How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 73 Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Chapter 73

Xiao Jiashu couldn't help but lift the phone after getting on the bus. He took a photo of himself and his brother, and then sent it to Weibo, and added: My brother.

Xiao Dingbang looked at him from the side, but his expression was dull, but his eyes were full of pets. With this photo alone, the outside world can know that the feelings of the two brothers are not sham, they will not fight for the inheritance right as you rumor.

The fans immediately screamed, "Oh, my brother is so handsome and majestic, and he is worthy of being a realistic version of the overbearing president!"

"What car is the brother driving? The logo on the steering wheel is not very familiar, Bentley?"

"Stupid, that is Babs, the monster in the off-road vehicle, the performance is very strong, the appearance is more powerful, not a real man can not control, the starting price is at least six million. Brother is really rich, still very angry!"

"Wait, you forgot Taoge? You will also show a photo of Tao Ge!"

"To Tao Ge! Little saplings will get sugar!"

"I don't eat the dog food of you and Tao Ge today, I am determined not to go offline. @季冕, your brother and other people show love, you are in charge!"

"I just want to make a song for the sapling: Is every man around you, and finally become your brother? His heart is broken, my heart is broken, whether it is you, you, the sadness of collecting. Whether every happy blue face, in the end is your sad brother, his ecstasy, my ecstasy, whether you are you, owe intoxication..."

This message is full of replies below, someone sneaked, "big sister paper, don't sing, expose age!"

"Ha ha ha ha, I can't help but sing up #捂脸#"


The netizen’s message was more than a happy one, and Xiao Jiashu was crying and laughing. He also went to search for the song “You have a few good sisters in the end”.

At the same time, Ji Yan is also brushing the micro-blog of the small sapling, the smile of the corner of the mouth has not been scattered from beginning to end. He opened the photo album and brought up a photo of two people feeding eggs to each other at the hot spring pool. They edited two words - my brother, and then I wanted to send it up, but I stopped in time.

Just when he was hesitant, Xiao Jiashu updated a microblog again. The selected photo was so unfortunate that it was the one that Ji Xian picked, and the text only had three words - my Tao Ge. The smile on his photo is silly, and the wet eyes are full of warmth.

Ji Yan's fingertips just stayed in his eyebrows, and when he was back to God, he seemed to be burned, and he hurriedly pulled his hand away.

Fans who wish to pay more are more energetic, and they have tens of thousands of praises in just a few minutes. Someone was happy to roll straight, while sighing and sighing, "I know that the official sugar is the sweetest! Mom, I have been sweet, and my teeth are a few!"

"Where is this? Take a hot spring together? There is a rape. Love!"

"Is the egg fed by my brother very delicious? Be sure to be together. If you separate, I will definitely turn the powder black, and I will send you a blade #举菜菜邪笑#"p powder has been greatly satisfied, mother powder is also happy to see it, only love powder and girlfriend powder think that the two are pure brotherhood, and at this time the "Apostles" screening period, should send these pictures as a movie Propaganda did not raise any protests.

Ji Yan whispered for a while, then deleted the previously edited Weibo, and selected another animation to send out, and added: my brother.

This animation was shot at the publicity ceremony. He helped Xiao Jiashu to dry his tears and snot, and patted his red cheeks. His movements were very soft, his expression was very pampered, and his subtitles were accompanied by subtitles - baby don't cry.

When the news came out, the fans were completely crazy, and they were almost sweetened by death. Some people asked where the expression pack was downloaded. How have they not seen it before? Of course they have never seen it, because this is what Ji Ji himself did, including words.

Fang Kun was scared by the continuous prompt tone, and opened the phone to know what had happened. Seeing the surge in the amount of p powder, he reluctantly said, "You are a little bit of Ji Ge, male and male p can not stir up."

"No frying, pure fun." Ji Wei is preparing to turn off the phone, but found that Xiao Dingbang also sent a microblog, with a picture of him and Xiao Jiashu sitting together for dinner, the text is - my brother . There is a more "pro" word, and the provocation is very strong!

Ji Yan couldn't help it anymore, and he even laughed with his fists. It is no wonder that Xiao Jiashu is so naive, it turned out to be a family inheritance!

Fans are also happy, and the reply is all a big piece of "hahaha". You must know that Xiao Dingbang was cold before. In addition to corporate affairs, Weibo never sent anything related to private affairs. This is jealous in counterattack! The feelings of the two brothers are so good!

Originally, there were still sunspots in the spray of Xiaojiashu, the god of the season, borrowing the gods and so on, and saw that Xiao Dingbang was a strong backup and suddenly dared not say anything. With Xiao Jiashu's family background, I really don't have to worry about anyone.

Four microblogs were sent out together, although the texts were very simple, but the amount of information was very large, and the plot was very funny. It didn't take long before I boarded the Weibo hot search list. The title was #两大佬争风吃醋# .

Fang Kun saw that it was a bit ridiculous, but helplessly, "Yes, let's go with you, and Xiao Jiashu's living treasure, there is nothing to toss." Seeing the entertainment circle's intrigue, like Xiao Jiashu, this unintentional person is really Too little.

A week later, the flat advertisements of the Chan Yue Hotel began to be launched on a large scale. The advertisements of the airports, major shopping malls, and skyscrapers were all attached with photos of Xiao Jiashu and Ji Yan, whether they were formal, casual, or sportswear. Bathrobes, both of them are dressed in style, and the interaction is very tacit and natural, gazing at each other's eyes, there is a warmth in the surge, so that people can not help but smile.

Fans know that the photos they sent before are not the same as the two people traveling together, but at work, they immediately call on, but they have to admit that they are very compatible, they are mature, restrained, strong, and youthful. Exuberant, lively, just like a natural pair, no matter what you want - family, friendship, and even love, can be found in their eyes.The success of the advertisement has once again raised the popularity of Xiao Jiashu. If he shoots another movie that is also popular, he is a proper second-line artist.

On this day, Huang Meixuan took him to the 26th floor and asked seriously, "Would you like to shoot the third part of the Zerg War?"

"The Zerg Wars series released by Universal Pictures?" The lazy Xiao Jiashu stood up straight and his eyes glowed.

"Yes, this movie is a Sino-US joint venture. Do you know it? The Chinese investor is Ji Ji. The first two have already created a box office myth, and the third one will only be bigger. I just received the news. The third part is to add an oriental actor. The drama is comparable to the protagonist. You want to go to the season to fight for it. My face in him is not as big as yours, and it doesn't matter. I can tell you, you must never learn. Those who have a false high temper, if you want to be red, you have to fight for yourself. Don’t always let others pick you..."

Speaking of this, Huang Meixuan suddenly stopped, and then silently assisted. I saw Xiao Jiashu’s high resistance. He was very excited. He took out a small comb from his bag and took care of his hairstyle. Then he looked at the glossy mirror door and took the right shot. Not perfect.

"I have made a "Zorg War"!" he said vowed.

"Zerg Wars" has so far completed two, the first is "Escape from the Earth", saying that the earth is occupied by a destructive parasite, and the surviving humans are unable to resist and have to flee to outer space. The second part is "The Exile Galaxy", which says that humans escaped from the Milky Way and discovered that the parasite is the natural enemy of all living things in the universe. They have invaded many planets, and the intellectual races that have lost their homes have to unite to find vitality. At the end of the second, the elders of Tak Star, who had the ability to predict, left a sentence before the death—the hope of the universe was on earth.

So the third "Return to Earth" came into being, but the specific plot is still secret. Only the actors that the crew are looking for must meet three conditions: one, the oriental; the second, the male; the third, the age of twenty. Under five years old.

"Zerg Wars" has set a global box office of 5.03 billion since its release. The third part has been in preparation for three years, and it has attracted much attention. Xiao Jiashu is an avid fan of the film. In order to buy a movie ticket, he also spent a night outside the ticket office to know that he has the opportunity to participate in the third filming. How can he not go all out?

He wiped his forehead's hair and made sure he was ready, so he walked into the office of Ji Ji.

"You are coming too? Please sit down." Ji Yan smiled at him.

Xiao Jiashu is a bit worried, only because there are two young men in the office, one is Lin Leyang and the other is Ye Xi, which is the artist currently held by Guan Yu Studio. Lying in the trough, I am not the pro-son of Ji Ge, is there a chance? He sat down uncomfortably.What kind of ghost is your son? Ji Yan hit the lips with his fists and coughed up coughingly. He finally said, "You are really good news. I just received the casting email from the other side. You should sit for a while, let me see the information." Although the film is a Sino-US joint venture, in fact Universal Pictures was founded seven years ago, so he has absolute right to speak in the selection of roles.

The three men nodded, and their agent sat quietly in the back of the teahouse.

The scriptwriter is still modifying the script, but the general plot has been determined. In order to save time, only the outline of the story and the character setting are sent. Who chooses the boss to look at it. The story of the story is already well known, so I will skip it directly and go to see the character set. The newly added role is very special. It is the leader robot that launched the artificial intelligence war thousands of years ago. It has a flawless appearance, a tall and straight figure, and a noble and temperament. He must be outstanding and can be seen at a glance in the crowd; it must also be cold, without any feelings that human beings should have.

After reading this text, Ji Yan looked down on Xiao Jiashu subconsciously, and the other person raised his head and stood up, throwing a confident look.

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