How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 79 Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Chapter 79

Ji Yan has no intention of exercising again. It is said that the object is like the master shape. This is true. What kind of idol will attract fans, so Xiao Jiashu is poisonous and his fans are poisonous. Ji Yan opened the phone and looked at it. The line of sight could not help but stay on the photo.

I didn't feel it when I was shooting, but after reading the comments and looking back, he couldn't help but tighten his brow. Xiao Jiashu's face is really damn good-looking, with sweat and red smudges, coupled with a misty and stunned look, it is...

Ji Yan forbids himself to think about it again, Shen Sheng, "Delete the photo."

“Is it more strange to delete it?” Xiao Jiashu walked down to Ji Yan and pointed to his face. “You can give me the same photo again, but this time you use some force to take my The face is pinched and deformed, the more ugly the better."

The season was dumb, and then he laughed low. "Yes, you lower your point."

Xiao Jiashu sat down between Ji's legs and raised his red face. Because he had read a shameful fellow man and many unfair comments before, he didn't bother to look at Ji Ge, he could only hang his eyes. Staring at his tall nose. He didn't know how good his appearance was, and how much he liked to kiss, and his rosy lips were printed with a few shallow prints, which became more and more delicious.

Ji Yan looked at him straight away. After a moment, he turned his head and calmed down for a few seconds before moving back to his gaze. He bent on this beautiful face and took a big picture.

Xiao Jiashu quickly sent out the ugly face and the ugly face, and said, "Give you a benefit."

"The trough, my eyes!" The fans made a terrible mourning.

"Before it was so beautiful, it’s so ugly now, you must be deliberately tidying up the little sapling?"

"I know that you are handsome for only three seconds, and another expression pack comes out. Comrades are rushing to collect!"

The little seeds are laughing and crying, but they have to eat this welfare. I have an idol that always changes in the style of painting. They are very tired, but they are also very happy.

Seeing that the comment area finally returned to normal, Xiao Jiashu slowly spit out a breath, and at the end of the day, he relied on his legs and did not get up between his legs. The blue-legged bulge of the Jiu’s forehead jumped straight and lifted him up. He said, “I’m not in good shape today, I’m not going to practice, go to the lounge to eat the healthy meal you bring.”

"Well, I will take the heat first, then soak two cups of protein. Powder." Xiao Jiashu did not find his strange, ran without heart.

Ji Yan sat in the same place for a while, and wiped his face again. Then he took out his mobile phone and called, "Lena, the script has been modified. Is it correct? I will send it to me immediately. I am in a hurry." A big pass, then the full version of the script was sent to Jiyu's mailbox, Ji Yan immediately transferred to Xiao Jiashu. No more to find something for this kid, he really can't stand it.

The email just sent successfully, and there was a pleasant surprise in the lounge. "Jie Ge, I received the script! Hahaha, I can finally watch the script!"

Do you still play a robot like this bear? What did you think at the beginning? Ji Yan silently licked his face, his back was full of helplessness.

---I finally hoped for the script, and Xiao Jiashu still has other thoughts. He immediately downloaded it to his mobile phone, and while eating and watching, he was very forgetful. He fed green beans into his nostrils several times.

Ji Yan took the phone, "Don't watch, eat first."

"Good." Xiao Jiashu replied with a good answer, then lifted the bowl, opened his mouth and poured the food directly into the throat.

Ji Yan saw the corner of his eyes, suddenly remembered the words of his mother threatening himself when he was a child: "Hey, eat, or I will put a hole in your head and fill it directly." He couldn't imagine such a scene at the time, but now he saw Xiao Jiashu. I realized that the original food can really be poured directly without chewing.

"I have finished eating Ji Ge, you eat slowly." Xiao Jiashu politely sighed, and couldn't wait to pick up the phone to watch the script. He twisted his eyebrows for a while, smiled for a while, grief for a while, and his expression changed with time. Even if Jiuyi didn't read the script, he could guess where he saw it.

"Jie Ge, I don't come to the gym in the afternoon, can I? I want to finish the script first." After half an hour, Xiao Jiashu still tried to open his mouth.

"Yes, you can try to figure out this role. If you have any questions, you can come to me at any time."

Xiao Jiashu immediately stood up and packed up, and finally left the company in a hurry. After getting the script, his whole person became serious, and the thoughts of flying were quiet in the moment, and there were only plots, characters and performances in his mind. In this respect, he is indeed very professional.

He took an all-night reading of the script, wrote the sentiments with various colors of pens, and sorted them into a book, which returned to the company. When he walked into the office, the season groaned. "What happened to your eyes? Conjunctivitis?"

"No, I didn't sleep last night, so I was a little red." Xiao Jiashu sat down opposite him, opened the script, and seriously said, "Jie Ge, I want to talk to you about this role? Can you help me see my thoughts?" It is not correct."

"Of course." Ji Yan stared at the script that was full of experience and looked at it for a while. He was half-hearted with doubts, but the other half was always difficult. He bluntly said, "To be honest, I was not optimistic about you. Do you know why?"

“Why?” Xiao Jiashu did not feel that her self-esteem was damaged, but she erected her ears.

"Because your feelings are too rich, I am worried that you can't control this role. You have to know that you will play a robot with no feelings. You have to show his coldness and let the audience realize that he has no soul, no Life, and you are too fresh."

Fresh is the biggest advantage of Xiao Jiashu, but it is also his biggest shortcoming in this film.

"Jie Ge, I have to refute you, this role may be just a machine in the early stage, but he has a soul and life in the end, although it is only a moment." Xiao Jiashu opened the notebook, "I admit that feelings will hinder me." The performance, so I made a plan to control my feelings, Ji Ge, help me see."

"Emotions can still be controlled?" Ji Yan raised a high eyebrow."Want to be a good actor, controlling feelings is a compulsory course." Xiao Jiashu at the moment fully demonstrated the professionalism of a professional actor. He pointed to a plan and said, "What does the robot operate on? By program. The essence of the program is What? It is an instruction. The programmer writes a line of instructions, and the robot acts according to these instructions, so I will write programs for myself every day, such as when to eat, when to sleep, what to do today, and what to achieve. Every day, I will live according to these 'procedures' and discard the extra language, desires, and thoughts, and let myself slowly become a 'machine'."

Xiao Jiashu asked indefinitely, "Jie Ge, are you saying that this is feasible?" In order to play this role, he is willing to make any attempt.

Ji Yan decided to look at him, the color of the complex is difficult to distinguish, sighed for a long time, "You try it first, but I have to warn you that you are very dangerous to do so, it is likely to suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder."

"It doesn't matter, I will adjust myself." If there is a tendency to get sick, he can consult a psychiatrist. Nothing in the world is more important than making a movie.

The quarter brows wrinkled and once again warned, "Do you know Heath Ledger? In order to play the role of a good clown, he isolated himself in a dark room for a whole few months, and got an Oscar for his acting acting. The best male award. But he never came out of the role of the clown, he suffered from depression, and eventually committed suicide. So I am very opposed to the experience of the performance, because it will make an actor lose self Xiao Jiashu, you have this tendency, I am very worried."

"Heather Lager no longer has a clown, Ji Ge, don't you think this sentence is the highest praise for an actor? Even even your idol Daniel Day Lewis is the same. He can play a role with Wife divorced, broke with friends, and can live alone in the forest for several months, they are really great actors." Xiao Jiashu closed the notebook, "Jie Ge, I want to be an actor, not just a star. The next role, I will definitely go all out."

Looking at his incomparable eyes, Ji Yan had to compromise. There is no doubt that this is the reason why he finally chose Xiao Jiashu. He never doubts that he can do his best to play a role.

"Okay, then follow your plan, I will stare at you." Ji Yan was serious.

"Thank you Ji Ge." Xiao Jiashu breathed a sigh of relief.

"There is still a problem. If you are too late in the early stage, how do you play in the middle and late turning points? This role needs to be excessive from ruthless to affectionate. Can you grasp it?" Ji Yan pointed to one of the plots."The reason why he wakes up is because he listened to a monologue of the wise man, and his heart was shocked. Can I play this turning point and have to watch your performance?" Xiao Jiashu said seriously, "Jie Ge, if you play well, I can get into the game 100%. If you can't, I will try my best, but the effect may be discounted. A movie is the bloody work of all the creative staff, not the one-man show of an actor. There is your contribution behind every opponent's play, and there is mine, whoever overplays the performance, and the effect will not look good. Good acting is equally divided, good partner is evenly matched, are you right?"

Ji Ji was so dumb for a long time, and finally nodded, "You are right. OK, discuss it here today, go back to sleep."

"Good season brother." Xiao Jiashu stood up ninety degrees, straight up and stepped out step by step, the steps are exactly equal, and the swing of the arm seems to be measured precisely. From this moment on, he has entered the program.

Ji Yan sighed with help.

Fang Kun, who came in from the door, worried, "What sighs? Is it difficult to meet?"

"The younger generation is too good, I suddenly feel a lot of pressure." Ji Yan seems to think of something, actually smiled cheerfully.

Fang Kun: "..." Can you put a smile on your face when you talk, can't see if you have pressure?

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