How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 83 Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Chapter 83

Stephenson decided to take a "wake up" scene within today. He asked Xiao Jiashu to quickly make up the makeup, and then led him to a huge blue glass wall, explaining, "The following scene you shoot behind this wall, we will use WIA to lift you up, you pretend I still float in the water, try to keep the state as before. After the starter is turned on in the season, Wia will slowly put you down, you stand for two seconds, then suddenly open your eyes and press the palm against the wall. ”

Xiao Jiashu nodded. "Understood."

"Very good. For the robot, the resistance of the water does not slow down his movements, but you can't, your strength is not enough, so we have to shoot your every move across the wall." Stephen turned and looked Xiang Ji, "Quiet, your play is very simple, just open this control box, enter the voiceprint and iris just fine, understand?"

The season debuted.

"k, the camera is ready."

Xiao Jiashu was swayed into the air by two Wia, and he could not help but tremble. He discovered that he was afraid of black, afraid of the narrow space, but he was still afraid of height! He quickly closed his eyes and meditated on the Great Compassion in his heart, and then slowly calmed down. The feeling of floating in the water and hanging in the air is completely different. One has a sense of support, but one seems to fall into the abyss at any time. Fortunately, he can perfectly control his expression, which is not seen by anyone.

The quarters standing on the other side of the water wall frowned.

The rising Wia finally stopped, and the special effects artist would help Xiao Jiashu to pull out the wires wrapped around the whole body during the post-production. He fixed his mind and immediately tightened his body to keep himself in a state of being ready to go. Ji Yan immediately walked to the front of the control box, and gestured a k gesture. A group of protagonists stood behind him, armed with guns, and with a knife, ready to play.

As soon as Stephenson ordered, a group of people quickly entered the state.

There are language prompts in the control box settings, and the step by step operation. He recorded his own voiceprint and iris, which is equivalent to the control of t001, and each instruction he issued will be done correctly. After the last step was completed, Wia began to slowly descend, and Ji Yan quickly retreated, as if the enemy was staring at the people in the water tank.

The camera gave him a close-up of his expression and then focused on Xiao Jiashu. Xiao Jiashu's straight toes touched the bottom of the can, and slowly stood still, and the smooth muscle lines were getting tighter and tighter.

The camera moved back to the season, his narrow eyes were completely open, and the voice was full of tension, expectation and uncertainty. He knows that he is gambling, winning is not necessarily a good thing, and losing will bring more disaster to mankind. Just as he was in doubt, and even regretted, Xiao Jiashu opened his eyes without warning and pressed his right hand on the glass wall.

Ji Yan looked awkward, and then retired, and several protagonists also made their own response...

"Ut! This is over." Stephen was very pleased with the progress of the filming today, and immediately waved, "Do not rest, then take a picture."The jug was made by the special effects studio by the broken lens of 001, and Stephen only needed to check it. He is responsible for shooting the real shot, so the next one jumps directly to the 001 and breaks out, killing the expedition.

Xiao Jiashu and the starring rehearsal of the action, I feel very smooth, did not drop the chain after the official start of the shoot, he picked up Manly to the side, another punch will fly Donald, sideways to avoid a few laser bombs, flipping the other few The expedition team member finally took the neck of the season and pressed him against the metal wall.

He is not as tall as the season, but his powerful gas field is crushing everyone. The camera gives him a close-up of his back. His smooth muscle lines have become undulating and swelling at this time. It seems that there is an extremely powerful force. Urgent to be released. His tight, cold face slowly approached the season, and the five fingers became more and more tight.

Ji Yan is too fast to breathe, Mom, Xiao Jiashu, this is true, not fake! This kid has already entered the show in the moment the director shouted and started shooting!

"t001, I am your authority owner." He clenched his teeth and spoke openly, and his bloodshot eyes showed how uncomfortable he was at this moment. He seems to be only a step away from death.

Xiao Jiashu’s calm, waveless eyes flashed slightly, and then slowly approached the season, seemingly looking at him seriously, but he could not see him in the depths of his life. He just regarded the season as an obstacle that must be eradicated, not a living body. This is his most terrible place.

Ji Yan felt the burning scent of his spray on his face, but there was a moment of embarrassment, but soon his thoughts were pulled back by Xiao Jiashu's unwavering eyes, and he fell into fear afterwards. This is the second time he has entered the show since his debut, and twice because of Xiao Jiashu, the performance of the other party is not only similar, but also has a □. Don't look at him, he just puts on a cold expression, but in fact, his heart is also cold, and Ji Ji has the ability to spy on people's hearts, so he can understand personally - how terrible Xiao Jiashu's acting is!

He can bring himself completely into the role, from the outside to the inside, without any falsehood, without flaws.

Ji Yan’s forehead had a lot of cold sweat, and the fear and regret in his eyes almost turned into substance. Xiao Jiashu still quietly looked at him, the cold, no emotions of the eyes flashed a red light, quickly scanned the iris of the season. Of course, the so-called "red light" is not available in the filming, and it must be added later by the special effects artist.

Xiao Jiashu seems to have determined the identity of Ji Ji, released one step back and said with the cold and inorganic voice. "The authority has been confirmed, I am t001. What is your command?" The unexplored explorers stopped the attack in horror.

Ji Yan slid weakly on the ground, chopping his neck and ordering, "Bring us safely out of the ruins."

"Follow my lord." Xiao Jiashu bent over and the movement seemed to be humble, but the calm eyes and the hard face of marble made people fight a cold war without any reason. All explorers invariably think about how dangerous it is to have perfect people in front of them. Is it right or wrong to wake him up?"ut, ut, ut! It's so wonderful!" Stephen stared at the display and shouted excitedly. "Everyone is performing perfectly. It's all in one go! Xiao, listening to the season, this is your second time." Making a movie? I can't believe it at all. Come over and see, you must come over and see, you have lived 001!"

Xiao Jiashu did not hear it. He was looking at the neck of the cockroach with a red circle, his eyes and nose were sour, almost tears. This is the first time he has got rid of the shadow of the character and let himself into the real world.

Ji Yan felt the long-lost warmth and care, but I don’t know why it’s so good. His unscrupulous youth was dragged into his arms and comforted. "Don't worry, I'm fine. You just do filming, you are doing the right thing, don't blame yourself."

"I am sorry for Ji Ge!" Xiao Jiashu arched his chest with his head, his voice was stuffy.

"Don't say sorry. Xiao Jiashu, do you know, your performance makes me understand - my choice is correct. With your participation, this movie will be more exciting, for any actor in the country, even if it is more famous than you. I can't do it to you. I am proud of you."

Yes, Ji Wei is proud of Xiao Jiashu. His professionalism, his concentration, his lack of madness and his survival are all deeply shocking. If he can, he also wants to pass his feelings to Xiao Jiashu, let him get out of the thick shackles as soon as possible, let him know how good he is!

However, Xiao Jiashu seems to have long been connected with Ji Xin. There is no such thing as a comforting word that "you are my pride" can shake his heart. He suddenly cheered up, and the emotions that had not fluctuated for a long time were jumping up and down.

His face was red and quickly returned to normal, nodding his head. "Jie Ge, I will work harder, I will never let down your expectations."

If you change to someone else, Ji Ji will probably think that this is a scene. There is never a shortage of people who take shortcuts in this world, but there are very few people who really work hard, but that does not include Xiao Jiashu. He does not like to talk, does not love performance, he will only continue to improve in the back.

"I believe you, well, go and see the results of the shooting." Ji Yan took Xiao Jiashu's head and found his hair still wet, and immediately let the assistant take a dry towel.

When the two walked to Stephen's side, the plot was played to Xiao Jiashu's neck. The expressions of the two appeared in close-up on the two screens side by side, a cold and indifferent, a shocking, and a strong visual impact. As soon as the lens turned, Xiao Jiashu's back with tension appeared on the screen, and every muscle of his body swelled up, as if the next second would burst.

"Season, you must keep this back for me when editing." Stephen said excitedly. "Shaw's body is not strictly strong, but after watching this back, there will be no more viewers doubting his strength. There is no doubt that he is t001, he can destroy everything! Season, your expression is also very good, fear mixed with deep regret, you can see that you have begun to doubt your stupid decision."Ji Yan deeply looked at Xiao Jiashu and said in a word, "No, I never doubt my decision."

"Yes, yes, the story behind will tell the audience that the wise man is a wise man after all, he did nothing wrong." Stephen looked at his watch and exclaimed, "Good guy, we only took two hours to finish the day. The drama, everyone come over and make up a few close-ups to get the job done."

"Thank God, thank you Xiao!" The stars cheered, and Ji Yan passed Xiao Jiashu and gently rubbed his wet hair. This kid always makes him look good.

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