How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 89 Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Chapter 89

After killing the stick of the cold gun, Xiao Jiashu slid out of the game with satisfaction. He recorded the duel and sent it to Weibo, "Don't bow, the little crown will fall." It is worthy of saying: This is the person I admire most. What is the best, at school is a college tyrant, The workplace is a big bss, it is a big fight in the game, the world can no longer find someone better than him! #抱大腿#

After he sent it, he only remembered: lying in the trough, Ji Ge seems to pay attention to this trumpet, will not drop the vest? When he thought of it, he looked up and sneaked a glimpse of Ji Ge, but he saw him take out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and said, "I went to the bathroom to smoke cigarettes."

Xiao Jiashu nodded red, and wanted to delete Weibo and reluctantly. He had to comfort himself with a man who was so busy. He should not look at this little trumpet, but he would not be able to delete it in a few days. Show off the mood of idols.

He did a bit of processing of the video, blurring his title to "Ji Ge", so the netizen only heard him shouting brother, but could not hear what the previous word was. The vast number of netizens immediately translated the language used in the video and then worshipped the two.

"The trough, the blogger's big brother is going to heaven! The last language is absolutely gone, laughing and crying! Hahahaha..."

"It is estimated that the stick is also Mongolian. I am thinking about what the language is. Which country is hit by a shot. The blogger's big brother IQ ax, emotional intelligence ax, force value ax, and finally the gun action is not too handsome !"

"In fact, bloggers are also very powerful. They also know the language of several countries. Sure enough, good people are always with good people."

"Yao Guowei, my red shirt army has added two players to fierce!"

"Please give me a dozen gold thighs, thank you!"

Seeing the comments in the comments are all praises of Ji Ge, worshiping Ji Ge's message, Xiao Jiashu is not proud of it. He poked it one word at a time. "This golden thigh can only be held by me alone, not for you!"

Seeing this reply was quickly engulfed by netizens who hated and hated, Xiao Jiashu laughed and trembled. He rolled his quilt for two laps, but he still couldn't suppress his full pride, so he sent a microblog that was headless: the strongest idol of the universe.

Some netizens questioned that he still remembered the season god on the shore of Daming Lake. He blushed red. In the end, he did not dare to reply that the two were actually the same person.

The sound recorded through the headset is very distorted. No netizens recognize their identity, so the video only fires in the game circle, and it doesn't spread all over the net.

When Xiao Jiashu sneaked off his idol, Ji Yan sat on the toilet and sneaked. He shook his head and smiled and spit out the smoke, full of unspeakable softness. Xiao Jiashu is a kid who grew up eating. He is twenty years old and still like a child...

After smoking a cigarette, he wiped his face, so as not to let the residual smile make Xiao Jiashu see the clue. When he just opened the door, he listened to Xiao Jiashu and said, "Jie Ge, Lin Leyang really fights, he actually wants to play "love." "Run to the mental hospital to experience life."

"Yes." Ji Yan's tone is dull.

"Look, he just sent Weibo." Xiao Jiashu raised his mobile phone.Ji Yan glanced at it and there was no fluctuation in his heart. He has always been a simple person. If he splits his hand, he will never break the wire. The reason why he did not take Guan Linle is to avoid public speculation.

Xiao Jiashu still lamented, "If I can get the male number one of the "Lovers", I will also go to the mental hospital to experience life."

The expression of the indifferent season disappeared instantly and seriously. "Small tree, I want to talk to you about this thing. I think the way you perform is very problematic."

Eh? Ji Ge finally stopped calling me "Xiao Jiashu, Xiao Jiashu". He called me a small tree... Does this mean that the relationship between us has grown from an acquaintance to a good friend? Xiao Jiashu tried to stretch his face, but his heart was already floating on the sky.

Ji Yan: "..." wants to be angry, but can't get angry.

"Are you listening to me?" He had to face up.

"Yes!" Xiao Jiashu immediately sat straight, and entered the "smart" mode for one second.

Ji Yan: "...Do you know how dangerous your performance is? Fortunately, your role is 001. If you are a lover, do you want to make yourself schizophrenic?"

Xiao Jiashu thought for a moment and nodded. "Maybe." If you don't know what schizophrenia is, how can he perform this role?

The quarter brows wrinkled and sighed. "If you really confuse yourself, no one can save you. You are likely to be lost in the illusory world, and you will never be able to walk out in your life. In the film world." Is there such an example?"

Xiao Jiashu interrupted his endless words. "As long as Ji Ge is by my side, I will not be lost."

The season is hoarse, and the lips are open and closed for a long time. "If I am not there?"

"How come you are not? You can't go to the horizon." Xiao Jiashu said of course. His only two films are in collaboration with Ji Ge. He taught him what acting, guiding him out of the shadow of the character. He is always so steady and reliable, like his spiritual pillar, and like his guiding light.

As long as he still lives on the earth, Xiao Jiashu can see and hear, Xiao Jiashu can not be jealous, not lost, nor fear. He trusts that Ji Gebi trusts himself more.

Ji Yan has been completely speechless. He can really feel the voice of Xiao Jiashu, so he will be more helpless and more moving. Does Xiao Jiashu clearly understand what he is talking about? If you change someone, Ji Yan will definitely think that the other person is deeply in love with himself, but Xiao Jiashu is not, his mind is too simple, trust is trust, no reason.

He had no way to take Xiao Jiashu, he could only lick his head and shouted. "I suggest that you carefully focus on the role. If you have any questions, you can come to me at any time. As you said, I can't go to the horizon. Go, you can always find me when you need it. But I still have to say that there are many ills in the way the performance style is performed. You can try to integrate some of the advantages of the expression to form a new way of performing. Your career path has just begun, there is still a lot to learn."

When it comes to learning, Xiao Jiashu is not so contradictory. He nodded. "Good season brother, I will read more books on acting skills and will not let myself stand still."Ji Yan looked at him helplessly for a while, and said, "Go, go back to sleep, it's more than three o'clock."

Xiao Jiashu moved his ass and pleased him. "Jie Ge, or I will stay with you to sleep, Zhou Liangliang will definitely sleep in this moment, I will not wake him up when I go back? This is not good." His treatment is normal. Like the actor, I live in the same room as the assistant, and there is no single room.

Ji Yan stared at him, and the light was dark.

He raised his face, opened his mouth, blinked his eyes, and wrote four bright characters on his forehead - well-behaved, sleep!

The quarterly support is low. This dog skin plaster can't be pulled up, right?

"To brush your teeth, wash your face, wash your feet." Eventually he still compromised.

Xiao Jiashu looked at the old man, quickly took care of himself, climbed into the bed, and carefully lay down beside Ji Ge. He opened the quilt and smelled it. He wanted to identify the taste of Ji Ge's shower gel, and he sniffed the sniffing pillow and wondered what brand of shampoo he used. He peeked at Ji Ge, but he did not dare to let him know.

It turns out that chasing stars is such a feeling... He pretends that he is already asleep, his brain is snarling, and the emotions of excitement and satisfaction sway back and forth, making his body flutter. He rolled over and continued to think: I don't know if Ji Ge will grind his teeth after he falls asleep, will he fight, and will not kick the quilt. Well, if he kicks the quilt, I will definitely cover him quietly...

Ji Yan: "..." Little play, go to sleep.

The two lay back to back for ten minutes, one thought that the other party had fallen asleep, and one pretended to be asleep.

Xiao Jiashu sneaked up and approached Ji Ji a little bit. The nervous emotions occupied his mind and made him breathless.

The seasons are not moving, but the mood is very complicated. This kid should not want to steal himself?

Xiao Jiashu finally moved to Ji Ge, and carefully put his forehead on his shoulder, gently rubbed it, and silently said in his heart: Ji Ge, it is good to have you, thank you. Within thirty seconds, he fell asleep and his nose snorted.

After a few more minutes, Ji Yan opened his eyes and looked at his black lacquered head with a grin. How could he think that Xiao Jiashu wants to steal himself? This kid is completely a single-celled animal. I can't think of that. I am helpless, I want to laugh, I am finished, I can’t sleep...

After a sleepless night, Ji Jin got up early in the morning to help Xiao Jiashu change the ticket. However, the snow is too big. Recently, several flights have been suspended. He is not worried about throwing him alone in the hotel and has to take him elsewhere.

"Where are we going?" asked Xiao Jiashu after he tied his seat belt.

"Go to my mother's house, not far away, just an hour to drive. You should live with her first and live a family life these days."

"Hey, Ji Ge, why don't you take the aunt back to China? Let her live alone in the United States, do you feel relieved?" Xiao Jiashu asked casually.

Ji Yan subconsciously pressed the horn and seemed reluctant to raise this topic.

Xiao Jiashu was very sensitive to his emotions and immediately closed his mouth and did not speak. It seems that Ji Ge and his mother have contradictions. Oh, no, if there is a contradiction, I will not send myself over. I am his friend after all. That is to have a heart.Although he reached this conclusion, he had no desire to ask questions at all. He likes Ji Ge and wants to know him in depth, but that is just something external, with a bottom line and principles, and does not include spying on his privacy.

The mood of seasonal fluctuations quickly eased. He glanced at Xiao Jiashu deeply. In the end, he did not hold back and slammed his head.

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