How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 77 Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Chapter 77

"I am admitted to Ji Ge?" He completely forgot to keep the person who was cold, turned his head and looked at Ji Yan with wet eyes.

Ji Xian first, "Admitted, I hope we can cooperate happily."

"Happy, pleasant, so happy!" Xiao Jiashu held the contract for a while, then jumped to Ji Yan, his hands clenched his neck tightly, excited. "Thank you Ji Ge, I will work hard." !"

His heart is full of pure joy, and this joy is also flooded with the seasons like a tide. There are still some uncomfortable seasons that quickly relax, looking down at Xiao Jiashu because of the excitement and seemingly incomparable eyes, I can not help but laugh.

At this moment, the elevator door slowly opened, Lin Leyang and Chen Pengxin stood outside and looked at them, their expressions were very stiff.

"Jie Ge, you are this..." Lin Leyang took a few seconds to walk in, then pressed the close button. There was a burning fire in his heart, like anger and sorrow, and deep hatred, but when he observed Xiao Jiashu through the mirror, he found that the other side had no feeling of being caught. He was happy. Jumping from Ji Ge, holding a file to look over and over, there is a line of conspicuous bold characters printed on it - the movie "Zerg War 3 returns to Earth" cast hire contract.

Xiao Jiashu was chosen? Lin Leyang’s mood was terrible, and he asked for a smile. “Zi Ge, has the role been confirmed?”

"Yes, you concentrate on making "The Lovers"." Ji Yan's tone is very weak.

"Well, I recently went to the nursing home to visit the schizophrenic. I feel that this role is still very deep and difficult..." Lin Leyang tried to communicate with Ji Ji for a while, but the first floor arrived, they had to part ways in the parking lot.

Ji Yan pulled Xiao Jiashu, who had been stupid, into the car. There was nothing extra during the period. Looking at the suv that went away, Lin Leyang finally couldn't help but blink. Chen Pengxin asked for a low voice. "Are they together? I hugged in the elevator and didn't pay attention to it at all."

"It shouldn't be together. Xiao Jiashu looks at Ji Ge's eyes like a lover, but like a fan, I should have time." Lin Leyang comforted himself.

"Unfortunately, if you don't break up with the season, this character will definitely be yours. After the filming, you can successfully enter Hollywood. After a few years of gold plating, you will be an international superstar. Where can Xiaojiashu compare with you? You still have to find a way. I will catch up with the season, I will not believe that you have been together for a few years, saying that the breakup will break up, and not who is derailed." Chen Peng new wrist.

Lin Leyang is silent, but his heart is more anxious than anyone else. He didn't want to chase him back, but he didn't know where to start, because he didn't know anything about his preferences, and he couldn't find an entry point.

After leaving the Guanshi Building, Ji Yan looked at Xiao Jiashu, who was still immersed in joy. "I invite you to eat, by the way, talk about the contract?"

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu nodded busy.

"What do you want to eat?" Ji Yan hit the steering wheel to the left."I love everything, Ji Ge, you can do it." Xiao Jiashu carefully held the contract, for fear of crumpling it.

Ji Yan quickly looked at him, Shen Sheng, "Go to eat Western food?"

Xiao Jiashu remembered the mellow taste of the red wine steak, and the saliva immediately came out. "Okay, let's eat western food."

Ji Yan continued to drive forward for a while and suddenly changed his mind. "Would you like to eat seafood?"

Drunk crab, golden legs, scallops, sea cucumbers, the best Buddha jumping wall, black truffles, star spots... A famous seafood dish is floating in the mind of Xiao Jiashu, making him covet. He didn't want to nod and nodded. "Well, let's eat seafood, but you can't eat shrimp any more, but it's not good for your health."

Ji Yan quickly looked at him and changed his mouth. "Do you want to eat seafood without eating shrimp? Would you like to eat Sichuan food?"

Sichuan cuisine is also good, you have to eat a few rabbit heads, as well as spicy brain flowers. Xiao Jiashu licked his lips and responded positively. "Well, go to eat Sichuan. I know that there is a restaurant that tastes authentic. On People's South Road, I will give you navigation."

Ji Yan turned the steering wheel toward Renmin South Road, but couldn't help but look at Xiao Jiashu every few minutes. He can feel that Xiao Jiashu really loves to eat these things. He doesn't have the ingredients to deliberately please or accommodate. He doesn't have to think about it with him. He wants to say what he wants to say, what he wants to do, he likes it. Loudly echoed, if you don't like it, you will walk away silently and will not bring unnecessary illusions to anyone. It is really easy to get along with him.

The phrase "happy cooperation" just now should not only be a promise, but a foreseeable future. Thinking of this, Ji Yan could not help but choose Xiao Jiashu.


Huang Meixuan spent three days getting the signing issue and sent a manuscript on the Internet. This tells Xiao Jiashu that he should lose weight.

"I want to lose weight, can't I? I am a standard figure." Xiao Jiashu circled in front of the mirror.

"The season always said, he let you go to the gym immediately, he is waiting for you there." Huang Meixuan's voice did not fall, see Xiao Jiashu fired ass generally ran out.

The gym is set on the 12th floor, with a large area and a lot of equipment. It also hires several personal trainers. When Xiao Jiashu arrived, Jiu was doing push-ups. A private teacher squatted to help him count. Several trainees stood in the distance and watched, and the eyes gave a light of worship.

The cockroach was wearing a black vest on the upper body and a pair of shorts on the lower body. The smooth skin was covered with sweat and it looked very sexy. Xiao Jiashu stayed, and then walked quickly.

Ji Ge's figure is awesome, the muscles on his arms are very developed, but it is not exaggerated at all. The skin is soaked with sweat and sparkling. It looks very good, so I want to pounce on the teeth and grind it. Hey, the hair is wet, and it sticks to the side of the face, feeling a messy and wild feeling. Ji Ge is really masculine, and he has a few hundred streets with flowers and beautiful men. It is no wonder that "Women's Wear" has named him the most sleepy man in Asia. He is so busy and takes time out of fitness every day. Is this screaming? This is called a minute in bed, ten years under the bed! Ji Gesai Gao!

As he walked, he thought about it, but he saw the quarters twitching with his arms, and he couldn’t get up on the ground."Do you know Xiao Jiashu?" Ji Yan turned over and looked at the culprit, biting his teeth. "I almost broke the record."

Xiao Jiashu asked sillyly, "What is your record for Ji Ge?"

"Do one thousand and three hundred push-ups in an hour."

"The trough, Ji Ge, you are so powerful!" Xiao Jiashu was stunned first, and then he really applauded.

Ji Yan looked at his innocent eyes and was discouraged.

"Going to the measurement room," he took the person into a small compartment and slowly said, "Take off the shoes and socks and go to the electronic scale. I will look at your data first. Your role this time is a robot, his The appearance has been trimmed by the engineer hundreds of times, which is completely in line with the principles of aesthetics and mechanics. It is not enough for you to pass through the light. You have to train your body. I will give you a vaccination in advance, and you are likely to shoot a nude play."

Xiao Jiashu took off the shoes a little, and was surprised, "naked play? With a woman?"

"That is a bed play." Ji Yan helplessly, "The role you play is soaked in the maintenance liquid when you play, definitely must be naked. Rest assured, only this one lens, there are clothes behind, no problem What?"

"No problem, I am a man, I am afraid of jealousy." Xiao Jiashu stayed abroad for a long time, and his thoughts were relatively open. Of course, the film side will certainly not release the full naked lens, or mosaic, or shoot from behind or look for an angle, he does not have to worry.

Ji Yan saw that he really didn't mind, this is going to look at the physical measurement data. "The weight is over two pounds and you have to lose weight."

"What, I am so thin and over-standard?" Xiao Jiashu was surprised. He always thought that he was just fluffy, not fat.

"You are very thin?" The season picked up his clothes, pinched the soft flesh between his waist with his thumb and forefinger, and sneered, "What is this?"

Xiao Jiashu shyly bowed his head, whispered, "swim ring."

"The extra two pounds of meat is estimated to be full length here." Ji Yan pinched the soft meat and found that he felt very good and couldn't help but pinch it until Xiao Jiashu put his head in his chest and put it with mercy. Open, "We have to fly to the US at the beginning of next month. You only have 20 days. You have to not only lose the excess meat in 20 days, but also have to train your muscles. Can you do that?"

"Can do it." Xiao Jiashu nodded quickly.

"Can't you do it?"

"If I can't do it, I will automatically cancel the contract."

"So hard?"

"Absolutely hard. Ji Ge, if you don't believe me to give you a record," Xiao Jiashu quickly took out the phone and recorded a piece of audio, and then sent the evidence to Ji Ge's WeChat.

Ji Yan opened and listened, and this only licked his head. "Okay, fill out the form to warm up and jog for ten minutes."

Xiao Jiashu took the form carefully and finished the treadmill. In order to get a diploma as soon as possible, he is in the library every day and has no time to exercise. It’s also a shame to say it. He’s the first time with a treadmill. Don’t say ten minutes. It’s estimated that he will have to kneel in five minutes, but Ji Ge is watching. He has to stick his teeth.I don't understand why, he is very reluctant to lose face in front of Ji Ge, always want to present his best side to him. Ten minutes later, he was sweating, his lips were white, and the soles of his feet began to sway after the treadmill.

Ji Yan quickly hugged him and softly comforted him. "It's okay, you are the first time to use a treadmill, you will definitely faint, take a sip of water and sit for a while."

"Jie Ge, you didn't tell me how to run out of motion sickness." Xiao Jiashu clung to the collar of Ji Ji, and subconsciously touched his chest and blurted out. "Zi Ge, your chest muscles are good." Elastic, definitely sticky."

Worried in the season: "..." This kid is poisonous!

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