How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 63 Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Chapter 63

This is the anti-theft chapter Li Jiaer's agent sitting on the sofa with a slap in the face, cold road, "You are not packing with me, saying that the relationship with Ji Yan is very good? What is going on now? Our next promotion plan How to do?"

Li Jiaer was helpless with her mobile phone. "European sister, you wait, I will ask someone to ask. I really had a good relationship with Ji Ge before. He also went to the nursing home to visit my mother. The news also reported. ..." She explained while constantly calling, but the friends in the circle now ignore them, as if they are negotiating.

She and the agent originally planned this way: after signing the Aurora, they contacted Ji Ji and asked him to send a congratulatory blog post. He took the lead, and a lot of big coffee will respond more or less, and his huge fan group is the best water army, and he can certainly stir up the matter. However, they have all been considered in all aspects, but they did not expect Ji Ji to cancel Li Jiaer's attention in this stall, so all the other propaganda actions were interrupted.

Ou Mei stared at the plan that had been scrapped. The heart was called a hate. It was not good. "He used to match you every day. You gave it. Is it because of this? He has some opinions on you? Which company is signed? It's your freedom, what interferes with him? Ji Yan is not as good as a rumor, and his volume is very small. Didn't you say that you can get his understanding? What is the situation now? Can you rely on the plot? The company is also preparing to push you hard when signing the contract. Now it seems that it is not needed, just cold it. All the pushes and interviews are canceled, and your information is quietly updated on the official website."

"European sister, can you wait a second? I asked my mother to call Ji Ge." Li Jiaer is really unable to use the sympathy of Ji Ji. Ji Yan's mother is also in poor health. She lives in a nursing home all the year round. In order to take care of her mother, he has done some work in the early years and has suffered a lot. He should understand her situation best.

"Your mother can pick up the phone?" Ou was so angry. Who is Ji Ji? Can a cat's dog call into his cell phone? However, she was mistaken for Ji Jin’s character. He had been really concerned about Li Jia’s mother and daughter. He had personally visited the hospital several times and sent a lot of gifts. If Li’s phone was not accidental, he would pick it up. I was afraid that the elderly would have something to do in the hospital. Li Jiaer couldn’t take care of it.

But now the situation is different. Li mother dialed several calls and failed to access it. It seems to have been blackened. Can't find the people watching, the mother and the daughter are no better at acting, and they have to die.Ou’s sister threw away the planning book and sneered. “The news that you were ready to sign the crown studio was uploaded over the Internet. His fans took you as your own family. All day, the younger sister and the younger sister shouted. Now You suddenly change the Aurora. If you don't have a season to stand up and help you talk, his fans will think that you are a traitor. You will be ungrateful and eager for quick success. If you don't want to be too bad, give me a low-key point, wait. This matter has passed. I have cancelled your recent notice. You go to the company every day to learn more."

Li Jiaer finally signed a strong background, and is preparing to fly to the sky. Where is the silence, I quickly said, "I am not betraying him. He will give up signing me first. Or let us take him to block me." Hype, anyway, it’s a real hammer, not afraid of the user’s verification!”

Eu sister couldn't help but look at Li Jiaer's wolf-hearted dog lungs, but did not raise much alert. Since the person has fallen into her hands, she naturally has a way to let the other party obey, not to mention the company has helped her to eliminate the black history.

"You want us to go directly to Guanshi, Guanxi, and Ruishui? What kind of onion are you? Is there that value? Don't you say that you are just a new person, not red, even if you are red and half-day, don't I rushed to challenge the season. His influence in the entertainment industry is not something you can imagine." Ou Jie stood up and warned, "You stay at home, don't make trouble. After this time, I will naturally arrange work for you. If you are not obedient, I will not lack you under my hand."

Ou Jie is one of Aurora's gold medal agents. The resources are very good. Li Jiaer naturally does not dare to disobey each other. She quickly nodded and sent the person to the parking lot. When she got home, she showed a sly expression. I worked hard for so long, and I was going to be red, but now I am back to liberation. Ji Wei, Xiao Jiashu, you are waiting for me!


Xiao Jiashu is lying on the bed and brushing Weibo, while smiling and smiling, it seems very proud. Xue Yu walked into the room and pulled down the T-shirt he rolled on his belly. He smiled and asked, "Small tree, what are you looking at?"

"The season is taking Li Jiaer. Mom, look," Xiao Jiashu put the screen of the mobile phone on the mother. "Aurora just updated their artist database and quietly put Li Jiaer's photo on it. The result was discovered by netizens. In Li Jiaer's Weibo, she saw her forgiveness and forgiveness. She is now miserable. Fans have risen hundreds of thousands at the beginning. They all ran to marry her. The amount of attention of 10,000, now only one million is left, really deflated."

"Is it? I look at it." Xue Yu took the phone and looked at it carefully, and then took a moment with his son Dong Laxi. This is the topic. "Small tree, do you want to act? I have a book here. Look?"

"I don't want to act." Xiao Jiashu smiled slightly.

"Why, I am afraid of being jealous of your grandfather and father? I am afraid that they will be driven out of the house and cannot inherit the property?" Xue Yu used the radical method.Xiao Jiashu really took the initiative, and categorically denied, "I am not afraid! I am a high-school student of Wharton, even if I don't rely on my family, I will not starve. I can make money to support myself."

"Then go to the acting. The actor is also a legitimate profession, don't steal it." Xue Yu followed the temptation. "This time you want to block Li Jiaer. As a result, she is still everywhere, nothing. But look at it. Ji Yan said nothing, just took her off, she has to be honest now, this is the influence of the big coffee. I was much more beautiful than the season, if not your father, I am also big After the slams..." When she mentioned the past, she couldn’t help but dance with her eyes, and her eyes gave off a rare, dazzling brilliance.

Xiao Jiashu decided to look at her, and suddenly felt a bit sad. The reason why my mother wants to enter the entertainment circle is to continue her unfinished dreams? It is a huge mistake to marry Xiao Jia. Not only has she lost her dream, but she has also lost her freedom. The only thing that can comfort her is probably herself?

Thinking this way, he couldn't help but hold his mother into his arms and kissed him infinitely. "Mom, don't say it, I will go to film." In front of his mother, he never rebelled. He is willing to help her achieve all her wishes. .

Xue Yu was very happy, and this took out the script that had already been prepared. "This is the "Apostle" jointly produced by Guan Shi and Guan Yu, director Luo Zhangwei, screenwriter Zhou Dandan. There is a role that is especially suitable for you, that is the villain of the villain. Feng, also graduated from an international prestigious school, returned to China to take over the family business. You should take a good look at the script first, I will teach you how to walk in the days, how to read the lines. This role is very close to you, it is not difficult to play, do not understand Local moms can teach you. Let's try first. If you don't like filming, do something else later, and mom will never force you."

Xiao Jiashu took over the script and turned it over.

Xue Yu received it and told his son to try to figure out the character, and he went out. Back in the bedroom, she immediately called Xiu Changyu. "Long Yu, Ling Feng, the role is assigned to the small tree? I have read the script, basically the small tree as long as the true color is enough, a few conflicting scenes I He can be taught in private, and he won't let him drag the crew."

Xiu Changyu will not refuse her request, and will agree to it without even saying anything. Even the audition will be saved.

At the same time, Xiao Jiashu is guilty of the script. He didn't know how to act. Suddenly letting him accept such a special job was a bit difficult, but he couldn't say anything if he thought of his mother's eyes full of hope.

Oh, it’s so annoying! He made a few rolls in the bed and wailed a few times. Then he climbed up to check the information. When he checked, he suddenly thought of how his father and grandfather would be surprised if they saw themselves on the TV screen. How to get angry and screamed. laugh it out.

He is reluctant to hurt his mother's heart, but it seems very interesting if he can make Grandpa and Dad violently face up to their own existence. After living for twenty years, he entered the rebellious period, and this rebellion seems to only target Xiao Fu and Xiao Xiaozi.

---Ji Wei has been discharged from hospital for several days. Recently, he has only received two plays, one is "Ming Kong" and the other is "Apostle", but it is not the protagonist. When he entered the circle, he once told his fans that whether he is red or not, he will fade out of the entertainment circle after he is 35 years old. This is not an empty talk. "Ming Kong" is just a guest appearance. In "The Apostles" he will be the male No. 2, the biggest villain. This role is very deep and requires careful consideration of the character's psychology.

Just as he watched the script and became fascinated, a young man with a handsome appearance, the temperament of the sun directly unlocked the password on the door, and walked in with a heavy travel bag, and asked loudly, "Jie Ge, why don't you tell me when you have a car accident!" ”

"Who is old, you are only thirty-two years old, and there is a lot of time to squander. You are not an idol small meat route, you have to rely on your face and age. You are an authentic strength, the older you are." There is a taste. I said that you are so early in the shadows? Just rely on your acting skills, filming for ten or twenty years is not a problem." Fang Kun sighs.

"I want to settle down and build a home of my own." When it comes to this, Ji Yan's expression changes. "You didn't tell me about the accident in a car accident?"

Hey, who will tell him? He came to the top of the fart, and only asked the East to ask the West Six Gods no one, which made me more upset. If you accidentally get photographed by a reporter, then you can have a big fun. Fang Kun was very disdainful, but he did not show it on the surface. He said, "I didn't inform him that he is still collecting in Sichuan."

Ji Yan looked at him thoughtfully and bowed his head. "That's good. Don't tell him about it, lest he worry. Akun, why don't you like Leyang?"

"Which I don't like him, you think too much." Fang Kun denied it, but he remembered something in his heart. When Lin Leyang was still working in the studio, he had put the financial seal on the table and forgot to lock it back. The seal was stolen. Fang Kun tried a circle. Everyone was afraid to report it because of Ji Ji’s relationship. Can dismiss the then financial controller. Later, when a female employee left the company, she secretly told Fang Kun about it. Although there is no evidence, she does not know whether it is true or false. However, Fang Kun has had a slap in the face of Lin Leyang. He always thinks that this person has no responsibility and responsibility. It is not good. Partner candidate.

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