How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 61 Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Chapter 61

Xiao Jiashu stared at saving his "woman" and opened his mouth very slowly, revealing a "grateful" smile. He imagined himself as a beast that was stalking, sneaking in front of the prey, preparing to swallow her, and blood and tender flesh could fill his desire to snarl.

He couldn't wait, so he subconsciously used his tongue to lick his canine teeth. This made his mouth slanted a few points, and made this "weak and grateful" smile instantly evil.

He is very beautiful, and this kind of beauty does not contain a hint of femininity and gentleness, but is full of aggressiveness. When he showed his wicked smile, the aggressiveness also multiplied, causing several interviewers to feel a little shunned, but unconsciously attracted to him.

Xiao Jiashu stood up and said, "My performance is over. Thank you for giving me the opportunity."

Hu Mingsi only took a long time to wave, "You should go back and wait for the notice, call the next one."

Didn't say admission, didn't brush it off on the spot, is there a chance? Xiao Jiashu is not disappointed. It is his privilege to be able to participate in this film. There is nothing to regrettating. I will continue to work hard in the future. He cheered himself out and went out, just to see Chen Pengyu holding his cell phone and shooting around, it looked a bit sneaky.

He was stunned by the other side, immediately slid away from the wall, and saw Lin Leyang sitting in the corner, and finally walked over to mention, "You manage Chen Pengyu, let her not take pictures, the interviewers are all artists, very valued. privacy."

"Ah?" Lin Leyang was a bit stunned. He looked at his fingertips and found that Chen Pengyu was carrying a cell phone in the hall.

"Okay, I will manage her." Lin Leyang hesitated for a moment, "How is your interview?"

"I don't know, Hu guides let me go home and wait for the notice. I will go first." Xiao Jiashu left with a dagger and provoked Chen Pengxin to be dissatisfied. "The dog took the noisy man! No one was photographed. What to say, more words! Xiaoyu, you give me back!"

When the younger sister walked to his side, Chen Pengxin said with a low voice, "Do you believe that Lao Tzu has dropped your mobile phone? Don't come out with me after you shoot it!"

"Brother, I haven't photographed anything! You see, there are some photos, and people are willing to do it." Chen Pengyu opened the gallery to let his brother see and found several text messages coming in, and quickly turned off the screen. She scratched her hair for a while, pulled clothes for a while, turned her back and sneaked at the phone, and stared at the air.

Lin Leyang and Chen Pengxin were very nervous. They didn't notice her abnormality. I heard the interviewer call No. 45 and quickly stood up and responded.

"You stay here to see the bag, don't you run around and know?" The two pushed the door in, leaving Chen Pengyu to continue to be in a daze. After a while, she felt a little urgency, and naturally took a few bags together, only to find that Lin Leyang's phone was inserted in the side pocket of the backpack, and several unread messages were flashing on the screen. Her face changed slightly, and then she ran towards the bathroom, and the heart jumped faster than ever.At the same time, Lin Leyang also started his own performance. In the first half, his performance was comparable to that of Xiao Jiashu. After all, it was just a drunken jump bridge. It was impossible to play the game, and the second half of the personality awakening was the highlight.

He fell to the ground, but did not hide his face, but looked up and stared at saving his "woman." The muscles on his face became very stiff, which made him look like a dead and cold body. His eye moved slowly up, then disappeared completely into the eyelids and moved back to the next second. This is a slow, eye-opening movement, and Lin Leyang has done it several times in a row. The last time, his eyeballs are finally fixed in the center of the eyelids, and the pupils also have focal lengths.

He stared at the woman who saved himself, revealing a sunny smile.

His performance style is completely different from any previous interviewer, especially the slow, white-eyed movements, which look like ghosts on the camera and full of horror. If Xiao Jiashu’s interpretation is gorgeous and dangerous, then his interpretation is only dangerous. He makes people feel scared from the bottom of their hearts.

Director Hu Ming said after a moment of contemplation, "Let's go back first, we will inform you in a few days."

Lin Leyang left uneasy.

After he left, the six interviewers started a heated discussion. Three women chose Xiao Jiashu unanimously. They were impressed by his value and acting. If he was to play a role in killing women, The picture must be very sensational.

"Although the original character does not describe the appearance of the male protagonist, but I also know that he can deceive and hunt so many women so smoothly, he should have extraordinary charm. I think that it is only persuasion that Xiao Jiashu plays the leading role. Force," said a female producer.

The two deputy directors did not express their opinions, but looked at Hu Ming.

"I prefer Lin Leyang. Have you seen the changes in his eyes just now? That is the feeling I want, horror, weird, and chilly. Compared to him, Xiao Jiashu’s ability to render a terror atmosphere is much weaker. His acting is very good, but it is not the style I need. We are shooting a horror film, I am worried that he will interpret it as a romance film, and the atmosphere of love will capture the atmosphere of terror, it will be a disaster." Director Hu Ming seems to have made up his mind.

Several female producers were not convinced, repeatedly lobbying him to change his mind and even proposed to increase his budget. There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. In the same way, there are a thousand lovers in the eyes of a thousand people. It cannot be said that who is better can only say who is more tough.

In the end, Director Hu Ming won the victory, and several female producers could only regret the sigh.After the audition, all the characters have been confirmed, but the male number one is still pending. There are two candidates. One is Xiao Jiashu and the other is Lin Leyang. As Xiao Jiashu is in the limelight and the background is strong, there are rumors that he has already been designated as the "No. 1" male, Lin Leyang is just running away. What's more, Hu Ming's own male No. 1 is Lin Leyang, but he was vetoed by several producers. After all, now is the era when capital is king, and the director's power is greatly restricted.

"Mom! Is it great to have money? You are better than him!" Chen Pengxin groaned after hearing the rumors.

"How do you know that I am acting better than him? Xiao Jiashu's acting is very powerful." Lin Leyang had to admit this.

"This is the video that Ye Xi sent me. He got it from the cameraman." Chen Pengxin pointed at the screen of the mobile phone. "You see, he did not look up at the most critical place, hiding his face, and you Facing the camera, the death of the first personality and the birth of the second personality were very exciting. I saw that your performance only felt that the hair was upside down, but he did not feel any sense when he saw his performance. It was not horrible, and he deliberately played. Handsome suspect."

Lin Leyang put the two videos together and looked at them. The injustice and resentment in my heart began to churn again.

When Chen Pengxin saw that his face was wrong, he tried to find out, "Would you like to find a way to find a way?"

"No, Ji Ge has given me the opportunity, can no longer bother him." Lin Leyang subconsciously refused.

"Then I will come up with a solution." Chen Peng's new big bag.


Not only do others believe in rumors, but even Xiao Jiashu feels that he is likely to have been settled. After all, Guanshi and Ruishui are the biggest investors in the film.

He likes the role of the lover, and is ready to meet the challenges it brings, but he quickly suffers from it. A big V blogger pops out two videos and sighs: The young people are really incredible! incredible!

The protagonist of the video is him and Lin Leyang, who performed the same story in different ways. The book fan of "The Lovers" exclaimed, "Hey, this is the scene when the second personality awakens? Performed really well!"

Indeed, the performances of the two are very real and persuasive, but the style is completely different. A gorgeous and evil, a sly and horrible, it is difficult to comment on who is tall and who is low, who loses who wins. Netizens naturally divided into two camps, one supporting Xiao Jiashu, one supporting Lin Leyang, who did not let anyone, suddenly on the Internet was overwhelming.

Gradually, supporting the camp of Xiao Jiashu overcame Lin Leyang. It can't be said that Lin Leyang did not perform well. He could only say that Xiao Jiashu's performance is more in line with the aesthetics of the time. Stenven·Abel's book fans are mostly young people, and young people prefer gorgeous and beautiful things. If you define "Lovers" as a dark gothic style, it must be wider than the suspenseful terrorists, attracting male audiences. Can attract a large number of female audience.

The blogger initiated a vote, and the result of Xiao Jiashu's support rate is much higher than Lin Leyang, which is attributed to the swallowing of the dog. The appearance of a beautiful and beautiful change is more attractive than a general change.But Xiao Jiashu is not complacent. Asking himself, he feels that Lin Leyang is performing better. His few blinking white eyes are the most vivid of the second personality, and Stenven Abel wants to render this feeling. He uses words to ingest readers. Fear, not fascination.

Lost! Lost completely! Xiao Jiashu convinced Lin Leyang's interpretation, remembered the rumor, and quickly went to the stairwell to call. "Hey, is Hu Ming's director? I don't think I am suitable for the role of the lover. You can consider other people. Lin Leyang Very good, his performance is so wonderful... Hey? You originally planned to hire Lin Leyang? Oh, sorry, I made a mistake, your choice is very correct, he is very good. I wish you a big sale."

Xiao Jiashu hangs his face slowly after hanging up the phone, then hits the wall with his forehead. I rely on it, is this too shameful? People don’t have a default, you also take the initiative to call, how big is your face? The more he wanted to be more embarrassed, he snorted silently in the corner for a while, and waited until his cheeks were not so hot before he left quietly.

He had just walked on the front foot, and the corner of the stairs on the upper floor came out with a tall figure. Ji Yan was holding a cigarette in one hand, and the amount of laughter was low and pleasant. He has never seen such a living treasure.

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