How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 67 Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Chapter 67

"Le Yang, why do you write steak and crab yellow pack?" the host asked with a smile.

Lin Leyang glanced at Ji Yan with nervousness and seemed to want to get a hint from him, but only saw a pair of twilight eyes. He was shocked, and he subconsciously lowered his head to avoid the other's line of sight. Then he lifted it up and smiled. "Because Ji Ge likes to order steak every time he eats. He came back from abroad and used to eat Western food, but there is one Back to us to eat hot pot, he liked it very much, and then went often. Crab yellow bag is his favorite early breakfast, almost every morning will call one, rarely eat anything else."

"It seems that you have a very good personal relationship, but also have breakfast and hot pot together." The host tweeted, and immediately looked at Xiao Jiashu, "Shrimp, this answer is different from others. Can you tell us why?"

Xiao Jiashu looked at Ji Yan, and asked for advice. Ji Yan nodded and then smiled low.

The host ridiculed, "Hey, these two are still ridiculous! With this tacit understanding, I will give you a hundred percent!"

Netizens have sent a curtain: "Small sapling (worry): Ji Ge, can I say? Ji Shen (smiling smile): Say, it doesn't matter."

Immediately, some netizens echoed: "Hey, the translation is good! It means this. They both have an eyebrow, and there is absolutely a rape. Love!"

Xiao Jiashu saw these unscrupulous barrage, the whole face was red, and quickly explained, "I once brought breakfast to Ji Ge. At that time we were filming together and meeting every morning. He saw me drinking seafood porridge. I asked if there was any shrimp in it. I said it was released, and then I picked it up and showed it to him. He showed a very longing expression. He took an anti-allergic medicine first. After all, he picked up the shrimp in the porridge and ate it. He is actually allergic to shrimp, but he would rather take the medicine to eat shrimp. I think he must have a deep love for shrimp."

The host's hands and fists, serious, "admire admire! Without the full ten, I can't find the details of these micro-ends. Teacher Ji, what is your answer?"

Ji Yan opened the question board, which said "Shrimp", followed by a line of notes "eat allergies, and can not be".

The audience laughed and tears came out soon. The season gods are worthy of being purebred Chinese people, and the spirit of eating goods has penetrated into the bone marrow! Oops, this way, he is still very grounded! The road turned pink!

Netizens have sent a barrage, saying that they also have the same distress, obviously love the seafood, can not eat, obviously love the mango, can not eat, the more allergic things want to eat, I want to die! Also, the observation ability of the sapling is too scary. With such a small detail, he can also taste a different taste and remember it. He must love the season!

Xiao Jiashu saw these comments, his cheeks could not be red, and the beautiful face was really "beautiful" under the white shirt. He rubbed his nose and secretly said: If you like Ji Ge, of course, you should care about him. Where do you care about starting? Of course, it’s a bit of a life. Isn’t it difficult to find it with a little snack?But the one who deserves the most attention is ignorant of these things. Lin Leyang stared at Ji Yan, and his expression was lost.

Ji Yan said with a sigh, "Okay, let's get a question."

"Okay, the next question is, what is the favorite movie star of Ji teacher?" The sound of the host's hearty voice woke up Lin Leyang. He seriously thought about it and then wrote the answer. It seemed that he felt that it was wrong and wiped off. Write again, repeated many times to determine.

Xiao Jiashu only finished it in a few seconds.

The netizens' answers are varied and say who has them. These information seasons have never been filled in the profile, they can only rely on guessing.

The host asked the two newcomers to brighten the board. Xiao Jiashu wrote Daniel Day Lewis, and Lin Leyang wrote James Stewart, who is a very famous actor in the history of the film.

"I remember that Ji Ge once said," Lin Leyang looked at Ji Yan subconsciously and his tone became hesitant. "His favorite movie is "Philadelphia Story", so I guess his favorite actor is James Stewart. ""

The netizens who suddenly realized the truth have sent a barrage. "It is true that Ji Shen has said this on different occasions. His favorite movie is "The Story of Philadelphia". He admires the performance of James Stewart. This time it is definitely wrong. It is."

The host looked at Xiao Jiashu and his smile was a bit strange. Xiao Jiashu recalled, "When I was filming one day, I found that Ji Ge’s emotions were particularly lost. Then I watched movies with my mobile phone all day. Later, I realized that it was the day when Daniel Day Lewis announced the video. It’s his work. If it’s Jige’s announcement, I’ll be stunned all day, because Ji Ge is my favorite movie actor, I feel sorry for losing him. I’m heart-to-heart, I guess the answer is Daniel Day. · Lewis."

He said that he was more than a heart, and the face with red eyes was a bit funny and a bit cute.

The audience under the stage was whistled and whistling, and the atmosphere was very warm. The online audience was almost killed by him, crying and crying for him to be with the season god. "If this is not love, I have any sadness, thank you for your generosity... Hey, how do I sing? Thanks for the official sugar!"

"Ah, ah, this pair is so sweet and sweet! How can Xiao Jiashu care so much about the season god, even his low mood can be found immediately! They are not together without any reason!"

The Little Crown immediately asserted, "This is a hardcore fan of Ji Shen, not running! The organization will stamp you!"

Waiting for the host to announce the answer, everyone has confirmed that Xiao Jiashu is right, only Lin Leyang is still looking at Ji Yan with hope. Ji Yan opened the answer sheet with a line of words - Daniel Day Lewis.

Lin Leyang’s back is a corner, and it seems that all the spirits have ran out of the Seven Miles. how come? He has been with Ji Ge for so many years, how can he know nothing about his habits and preferences? He began to wonder if the relationship was false. Why did Ji Ge never tell him? why?

Ji Yan suddenly looked up at him, and the twilight was dull.The atmosphere was very warm, and the host asked a few questions. Xiao Jiashu and Lin Leyang both answered correctly. The score did not expand again, so I saved Lin Leyang's last face. Seeing that time is coming, the host is in charge. "Okay, now ask the last question, what is the most feared thing for Teacher Ji?"

Lin Leyang slammed open the title board with the words "Snake."

Xiao Jiashu’s answer is very exaggerated – Ji Ge is fearless.

"Oh! No, I am almost stunned by the sapling!" The audience on the stage and online laughed. Ever since I saw the video of Xiao Jiashu’s wandering outside, they knew that the scorpion’s soul was in the skin of the noble son. He used his life to interpret the word “comic”, but he did not expect him to More funny.

Ji Yan couldn't help it anymore, and laughed while giving the correct answer. The cameraman gave a close-up of the title board with a line of bold characters on it - no comment.

"I won't let others know what I am afraid of, absolutely not." He explained with a smile. This answer made the audience mourn and made them laugh and cry. Today's season god is really grounded, and the smile is unprecedented.

"Yes, the weakness of the king can't be known to anyone." Xiao Jiashu added it seriously.

The audience laughed again, and the big screen was “hahahahahahaha”, almost covering the faces of the guests. Wang's weakness? Can you still be funny?

Ji Yan endured and endured, and finally did not hold back, a messy his hair, his expression seemed very embarrassing, but his eyes were full of deep smiles. Does this kid know how to write two words? How can he be so nauseating?

The host and several other guests laughed and laughed. For a long time, they asserted, "This is really a hardcore fan of Ji teacher!"

Luo Zhangwei shook his head. "No, you all said wrong. This is the brain powder!"

On the stage, there was another sneer, but Lin Leyang was sitting there palely, and found that the cameraman was taking pictures of himself and quickly pulled away his lips, revealing a stiff smile. Is there really something like "tacit understanding" in the world? No, he never believes.

After interviewing Ji Yan and two small fresh meats, the host continued to interview Shi Tingheng and Miao Muqing. Luo Zhangwei walked through the whole process. He would not be left out. When interviewing Miao Muqing, she used the whole body to shoot the topic again and said it again. The guide passed the tidbits provided by the crew to the big screen behind, scaring the audience to scream.Miao Muqing jokes. "At that time, I went to the studio with a bruise every day. When I was filming, I covered it with Laiya concealer. Every time Xiao Jiashu saw me, I would show a shocked expression. Then one day he finally endured. Can't stop, sneak up and ask me: 'Mu Qingjie, I found that your self-healing ability is strong, the last scene is still hurt, the next scene is restored, what is going on,', made me He didn’t know that there was a magical cosmetic called concealer in the world. I thought I had any special physique. Later, my cheek injury was almost replaced by the spokesperson, or did he remind me that I could use bruises to shoot? Cosmetics advertising, the effect must be very strong. I guess it is because the concealer left him too deeply impressed, he can come up with such a genius idea."

The audience did not know that there was such an interesting story hidden behind the advertisement, and suddenly laughed.

The big screen played a video in time, which is the picture of Miao Muqing wiping the whole body with concealer. The spokesperson also paid attention to this program and was very satisfied with the performance of Miao Muqing. After her repeated hype, the sales of Laiya concealer have been popular all over the country, and it has been praised as a king of goods by Taobao buyers.

Miao Muqing intentionally or unintentionally led the topic to Xiao Jiashu, trying to increase his exposure. Ji Yan, Shi Tingheng and Luo Zhangwei also praised him. In contrast, Lin Leyang seemed to sit on a cold bench, reminding netizens once again. The things behind him were black and green and Xiao Jiashu, and the impression fell to the bottom.

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