How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 87 Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Chapter 87

Ji Yan had been filming until three or four in the afternoon before finishing work. After finishing, he discussed with Stephen how to edit. Hollywood implements the “producer system”, which means that the producers will take all the work except shooting, such as investment, casting, editing, publicity, distribution, etc. They have absolute right to speak on the set. The director is just their assistant.

Stephen pointed to the screen and said, "Quiet, I can't interfere with your decision, but please keep these shots. You can see Xiao's acting. How cold and cool he is in the early stage, but After the scene of 'Emotional Awakening', his body movements and eyes have changed slightly. His eyes began to follow you. Where are you, he looks where he is. Once he meets danger, he will immediately go forward. A few steps are in front of you, even if the main target of the camera is not you. Look at the scene of the explosion, at the moment the explosion sounds, everyone shows a frightened expression, only he takes two steps to take you Pulled behind him. He did it emotionally and naturally, he took every detail into consideration, and there was no flaw at all."

Ji Yan stared at Xiao Jiashu on the screen and promised, "I won't cut down his play, don't worry." The voice just fell, the phone ringing, he glanced at the caller ID, and then quickly connected, "Hey, I am the season."

"Ji, I am the assistant of Zhou Erliang, who is the second assistant. Do you have time now? Can you come to the airport?" said the anxiously.

"What happened?" Ji Yan hurried out while wearing a jacket.

"Because of the rain and snow, our flight was postponed for more than three hours. The second is very uneasy now. I am using my head against the wall. He said that he is dead..." Zhou Liangliang said with a smile. "I was him every ten minutes." I urged to go to the service desk to confirm the departure time. The staff at the service desk were bothered and anxious. I can call you at the end of the season. You can listen to you if you are less, and you should persuade him."

"You wait, I will come right away." When he said this, Ji Wei was already in the car. He rushed to the airport at the fastest speed, but he saw Xiao Jiashu lying on his back on a single sofa, his expression was dull, his eyes were not turning, and he really "crashed."

"Overtime, I originally planned to arrive home tomorrow, time out." He whispered in pain. After the filming, he was ready to return to normal life, but he really couldn't do it. Once something happened that broke his original plan, he would immediately be anxious.

Ji Yanfu sighed, and finally came to him, "Xiao Jiashu, don't wait, come back to the hotel with me."

Xiao Jiashu turned to look at him, his expression was a bit slow.

"I am not your authority owner?" Ji Wei whispered around him.

"Yes." Xiao Jiashu nodded hesitantly. "But now the film is finished."

"Do you know that the film is finished? What are you doing now? You don't have to follow the schedule strictly. You are Xiao Jiashu, not 001." Ji Yan pulled him up and said, "Let's go, don't wait." There was a cold air hitting the west coast of the United States, and the cold air took off before it could take off.""How long does it take for the cold air to pass?" Xiao Jiashu passively followed him.

"Two days, three days, four days...anyway, anyway, the airline will inform you." Ji Yan took the person back to the hotel and found that the other party was still very upset, and said, "Go to me for a while, Let's chat."

"Come," he handed over a glass of whiskey. "Drink the wine and let your nerves relax. Your current state is very wrong. You have lived a regular life for too long. You are used to this rhythm. Once the rhythm is disrupted. You will be at a loss. What you have to do now is not to think about it, but to empty yourself."

Xiao Jiashu certainly understands where his problems are. He also wanted to relieve the anxiety in his heart, so he took the glass and drank it.

"How much is your drink?" Ji Yan stared at his cheeks that were getting red.

"Three cups down." Xiao Jiashu extended three fingers.

"Then there is another cup." Ji Yan poured him another glass of wine.

Xiao Jiashu drank a light, a thin layer of water mist flowing in his eyelids, making his clear eyes look beautiful. His mind was a little wood, and the reaction became dull. The anxiety of the aircraft delay was much reduced.

Ji Yan saw that alcohol had taken effect, and my heart could not help but sigh. He tried to divert his attention. "How long have you been in contact with your family?"

Xiao Jiashu’s hand counted, “One day, two days, three days... it seems to be a long time.”

"Then call them right away."

"Oh." Xiao Jiashu took out the phone and dialed two numbers and stopped. "No, I can't play."


"I drank alcohol, my mom would marry me."

Ji Yan: "...then send a text message."

Xiao Jiashu ordered an action, and after reading a text message, he looked at Ji Wei in an obsessive manner, as if waiting for the next "program." Ji Shantou is as big as a bucket, and he is worthy of the road. "You have sent a few Weibos to interact with the fans. You should haven’t appeared on social software for a long time?"

“What's the content?” Xiao Jiashu leaned his head, his expression a little bit, and a little cute.

Ji Yan couldn't help but said that he took his mobile phone and said, "Send a few photos. Can your photo album show me?"

"Of course." Xiao Jiashu climbed to Ji Yan and put his dizzy head on his shoulder. The long fingertips opened the photo album, and he was very clever. "Jie Ge, my photo album will show you."

Ji Yan’s head was hiding, and his head was coming back, like a sticky koala. Ji Yan couldn't, but had to look at the hot air that he was constantly spraying on his face. "Send a few photos before and after weight loss, fans should like it."

"Well," Xiao Jiashu rubbed his forehead with his forehead and shouted. "I said that I am not fat, I am just fluffy."

"Well, you are not fat." Ji Yan's ears were slightly hot, dumb, "I will help you edit the picture, how about choosing these two?" He clipped the two photos together and sent them out.

When I saw the four packs of the saplings, the fans immediately screamed and rushed to blame him for missing for two months.

Ji Yan puts the screen on Xiao Jiashu. "Look, it's done. You will remember to explain to them tomorrow what you have been doing for the past two months."Xiao Jiashu nodded, and the chin smashed the shoulders of Ji Jiyu. A scent of wine mixed with a burning scent, and the cockroaches flashed. He wanted to open the man and not go to the hand. He had no words to read. "You performed very well this time, especially in the scene of 'Awakening', how can you think of not blinking?"

"Lin Leyang taught me," Xiao Jiashu looked at Ji Ge, and his lips were naturally close to his cheek. "He made me understand that superb acting requires not only the rendering of emotions, but also the movement of enough physical movements. The limbs are not just about our limbs, but also any part of our body, such as the eyeballs, eyebrows, nose, lips, ears... There are 43 muscles on the face, which can be combined into tens of thousands of expressions. I have to learn a lot. ""

His chin finally left Jiu's shoulder and pointed to his own eyes. "Jie Ge, I am studying how to talk with tears recently, you see."

He covered his face with his hand, and put down a tear in his eyelids. The tears came back and turned, but they didn't fall for a long time. There are countless words to say and I don't know where to open. After blindfolding again, he introduced, "This is a mourning, and I will show you a heart."

He put his hand down and his tears finally fell, but his brows had been loosened, and even a smile was on his lips, but you could see despair and give up everything from his eyes. This expression is so apt to describe it as "heart as a gray".

Ji Yan decided to look at him, then shook his head. He can imagine that behind each expressive expression, Xiao Jiashu must have experienced hard practice. He will sit in front of the mirror for several hours in a row, trying to mobilize every muscle on his face to combine different expressions. The reason why he can have the current acting is not only talent, but also a hundred times of effort.

Others only saw his fascinating family history and scenery, but could not see his contribution.

This child can really hurt people... Ji Yan wanted to wipe the tears on his face with his fingertips, but suddenly changed his mind and took out his mobile phone and said, "Keep it alive, I will take a few photos for you. "The appearance of Xiao Jiashu's serious acting performance is a bit cute, he wants to keep it."

Xiao Jiashu squatted and did not move, but also raised his face a little higher, which is convenient for Ji Ge shooting.

Ji Yan pinched his jaw and helped him adjust the angle, but the ghost reminded me of the photo of the "high tide face", and his heart suddenly jumped. Fortunately, his expression management was quite in place, and there was no clue. So Xiao Jiashu changed back to the "mourning" expression and continued to shoot, and then let him make a few weird movements, which made the feeling of the heart dissipate.

He took a photo and looked at it, and matched it with a text to make an expression pack.

Xiao Jiashu once again put his chin on the shoulders of Ji Ji, and slowly spit on the heat. "French mourning, what a ghost?" As he said, he turned his head and the full lips were only one centimeter away from the face of Ji Yan.

"This is an expression pack. French mourning is more advanced than mourning. Don't you think?" Ji Yan sounded dumbly to tease him, but his body was stiffer than stone."Oh, it turned out to be like this." Xiao Jiashu used his head to arch his shoulder, and his bones looked like a puppy.

Ji Yan really can't stand it, come up with an ipad, "I do emoticons, you play for a while."

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu did not like the words, immediately took over the ipad, took off his shoes and climbed into the bed of Ji Yan, licking his butt to see the web.

Ji Yan quickly looked at his pretty buttocks, and the temples pumped a pain. Bringing Xiao Jiashu back to the room is a mistake. It is a bigger mistake to drunk him. He doesn't know what he thinks.

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