How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 75 Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Chapter 75

"Hey, this is the belt is too tight, it will be loose, really. Actually, my body is very good, not fat or thin, standard." Xiao Jiashu explained and untied the belt button, and stepped back. The two holes are tied again, and the little swim ring is gone.

He was a little relieved and continued. "Jie Ge, on the lines and in appearance, I am the one who best meets your requirements. I don't believe you see artists of my age, which one is more handsome than me? I don't have any work at the moment. I can shoot "Zerg Wars" wholeheartedly, and my acting is also very good. Don't you always praise me?"

Having said that, he only reacted afterwards: the trough, the role is a robot, the robot has no feelings at all, how can you say so much? How can you have a rich expression? I won’t have been brushed by Ji Ge myself when I was self-recommended.

He suddenly panicked, his mouth opened and he didn't dare to talk any more. He sat down with great restraint, finished his tie, and rationalized his hair. He lifted his legs and put a poker face on his face. Your son. However, he did not suppress the desire to participate in the performance, and added a sentence slowly. "Jie Ge, as long as I don't talk, my temperament is still very calm. When I have no expression, this face is very cold. What do you think?"

Ji Yan slowly lowered his head and slowly pressed his fist against his lips. After a long time, he dumbed. "You can understand my advantages, let me consider it."

Ye Xi and Lin Leyang have been stunned by his shameless words, and they are still squatting in the chair. Their agents looked at Huang Meixuan and then gave a thumbs up. They talked about self-selling and boasting.

Huang Meixuan raised his hand and made a fist in one hand, trying to control the impulse to kill Xiao Jiashu. At this moment, she suddenly remembered a sentence - funny we are serious. She is really in the brain to bring Xiao Jiashu to interview "Zerg Wars"!

As for this time, Ji Yan received several cover letters and was open to read them one by one.

Ye Xi and Lin Leyang held their breath, and Xiao Jiashu had a high cold face on his face, and his heart was already screaming. He really likes the movie "Zerg Wars" and is more eager to be a part of it. If he was not afraid of ruining people, he really wanted to sneak out from under the desk, hugged Ji Ge’s long legs and shook it, asking him to give him another chance.

Ji Ge, my brother, Ji Ji brother, I will definitely make the best effort to play this role, you look at my sincere eyes! Xiao Jiashu is trying to lean his head, blink his eyes, sell a little cute, think of the robot's settings and stop it in time, the handsome face is tighter.

Ji Yan coughed and coughed, "I will give priority to the artists of Guan Yu and Guan Shi, but if other companies have suitable candidates, I have to take a look. The third is "Zerg Wars". The finale, I must think carefully, you should go back first, I will inform you in a few days."

"Good season total." Ye Xi and Lin Leyang immediately stood up and said goodbye.Xiao Jiashu went to the door and tried to say something and didn't dare to speak. The expression was a bit sad. Although he is not a relative son of Ji Ge, but he signed in the crown, can be regarded as a dry son, the opportunity should be bigger than others? Would you like to ask Ji Ge to eat a few meals in private? Still forget, Ji Ge is very serious and rigorous in his work. If he does not meet the requirements, it is no good to ask him to eat more meals, but he will lose his good feelings.

He thought that he had to push the door out, and his brain was full of the third story.

Huang Meixuan didn't give him a sigh of relief, Shen Shen said, "Go, go with me on the 21st floor."

"Why go to the 21st floor? I will have a technical class later."

"To apply for the "Happy Comedian" guest, if you choose, the proper annual championship!"

"Mexuan sister, are you serious or are you kidding? Is there a conflict between "Happy Comedy" and "Zerg Wars"?"

The voices of the two men gradually drifted away, and Ji Yan only held his forehead and laughed.

Just at this time, Fang Kun walked in with a thick photo album. He said, "This is a qualified male artist. You can pick a pick from Ji Ge. I will inform them to come to the interview. There is no bad arrangement for the script. Audition, but I’d like to have a chat."

The photo albums are all photos of young male artists, their looks and body are excellent, and their acting skills are also online. Ji Yan looked at the page one by one, but in his mind, Xiao Jiashu involuntarily emerged a very close face, no pores and sputum, skin like snow and porcelain, white, smooth, firm, eyebrows are also good to see, waist a bit A small swim ring, it’s soft when it’s trembled...

He closed the album with distraction and then shook his head and laughed.

Fang Kun was surprised. "No one is watching, willn't it?"

If there is no Xiao Jiashu, how can one of the seasons not see? He sighed and said helplessly. "There will be a lot of people looking for me in the near future. You can stop me. I have to think about it."

"You shouldn't have someone already chosen?"

"That's right." Ji Yan tried to drive Xiao Jiashu's overbearing face out of his mind. What is the beauty of the invasion, he finally understood today.


After returning to the lounge, Xiao Jiashu thought more and more that he was not working hard enough. When he even asked Huang Zijin for a vacation, he went to the president's office to find Chang Yu. Huang Meixuan was tossed by him, and he was already shameless anyway.

"Master Shu, why have you been here recently, how can you always find you?" He whispered a few words.

“I am currently undergoing training and want to transform.” Xiu Yu smiled and asked, “Are you coming for the Zerg War?”

Xiao Jiashu’s cheeks are reddish and he’s waving. “You don’t want to go to Ji Ge to talk about sex. I just want to take a photo of you in a studio. I feel that I am not prepared enough, the interview results are not ideal. I have to work harder again."

"By the studio? No problem, I will call sin." Xiu Changyu gave a call to the royal photographer and the royal stylist, and finally waved. "Okay, they are all in the studio." Waiting for you, go."“Thank you for repairing Shu!” Xiao Jiashu said with enthusiasm. When he left, he curiously asked, “Yes, what type do you change? You are not an artist.”

"I want to be a broker as a translator. When I am older, I have to do something challenging." Xiu Changyu coughed uncomfortably.

Xiao Jiashu waved his fist to cheer the repairing uncle, and then left without a heart. When he came to the No. 1 studio, Huang Meixuan was leaning on the door and waiting for him, and the shooting team was ready. Several stylists came around and eagerly asked, "Two little, what kind of clothes do you want to wear, what kind of makeup to make? There are samples here, you pick one first?"

"Military wear, and the future is stronger, the makeup should be clean and perfect."

Xiao Jiashu took a side-by-side plan. The photographer quickly found out the costumes according to his requirements. The three sets of military uniforms on the sea, land and air, the purity of blue, the solemnity of green, and the ethereal spirit of white, can easily be controlled by any color, and the wide belt pulls out small The thin waist, the black military boots lined up the long legs, and then the original eyebrows of the rich and colorful colors can be traced.

Sin is more and more smashing, so Xiao Xiao smiles less, but Xiao Er does not smile, a face is as hard as marble, but it shines in the spotlight. His body movements are also very stiff, standing upright, sitting satisfactorily, staring at the camera, but there is no trace of heat in his eyes, his jaw is slightly raised, his arrogance is arrogant, and he dares not to look at it.

"Great! If you put these photos in the online, your fans will be crazy for you. I don't have to do it for you. Your skin and facial features are perfect. You can use it directly when you click on the glitch. "Sin is still trying to look through the negatives."

“When can the photo album be done?” Xiao Jiashu was very anxious.


"So long? Then you send me the negatives first, I will add you WeChat." Xiao Jiashu took out his mobile phone.

Sin likes the beauty, adds him if he doesn't say anything, then sends the photos one by one. After Xiao Jiashu returned home, he used his computer to deal with it. He finished his brain and passed it to Ji Wei.

At the same time, Ji Wei was lying at home reading a book, and before he went to bed, he picked up his mobile phone and turned it over. Wechat and qq received a lot of unread information. They should all come for the casting. Everyone sent at least a dozen. It can be seen how urgent the mood is. Even Xiao Jiashu has issued 36 articles, which is rare.

The eyebrows were slightly picky, and I didn’t want to go over the crowd and directly clicked on Xiao Jiashu’s head, and immediately stopped.

I saw a beautiful face on the screen. The black enamel was inlaid with two circles of silver and white halo. I looked straight at it. There was no temperature and no feelings inside, but it was like two black holes. I could take the viewer’s soul. Going in; the white skin seems to have a layer of silver powder, and it seems to moisten some dewdrops, which are smooth and firm, and moist and moist; the thin red lips are straight, the lips are very full, and people want to taste it. .

The man in the photo is as beautiful as a god, and it is as cold as a god. The military uniform adds to his sense of distance. He can't help but want to get close, but he is afraid of his perfection. No mortal can grow like this unless it is false.Ji Yan stared at the photo for a long time, and his fingertips were stiff for a long time. He turned down one by one, and each one would stare for a few minutes. The deep squats were dark and inky. When I turned to the last one, I saw Xiao Jiashu’s message. "Jie Ge, please give me another chance to interview. I will definitely make all my efforts to play him."

There is not much flattery and flattering, and there is no eloquent explanation of his own ideas. Only this eloquent request falls directly into Ji Xin’s heart. He turned over thirty photos and read them again. After a few minutes, he looked again and then covered his eyes helplessly. No wonder everyone said that this is a world of looking faces. It’s a foul to be a beautiful person...

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