How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 66 Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Chapter 66

This is the anti-theft chapter "Old and old, you are only thirty-two years old, and there is a lot of time to squander. You are not an idol small meat route, you have to rely on face and age to support, you are authentic strength The older the more the more delicious. I said that you are so early in the shadows? Just rely on your acting skills, filming for ten or twenty years is not a problem." Fang Kun sighs.

"I want to settle down and build a home of my own." When it comes to this, Ji Yan's expression changes. "You didn't tell me about the accident in a car accident?"

Hey, who will tell him? He came to the top of the fart, and only asked the East to ask the West Six Gods no one, which made me more upset. If I was accidentally photographed by a reporter, then the fun can be big. Fang Kun was very disdainful, but he did not show it on the surface. He said, "I didn't inform him, he is still collecting in Sichuan."

Ji Yan looked at him thoughtfully and bowed his head. "That's good. Don't tell him about it, lest he worry. Akun, why don't you like Leyang?"

"Which I don't like him, you think too much." Fang Kun denied it, but he remembered a past. When Lin Leyang was still working in the studio, he had put the financial seal on the table and forgot to lock it back. The seal was stolen. Fang Kun tried a circle. Everyone was afraid to report it because of Ji Ji’s relationship. Can dismiss the then financial controller. Later, when a female employee left the company, she secretly told Fang Kun about it. Although there is no evidence, she does not know whether it is true or false. However, Fang Kun has had a slap in the face of Lin Leyang. He always thinks that this person has no responsibility and responsibility. It is not good. Partner candidate.

He was afraid that Lin Leyang would drag down the seasons, and he would subconsciously stop the two from being together. But whether it can be long-lasting is a private matter between lovers, and it is not allowed to be ignored by others. He will not mention it, lest he be blamed by the season, saying that he is arrogant.

Ji Yan turned his head and looked at him with a strange expression for a while, and finally sighed, "Akun, our friends for many years, some words you can tell me directly, don't be bored in your heart. Le Yang is still young, doing things is not Mature, I will always grow up. I will teach him well."

"Hey, what are you talking about, who are the two of us, can't you talk openly?" Fang Kun said in the mouth, but he did not agree. Friends really need to be honest, but it depends on the other's lover, then it is another matter. He can not like Lin Leyang, but he will never be in the face of a friend. Thinking of this, his feelings of Xiao Shaoye were reduced a lot. Lin Leyang is still twenty-four years old and still studying at the university. Xiao Shaoye has already graduated from the master's degree in his early twenties. He is still an internationally famous school. People can't compare with people.Ji Yan brows slightly wrinkled, like inadvertently, "Le Yang's family environment is not good, high school did not graduate to drop out of school, and later returned to college with his own efforts. He is actually no worse than others, but there is no such condition. I have a lot of the same life experiences with him, so I can resonate with the soul. With him, I am the most relaxed and happy. Akun, people in this life, it is not easy to find such a partner to relax. I hope you can support us."

Fang Kun smiled and smiled. "I always support you very much. Ji Ge, your brain really broke, and it started to hurt the spring and fall." The words began to reflect on whether they are too emotional. Exposed, let Ji Ge see something.

Ji Yan ended this topic in due course. After a moment of silence, he suddenly opened his mouth. "Akun, what is the name of this song?" Then began to sing.

"Have you heard this song? "Anhe Bridge", people who have stories love to listen." Fang Kun sighed, "I told you that when I first heard this song, I remembered me. The first love girlfriend, tears, and crying into a dog, stop and stop."

"Is it?" Ji Yan opened the phone to download songs, and tweeted. "I didn't expect you to feel good, I thought that only Xiao Jiashu would cry like that."

"What happened to Xiao Jiashu?" His last words were very light, and Fang Kun did not hear clearly.

"Nothing." Ji Yan waved his hand and didn't want to talk more.

Just at this time, the door was knocked, and Fang Kun went to see it and was surprised. "Jia, how come you?"

Li Jiaer, who went back and whispered, whispered, "I heard Xiaotao’s sister say that Ji Ge had a car accident, so take a look. Kun Ge, you can rest assured that I pretended to be very good, the reporter did not find out."

"Come in." Fang Kun quickly let people into the room, smiled. "You have a heart. Ji Ge is not hurt, just a little concussion, can be returned after a few days of hospital observation."

Li Jiaer inserted the newly bought lily into the vase by the window, which looked like a worry. "I was really shocked when I heard Xiaotao’s sister. Ji Ge, one or two o'clock in the evening, what do you do? Really what is going on, your fans should be sad. Don’t do this again next time, rest enough to go on the road, not bad for hours.”

"Yes! I said that he did not listen to him many times." Fang Kun followed.

Ji Yan smiled and daggered, but his eyes were examined. He thought about it and deliberately brought up the topic. "Jia, do you have a good contract with Tiantian Entertainment? Should the new show over there be started?"

Li Jiaer's smile is still sweet, and she said, "I am talking, it's fast, Zhou is very good, thank you Ji Ge" and so on, but my heart is full of complaints. The company she most wants to sign is Guanshi, the second is the crown, the third is Ruishui... What is a small company just registered? It’s a pity that Guan Shi’s president, Shu Chang, is not a female star, and he is very disgusted with his anecdote. If anyone is related to him, he will step on it and let her not dare to step further. Fortunately, the season is really like the Baidu data recorded, is a good old man who loves to be a charity, as long as he has his eyes, he is willing to pull a hand, which is the ride of the studio.However, she never imagined that she would have killed a Xiao Jiashu in the process of signing the contract and mixed her good things. She hates it! I can't wait to eat the meat of Xiao Jiashu and drink the blood of Xiao Jiashu! However, after accepting the help of Ji Ji and then getting on the line with Zhou Nan, she even hated the season. Zhou Nan’s daily entertainment is simply an empty shell. Just put it up and there is no resources. The so-called drama group is a grass-roots team. It is purely funny. There are no actors and actors. There is no funding, clothing, cosmetics and makeup artists. Have to bring their own...

After Li Jiaer visited the environment of the company and the crew, his heart was already cool. She is extremely convinced that this play will definitely become a black history that she can't wash in her life, not to mention that the pay is only 200,000! This is to call the Hanako! She is now paying more than 200,000 for a trip! The name given to the play by the director and the screenwriter, "Cold and Cool Prince", a thick mental retardation, made her nausea.

Ji Yan is so high in the entertainment industry. If you really want to help yourself, where would you let yourself go to a company like this broken stall? What love, gentleness, and helpfulness are all fake! The historical drama that he introduced last time was also a big pit. He even let himself play the most famous swaying woman in history. Isn’t this a heart-breaking image? Li Jiaer wants to hate more and more, but she smiles sweetly on the face. She is not a newcomer who has just stepped into the society, she will be foolish and arrogant. Last time she was able to use her mother as an excuse to push down the historical drama, this time can also push down the contract for daily entertainment.

But pushed back and turned off, Ji Yan can not offend this side, after all, there is a Xiao Jiashu staring at the side, she always has to find a backing. Thinking about it, Li Jiaer’s eyes were reddish and hesitant. “Jie Ge, Xiaotao’s sister told me that the person who wanted to block me was Xiao Jiashu. I met him just now. Do you know why he blocked me?”

"Why?" The season is as usual, but the light is already cold.

"He is a friend of He Yi. I didn't expect that many years have passed, He Yi still refused to let me go." Li Jiaer's voice just fell, Fang Kun will open his mouth with indignation. "What do you say? Xiao Jiashu is because this is going to block you." These rich second generations are really lawless, and they have to kill others, too fucking is not something..."

"Don't worry," Ji Yan pressed his eyebrows and looked tired. "This is over, you don't have to worry."

“Is it really gone?” Li Jiaer showed a scared expression, but she was very resentful. In her opinion, Ji Ji is not helping himself, but is a pit. He is a grand slam movie singer. If he really supports a younger generation, where will he send such a bad character, a swaying woman, a mental retardation, and the future is almost destroyed! Hearing Xiaotao said that he still has two books in his hand, one "Ming Kong" and one "Apostle", all of whom are big directors and big producers. If you really want to help people, you should let yourself play these two dramas!

Li Jiaer’s greed is never satisfied. When others are good for her, she thinks very much, even a percentage.Ling Feng is five years younger than Ling Tao. He has been living under the protection of his brother. He has studied abroad for many years and he does not know about the affairs of the group. If Ling Tao is a dark apostle, then Ling Feng is a day walker. Everything is sunny and positive. He is full of all the longings and sustenance of Ling Tao.

Xiao Jiashu seriously studied the script and found that this role was not too difficult for himself, so he was full of confidence in the next shooting. His gradual gray hair has been dyed back to pure black, the perfect facial features with the noble temperament that has been cultivated for a long time, and the peak of the family that is well protected and well protected. What's more, his eyes are very clear, and he has a sense of greenness that has just entered the society. When he stands with Ling Tao, who plays Jiu, one is bathed in the sun, one is hidden in the shadow. Formed a very weird tension.

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