How To Say I Love You

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Xiao Jiashu is on fire. He is revered by netizens as "the man who lives in the expression pack." If you haven't used Xiao Yang's expression pack this year, then you are out. Ling Feng and Ling Tao are also on the CP. Many fans said that they bought movie tickets just to see the interaction between the two. Although the ending is very bad, the process is very sweet, and the reality is sweeter. This is enough.

In the weeks of the film screening, #凌涛和凌峰# This topic has been topped from the top of the hot list from time to time, showing how much the audience loves these two characters. In the end, "Apostles" ended with a high box office of 1.56 billion, earning a reputation and popularity.

In order to blaze the brothers CP, many advertisers also extended olive branches to Ji Wei and Xiao Jiashu, but they were rejected until an invitation was sent to the Chan Yue Hot Spring Resort.

"Zhen Yue's endorsement, Ji Ge, you can't pick up?" Fang Kun couldn't make up his mind.

"I will ask Xiao Jiashu first." Ji Wei just picked up the mobile phone, and the prompt tone rang. He said that Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived, Xiao Jiashu sent an expression pack, and added, "I am not here?"

Fang Kun glanced at him casually, then sneered out. I saw Xiaojiashu’s expression pack. He hid behind a wall and explored half of his head to watch the wild dogs and wild cats grabbing screenshots of the food in the trash. He was full of heads and his face was covered with a beard, only a pair of cautious and watery eyes, which looked both pitiful and funny.

Ji Yan also whispered open, and sent a face expression pack, "Yes, what's the matter?"

"The endorsement of Zen Yue, let's pick it up together, the fat water doesn't flow outside the field." Xiao Jiashu made another expression pack - he wandered in a big, snake-skin pocket filled with plastic bottles, his eyes bravingbuling The light, with subtitles in the lower right corner - make a fortune!

Ji Yan, while supporting the forehead, laughed and laughed for a long time. He took down four words. "Take it."

The next day, the two came to the studio to shoot a print ad, and the staff responsible for receiving them was very attentive. One is the big movie emperor, the other is the president's younger brother, and he can't afford it!

"My brother?" Xiao Jiashu looked around, and then showed a disappointed expression.

"Xiao always has a meeting, and I will come later. Two less, Teacher Ji, you please here." The staff took them into the dressing room and explained in detail, "This hotel is built for health. Consumers are urban elites or seniors who need to relax, not tourists, so set family and friendship as the theme of today's shooting. In other words, you are both a brother and a friend in the filming. It will be fine."

Ji Yan looked at Xiao Jiashu.

Xiao Jiashu nodded immediately. "No problem." Isn't that just treating Ji Ge as a relative? This is difficult.

"Okay, then you do the styling first, I am going to communicate with the photographer." The staff gave the two people a cup of coffee, and that's it.An hour later, the two men in the same suit walked into the studio, but Jixi’s suit was gray, and the board was just right and meticulous. The hair was all combed to the back of the head, revealing the deep and beautiful facial features. On the nose of the nose, there was a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, but it did not cover his sharp eyes. Instead, he showed him a bit of pressure.

Xiao Jiashu's suit is royal blue, the hair is messy and fluffy, but it doesn't look awkward. On the contrary, it is a bit free and easy, no tie, no clothes buckle, slender neck and a small piece of sex. The clavicle is revealed. Attractive.

The two are clearly dressed in the same clothes, but the style presented is completely different. A calm abstinence, a playful and lively, standing together has both a sense of splitting and a sense of harmony. It is like being sunken in each other but can be tightly buckled. The hemisphere together, people can't wait to tie them together with a rope.

When the photographer’s eyes lit up, he immediately said, “This is the feeling, it’s great! Please come here!” In order to highlight the various functions of the hotel, the first set of photos was taken in the business meeting room. A luxurious round conference table is placed in the middle, lit by lights.

"Pretend that you are at work, the props on the table can be used casually, free to play, no need to care for me, I look at the capture." The photographer pointed at the laptop and folder on the table.

Eh? I have not done public! Every time Shaw Pharmaceuticals holds a general meeting of shareholders, I am a portrait, sitting on the wood. Xiao Jiashu scratched his head and was very embarrassed. Ji Yan smiled at him with a smile, and finally reminded, "I am coming to work, you can play casually. Our style is very telling the problem, I am an elite, you are awkward, you can do it."

Xiao Jiashu, who suddenly realized the glory, smiled gratefully, and then picked up the folder concave shape. He imagined himself as a second ancestor who only knew his brother. He was all eating, drinking, and having fun in his mind. He didn't work at all. The reason why he came to the meeting was forced by his brother.

But thinking about him, he almost cried, because this is simply his portrayal in real life. Where is the hypothesis? He suddenly vented his breath, one hand holding a shackle, a hand fake model pinched the folder, but the eyeballs secretly went to the cockroaches, and the black glutinous rice was full of sadness and jealousy. Ji Yan is staring at the laptop, his expression is very serious, as if a video conference is being held.

The photographer immediately pressed the shutter and encouraged loudly. "OK, that's it! The expression is great, come back!"

Great? Xiao Jiashu came to the end, put his long legs on the table, put his hands behind his head, and swayed smugly. I am a second ancestor, what happened? I just don't like to go to work, what happened? Did you catch me hard? Ok, I am so troubled that you are not safe. As he tried to shake his legs, his eyebrows were high and he looked very ugly.

He added a lot of drama to himself, but he did not know that Ji Yan almost endured a smile and endured an internal injury. This living treasure, how the imagination is so rich, is really a fine game.

"Put your legs down." Ji Yan took off his gold-rimmed glasses and glared at him with deep, unpredictable eyes.

The pictures of the brothers and sisters were quickly recorded by the photographer.Xiao Jiashu immediately squatted, and put his legs down honestly, then squinted and sneaked into the quarter, his expression was somewhat wronged, and the scorpion with water was as if he was accusing: "How are you so strict?"

Ji Yan gaze at him, the curvature of the corner of his mouth and the gentleness of the depths of his eyes weaken the majestic and cold atmosphere, as if he asked helplessly, "How are you so naughty?"

The two of you look up at me, I look at you, my body is slightly close to each other, so that the composition of the picture presents a strange sense of harmony and contradiction, and then a fine product, but also can find the warmth hidden in it. The photographer sneaked dozens of photos and sighed while shooting - not to be the best CP of the year, and this tacit understanding is absolutely perfect!

It took only ten minutes to complete the photo of the conference room, and the group went to the presidential suite. Xiao Jiashu, who had the shooting experience, completely released this time, and put on the casual clothes of the same color as Ji Ji, lying on the sofa lazily.

Ji Yan naturally walked over and laughed lowly. "Let, let's have only one sofa. You are all occupied by oneself. Where is your brother sitting?" Unconsciously, he actually substituted himself into the role of brother, when he was treated with Xiao Jiashu. Full of patience and gentleness.

No one knows how much he longed to have a brother or sister, so that you don't have to face the terrible past alone, and you don't have to endure decades of loneliness. If someone can share the pain and share joy with him, perhaps he will not lose hope for his life so early. He has been looking for the power of life, but the essence of life seems to be uninteresting.

However, when he lowered his head and looked at Xiao Jiashu's lazy face, the dull eyes did not consciously reveal a little light.

Xiao Jiashu is lying in the sun, the whole person is soft, barely lifting up the upper body, vaguely, "Zi Ge, you are sitting, can I lie on your lap? I want to sleep."

"Take a few photos and sleep again." Ji Yan sat down and patted his face flushed with blush.

"I am really sleepy. I went to eat chicken last night." Xiao Jiashu turned over and lay down against the quarter.

Eating chicken seems to be an online game, Ji Ji knows, but never played. He stared at Xiao Jiashu's sleepy face. He was so sad and smiling that he wanted to shake the other side, but his fingertips couldn't help but insert it into his hair, and he would caress and rubbed it.

Xiao Jiashu is like a cat caressed by the owner. While scorning, he slowly moves his position, from lying on his back to lying on his back, revealing his most vulnerable places in the eyes of the season. He trusted him wholeheartedly and relied on it wholeheartedly. The sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving them a soft gold rim, making the whole picture look incredibly warm.

The photographer pressed the shutters one after the other and then compared an OK gesture. No need to change the shape, this feeling is already very good, so that the whole suite is warm and comfortable, and immediately want to move in and sleep.

"Change a scene..." The photographer's big voice was blocked by Ji Ji's "beep" gesture.

"Let him sleep for a while." Ji Yan did not dare to stand up, but could only helplessly spread his hand."Good, two less busy work recently, certainly very tired. The photos behind can be taken again in the next day, anyway, we are not in a hurry." Where the staff dared to disturb the little ancestor, quickly took a blanket to cover him On, then I looked at Ji Daying Emperor, "Mr. Ji, do you want to move it? We help you lift the two less?"

"No, let him sleep well and say. Have a book, give me a copy, whatever you want." Ji Wei tried to keep down the voice.

"Yes, I will give you this." The staff found a novel and brought a pot of coffee.

In this way, Ji Yan sat in the warm sunshine, holding a man in his arms, holding a book in his hand, while tasting the text, while savoring the coffee, spent the whole afternoon leisurely. For such a quiet and beautiful day, he has not enjoyed it for a long time.

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