How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 86 Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Chapter 86

This is the anti-theft chapter. Lin Leyang is boasted that his face is red, and the little must have disappeared. He nodded hard and carefully thought about it. "Jie Ge, I will definitely work hard, and I will never lose face."

"Well, don't put too much pressure on yourself." Ji Yan smiled and licked his head, and then took out a contract. "I am going to sign you. What are the terms to change?"

"Who is the one who signed it, I signed it directly, and I still read it." Lin Leyang picked up the signature pen and turned it to the last page, but it was stopped by Ji Yan.

The two are talking, Fang Kun is coming in with a cigarette. "Jie Ge, are you looking for me?" While he said, he smothered the smoke in the ashtray and smirked. "Hey, is Leyang also?" I heard that you went to the "Apostles" crew to audition? What happened?" However, I don't have to ask him to know that there is a season, Lin Leyang can get his satisfactory role no matter how bad his acting skills are.

Lin Leyang smiled a lot, and he said, "Kun brother is good, I got a male three role." In fact, he prefers male four. Although the character hangs early, he is a brother and brother in the play. Many opponents play.

"Thank you, congratulations, the character setting of the three men is very suitable for you." Fang Kun sat on the sofa on the other side, eyes tweeted from time to time, and found a Class A contract on it, can not help but reveal "sure enough" Expression.

Ji Yan and other two people sneaked into the road, "Akun, I will trouble you with a belt in the future."

"What do you mean? Let me be his agent?" Fang Kun instantly straightened his body. If he gave him the right to choose, he would never go to Lin Leyang. This person has a soft root, no responsibility, no idea, but a high degree of self-respect. He always thinks that others are looking down on himself, so don't be too nervous, and sensitive. If you don't say a word, you will change your face. Taking him is more tired than taking a group of trainees! But now the season is open, he has to agree to it anyway.

Similarly, Lin Leyang is also full of resistance. He did not like Fang Kun to look at his own eyes, to examine, doubt, guard, or even contempt. I don't think he knows that this person must look down on himself and think that he is not worthy of being with the season. In the future, Fang Kun will get along with Fang Kun. It feels like suffocating him in the cover.

Of course, he can overcome these problems. However, he had to say goodbye to Chen Pengxin before the audition. If he became an artist, he would definitely ask him to be a broker. Chen Pengxin and his high school classmates were very difficult. So they came to Kyoto to meet each other. At the beginning, they didn't even live in the same place. They were also crowded in the same bridge hole, warming each other, encouraging each other, and supporting each other. In the end, I have everything today. Chen Peng's new communicative ability is very good, he always earns more than him, so he often helps him. If there is no persuasion from the other side, he will not retake the textbook and go to college.

It is no exaggeration to say that in this world, the biggest person who helped Lin Leyang is none other than Chen Pengxin. Even after the season, they have to rely on them. After all, they are friends who grew up together. Now Chen Pengxin is also working in Guanshi, but due to his short entry time and shallow qualifications, he can only play tricks and do not know when he will be in the first place.Ji Ge gave himself a chance, then Lin Leyang also wants to give friends a chance. He hesitated for a moment and then firmly said, "Jie Ge, can you let me choose a broker?"

Fang Kun's straight body slowly relaxed. He knows that Ji Wei is very fond of this kid, but when the kid asks for it, Ji Ji can promise.

Sure enough, Ji Qilian did not even think about it, "Who do you want to choose? Call me to see."

"Good season brother, you wait, I will call him right away. His name is Chen Pengxin. I am a small one. We have been playing together since childhood." Lin Leyang was overjoyed and quickly pulled out his mobile phone to contact friends and know each other. I was buying coffee from my colleagues outside, and rushing him back.

"Jie Ge, have you promised me?" Lin Leyang confirmed after hanging up the phone.

"As long as your friends have good abilities and good character, I will promise you." Ji Yan turned on the computer and called up a brokerage contract. He said, "But friends are friends, business is official, you have to sign with him." A formal contract that clarifies the rights and obligations of both parties."

"Of course." Lin Leyang is eager to ensure that "Zi Ge, Chen Pengxin is very capable and his conduct is correct. I grew up with him since I was a child. I know best. I was able to enter the Guanshi internship or he helped me introduce it. He is very powerful, but there is no chance. We will definitely work hard in the future..."

Fang Kun interrupted his incessant, "Have you told him about your relationship with Ji Ge?"

"No, absolutely no! I will not harm Ji Ge!" Lin Leyang quickly denied.

Fang Kunzheng said, "You have been an assistant to Ji Ge, and you are not strange to the entertainment industry. You should know that there are eyes everywhere in this circle. Your relationship with Ji Ge must be kept secret and cannot be known to anyone."

"Of course, do you want me to swear?" Lin Leyang raised a hand, but was gently held by Ji Ji, "No, I believe you. Le Yang, I am going to have a shadow, and the impact of the cabinet will affect me." Not big, but you have a long way to go, I can't ruin your future. Conceal your existence is not for self-protection, but for love. Can you believe me?"

Lin Leyang clasped his hand tightly and decided, "I believe in you." How could he not believe in Ji Ji? He knows Ji Yu very well. He is generous and open-minded and willing to help people who need help. He has never been to the word "selfishness".

Ji Yan seems to be very happy, leaning over and kissing the little boyfriend's cheek, sighed, "Le Yang, I am lucky to meet you."

Lin Leyang shyly blushes, can not help but smile silly, my heart silently answered: I am lucky to meet you!

The two sprinkled the dog food for a while, and Ji Yan suddenly teased. "If I have to officially come out one day, are you afraid of it?"

Lin Leyang didn't want to shake his head. "Not afraid!" You have to hide, I will stand behind you silently; if you want to be open, I will bravely stand in front of you, as long as we can be safe and secure together.

Ji Yan smiled more cheerfully, and put his little boyfriend into his arms and hugged him.Fang Kun was shot dead by the cold dog food, Shen Sheng said, "I will tell you first, you can't make too intimate moves under the public. If you have your anecdote, Ji Ge Nothing, the worst is Lin Leyang, the quilt is light, and it is more likely to quit the entertainment circle forever. Hey, I heard you heard?"

Lin Leyang finally broke free from Ji Ji’s arms and nodded blushing. “I heard it, I will keep my distance.”


Three days later, "Apostles" officially started, Xiao Jiashu came to the studio with a broker and an assistant to attend the launching ceremony. After finishing the fragrance, the director invited everyone to eat together and get to know each other.

When I saw Xiao Jiashu’s agent and assistant, Fang Kun’s eyes blew out. He said to Ji Yan’s ear, “What exactly is Xiao Jiashu’s head, even Huang’s double swordsman can come?”

Huang’s double-swordsman refers to Huang Meixuan and Huang Zijin. The two brothers and sisters are the gold medal brokers of Guanshi Entertainment. One is known as the master of star-making, specializing in artist-like classes, acting classes, dance classes, etc., although the fees are expensive. Outrageous, but the effect is surprisingly good, in the circle can be said that everyone is rushing. There are at least a dozen superstars in their hands, and their qualifications are very strong. A few days ago, Fang Kun also heard that the two men intend to follow the example of Su Rui to go out alone. How can I condescend to bring a newcomer today? Is Xiao Jiashu’s background so terrifying?

Ji Yan never took the initiative to inquire about these things, so he waved his hand and gestured to Fang Kun not to ask.

At the same time, Xiao Shaoye, who is legendary in background horror, is sitting in his position, looking very calm and quiet. The hands on the table are screaming and excited. In order to reduce the fire, he has been drinking porridge for half a month, and he finally left the line of sight of the mother. How can he not eat a meal? The iron plate squid is so beautiful... I want to eat it; the pineapple duck is so delicious, it should be salty and sweet... I want to eat it; the three-color egg is special, it looks better than the chef of the Michelin restaurant. The devil egg that is made is delicious... hungry...

Xiao Shaoye is sitting in a dangerous situation, his expression is calm, but his saliva has already secreted a lot, and he is swallowing silently and hard. Seeing the director stand up, it seems to say that the opening remarks, he quickly called in his heart: the director, we must make a long story short, let's not come to bureaucracy, ah!

Li Jiaer was helpless with her mobile phone. "European sister, wait a minute, I will ask someone to ask. I really had a good relationship with Ji Ge before. He also went to the nursing home to visit my mother. The news also reported. ..." She explained while constantly calling, but the friends in the circle now ignores people, as if they are negotiating.

She and the agent originally planned this way: after signing the Aurora, they contacted Ji Ji and asked him to send a congratulatory blog post. He took the lead, and a lot of big coffee will respond more or less, and his huge fan group is the best water army, and he will be able to stir up the matter. However, they have all been considered in all aspects, but they did not expect Ji Ji to cancel Li Jiaer's attention in this stall, so all the next publicity actions were interrupted.Ou Mei stared at the plan that had been scrapped. The heart was called a hate. It was not good. "He used to match you every day. You pushed it. Is it because of this? He has some opinions on you? Which company is signed? It's your freedom. What interferes with him? Ji Yan is not as good at rumors as he is, and his volume is very small. Didn't you say that you can get his understanding? What is the situation now? Can you rely on the plot? The company is also preparing to push you hard when signing the contract. Now it seems that it is no longer needed, just cold it. All the pushes and interviews are canceled, and your information is quietly updated on the official website."

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