How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 59 Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Chapter 59

Xue Yu took his son and a group of friends to dinner, and did not forget to invite the "Grandeurs" of the Public Relations Department. Everyone naturally refused, so many big sisters are there, and eating with them is sure to cause stomach problems, or forget it. Xiu Changyu was particularly happy today, letting them let them go, and all the expenses were on his account, and they were not capped. The staff of the public relations department cheered up and quickly packed up and prepared to leave.

"I heard that the People's Daily also sent a comment in recognition of Xiao Jiashu's establishment of a charity fund to help the wanderers and street children. With the official statement, this public opinion war is finally settled, no one wants to make trouble again. What a moth?"

Lin Leyang met two members of the public relations department in the corridor. They had just come down from the top floor and were talking about the previous things.

"Aurora entertainment has been planted. It is expected that at least twenty artists will have a lawsuit. The orders of Yi and Li Jia are the worst. Maybe they will go to jail. Hey, isn't that Lin Leyang? The whole company only has one person standing in the team, still standing wrong. On the side, it took a lot of money to give him the water army. What happened to him? Is it really wrong with Mu Qingjie and Xiao Jiashu?"

"The artists who are debuting at the same time, the qualifications of others are better than him. It is estimated that he is jealous. Hey, he came over, let's not say it." The two men rubbed along Lin Leyang's shoulders, and the faces did not show the same, but Lin Leyang wanted to tell them not to install it. He heard it.

He is Xiao Jiashu? Maybe a little bit. But what is the difference? Nothing! He knows that people on the Internet are so arguing that he is narrow-minded, with two sides and three knives, a cold arrow behind him, and no respect for his predecessors. But he is really embarrassed, that point is really just a slippery hand, Ji Ge is also, can testify for him!

Is there no other way to whiten except for silently waiting for the heat to subside? He thought about it with his brains, and suddenly he was alive.

Just at this time, Ji Yan appeared at the end of the corridor and asked, "Is it packed?"

"Clean up!" He immediately ran back to the lounge to take the coat.

"Let's go."

The two agreed to have dinner together, and each made a very thick camouflage, and booked a very private restaurant. Ji Yan concentrated on driving, Lin Leyang was thinking about the mind. He knows that there is a way to quickly wash himself, but he can't do it. He can only ask Ji Ge for help. The question now is how to speak.

As long as Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu stand up personally to show that they have a good relationship with themselves, and then send a few photos together, their fans have nothing to say? In the future, he will get along with them and try to make friends. This black history cannot be called black history.

Ji Ge has a big face. As long as he speaks, Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu have no reason to agree. But what should I say? Lin Leyang felt very embarrassed because he never made any requests with Ji Yan, this is the first time.

At this moment, Ji Yan took a look at him and looked a little cold. He drove the car on the overpass and said, "I have an important dinner in the evening. Is it okay to go back alone?""Hey? Why didn't you listen to you before?" Lin Leyang's thoughts were interrupted, and he didn't know how to speak.

"There are so many things in the company, I almost forgot."

"Then you send me back, there are some dishes at home, I cook for myself." Lin Leyang showed a very disappointing expression, "Jie Ge, you have been very busy recently, how long have we been together?"

"The company has several movies and several reality shows in the filming, all of which are big productions." Ji Yan simply explained the sentence and stopped talking. He silently sent Lin Leyang back to the apartment, waiting for the other party to disappear in the corner before giving Fang Kun a fight. A phone call, tired, "Where, come out to accompany me to drink."

Chen Pengxin was lying on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone. He was surprised to see Lin Leyang coming back alone. "Hey, are you not eating with the season?"

"He suddenly sent me back when he had something." Lin Leyang asked the refrigerator and said, "Are you leaving for dinner?"

"You don't have to do it, I let Xiaoyu take it out." Chen Pengxin called his sister, and finished asking, "Le Yang, your Weibo is being captured by fans of Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu, so it won't work." Ah, do you want to find a way to think about the season?"

Lin Leyang's heart fretting, Shen Shendao, "If you let the season always find Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu to clarify for me, do you think it is feasible?"

"It's feasible, how can it not be feasible? You will let them send a few photos, and the fans will have nothing to say. The masters are good friends, what are they making trouble? You should call the general manager and let him help you." Chen Pengxin is naturally urging.

"I can't say it, you should discuss it with Fang Kun first. Is it not feasible to see this plan? You are my agent after all, and these things will be under your control in the future." Lin Leyang remembered when he returned home - he can Don't you have to open your mouth, let Peng Xin go and say no? Fang Kun knows that he will definitely tell Ji Ge, and Ji Ge will naturally help him.

Chen Pengxin is trying to do some results, and he agrees with a slight thought. He took out his mobile phone and called Fang Kun, and Fang Kun happened to be sitting in Jiu's passenger seat.

"Do you say it again?" Fang Kun was really angry this time.

Chen Pengxin really repeated it again.

Fang Kun directly sprayed, "Do you have a fucking brain? Do you know that Ji Ge’s face is worth more? He didn’t ask anyone when he was hacked. You actually let him for you. Do you want to ask your grandfather to tell your grandmother? Is Miao Muqing so good to talk? Is Xiao Jiashu so good to talk? This is a big thing about sesame mung beans, people are too lazy to care about you, and you still have a big fan to let them clarify Lin Leyang. You have Lin Leyang as a little emperor? Everyone must hold him? People have already forgotten this matter. Do you know how much people will feel in your heart, and how much opinion will you have on Ji Ge? You are throwing the face that Ji Ge has for decades to throw on the ground! You fucking too much to take yourself seriously? Get out of the way! How far is it to go to Laozi!"Fang Kun did not care what was there. He hanged up the phone and sneered. "This Chen Pengxin is really an idiot. Even this kind of ambiguous idea can be imagined! Does he know your relationship with Lin Leyang? Otherwise, it will not be raised. This kind of excessive demand! A little bit of shit, let you go to find Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu, and also take intimate photos to prove that he used Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu as what, what do you think of it? You have to go, decades old face can be thrown away! He thought that Lin Leyang is the center of the world, everyone has to turn around him! Which one of the mixed entertainment people has not been blacked out? Miao Muqing I have been patient for a few years, and Lin Leyang is very delicate. I am not allowed to take a few words. Is he trying to bring Lin Leyang to heaven or awkward? I don’t know much about Xiao Jiashu, but I know Miao Muqing too. You don’t ask for it. She is okay, you have to ask for it, she promised, and find a chance to kill Lin Leyang in the future! When people were hacked, he praised it later, and when he finished, he went to find someone to help him wash the white. How big is his face? Chen Pengxin also Think about it, Lin Yue Yang coffee with position and background, he is not qualified to to overwhelm people! "

The seasons were cold and silent, and they were silent after driving to a night stand. "Don't talk, drink down."

"You put on your hat, sunglasses and mask." Fang Kun reminded me, and finally began to complain. "I have said that you should not bring Lin Le Yang into the entertainment circle, so that you will finish playing sooner or later! Look at Lin Leyang. What is doing this time, Miao Muqing is a predecessor, or a frontline actress, he can also black her in the back, this is to hold you back, fearless! Chen Pengxin also has such a sign, and then Going forward, they will bring you big troubles sooner or later!"

"That praise is indeed an accident." Ji Yan told the truth, but apart from this sentence, there is no other way to refute. He asked the boss to bring a beer and a few more barbecues. Then he smoked a cigarette and swayed. "When should I let go of my heart, I will not insist on it without meaning."

Fang Kun saw that his tone was slightly loose, and he could not help but curious. "You should not have decided to break up with him?"

Ji Yan shook his head and said to the wine glass, "Drink, don't talk about these."


Chen Pengxin was stunned, and it took him a long time to return to God. Without him to tell, Lin Leyang has already heard Fang Kun’s big voice clearly, and it’s already flushed and shy. He thought that doing this would quickly wash himself, but he forgot how difficult it would be to do. Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu are not good talkers. Ji Ge asked them how much face they had to give up? How could you not think of it?

Lin Leyang was full of regrets. It took a while to remember. Wan Wankun told Ji Ge about this incident. How will Ji Ge view himself? Will you feel that you are too selfish and don't care about him at all? He was shocked and quickly asked Chen Pengxin to call Fang Kun again and ask him to keep it secret.

Chen Pengxin is a person who loves his face. He refused to fight and find a shackle. He had to send a message to Fang Kun, let him forget the previous things, but it did not happen.Fang Kun handed the phone to Ji Yan and sneered. "I counted him and gave up so soon. If he mentions it tomorrow, Lao Tzu has to let him go. What do you think Lin Leyang thinks? So many gold medal brokers. Don't you want this kind of idiot?"

"Le Yang is sensitive and likes to stay in a safe environment. You are too sharp and make him feel uncomfortable, and Chen Pengxin can bring him a sense of security. He needs to control everything around him, otherwise there is no way to work with peace of mind." He calmly analyzed.

"Isn't that the same as you? You are a perfect match!" Fang Kun smiled ironically.

"I am different from him. I need to control everything because I can do it and get used to it. He needs to control everything because he can't do it but he is anxious. We have fundamental differences."

"I don't know what you are talking about. If you can't do it, you still have to control it. Is he sick? Is it natural to be good? If there is a difference, it will be solved. If you can't solve it, you will break up." Fang Kun picked up a string of barbecue. Hey.

Ji Yan coveted smoking and did not answer. He is eliminating his desire to control, but Le Yang does not seem to eliminate his sense of uneasiness and anxiety.

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