How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 81 Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Chapter 81

Xiao Jiashu already knew that he wanted to make a nude play, so there was no expression of surprise. He stood up and took off his underwear without hesitation. His expression was indifferent and his appearance was natural, as if it were not a common dressing room, but his own bedroom.

Fang Kun and several assistants immediately went out, leaving Ji Yan and two makeup artists.

Ji Yan glanced at Xiao Jiashu through the mirror. At the end, he whispered, "Do you mind if I smoke cigarettes?"

"Don't mind, you smoke, the makeup on the face has been drawn." The makeup artist took out the paint and silicone and began to add a variety of scars to the arm of the season.

Ji Yan lit a cigarette, his eyes long on the cigarette butts that were extinguished from time to time, but the dressing room was very quiet, even if nothing was seen, the sound of the cymbals would still be introduced into his mind uncontrollably. The jingle sounded, it was the sound of Xiao Jiashu’s belt buckle hitting the ground, and he seemed to have been stripped.

"Wow, your muscles are very beautiful!" The sigh of the makeup artist plunged into the seasoning eardrum. He finally wiped out the cigarette butt and looked back.

Xiao Jiashu is facing him, his slender body is covered with a thin layer of muscle, not exaggerated, but fluent. He is obviously a lot thinner, with round shoulders and slender waist. The two sides of the caudal vertebra are adorned with two small waist pockets. They are very cute, but the buttocks are tight and straight, very sexy, and then there are two straight legs. The skin of the whole body is as smooth and smooth as porcelain, and there is no body hair.

This back is full of lines and power, which makes people unable to distinguish gender.

Ji Yan bit a bit of the filter, just want to start at the beginning, but see Xiao Jiashu turned around, revealing the four abdominal muscles arranged in a row, down the beautiful mermaid line...

Ji Yan forcefully wiped out the cigarette butts, dumb, "You have done body hair removal?"

Xiao Jiashu nod his head and nodded. "Which robot will grow body hair?"

Very good, this time I said nine words, or a rhetorical question, but why is Ji Ji so violent? He closed his eyes and seemed to be sighing, then he raised his hand and prepared to wipe his face.

The makeup artist hurriedly reminded, "Mr. Ji, be careful with the makeup."

Ji Yan was slightly stiff, and at the end he waved. "You have to find a bath towel for him, so I will put my waist around." Xiao Jiashu even got rid of the hair, the shape is very beautiful, still pink, really fucking...

"You are not going to be awkward?" He turned and saw Xiao Jiashu's perfect body from the mirror. He could only bite his head.

"The robot doesn't know how to get rid of it." Xiao Jiashu sat down, and the two make-up artists were blushing, and their eyes smashed to him from time to time, like a legendary beast staring at the cat.

Ji Yan took him, once again took out a cigarette to ignite, sucked a few mouths, trying to cover his sight with heavy smoke. Fortunately, his assistant quickly brought a bath towel to Xiao Jiashu, which saved the boss in the heat.

The two makeup artists gave a regretful sigh and then knelt down to give Xiao Jiashu a layer of pearlescent oil, which increased the smoothness of the skin and made him look more like a dummy. His muscles are streamlined, not exaggerated, but very beautiful, even with a beauty that transcends gender."k, you look like you are coming out of the oil painting. The beauty is too unreal." After the end of the game, the two makeup artists were greatly admired, and Ji Xian had already gone out, leaving a pile of cigarette butts. Ashtray.

“Thank you.” Xiao Jiashu went out with a bath towel and saw the director and the camera were ready. The center of the studio was filled with a transparent glass jar filled with light blue liquid.

"Makeup artist, help him stick the wire, all units pay attention, take a shot!" Stephen shouted.

All the actors are surrounded and want to see the oriental acting. Manly whispered, "Oh my God, I regret it! I should have a phone number with him just now! Whether he is gay or not, I must make him come out."

Ji Yan stood by the director, his eyes continued to drift, and he was finally fixed on Xiao Jiashu. He was only surrounded by a short bath towel, covering the key parts, but could not cover the straight legs and the tight waist. He walked to the shooting area, and the spotlight on his head illuminates, giving his skin a jewel-like luster, and his eyes are black and heavy, which makes him look like a god without feelings.

Stilson said, "God, I know I can trust your vision, season! Xiao looks beautiful, completely in line with my imagination of 001."

After the season fixed his mind, he said, "His acting is as good as his appearance."

"Yes? This is really bad, let's wait and see!"

The makeup artist glued the wires and held Xiao Jiashu slowly to the huge water tank. One second before entering the water, he tore off the bath towel, causing a crowd of inhaling sounds.

"God!" Donaldson, one of the actor's actor, held his forehead. Hey, "This is the most beautiful oriental man I have ever seen. He is so cute, it is more lovely!" The people next to him gave a low laugh, but No malicious. This is a world of looking faces, so foreigners can't avoid it.

Ji Yan brow wrinkled, but did not say anything, just urged, "Hurry up this scene, or the water will be cold." It is already late autumn and early winter, the weather is very cold, in order to protect the actors, the water tank Infused with warm water, the effect artist will naturally pour off the white gas when making special effects.

"Okay," Stephen yelled. "Shaw, take a deep breath and get into the water. We have to shoot the scene where you are floating in the maintenance fluid with your eyes closed. You can hurry up and try not to make mistakes, otherwise Xiao will not hold back!"

"Good director!" Several protagonists have promised.

When Xiao Jiashu and other directors shouted "a", they took a deep breath and sank into the water. He abandoned all the distracting thoughts, and both hands grabbed the two wires without any traces, so that their bodies floated in the center of the large water tank.

The scene is about the expedition team being chased by the Zerg, fleeing into the depths of the Middle Ages, and discovering the residual robot army and the 001 immersed in the maintenance fluid. Due to the large number of Zerg, the expedition team could not live alive. Under the circumstance, the wise man could only start the program and wake up the sleeping 001. Because he knows that 001 will be able to stand up to a fully armed army, and he is the only hope they have survived.Several explorers ran into the lab, quickly closing the only entrance, and turned to see the 001 soaked in the blue liquid. His eyes are closed, his expression is quiet, and the slender and perfect body is connected to many wires.

The season can not help but walked to the front of the jug, slowly said, "This is ... t001, the legendary Earth destroyer."

Several cameras shot Xiao Jiashu from various directions. His thoughts were empty, his body stood in the water in a completely tight state, and even his toes were straight, which made every muscle on his body appear, which was both dangerous and beautiful. His closed eyes seemed to open at any time, giving the visitor a fatal blow.

The members of the expedition team stepped back while inhaling, and their faces were full of fear. At this moment, the metal door was smashed by the worm, and a large piece was sunken. The voice of Stephen's excitement came at the same time. "k, this is over!"

Ji Yan is still looking up at Xiao Jiashu in the jug, until the other party spits out a string of bubbles before returning to God.

"Xiao, are you okay?" Stephen asked loudly.

Xiao Jiashu, who came out of the water, faintly said, "I am fine." The two assistants quickly walked over with their bathrobes, their cheeks flushed and their eyes didn't dare to look around.

"That's good." Stephen looked down and watched the replay, and several starring actors immediately went around to check the shooting.

The back of the season stood on the can, the waist was very straight, and the expression was a bit stiff. Hearing the sound of Xiao Jiashu's landing, he turned his head and said, "Drink a cup of hot coffee or hot cocoa to add energy. You have to spend a lot of time in the water today."

"Thank you, Ji Ge." Xiao Jiashu's mouth was slightly tilted and he was very straight. He took a cup of hot cocoa and walked to Stephen, but Ji Yan stood in the place for a long time.

The pictures taken by each camera are displayed on the display screen, and the naked body of Xiao Jiashu is naturally the most important. This scene needs to highlight the perfection and danger of 001, and Xiao Jiashu is doing very well. He has no lines, no movements, but each of his muscles is involved in the performance, and the power of the ready-to-go is deeply imprinted on the film.

Stephen pointed his straight toes and applauded. "Yes, the robots won't relax. Even if they are dormant, the bones and muscles they cast from steel are always ready to go. Look at this stretch. Straight toes, look at this perfect arc, this is exactly what I want! Xiao, you are great!"

Xiao Jiashu did not speak.

Several foreign actors are looking at him with a new look.

Stilson continued. "Wow, look at this tight buttocks. I really want to take a look at it. It must be very flexible. Right?"

Xiao Jiashu: "..."

Ji Yan stared at the screen for a while, then smashed at the beginning, then turned back after a while, continued to stare at the screen, the twilight was dull.Stilson: "The back is the most beautiful, the waist is very cute, the butt is also awkward, the season, please be sure to help me keep this beautiful back when editing. Season, your eyes are very good, obsessed with Shock and awe, it’s perfect. I heard that in your east, if the first shot can pass once, the shooting will be very smooth later? It seems that we have made good luck today. k, everyone rests for a while and prepares for the next one. ""

Everyone appreciates the naked body of Xiao Jiashu, which has been scattered, but Ji Ji is still standing. He stared at himself on the screen, full of indescribable feelings, because he knew that this look was not played, but naturally revealed.

Fang Kun walked over to him and said quietly, "Jie Ge, change a pair of loose pants, so as not to be embarrassed."

Ji Yan looked down subconsciously and gritted his teeth. "I am very good."

"Semi-hard is hard, don't install it. Xiao Jiashu grows up like that, the figure is still so good, if you don't have a reaction, I have to doubt that you are not normal." Fang Kun squinted at him and said that I understand you very well.

Ji Yan sighed and quickly returned to the dressing room to change pants.

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