How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 78 Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Chapter 78

Since picking up the role of the robot, Xiao Jiashu no longer goes to the technical class, but spends all his time in the gym. He was sweating and lying on the ground. When he saw the first time, he also came to Ji Ge. He was talking to the private teacher. After he finished speaking, he slowly came over and asked, "How are you feeling?"

"Super tired." Xiao Jiashu waved his hand in panting.

“Practice twice a day, once in the morning and in the evening, one and a half hours each time. This is not too tired, and it will not strain the muscles. You need plenty of time to exercise, but you need plenty of time to rest and manage yourself. Mouth, don't eat foods that are too hot. I will buy the protein you bought. Does the powder have a drink? After the exercise, add a cup of protein. The powder can quickly increase your muscle content.” Ji Yan took off his coat and showed a strong body. . He also has a habit of fitness and must practice for two hours a day.

"I drink every day." Xiao Jiashu looked at his tight and smooth muscles. "Jie Ge, how long have you been practicing like this?"

"I don't remember, I started to exercise very early, and I have been holding it for more than ten years." Ji Yan put the bell on the bar and prepared to practice deadlift.

Xiao Jiashu silently counted the weight of the bell, and could not help but swear. Lying in the trough, Ji Ge can pull two hundred pounds! Then he is not easy to lift me up? If you don't take off your clothes, who can think of Ji Ge's appearance as a gentleman, the inside is a muscular man!

The season glanced at him and waved his hand. "Let's go and take care of you."

Xiao Jiashu struggled to move a distance and then continued to lie on the ground to pretend to die. The place where he had previously lie left a humanoid water trail that looked a bit funny. Ji Yan warmed up and praised, "Yes, I work hard today, remember to drink protein. Powder later."

"Know it." Xiao Jiashu took out his mobile phone and brushed Weibo. He felt that his hands were tired and he was replaced by a side-lying posture. He found that a blog post was popular with many fans, and he couldn't help but look at it. The title is "You are my tomorrow". Hey, this is a film review of The Apostles? Have a good read.

A few minutes later, he found out that he was wrong. This blog post is not a film review, but a fellow person. The author adapted the story of the Apostle with his own ideas and promised that fans will definitely give the Ling Brothers a happy ending. . In her original words, she opened this article with a resentment, the purpose is to bring happiness to Ling Tao and Ling Feng.

So warm! Xiao Jiashu was moved and unconsciously looked down. After a few more minutes, his expression gradually became distorted. Ling Feng avoided the kidnapping crisis. This is very good. Ling Feng is in love, and it is not bad. But why does Ling Tao want to close his little black house and force him to break up? This is obviously illogical! If the real Ling Tao knows that his brother is in love, he does not know how happy he is.

Hey? What the hell? Why does Ling Tao want to kiss Ling Feng? Is it the way I open the article? Seeing this delicate and extreme kiss description, Xiao Jiashu felt that his temple was smashed and the whole person was messy.To make matters worse, because his imagination is too rich, it is easy to construct the corresponding scene in the mind when reading the article, and bring in the face of himself and Ji Ge, so the description is automatically converted into an image. He was swayed and kissed by Ji Ge on the wall, and the tangled tongue tipped out, and the saliva of each other circulated in the mouth, giving off a strong hormonal taste...

Ah! How could this be! Xiao Jiashu, you can't watch it again! He rubbed his face. Hey, the heart beat at a speed of 80 degrees per second, but through the fingers, he still saw the following paragraph, Ling Tao said to Ling Feng, "Dear brother, in order to punish you. Please ride yourself to move."

Riding up and moving on myself... I have a sense of picture... Xiao Jiashu found that his head was smoky, and quickly closed his eyes and turned off the phone, and shivered.

At this moment, there was a loud noise from the side of the body. He blinked quickly, but he saw that Ji Ge’s hand slipped. He couldn’t grasp the barbell of two hundred pounds. Fortunately, he made adjustments in time. Did not strain the muscles.

"You are all right, Ji Ge?" Xiao Jiashu got up and looked very nervous.

Ji Yan stared at him while pressing his wrist, and the light was shining. After about half a minute, he muttered. "Xiao Jiashu, what are you looking at, face so red?"

"I didn't see anything." Xiao Jiashu quickly quit the blog post, returned to his homepage, and then raised his mobile phone to shake. "Just brush a microblogging. I just practiced too much, my face will definitely turn red, after a while Ok." Ma Egg, absolutely can't let Ji Ge know what I am looking at, otherwise he will think that I am abnormal.

Ji Yan’s mouth was slightly pumped, and at the end he had no choice but to open his mouth. “If you are tired, go to the lounge and lie down, soak the cup of protein. Powder.”

"When you finish our training together, I will bring you a healthy meal. My mother made it by myself. It is delicious." Xiao Jiashu insisted on not moving, he likes to watch Ji Ge fitness.

Ji Yan had no way to take him. He saw that he did not continue to read the text. He had to compromise. "Well, I have to practice for two hours. You are waiting here. Don't lie on the ground, the ground is cool, there is yoga there. Mat." He pointed to the equipment room opposite the private classroom.

Xiao Jiashu dragged his sore legs and walked to the next door to take the mat, then turned back and continued to lie down in the place not far from Ji Ge. The private walls are covered with mirrors on all four walls. No matter where he looks, they can see their red hot cheeks and neck, which looks like cooked shrimp. It's no wonder that Ji Ge can see the same thing at a glance, or his skin is too thin.

Oh, no, the character that I will play is a robot. How can the robot blush? This can't be done. If the expression is not well managed, how can the essence of the character be performed? The blush problem must be changed! Thinking of this, Xiao Jiashu couldn't lie down, climbed up and exercised expression management in the mirror. He wants to let the blush quickly fade away, but the more eager the face is, the more red, but the opposite effect. With this skill, what is the ruthlessness?

Not only this movie, but every movie in the future needs a strong expression control ability to shoot smoothly. This is a required course for actors.He was anxious to scratch his head, somehow, in his mind, he uttered four words - attacking with poison. The skin is all exercised. Since it is blushing to see the article, it is better to read a few more articles. If you see more, you will not be surprised. If even this level of crit can be tolerated, what about other souls?

Xiao Jiashu silently gave himself a praise, then opened the text with a trembling fingertip, and found several other links along the author's prompt, choosing the most shameful look of the title, "The Apostle's Dark Night" This one is the car that the old driver drove, and quickly tied the seat belt!

Xiao Jiashu did enough mental preparation, but did not know that his cheeks had already been red and bloody, and Ji Yan was frequently helping, which seemed to be a headache.

"Xiao Jiashu, come over." He put down the barbell and wiped the sweat.

"You have something to do with Ji Ge?" Xiao Jiashu immediately forgot to read the text, and ran away.

"Sit down." Ji Yan sat on the stool, and Xiao Jiashu sat on his leg.

Ji Yan took his mobile phone and saw that the page has been changed back to the home page. He pinched his jaw and gave him a big photo. He chose to send it directly. "Take a microblog comment and tell your fans to play well." New role, you are trying to lose weight. Recently, more dynamics have been made, mentioning "Apostles" and "Zerg Wars". You have the responsibility to promote them during film screening or filming."

Xiao Jiashu nodded and said that he was taught, and then buried his head and brushed the comments. What expression management and poisoning were completely forgotten by him.

Finally, the tranquility of the season, slowly spit out a breath, and finally continue to exercise the back muscles.

Xiao Jiashu did not have the conscious consciousness of the star. Other people’s idols had to make more than a dozen self-portraits a day. He only sent one in ten days, and they were all still stills or fixed-up photos. There was no new idea. The small seeds that had been hungry and screaming flocked in, and after seeing the photos, they all fell silent and then began to revel.

"I don't know if I think too much. This photo makes me feel subtle!"

I saw a big hand holding Xiao Jiashu's jaw, forcing him to look up. His hair and skin were wet with sweat, revealing a little moisturizing light, his cheeks were red, his eyes were covered with mist, and he looked innocent and stunned. The red lips dripped slightly, seemingly want to say something, and it seems In the invitation to kiss, this is full of stunning looks, at this moment more exudes a strong temptation.

One fan said, "It’s not that you think too much, this fucking is a high. The tide face!"

"Be sorrowful!"

"Mom asked me why I have a nosebleed brush microblogging #捂脸#"

"Let the temptation go, let me come!"

"Tell me who is the person who pinches your chin, I want to give him the Best Aventure Award of the Year!"

"After the screen, nosebleeds, I am going to die, who will help me to play 120, I need a lot of blood transfusion! This sapling face is too sinful! Why is the face full of sweat, what have you done?"

The unreasonable comments one by one made Xiao Jiashu unprepared. He explained again and again, "I am in fitness, so I blush and sweat, really!""Trust you believe in you!" The little seeds casually perfunctory, and turned back to the screen of the screen, the nosebleeds, the nosebleeds, the cockroaches, almost died.

Seeing the fans taking the high-speed rails and letting the entire comment area lose control, Xiao Jiashu simply wants to cry. He wants to delete the photos, but it seems to be too late. Many fans said that they have taken screenshots. If nothing happens, they will take it out and be healthier.

What a ghost? What is the "high. tide face"? Xiao Jiashu licked his face. Hey, but he was too embarrassed to tell this to Ji Ge. Although the photo was taken by him, Weibo was also made by him, but he is also good for himself. How can he blame him? Blame his fans for being too serious!

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