact in Weibo, and most of the entertainment circles know their relationship. Very iron.

Xiao Jiashu is not awkward at all, and his hands are combined. "Thank you for your high-handedness!"

Shi Tingheng was crying and laughing. "You give me a flash, I choose Nancy." A handsome male artist jumped up and clashed with him.

When it was the turn of the season, although it was not obvious to everyone, the eyes were burning a bit. Ji Wei is not like Shi Tingheng, he only focuses on filming, and he is an artist and a business. He also has resources in Hollywood. It is good to have a relationship with him. Didn't Xiao Jia both want to turn around him?

Xiao Jiashu, who was hiding behind, immediately squeezed to the forefront and stared at Ji Ge. Ji Yan did not look at him, his eyes circling back and forth in a few people. Xiao Jiashu rushed, rubbed it twice, raised his hand, and shouted in his heart. "Jie Ge chose me, choose me, I am here." Where did Ji Yan’s eyes move, where did he stand and get? Everyone is crying and laughing.

Ji Yan only looked at him, but helplessly, "Small tree, come over.""Yeah!" Xiao Jiashu excitedly yelled with his fist, then ran forward and warmly embraced Ji Ge, and whispered in his ear. "Jie Ge, I miss you." Since the last time in the United States, they already have two I haven't seen each other for many months. Although I often use WeChat to contact, I can't compare with the real person.

He has been devoid of anything lately. He learned that Ji Ge was going to shoot this variety show and immediately went to get resources.

Ji Yan tried to hug him and messed up his hair. The phrase "I miss you" stuck in the throat and could not be said.

Lin Leyang stood in the distance and looked at them, trying to warn himself not to cry out in front of the camera. He stood in front of the station, hoping that the next person selected by Ji Ge would be himself, but he knew that hope was not big. Ji Ge usually refused to pick up his phone, and the split was so thorough, how could he approach him actively?

Sure enough, Ji Yan did not choose him, but fortunately, the other guests were more popular and okay than him, so he was chosen early and left him to the last one. He didn't feel embarrassed at all, but he was grateful.

Ji Yan reached out to the lonely Lin Leyang with a natural tone. "Welcome to my last team member."

Lin Leyang immediately stepped forward and clap with him, his smile was very bright. Great, he once again touched the real Ji Ge.

Xiao Jiashu didn't realize the dark tide of the two people at all. While he was silly and helped the season to unload the heavy backpack, he was curious. "What do you bring with Ji Ge?"

The host opened the scene with great enthusiasm. "Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you an unfortunate news. Except for the clothes on your body, you can only pick three kinds of luggage and bring them out. The program group should check it. Right, the mobile phone. Can't bring it, you have to pay it."

"Can you only take three? You are too cruel!" A popular little man screamed.

"Yes, you can only bring three, you can choose it quickly." The host said coldly.

Everyone couldn't, but had to pour out the things in the backpack.

Xiao Jiashu like a puppy is squatting at the foot of the season, pointing to the suitcase he opened. "You can help me pick me up, you said that I will take you with you."

Ji Yan smiled at him and waved. "You don't choose first. Let me see what you have brought."

"Well." Everyone has no objection and quickly put the baggage together.

Ji Yan picked out a dagger, a lighter, a bundle of ropes, a kettle, a small pan... a total of fifteen things, all very practical tools, the rest left. The only female member of the group, Huang Yingxue, said with a sad face. "Mr. Ji, can you help me with a set of cosmetics? My skin is thin and I can't use sunscreen."

She is known for her beauty in the entertainment industry. Although there is no decent work, the popularity is still very high. Usually, when I look at the show and walk the red carpet, I can hide a group of powders. This is her first time to participate in a reality show, and the audience is very much looking forward to her performance.

Ji Yan also did not want to carry a reputation of "not pity and cherish the jade". Fourteen tools have been used, and the extra dagger was replaced by a set of cosmetics.Huang Yingxue smiled at him with a smile, and the face stained with the sun seemed very beautiful. Xiao Jiashu somehow thought that this smile was a bit dazzling. He put the three tools that Ji Ge had picked for himself into the bag and snorted in a low voice. What is the use of cosmetics? You will know when you are hungry!

Ji Yan suddenly looked down at him, his eyes full of surprise. This kid is full of sour taste, it will not be jealous, right? Does he have this rib?

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