How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 65 Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Chapter 65

This is the anti-theft chapter. Li Jiaer seems to fall into the ice hole, tightly wrapped around her hands, the body can not stop shaking, but she quickly calmed down, wiped her face, and then bowed her head and smiled. In these years, she has suffered too many hardships. She has long been accustomed to the ups and downs of life. This setback cannot destroy her will.

"Jie Ge, forget it, I don't care about my business. There is no road to heaven. This road will not work. I will try another one. Anyway, the worst moments I have successfully come over, not afraid. She stood up, cautiously, her eyes were still red, and her mouth was already smiling.

Her strong courage completely touched the season, and Ji Yan raised his hand. "You wait a little while, I will help you find out and find out who is behind you. If there is a possibility, I will give you Be a middle man."

"No, no, it’s too much trouble for you..." Li Jiaer waved again and again, and the tears that had just dissipated re-agglomerated. It feels so good to be taken care of, she can't control her weakness.

"No trouble, a few words. You sit for a while, I will go." Ji Yan told Li Jiaer to sit back, and told the assistant to re-send her a cup of coffee, which went to the president's office on the top floor. .

Fang Kun is also on the top floor, and seems to have heard some news, his face is very weird. When he saw BOSS, he immediately pulled the person to the secluded teahouse and whispered. "It is Xiao Jiashu. What do you want to do with this kid? Should he meet Li Jiaer for the first time? No hate, no complaints, what does he mean?" Xiu Zong is also, even if he asks if he asks, he agrees. Can he not see the strength of Li Jiaer? Li Jiaer’s current popularity has already exploded, and there are millions of fans who can become a new generation of music. Little Tianhou. This is a cash cow. You shouldn’t agree with Xiao Jiashu’s unreasonable request because of the savvy of the master. You said, shouldn’t they really be fathers and sons?”

"It really is him." Ji Yan asked, according to his eyebrows, Shen Sheng, "I didn't ask for specific reasons?"

"No, people say that the ban is blocked, and there is no reason at all. In my opinion, this kid should not want to learn the overbearing president, first to force Li Jiaer to a dead end, and then propose a package?" open.

Ji Yan sneaked a little, and finally sneered, "No matter what he wants, I will not stand by." The words fell into the president's office.

Fang Kun did not dare to go in, had to slip into the secretary department, find the secretary and sisters to inquire about some news.

"You are here." Xiu Changyu is not surprised by the arrival of the season, Wen Wen, "Sit."

Ji Yan looked around and found that Xiao Jiashu had already left. The planning book that he had taken up was now in the hands of Xiu Changyu, and the other party was carefully reading it.

"Overall, our company is good at cultivating actors, and there are several movie singers and shadows, but there are none of the influential male and female singers. If you can sign Li Jiaer, just fill this gap, why should you refuse? She is A good seedling, you should be able to see it with your eyes." Ji Yan said without a word."Before answering your question, I have to ask you a question." Xiu Changyu put down the planning book, one word at a time, "As an artist, is it important to be important or important?"

This problem is difficult to live in the season, but he considered it after a moment and said, "Nature is a good character."

"I know that you will answer this way." Xiu Changyu smiled comfortably. "This circle is too complicated. The so-called moral bottom line can be lowered and lowered. As long as it is not exposed by the media and is not known to the public, artists can use it. The public relations team has made itself a perfect person. But in fact? Some people have already rotted from their bones. I have always told you that as an artist, the most important thing is not to operate the surface image, but Deepen your character and conservation, this is the key to making you never mad, never forgotten by fans."

"Do you mean that there is a problem with Li Jiaer's character? Who do you listen to?" Ji Yan shook his head. "I signed the matter of Li Jiaer. I naturally checked her. She did leave a case. Identity is a victim. Although this may affect her reputation, as long as she controls her opinion, she can also gain sympathy for her. She is a powerful faction and can completely survive this public opinion war."

"You don't have to say it anymore, I have already decided." Xiu Changyu is very good at listening to the opinions of his subordinates, but when he identifies one thing, it is difficult to change his mind.

Ji Yan had to dismiss the idea of ​​persuading him. After thinking for a moment, he asked, "Which level are you going to do? Block her in the entire entertainment circle, don't give a chance to appear?"

Xiu Chang Yu waved his hand, "just give up signing. If she wants to sign a company other than Guanshi, Guanxi, and Ruishui, I don't care. I can't look at her own skills in the future."

Ji Yan was obviously relieved. Xiu Changyu’s reputation in the entertainment industry is not good. In the early years, there were lingering flowers, and many female celebrities had anecdote. Later, they suddenly turned to sex and began to seriously manage the company. The means became more and more hot. Whoever offends him, he said that in the entertainment industry, there is no place to stand. This time he said that blocking Li Jiaer, in fact, left a lot of room, not to force people to die.

"Thank you for your enthusiasm." Ji Yan stood up and prepared to leave.

The slenderness is profound and profound. "She is not worthy of your thanks for her. Xiao Yan, knowing people and knowing what to do, you are too easy to be soft, don't help anyone."

The season hoarse voice, "When you didn't help me, where would I have today? So goodwill is something that needs to be passed, can help, but I don't want to pay anyway."

"You ah..." Xiu Yu was helpless, and personally went to the door to give someone.


"Ask me what?" In the elevator, Fang Kun whispered.

"No." Ji Yan shook his head. After returning to the studio, he went to the stairwell and made a few phone calls. This is what he said to Li Jiaer, who has been waiting for a long time. "Guishi, Guanxi and Ruishui are not ready to sign you, but they are not. It will completely block you, just don't give you resources. I will contact you with other brokerage companies. This is the business card of the person in charge, you can go and see."Li Jiaer's face was white and then he took the business card and thanked him. "Thank you Ji Ge. Not completely blocking me. It means that if I sign another company, is there still a chance? Who is the person who wants to block me?"

"Don't ask, knowing too much is not good for you." Thinking of the young master, Ji Yan's expression became very gloomy.

"Well, I don't ask. Thank you, Ji Ge, you have helped me too much!" Li Jiaer felt that he was more embarrassed than Dou Yu, but there was no way. In this entertainment circle, no one who is reasonable will stand up straight, climb high, but also have to look at the background of the family, the size of the coffee. She is just a newcomer with no background. It should be stepped on. In addition to Ji Ge and Kun Ge, who will really consider her?

Thinking of this, Li Jiaer couldn't even ask about the truth, and quickly stood up and gave it to two people. The tears that had been forbearing for a long time finally fell down.

Fang Kun looked very sad and comforted. "Don't look at the entertainment company that Ji Ge introduced to you. It is just established. It is not famous, but the boss behind him is an old friend he met at Harvard University. He has a deep wall on Wall Street. The background, there is no shortage of resources. Their company has its own playing platform, and also has its own production team, which is all elite, and has excellent ability. Now they are preparing to prepare a costume drama, which is premiered on their platform. Not bad. If you go, you can be the heroine immediately."

"Is it?" Li Jiaer once again stunned and thanked him for his ignorance. "Thank you Ji Ge! Thank you, Kun Ge! If you don't have them, I really don't know what to do."

"Nothing. Maybe you just finished shooting this drama and you will be red." The so-called lost, the sorrow, the people live, who has not experienced the ups and downs? Who will be right in the future? You have the strength It’s not bad, and I’m willing to work hard. There is always a day to come.” Fang Kun raised her and said warmly, “Go back and don’t think about it, take care of your mother and take care of yourself.”

"I have already said hello over there. You can meet Zhou Nan and have a chat. He welcomes you." Ji Wei opened the door of the office and prepared to personally send people downstairs.

Although Li Jiaer suffered unprecedented setbacks, she also felt the warmth she had never seen before. When she stepped out of the door of Guanshi Entertainment, she was completely calm, and smiled sweetly. "Jie Ge, you wait and see, I will soon appear on the TV screen. I will not be beaten."

"Come on." Ji Yan looked at her as a taxi and silently wrote down the license plate number before she walked back to the hall. The two did not bother to work, and went to the Western restaurant set up on the second floor to eat.

"Mom, what is Xiao Jiashu doing?" Fang Kun cursed while watching the menu. "Li Jiaer's original good future was completely ruined by him. These rich second generations are really full of food and nothing to do!"

Ji Weizheng and his friend Zhou Nan sent a message and did not answer. There seems to be a lot of interest in Li Jiaer. I know that the crown has not signed the person, and has already prepared for it. Li Jiaer's current popularity is straightforward to the second-line artist of the singer. It can be said that it has already been red-faced for half a day. In any case, the outsiders can't guess why Guan Yu, Guan Shi, and Rui Shui will give up signing her.

As soon as the news came out, it was estimated that many netizens would be dumbfounded.Seeing the friends sent out in a row to get a big cheap expression pack, Ji Yan locked off the phone screen and frowned.

Just at this time, Xiao Jiashu walked into the restaurant, first look around, and found that the boss is here, his face changed for a few moments, and then pretended that he did not see, sneaked down the wall to the deck. Fang Kun was a sharp-eyed person. He found him in the first time, and he wrote, "Xiao Shaoye, come and sit!"

Xiao Jiashu, "..." Oral ulcers can still be better?

Ji Yan did not answer, he also lit a cigarette, slowly pumping.

Xiao Jiashu has only one scene today. It has already been filmed. At this moment, he is preparing to leave, but he listens to Luo and shouts. "Xiao Jiashu, Zhou Fu, Lu Hao... don't hurry to eat, eat lunch. Continue to shoot the "Apostles" one hundred and eight mirrors."

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