How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 90 Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Chapter 90

This is the anti-theft chapter

Some people may need the comfort of their loved ones, lover, and friends when they are in trouble. This will make them full of power, but Lin Leyang is just the opposite. The more embarrassing the moment, the more he wants to face it alone, because only then will it not Make yourself look even more wolf.

He apologized to Shi Tingheng again, and then chatted without any words, for fear that Ji Yan really came to comfort himself. Ji Yan has already recovered from the footsteps of going out, and his expression is slightly helpless. At this time, Xiao Jiashu squeezed to his side, picked up his toes and looked at the shooting venue. Quietly, Mi Mimi asked, "What happened just now, who eats NG?"

After spending a week in the studio, Xiao Jiashu found that he was still not interested in the performance, but he loved watching the scene of others eating NG. There are various reasons for the actor to eat NG. The expressions behind NG are varied, and the director's embarrassment is endless and imposing. It forms an extremely vivid and interesting picture, which makes him look tired. He also wondered if he would take these scenes off and make a video, and then slowly appreciate it.

Seeing that Ji Ji didn't take care of himself, he said to himself, "It must be Lin Leyang. He is not a classmate like me, and he has no foundation."

Ji Yan still did not answer, but his brow looked at the opposite side.

The third article began to shoot. After the game was just finished, Lin Leyang and Shi Tingheng, who were ready, hid each other's collars and hid in the stairwell. This time the position was very successful, both of them entered the shooting range of the camera, and the expressions and movements were in place. Lin Leyang pulled off Shi Tingheng's mask and said the line that "it's really you". Shi Tingheng's mouth was slightly open, and he seemed to talk, but he immediately lived and pushed Lin Leyang into a darker corner, only because of the messy footsteps coming from outside. It is the overall police who searched the building in this building.

Of course, this "fluent footsteps" is completely absent when shooting, and it depends on the duoist post-production. Therefore, at this time, although the two people have listened to each other, they have to rely on imagination to get themselves into a state of tension.

Shi Tingheng had a good grasp of the rhythm. Lin Leyang was slowed down until he was pushed into the corner by Shi Tingheng. He did not seem to be hiding from the hunt. Instead, he was like a girl who was insulted but frightened. In the script, the two listened to the footsteps at the same time, while pulling each other into the darkness, this is the tacit understanding between He Jin and Shi Yu from small to large.

As the shooting continued to deepen, Luo Zhangwei gradually became more severe, and even some nitpicking. Seeing here, he decisively shouted "Cut" and picked up the big horn and said, "Lin Leyang, it is you! How did I tell you before? Here is the police station, and the overall police are arresting him. You just got him into the stairwell, you think it's your portable space, others can't see it? You have to be nervous, alert, and subject to intense psychological struggles! Your expression is stretched anytime, anywhere. Don't relax! Imagine everyone in this building who is catching you, imagine, OK?""I'm sorry for the director!" Lin Leyang's cheeks rose red and looked awkward. After the smooth passage, he felt relieved and brought it out on the face, so he did not grasp the rhythm. In the end, I was disappointed with Ji Ge.

"The next one must pay attention to substituting yourself into the scene! You should rest for a while, adjust the adjustment state." After all, it is a newcomer, lack of experience, Luo Zhangwei did not get too embarrassed.

Lin Leyang immediately walked out of the shooting venue, but did not go to the season, but chatted with the agent Chen Pengxin.

"Don't be nervous, you are not without acting, just haven't entered the state yet, drink some hot drinks to relax." Chen Pengxin gave him a cup of coffee, and finally pressed the low volume. "The season is always opposite, let's say hello to him."

"No, the performance is so bad, I have a face to say hello to him. Wait until this one has been filmed." Lin Leyang immediately deducted.

"The more you like this, the more you want to say hello to him. You can ask him questions about filming. Once the topic is brought up, the relationship is close. You are his artist, and he will take care of you more or less." Passionate about climbing big coffee, repeatedly urged to send small past.

Lin Leyang did not agree with his death and death. The two men were pulling. Luo Zhangwei had picked up the big horn. "The next one is ready..." It is said that the newcomer can adjust the state. In fact, only three minutes have passed. He is such a hot-selling director.

Lin Leyang was shocked and quickly opened Chen Pengxin and ran back to Shi Tingheng. Ji Yan's eyes always condensed on him, but his footsteps did not move, and Xiao Jiashu standing next to him secretly took out his mobile phone and prepared to shoot the next opponent. He has a hunch that Lin Leyang will also eat NG.

Sure enough, Lin Leyang’s position, expression, movement, and rhythm were well grasped, but new problems appeared again. When he pulled off Shi Tingheng’s mask, his collar was too tight, causing Shi Tingheng to be depressed. With the head fit, only Lin Leyang’s face appeared in the lens, and Shi Tingheng had only a black lacquered hair top.

If Lin Leyang is a real newcomer, without any previous shooting experience, the director must think that he is deliberately robbing. Do you have your own face but hold the male number one?

"Cut, cut, cut! This remake!" Luo Zhangwei raised a big horn, blushing neck and thickly shouted, "Lin Leyang, you eat toast, right? Are you going to smash Shi Tingheng's head! You Look at his neck!"

Lin Leyang did not bring himself into the scene before, but this time it was too hard, and looked at Shi Tingheng's neckline, and there was a red mark. He was both embarrassed and frightened, and quickly apologized to the other side. Fortunately, Shi Tingheng’s temper was not a concern.

Looking at Lin Leyang hiding into the corner and confessing, Ji Yan's eyebrows wrinkled more and more tightly.

“Would you like to see it in the past?” Fang Kun asked with a low voice. After all, Lin Leyang is the signing artist of Guanxi Studio. As a boss, Ji Yan is so good that he cares a few words in the past.

"No, I used to be worse in my past. Let him adjust it." Ji Yan shook his head.Xiao Jiashu, standing next to the two men, stared at the phone with concentration, then covered his mouth and bent his eyes into a crescent. Oops, Lin Leyang’s expression of eating NG is particularly exciting. Other actors are old oils, and they have experienced many things. After eating NG, they either smiled generously, or waved their hands to apologize, or they didn't care. Only Lin Leyang's cheeks, neck and ears were all red, and the expression was embarrassing and embarrassing. Layered.

Xiao Jiashu likes his type most, and has repeatedly watched the video many times. Hearing the director shouted "Everyone", he quickly lifted his mobile phone to prepare for a more fascinating picture, but did not find that Ji Yan looked at himself deeply, and the light was a bit cold.

This time I still have NG! Seeing Lin Leyang's footsteps and his eyes floating, Xiao Jiashu silently predicted.

Then he was really said by him. Lin Leyang’s self-confidence has been exhausted in NG. He entered the battlefield and fought in battle. The tense state was in line with the plot, and the performance turned out to be very good. After photographing the two people hiding in the corner to hide the atmosphere, Shi Tingheng muttered whispered. "Whether you believe it or not, I have not betrayed the police." The words fell off Lin Leyang's restraint and ran downstairs.

At this time, Lin Leyang must catch up, pull the collar of Shi Tingheng from behind, Shi Tingheng backhand, and the two hit in the narrow corridor. Seeing that colleagues are about to search this floor, Lin Leyang finally chose to believe in friends, take off the police uniform and let him put it on, knocking himself down, and dumping it in the garbage bin.

The martial arts part of this play is not difficult. Both of them have also worked together many times. However, because of the injury to Shi Tingheng, Lin Leyang did not dare to put down his hand this time. When fighting, it is inevitable that he would shrink his hands and feet, like an old lady. Luo Zhangwei raised his hand and raised a big horn in one hand. "Cut! Lin Leyang, you didn't have enough food today? Do you want to order a few boxes of rice for you?"

Lin Leyang stood in vain, his cheeks pale and his face horrified, like a lost child. He looked at the people around him and looked at Ji Yan again. His eyes slowly burst into tears, but he slammed back.

Can't cry, stick to it! Ji Ge is watching it! He trusts you so much, don't humiliate him! Thinking this way, Lin Leyang gradually calmed down. He apologized to everyone again, then found a quiet corner and closed his eyes to brew emotions.

Ji Yan’s footsteps were slightly moved, but it did not pass.

Xiao Jiashu looked at the video just taken, and he was happy. He is relatively nervous, and he was greatly grown up by Lin and his father. He didn't feel how embarrassed to eat NG. After all, if you have a thick face, you still have to practice. If you have a long time, you will get used to it. When Lin Leyang returned to the shooting venue, he silently lifted his phone and was ready to wait for the next NG.

But what is surprising is that Lin Leyang performed very well. When he entered the shooting area, he grabbed Shi Tingheng and pulled him to the stairwell. The two had a short dispute and fight. Finally, Lin Leyang chose to let go of his friends and stun. Yourself. He looked at the back of his friend's hastily escaping, the light in the half-closed eyes was extinguished, the suspicion and the emotions he wanted to trust were intertwined, and finally turned into relief. In any case, he can't watch his friends step into the road.The lighting engineer moved slowly, and the shadows shrouded him. Only one garbage bin was piled up in the corner, waiting for the police to discover. This scene is over...

Fang Kun leaned on the door of the dressing room and smiled. "I said how I can't find Xiao Xiao's young master. It turned out to be a pick-up girl. He seems to be watching Li Jiaer, and he is going straight to the crowd. He is like that, for a long time. I can't even say a word."

Fang Kun seems to like to appreciate Xiao Jiashu's embarrassment, and I can't wait to grab a handful of melon seeds and watch it slowly.

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