How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 69 Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Chapter 69

Xiao Jiashu has no face to see people, he is really a slip! What is the ghost of the palace? It’s really shameful to be in front of the people’s face in the country! He licked his face. Hey, while pushing the season, he begged, "Jie Ge, you are in charge of them."

Ji Yan said with a smile, "Well, don't make trouble, Xiaoshu is shy."

"Hey! The king's strength favors the goddess, I can only retire!" The little crowns sneaked a wave, and this was gradually retired, making the audience under the audience almost laughed. Today's seasons really make them open their eyes, what topics can be talked about, what can be connected, and even jokes can open, simply subverting everyone's usual impression of him. But there is no denying that he is more like this because of the truth.

Lin Leyang looked at the joyful interaction between the two, the whole heart was bleeding, and finally the host said goodbye, and then stood up.

Chen Pengxin quickly rushed to help him, his expression was very anxious. The ratings of this program have set a historical record. There are many reasons for this. However, after the analysis of the broadcast, he said to him: When Xiao Jiashu and Ji Ji interact, the ratings will rise a little, showing that the audience is very fond of the two. However, Lin Leyang’s performance on the show was extremely poor, his expression was stiff, he was full of conversations, and he did not have any communication with other guests. Even the blind man can see that he was isolated, which is more convincing that he is not in line with Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu.

"Smile, the camera is still shooting." Chen Pengxin pressed the shoulders of Lin Leyang.

"I can't laugh." Lin Leyang speaks with a whimper, but his mouth has a smile. He can't hold it anymore.

"Go to the dressing room first." The two went hand in hand to the background.

At the same time, Xiao Jiashu is also very embarrassed. He is like a small tail, and he wants to say something behind the season, but he doesn't know how to speak. He wants to tell Ji Ji that he is not interested in spying on his privacy. He just likes him too much, so he will unconsciously pay attention to his bits and pieces, and then quietly remember it. He can't control his own thinking, but he can control his actions. He will never entangle him, and he will not ask for any excessive demands.

He only wanted to silently support Ji Ge, and gave him a place to entertain himself in his heart.

He was thinking about it all over his head. He didn't realize that he had been turning around the season for a long time. He wandered around the right and stunned Jiu's life assistant.

When the assistant was pushed by him, there was no way to go. Ji Yan finally said, "You don't go back and remove the makeup?"

“Hey?” Xiao Jiashu looked up and found that he had followed the door of Ji’s dressing room. Nehne said, “I want to send you, then I will go first.” He did not dare to say it, but he would use it. The action said - I will never become a trouble for Ji Ge, I am not a brain powder, I really love powder.

"Okay, go back to rest early." Ji Yan looked down at him, his eyes shimmering.Xiao Jiashu waved away. When he walked to the corner, he suddenly heard a "squeaky" laugh behind him. When he looked back, he found that Ji Ge’s expression was very tired. He looked at his eyebrows and couldn’t help but swear. "You have to go back to rest early." ”

"Yeah." Ji Yan slightly decapitated, and when he walked away, he laughed.

"Quiet, do you say that Xiao Jiashu really worships you or wants to borrow your enthusiasm?" The assistant was worried.

"By his connections, do you still need to borrow me to sizzle?" Ji Yan pushed the door in, faintly said, "The entertainment circle is very chaotic, but there are also really clean people."

The assistant saw that his expression was wrong and he did not dare to speak. Fang Kun made a phone call and walked in from the outside. After hanging up, he cursed. "Mom, the audit department did not pass the investment plan of "Dream of the Year" and "Colder Prince". How come it blames me! Lin Leyang, the dead kid..."

He stopped the topic in time, and he was weak. "Jie Ge, did you not say that you invested in your own name? Why didn't you vote?"

"I don't want to vote. One person can eat enough, two people, one of them has to go hungry. Even if there is no me, these two dramas are also shot, and it is very good." Ji Wei lying on the sofa On the fake, the makeup artist is removing makeup from him.

Fang Kunyu refers to the calculations, can not help but swear. You must know that when the first quarter brother planned to take out 40 million investment in two dramas, if you divide it according to the proportion, you have already earned three or four times! Regret!

He didn't dare to mention this again, silently opened the phone to catch up with the drama, chasing half of it, the door was knocked, and Lin Leyang's voice came from outside. "Is you here?"

"No!" Fang Kun muttered impatiently.

Quiet outside for a while and then persevered, "Jie Ge, I want to talk to you."

Fang Kun is trying to swear, and Ji Yan whispered, "Let him come in. You should go out first."

Several people sneak out and leave space for them.

"What do you want to say?" Ji Yan washed his face and slowly wiped the water droplets in the forehead with a towel. He seems so calm, can't see the way he once loved, and can't see the embarrassment after breaking up.

Lin Leyang secretly swallowed a sip, trembled, "Jie Ge, are you with Xiao Jiashu, or he will not know you so much. You because he broke up with me?"

"I am just an ordinary friend with him. You still don't understand why I broke up with you until now?" Ji Yan put down his towel and his expression was awe.

"I don't understand. Love each other for a few years, we have never quarreled, nor have we ever had too much contradiction. You said that the breakup will break up, how can I figure it out?" Lin Leyang whipped up the courage of the whole body before dare to ask These words. No one knows, when he saw that Ji Ge and Xiao Jiashu were so happy, his heart seemed to be a blunt knife, and it was impossible to stop!

Ji Yan decided to look at him, and finally sighed, "Do you really think about it or dare not think about it? What do you think is our most enjoyable mode of getting along?"

Lin Le Yang has been a long time, "I thought we were always very happy.""When I am interfering with you more and more, do you feel happy? No, you have been unhappy, you are just being patient. Do you understand what you want from me to meet? You need me to support you unconditionally, Unconditionally tolerate you, unconditionally understand or even give in, so that you can get the most sense of security. But if you control you a little bit, you will cock up the spikes of the whole body, thinking that I have restricted your freedom and did not regard you as equal. The individual is treated. But is this really the case? I pay so much for you, you just need to say 'I am really love Ji Ge' and I can accept it with peace of mind, and then I have been standing still, never thinking about approaching me, why? Because? You don't like men. You change your sexual orientation for me. This is the greatest sacrifice and effort, so you will never be satisfied, and you will never feel what you should do for me."

Lin Leyang was struck by lightning, and it was hard to say.

Ji Yan lit a cigarette and continued. "You said that our status is not equal. This is true, but the person who is above is never me, but you. No matter how much I pay, it is not enough for you. Because you have been bent by me, you have changed from a straight man to a disgusting homosexuality. This is my original sin. I have owed you all my life."

"No, no, I never thought about it." Lin Leyang shook his head weakly.

"Is there such a thought, you may not know it in your own heart, but the action is clearly expressed." Ji Yan spit out a smog, slowly said, "When I forced Chen Pengxin and Chen Pengyu to write down the owe, did you complain? I?"

Lin Leyang wants to shake his head, but he can't move. In the gaze of Ji Ji, he felt that he was invisible.

"If those photos and chats are popped up, do you think I am affected, or are you? If you don't listen, I have mixed into this position, what black material can beat me, and I still leave the entertainment circle. I can never live. You never thought about who I really want to protect when I treat Chen Pengxin and Chen Pengyu so harshly. Who is the biggest beneficiary? Whenever I encounter difficulties, I will subconsciously You are included in the wing, but you are exactly the opposite, you can stand on my opposite side immediately. You and Chen Pengxin are a country, but I have become a bad person. You can forgive Chen Pengyu's betrayal, but can't understand my feelings, Is it fair to treat me like this? Do you have any qualifications to hate me like they do? Even if I am sorry for people all over the world, I am not sorry for you. Our love is free, I have not forced you to respond. Be sure to change your sexual orientation. This is your own choice. If you are not willing, you should tell me that you are a straight man."

Lin Leyang unknowingly left two lines of tears, and no rebuttal can't be said.The season annihilated the cigarette and sighed. "Do you know why Xiao Jiashu knows me better than you? Because he used his heart, and you are my lover. We have been together for so many years. Have you used it to me? True, I don't know what you really like, but I tried hard to understand you. It is because you closed my heart and hidden my true self, so I know that it is just you. An illusion created for me. What do I like to hate, as long as you observe it carefully, you can also find out that I have prevented you from coming into my heart? No, on the contrary, I have been taking you to my heart. And you have been resisting."

"You first cut off the channels we are close to each other, but in turn asked me why I want to break up with you. Do you think that in this case, can we really go on for a long time? One person constantly tries to approach, another People are hiding in a transparent hood, can their hands be held together? Lin Leyang, you are overestimating my perseverance, I may be able to stick to two or three years, but I can't stick to my life."

He put on his coat, opened the door, and screamed. "I won't look back, you have to move on. Let's go all the way."

The door was lightly closed, and Lin Leyang looked at the makeup mirror and found himself in tears. If he doesn't come here, he may still be able to lie to himself. He can also swear that Ji Ge still loves himself. They can continue to go on and be as happy as before. However, he has never been happy. He has been struggling with contradictions and uneasiness, and Ji Ge has already seen him.

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