How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 70 Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Chapter 70

After a burst of propaganda, "Apostles" was finally released as scheduled. After a brief meeting, the lights of the cinema darkened. Xiao Jiashu sat next to Ji Xian, nervous and cold. This is the first time he watched a movie he shot. He didn't know how it performed, and he could get recognition from the audience.

"Don't be nervous, you are doing very well." Ji Yan put it in his ear and comforted with a low voice.

Xiao Jiashu’s thoughts suddenly went away. Ji Ge’s voice is really nice. It’s no wonder that most of the movies he shot used the original sound, and the voice actor was rarely used. Emma, ​​the ear is pregnant. He touched his hot earlobe, and he had already left his nervousness behind his head.

Ji Yan's low smile made his ear tremble, and if it was not the sound of the title song, he estimated that he was still immersed in the idol's intoxicating "subwoofer".

The plot of the movie slowly spreads out, and the audience may not feel anything, but Xiao Jiashu can easily find out how much difference between his early and late performances. In the early days, he didn't know what it was called, but simply presented the other side of his life. Although it looked natural, it was less infectious. Performances without acting are thin, plain, and powerless. Now he finally understands what this sentence means.

In the later period, he gradually put himself into the heart of the characters, and his acting skills also made a leap forward. He calmly analyzes his performance in the movie like a bystander, silently remembers the color or inadequacy; and like a participant, he is deeply attracted by the development of the plot. Finally, when he saw the scene of Ling Feng’s death, his mind was already blank, and he could only gaze gazing at the eyes of the season that were magnified many times.

The despair and sincereness in the eyes poured into the door of his heart like the sea, making him think and swearing. Unknowingly, he had burst into tears, and the tearful teardrops slipped his neck to wake him up, then he lowered his head and wiped his face with a tissue.

After that, he no longer had the temptation to think about it. He had already taken all his heart into Ling Tao, who had decided to destroy the whole world. Seeing Ling Tao injured, he seemed to feel the pain too; seeing Ling Tao fall into madness, he seems to have lost his way. His emotions and sorrows were controlled by the characters in the film. Because Ji Ji’s acting was too powerful, he could not get rid of it. What's more, he also played the brother of Ling Tao. This kind of appeal is powerful and countless times. He instantly broke him into the illusory but real world.

In the end, Ling Tao shot down. He crouched on a pile of ashes, and the light in his eyes went out a little bit. There was a cry in the shadow hall, which was obviously a villain, but no audience applauded his Fuxi, only because his life was too rough and too tragic. He is so bad that he loves it at the same time; his heart is filled with darkness, but it is also shining.

This is a complicated man, why is it cold, but why is it hot? He and Ling Feng are like a whole body. Once they lose each other, they are no longer a complete person, so they lose the meaning of existence. His ending has already been doomed.He used the ultimate black to set off the ultimate white of Ling Feng. On the contrary, Ling Feng used the ultimate light to awaken his only remaining good thoughts. The existence of these two characters in the film is mutually supportive and mutually premised. It is impossible to give up any one to talk about their performance. Once one of the actors couldn't keep up with another acting, the movie was ruined.

But now, not only has it not been destroyed, but it has been brilliance because of the extraordinary performance of the two actors. All the contradictions and conflicts hidden in the plot, humanity and animal nature are like a hot lava in a violent way. The explosion started.

The audience is either amazed, or weeping, or indulging, all attracted by the plot, but Xiao Jiashu is uncomfortable to suffocate. He stared at the dying Ling Tao, could not help but scream in his heart: Do not die, do not care about my ashes, take the plane and go! Leave here to go abroad, build a house of your own, marry and have children, and live a normal life.

He can't take care of anything. The law is not law. He only knows that this person is his own brother. Even if he destroys the whole world, he should not suffer such an ending.

Ling Tao was finally dead, and the light in his eyes completely dissipated, leaving only a deep darkness. Xiao Jiashu’s tears rushed, and how to wipe it was not clean. He has always been a sentimental person. When he was a child, watching TV was particularly easy to be touched by the lyrical lens. Although he grew up, he was restrained, but he still couldn’t stand in the face of Jiu’s powerful acting.

Ji Wei played Ling Tao, and Xiao Jiashu could not treat him as an illusory figure. He is his brother, and he hopes he can have a happy ending. Where is the scriptwriter? What do I want to do to kill him?

While looking at the screenwriter, his cheeks were covered with a handkerchief. One arm was looped from behind, gently pressed on his shoulder, and Ji Yan’s helpless voice sounded, "Don’t cry, This is just a movie."

"It is not. In my heart, they are all people with flesh and blood." Xiao Jiashu sullenly retorted.

Ji Yan wants to laugh, but he is full of emotion. When watching this story, how can he not feel the strong fluctuations in Xiao Jiashu's heart, he tried to pray for Ling Tao, so eagerly hope that he can live. He poured these loveful emotions into the seasons, so that the seasons were soaked in the hot springs. Every pore was soothed and infiltrated, making him sit up and still can't help himself. among them.

It turned out that this is the "feeling of being loved". After living for more than 30 years, Ji Xian first realized the meaning of these words. So he couldn't stand Xiao Jiashu's crying. He knew that Luo Zhangwei had invited many reporters, and they were secretly shooting actors. He still took Xiao Jiashu into his arms, and he used his handkerchief to wipe away the tears and nose on his face.

"Don't cry, the reporter is shooting, do you want to make a headline on the photo of your own crying?" He whispered in the ear of Xiao Jiashu.

Xiao Jiashu was stiff and then looked up and let Ji Yan help him wipe his face."You are very good at Ji Ge! You played Ling Tao live, I really don't want him to die. Why didn't the writer write the second one? He can change Ling Tao's ending and change it into a fake death, let him When I go to a foreign country to live in seclusion, when the crime is sinful again, he will go out and help him to do the undercover work. In fact, he has already sinned. The drug trafficking circle in Southeast Asia is only pulled out by him. What has he done? He Jin is a simple and simple-minded man with four limbs. Without Ling Tao helping him in the back, he has already died hundreds of times. What kind of work has he done?” Xiao Jiashu complained incessantly to ease his inner grief. With.

Ji Yan was made to laugh and cry, and his face was wiped clean, and finally he couldn't help but patted his hand twice. This live treasure!

The movie just happened to be played to the finale. He Jin buried the ashes of the two brothers together, and then hung the nameplate engraved with the words "T&F" on the tombstone, and the breeze blew a whisper. The subtitles slowly climbed up, and the sad and cool music reverberated in the cinema, followed by the audience’s applause.

Shi Tingheng applauded and smiled. "Xiao Jiashu, don't think that I can't hear you are burying me. Believe it or not, I will send you a photo of your crying to the Internet, and publicize it for you."

Xiao Jiashu quickly made a gesture of bala zipper, squinting his eyes and looking for mercy, with a red face and nose, the image is really terrible. Shi Tingheng and Ji Wei and others were teased by him, but Lin Leyang, who was sitting in the corner, couldn't plug in. He could only get through the face.

When Xiao Jiashu began to cry, Ji Ge’s attention was completely out of the film. He will go to see each other almost every few minutes, his face full of struggle, helplessness and pity. In the end, he finally couldn't help himself, while he took out his hand and helped Xiao Jiashu to wipe his face while holding the person into his arms and patted him. He didn't know how gentle and sullen his expression was, just like Ling Tao on the screen.

Was it because of this film, so he fell into that illusory feeling and could not get out? Lin Leyang is uncomfortable in his heart, but he is no longer qualified to question or interfere.

The lights in the cinema were lit up, and several founders stood up and greeted the audience, while the audience reported thunderous applause. I don't know which little girl whispered with a whimpering voice. "Which movie writer is? Stand up and let me see, I promise not to kill him! Why do he write Ling Tao and Ling Feng!"

The audience suddenly blasted the pot, some people laughed, some were attached, and others sighed. But in any case, the film is on fire, it has shaped one of the most successful and most charismatic villains in the history of the film, adding a brilliant touch to Ji Li’s resume.

Xiao Jiashu is not inferior to the performance of the two major film emperors, and he has gained wide recognition in the entertainment industry. Someone said before that he was fired by a face and a prominent family. Now no one is going to put this kind of words. Good family and good looks are his strengths, but at the same time, he also has excellent acting skills.

If such a person does not get up, it will be unreasonable."Apostles" is a police film, the investment scale is not large, the full play is also 350 million, the cost of earning back just a week after the release, the reputation continues to rise in the next few weeks, the major websites have given a high evaluation. There is good news and bad news. Of course, this bad news is only for Xiao Jiashu.

The photo of his crying in the cinema was taken by the reporter and sent to the Internet. What’s more, he was caught in the arms of the season, and his tears were also transmitted everywhere, and he was wandering on the streets. The screenshots are clipped together into the emoticon and occupy the throne of the best emoticon of the year.

Netizens all said that after watching the movie, they went to see the pictures, and their hearts and minds were cured. This is the correct way to open the Ling brothers! Please be sure to be happy anyway!

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