How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 74 Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Chapter 74

After reading the first half of the character set, it is the figure of Xiao Jiashu that first appeared in Ji Yan's mind. On the appearance, the other party can afford the word "perfect and flawless". In fact, in the entire entertainment circle, the only male artist who can make Ji Ji feel brighter is his only one.

But after reading the second half, Ji Yan hesitated, because he couldn't connect the word "cold" with Xiao Jiashu. The other side is like a little sun, and it is glowing all the time, and the feelings are richer than anyone else. Can he successfully play a robot without thinking and only programs?

When he silently considered it, several letters were received in the mailbox, all of which were sent by well-known domestic brokers. I also knew that it was to compete for this role. There is no secret at all in the entertainment circle. There is nothing wrong with it. The well-informed people first look for it. This is the importance of connections and resources.

Ji Yan opened the letters one by one and wrote down the names of several suitable male artists. This is sinking. "Because the script is still being revised, I can't arrange for you to audition. So, let's take a look at the story. And the character set, then explain to me their respective advantages, I will make a choice after considering it." The words handed over the printed three copies of the information.

Ye Xi and Lin Leyang first went to see the character set, but Xiao Jiashu couldn't wait to read the story outline. He thought that he could get the script first, so it’s a pity!

Fifty years after the human exile universe, the story was joined by the Zerg invading the wisdom of the home to build a man-made planet, but the lack of energy and food on the planet is not a long-lasting security bastion. At this time, the last elder of Tak Star received the hint of the god of the universe at the expense of life, that is, "the hope of the universe is on earth." So the protagonists formed the expedition squad and embarked on the road to return to the earth. They dug up a medieval ruins and found the leader of the robotic army that once destroyed the earth.

The leader has been completely formatted by the medieval humans who defeated the robot army, but the powerful performance is still there, so the wise man of the expedition, that is, the character played by Ji Xian, was forced to start him by the siege of the Zerg. With his help, the expedition went deep into the ruins and found a little girl who was frozen.

After thousands of years of human development, genes have evolved and merged with the blood of other intelligent races, becoming very powerful and possessing a variety of abilities. The little girl is a pure-blooded human, very weak, and will be broken when almost touched. Is she really the hope of the universe in prophecy? The expedition team was lost.But in any case, they decided to wake up the little girl and bring her back to the artificial planet. During the siege of the Zerg, the little girl was parasitized by a larva, but the larva quickly drilled into her body and then blew herself down. Several protagonists were shocked and discovered that the little girl was suffering from a terminal illness and was thus frozen. The terminally ill virus just happened to restrain the development of the Zerg and explode them. But unfortunately, genetically modified modern humans will gradually weaken if they are contaminated with the blood of a little girl until they die.

The seemingly weak little girl is actually a pathogen for walking. It may be hopeful or desperate.

The news was sent back to the Survivors Alliance, and the major races negotiated to make a cruel decision. They recruited tens of thousands of volunteers to plant viruses in their bodies and then sent them to the planets occupied by the Zerg. If the zerg does not get enough food, the internals will kill and devour themselves. In the end, the virus spreads throughout their entire population and then turns into a fluffy bloody fog...

Xiao Jiashu looked at the story and outlined the brain plot, and the eyes straightened without knowing it. Wonderful, wonderful! The third part is still hotter than the first two parts. He can't wait to shoot it out immediately, and then enjoy watching it!

However, Ye Xi and Lin Leyang do not care about the so-called plot. They only know that the newly added characters have a lot of plays and the image is very positive. If they can qualify for the performance, they can go abroad and go international. Smooth, in a few years, you can become a superstar, like Ji Wei.

About two minutes later, Ye Xi and Lin Leyang put down the information and saw the wild vision, while Xiao Jiashu was still watching the story, and the eyes were not turned.

Ji Wei waited for him for five minutes. Seeing that he hadn't looked up yet, he had to hit the desktop reminder. "Don't you read it?"

“Hey? It’s fast!” Xiao Jiashu’s return from the wonderful story, carefully looked at the character settings.

"Talk about what advantages you have." Ji Wei leaned forward slightly and looked serious.

After Ye Xiding fixed his mind, he said, "I have a good shape, and I am an artist of the General Manager of Ji Ji. It is better to deploy in the schedule." He euphemistically reminded Ji Ji to let the Feishui flow to the outside field. If his artist is developing well, The first thing to gain benefits is the boss.

Ji Yan only slightly nodded and did not express any opinions. He looked at Lin Leyang and asked, "What about you?"

Lin Leyang is not used to his cold attitude, and his heart snorted before he muttered. "I think, my acting is the biggest advantage, and I am also an artist in the studio, I can fully cooperate with the shooting schedule. I also minor. In English, there is no problem with the lines, although the shape may not meet the requirements, but if the makeup is right, it can fully meet the requirements. Ji Ge, this is my set of makeup in "The Lovers", you look."

He pushed an open album to the hand of the season.

Xiao Jiashu glanced at his neck and then rubbed his wrist in the bottom of his heart: Hey, why didn't I think of taking a few photos to bring the interview? Miscalculated!Although Lin Leyang looks faint, but as Huang Zijin said, his face is especially suitable for makeup, and it can show another taste if you smear it. He played a schizophrenic person among the lover, so the stylist designed a gorgeous makeup for him. After dyeing his eyebrows and eyeliner, he looked extremely cold, and the red lips added him a □ □. Puzzle, if you don’t look at him, just look at the photos, you can afford the words “beautiful and innocent”.

Xiao Jiashu was stunned by his new style. The seasons were dull and dull, and Zhangkou hit the key. "You have to shoot "Lovers", how do you match the schedule?"

"The "Lovers" is still being filmed. I can shoot "Zerg" first."

"Zerg is also preparing for the filming. I haven't determined when to boot. How can you be sure that the file will not hit?"

"Then I can shoot "Zerg" first, so that director Hu Ming will postpone all my plays."

"Does he disagree?"

"He has already agreed." Lin Leyang will not go this way without preparation for perfection. He said that he was also an artist who was crowned by the studio, and Hu Ming could not disagree with the investment in the crown. And if he gets the role of "Zerg", he can also pull the popularity of "Lovers" and kill two birds with one stone.

Even if he broke up, Ji Ge’s name is still easy to use. If you can stand at the same height as Ji Ge as early as possible, we may be able to break the mirror and then manage this relationship smoothly. Ji Ge is right, the feelings need to be equal. Thinking of this, Lin Leyang’s desire to participate has become more urgent.

Ji Yan brows slightly wrinkled and quickly loosened, and turned to Xiao Jiashu, "What is your advantage?"

Xiao Jiashu’s rosy lips, seriously said, “My advantage is too obvious. First of all, I have been abroad for many years. Speaking English is like speaking a native language. There is absolutely no problem with the lines. Secondly, he suddenly stood up. With both hands on the desk, the whole face was put in front of the season, and the face was thick. "You can lick me this face, handsome?"

Ji Yan was sprayed a few times with his heat, only to feel a slight numbness, and then he was attracted by his enlarged face.

Xiao Jiashu saw Ji Ge for a long time and did not answer. He could only say hard to the scalp. "You see my skin, do you have acne, are there any pores? If you find out a little bit, I will admit defeat." Said to turn his head, but also gently touch the skin on his face, how much narcissism is more narcissistic.

The pupils of the season are enlarged and the color is deepened. His gaze has been uncontrollably stuck on Xiao Jiashu's face.

Xiao Jiashu pointed at his own eyes and ears and said, "Since it is the most powerful robot leader, his shape is definitely perfect. My skin will pass through first? You look at my facial features, eyebrows thick Not thick, the nose is not quite, the lips are not red, the eyes are not bright?" He picked up an a4 paper to cover his right half of the face, and then covered his left half of the face, exaggerated, "Look, face Completely symmetrical, the facial features are absolutely beautiful, the skin is firm and smooth, and only the heavy industry manufacturing and artificial decoration can make up such a look. I am fully qualified!"Every time he said one, Ji Yan looked at it, and his eyes had already bottomed out.

Like what I thought of, Xiao Jiashu bowed his head and licked his hair and continued to boast. "Jie Ge, look at my hair again, black and bright, still very smooth and smooth, like not fake, like silk?"

The silky flying room brings out a scent of fragrance, stirring up the seasons and feeling restless.

Xiao Jiashu did not know anything. After standing up straight, he picked up his clothes and continued. "You look at me again, not fat or thin, just right. Where do you go to find an actor who is more suitable than my appearance?" I slammed it on my belly and looked confident.

Ji Yan looked at his waist, and the turbulent twilight instantly returned to calmness. He pointed to a soft flesh and asked, "What is this?"

Xiao Jiashu looked down and found that his little waist was pulled out of the belt by a layer of swimming ring, and his cheeks suddenly became red.

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