How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 85 Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Chapter 85

This performance seems to be very simple. Xiao Jiashu has almost no lines. The whole process is Ji Ji. One person is saying that he only needs to listen quietly, and then give appropriate response. It is OK to change. However, only the insiders know that the most difficult drama is precisely that the plot is simple and the emotional conflict is very intense.

Stephen did not express his opinion, just let the two watch the replay themselves. The other main characters are also surrounded, and the expression is more complicated than one.

The picture is back to the moment of playing the game. Ji Yan looked out the window, Xiao Jiashu stared at his back and the two started talking. The cameras took close-ups of their faces, and the eyes of the seasons were not focal lengths. They seemed to be in some kind of contemplation or recollection. Xiao Jiashu was as cold as ever, and the deep eyes were clearly watching everything around them, but they could not keep their images. . This is the eyes of a standard robot, and the indifference is shocking.

When the season came back and asked him why he failed, his calm eyes finally made a splash. This look is in place, so that Stephen is satisfied, and then watching the performance of the season, is equally excellent. According to the description of the script, although he obtained the authority of 001, he was always in a weak position, but at this moment, he pointed his finger at the eyebrow of 001, and the powerful gas field completely overshadowed each other. This performance is very consistent with his lines and the context at the time.

The camera gave his eyes a close-up. His arrogance is as black as ink, but there are many light spots. They form a star and condense into a cluster of nebulae. The vast and vast inclusiveness and determination to sacrifice everything for humanity make him look That's so powerful. Even in the face of the so-called "Earth Destroyer", he did not fall into the wind, he actually controlled the other's life and death, but he did not do that.

He interprets the image of a wise man who knows how to choose, loves, and is willing to sacrifice himself at the right time.

Donald and others can't help but marvel at his superb acting. The season is the season, and it’s terrible to be serious!

Looking at Xiao Jiashu's performance, everyone was silent for a moment. I saw him staring at the back of the season, and slowly squinted, miraculously, he had only a piece of nothingness, and the mist was in the eyelids, weakening His coldness made him appear a little bit stunned. When he slowly said "I seem to see a universe", his eyes slammed again, and then all the fog dissipated, and took away the weakness and stunned. His moment of loss seems to be just an illusion, and it seems to be just a procedural disorder.

This look is very exciting, obviously beyond Stephen's expectations, but he did not say a word, just put the video back and read it again, then read it again... After four or five times, he shook his head and sighed. His face is full of inexplicable complex expressions.

Ji Yan stared at the screen, his eyes were confused and surprised, and then he sighed. At the end, he smiled and smiled. Others were unclear, so they looked at each other.

Xiao Jiashu always stood behind the director, staring at the display screen, no waves, no silence.Fang Kun quietly asked, "What's wrong with this? Has this been a long time?"

Stephenson sneered. "It's all too bad. You guys don't have to act again."

He stood up and hugged Xiao Jiashu, and said warmly, "Dear, you are so surprised. I brought you to the crew is definitely one of the most sensible decisions he has ever made. I can't imagine if I change someone to play 001. What this movie will become, but it will definitely not transcend your interpretation. You can't replace it!"

When he let go of Xiao Jiashu, Ji Yan immediately put the youth into his arms and whispered in his ear. "Is your performance satisfactory?"

Xiao Jiashu thinks of the vastness of the seasons like the cosmos, nodding, "satisfaction."

"That's good!" Ji Yan let go of him, and his heart was faintly a sense of honour. He has no doubt that the future Xiao Jiashu will eventually surpass himself to achieve higher achievements.

The morning shooting came to an end, and Ji Jin and Xiao Jiashu returned to the hotel after lunch.

Fang Kun from the director to come to the previous video, while watching and shaking his head and laughing, "Why Xiaojia's performance where Stephenson said so exaggerated, I saw the place where I have not found a lot of color for a long time. Or your acting is better. You look at the skill of your speech, passionate and swaying, expressions and eyes are also very well matched, and hld lives in the audience. Xiao Jiashu is forced by you to stand nowhere, you talk about where he is comparable You? The wise man is the most popular character in Zerg Wars, no one."

Ji Yan shook his head and sighed. "When you look at the doorway, the layman looks at the excitement, you will see a lot of fun. Who do you think is the number of lines, who's role is more powerful, who's acting better?" He put the video back, Seriously, "Look carefully at Xiao Jiashu's eyes."

Fang Kun didn't believe in evil. He stared at Xiao Jiashu's eyes and shook his head. "Not so, is there anything special?"

"Look again. You will be a broker in this life, you can't play the show." Ji Wei once again pressed the replay button.

Fang Kun repeatedly watched three or four times, his eyes were a bit sour. When he raised his hand to rub his eyelids, he suddenly opened his mouth. "I understand, it is the eyes!" He quickly turned the video back, shaking his head while watching, and the disdainful expression had already been replaced by amazement.

Since the director shouted "a", Xiao Jiashu has never seen his eyes. Why? Because he plays the robot, there is no need to blink this unnecessary action. As everyone knows, when a person has not blinked for a long time, his eyeball will dry up and acidify, and slowly secrete some liquid, so when the season asks why he failed thousands of years ago, his dawn will flash.

This eye change has the component of emotional fluctuations, as well as the secretion of tears. He makes full use of his body to enhance acting, which is not only a skill, but also a talent.Ji Yan continued to recite words, he continued to keep his eyes open, so the eyeballs became dry again, and the dry eye could not refract more light, so his eyes would look so empty and empty, like a dead object. However, the wise man's words eventually swayed his self-consciousness, so he closed his eyes. This is an evasive behavior. If you don't look at a strong opponent, you will not feel the threat. However, it was this closed-eye, tears immediately came up to ease the dryness of the eyeballs, and also cast a layer of water mist on his eyes, making his stunned and fragile seem so real, so convincing.

He plays a robot, can't have too many expression changes, and can only rely on his eyes to convey his inner thoughts. He completely mobilized his acting skills and made full use of his body. Even if Ji Ji touched his eyebrows with his fingertips and swiped his eyelids with his fingertips, he could do his eyes and stick to it. It took five minutes.

To do this, you must go through countless exercises. That is to say, every time you shoot a scene, he must have a long time of rehearsal in private, and even carefully designed the scheme. How to show a look, how to enhance its effect, he has counted in his heart. He has done the best in detail, and may feel normal when you don't find it, but once you find it, you will be deeply shocked.

What kind of perseverance, talent and effort can you mobilize your acting and control your body and finally complete the performance? On the surface, he was indeed suppressed by the season and retired, but isn't the script described like this?

His efforts are deeply hidden in the details that may never be discovered. The viewer does not need too much allergic insight to easily see his eye changes, because it is produced by the dual effects of emotional fluctuations and light refraction, visible to the naked eye. He inadvertently did things that even the performance masters could hardly do, that is, turning superb performance into a simple picture that anyone can understand.

Fang Kun couldn't speak for a long time, and took a sip of water before he could do it. "Jie Ge, how do I think Xiao Jiashu is a little scary! Now look at this video, my goose bumps are all up! Who can think of using the wetness of the eyeball? To enhance the expressive ability of the eyes? He even considered the refractive index in the eyeball. What do you think in his mind? Just to take this short six-minute show, he spent the stage. How much effort is it worthwhile? Who will fuck to pay attention to these details after the movie screening? Will your robot blink or not, will your eyes be full of expressiveness, who cares?"

"His idea is very simple, that is, to make every effort to make every shot. Even if no one finds out that he has done the ultimate he can do, this is enough." Ji Yan shook his head, his expression was helpless and admired. Xiao Jiashu is really a wonderful flower, but this "exotic" is absolutely free of derogatory.Fang Kun wiped his face and said with emotion, "Just with Xiao Jiashu, this child is evil, not more than three years, more stable than you. Unfortunately, I was so mad at the moment, I missed this good seed, regret, regret the intestines. It’s all green!” He poured the video back and looked at it again, and he felt something new every time.

After the lunch break, the stars starred back to the studio and looked at Xiao Jiashu's eyes with a bit of movement. Obviously, they also studied the video and found the secret hidden in the details. What kind of little monster did you find in the season? When he was playing against him, he felt the pressure was great!

"Director, what shots are you going to shoot in the afternoon? Is there any play with Xiao and me?" Donald asked with concern.

"I look," Stephen turned over the schedule and comforted. "Do not worry, the afternoon is the play of the season and Shaw. Nothing."

"That's good," Donald patted his chest and thanked him. "When you want to shoot me and Xiao's opponent, you must inform me in advance. I have to prepare, the kid is terrible."

"No problem," said Stephen, who gestured a k gesture and said, "Quiet, are you stressed now?"

Ji Yan looked at Xiao Jiashu and nodded. "Yes, I can't keep up with Xiao's rhythm if I don't enter the show."

Was forced to change the way of performance, this is the first time since Ji Xian’s debut, but he is not annoyed, but full of expectations. Xiao Jiashu is like a treasure box, and every day brings him different surprises.

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